tagRomanceA Birthday Proposal

A Birthday Proposal


Jenny's heart fluttered as she stood before Daniel's door. She found the spare key beneath the doormat. Shifting all the bags into her left hand, she fumbled with the lock and pried open the door with her right hand. She closed the door and locked it, before flipping on the light. 'The guy needs be taught some cleanliness,' she thought as she looked at the mess before her. Dumping the bags on a nearby chair, she tied up her hair and proceeded to pick up the magazines and newspapers strewn across the floor. She cleared the plates from the table and loaded them into the dishwasher. She made the bed and changed the covers. It took her a couple of hours to make the house look presentable. 'Good job, Jenny,' she said aloud and smiled. This was his 28th birthday and she had planned a small surprise for the love of her life.

Humming a tune, Jenny carried the bags into the kitchen and got down to work. After a grueling session with the flour, milk and eggs, Jenny finally poured the mixture into the baking tin and placed it in the oven. Praying that the cake would be baked properly, she started preparing the other dishes. At 15 minutes past 7, Jenny looked at the perfectly baked chocolate cake and the mouth-watering dishes. She congratulated herself on the result and glanced at the clock. Knowing that she had only 15 minutes left, she ran into the bathroom for a shower. After a quick shower, Jenny changed into a blue off-shoulder dress, which she had brought along with her. She applied some mascara and was just applying the lipstick, when she heard Daniel's car in the drive-way. She hurried with her make-up and made way towards the dining table to light the candles.


Daniel turned off the car engine and looked at himself in the rear-view mirror. He looked like shit after nearly 10 hours of work. He got out of the car and collected his briefcase. 'Where the hell is she?' he thought as he slammed the door shut and walked towards the door. Her phone was switched off and she hadn't wished him which was quite unlike her. Shrugging and chiding himself for being too expectant, he turned the key and opened the door.

As soon as he entered, ke knew that something was wrong. The house smelled like a bakery and it looked... more... neat and clean... And then he saw the candles...

'Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Daniel... Happy birthday to you...' sang Jenny as she stood across the living room, beside the dining table.

'Come here,' Daniel said as he held out of his arms. Jenny flew into them and he wrapped her into a tight embrace.

'Many many happy returns of the day, Dan baby,' said Jenny as she pulled back a little and kissed him lightly on his lips. 'And I am sorry, I didn't wish you earlier,' she continued.

'It's alright, sweetie. And thanks for your wishes and the song,' he chuckled as he held her in his arms.

'I missed you...,'whispered Jenny as she held onto him tightly and smelled the crispness of his aftershave.

'Hey... You alright, Jen?' asked Daniel as he stroked her hair.

'I ... I love you...,' murmured Jenny and Daniel pulled back a little. Her eyes shined as she looked at him. Daniel planted a kiss on her forehead, 'I know and I love you too, baby.'

'Come on, let's blow the candles and cut the cake,' said Jenny as she tugged him towards the table. 'Make a wish,' she said as she handed him the knife.

'I have all that I ever wished for,' he whispered before pulling Jenny close. He blew the candles and Jenny clapped her hands like a kindergarten kid. He offered the first slice of cake to Jenny. Jenny took a small bite before forcing the rest of the slice into Daniel's mouth.

'You got a little cream on your chin,' said Daniel as he bent towards Jenny and cleaned the cream off her chin. He pressed a kiss on her forehead and tweaked her nose.

'Did you like the cake?' asked Jenny as she pulled back and scooped a little cream off the cake.

'I think it was just ok...' and before he could complete his sentence, she smeared the cream on his face and ran away.

'I will get you for this,' he said as he made a mad dash towards her.

Owing to his height, he caught up with her and landed on the couch. He started tickling her until she begged him to stop.

'Go and take a shower, mister,' Jenny said as she got up from the couch and stood beside the table. 'I will arrange the table in the meanwhile,' she went on as she sliced the cake.

'You will be staying here for the rest of the night?' asked Daniel as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

'Yes, any problem?' asked Jenny hoping that he didn't have any prior appointments.

'No problem, sweets,' said Daniel as he walked towards the bedroom.

Hoping that this was going to be the best birthday he ever had, she started clearing the table.


After a refreshing shower, Daniel put on a pair of Khaki trousers and flannel shirt. He finger combed his damp hair and entered the living room. Jenny was standing near the table, arranging the plates and tucking a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. The room was dark except for the candles on the table. The candlelight made her glow. And she looked pretty in the dress. The dress was a perfect fit and it accentuated her figure. Seeing Jenny in his house, wearing a provocative dress, made him fantasize about her and the night to come. But he controlled his urges and smiled at his girl. Walking stealthily, Daniel stood behind Jenny and murmured huskily, 'You look beautiful'. She jumped and landed with a thud against his chest.

'You scared the hell out of me,' screamed Jenny as she turned around and held onto Daniel.

'I am sorry. I didn't mean to. But you look pretty in this dress,' he said as he brushed his thumb across her cheekbone. Jenny shivered at his touch. Cupping his face into her hands, she brought his mouth down for a kiss. She ran her fingers over his five o' clock shadow. She dragged her fingers over his shirt and tried to unbutton his shirt. But he pulled her hands away and kissed her instead.

'Why don't you let me be a little wild with you?' she pouted at him angrily.

'Not now, Jen. We will have plenty of time for all these wild and kinky things,' said Daniel as he pulled himself apart.

Not willing to argue with him on his birthday, Jenny kept quiet.

'Candlelight dinner, huh?' asked Daniel as he sat down and pulled out a chair for Jenny.

'Yes. I thought of doing something special,' said Jenny as she poured out the wine and sat down.

'How was your class today?' he asked as he served the steaming hot food onto their plates.

'Boring,' grimaced Jenny as she smiled wryly. 'I wish you were my teacher,' sighed Jenny dreamily.

'If I would have been your teacher, you wouldn't have concentrated at all. Am I right?' asked Daniel as he took her hand into his.

'You are right,' giggled Jenny as she played with his hand and sipped her wine. 'How was your day?' she asked as she fed him a morsel.

'It is just the same old shit. Nothing new and interesting,' remarked Daniel. 'Stay put, young lady' chided Daniel playfully as she started sliding her foot along his leg.

'Ah! Spoilsport,' muttered Jenny before withdrawing her foot.


'I will be right back,' called out Jenny from the kitchen as she carried the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher.

'Need some help?' asked Daniel as he settled on the settee before the television. Hearing Jenny's reply in the negative, he tuned into his favorite news channel. After a few minutes, Jenny joined him.

'Again the same old boring crap?' asked Jenny as she snatched the remote from his hands.

'Hey, that was interesting,' protested Daniel as she skipped through the channels. Assuming that he would have to settle in for some romantic crap, he looked at the screen warily.

'Don't worry, I won't torture you on your birthday,' chuckled Jenny as she tuned into an action flick.

Jenny snuggled into Daniel and laid her head on his shoulder. He looped his arm around her and held her close. She didn't know for how long she was asleep, but the next thing she knew was, Daniel was tucking her into his bed.

'Dan?' said Jenny groggily as she reached out and held his hand.

'Yes, sweetie, I am here,' whispered Daniel as he bent and pressed a kiss on her forehead. 'I will be down the hall, alright?' said Daniel as he planted a kiss on her cheek. Jenny mumbled something unintelligible and tugged Daniel's hand.

'What is it, Jen?' asked Daniel softly.

'Get me out of this dress,' said Jenny.

And just like that she drifted off to sleep. That was typical of her. Seeing that he had no other option, he settled on the bed beside her. He found the zipper on the back of her dress. He slid the zipper down only to find that she had no bra underneath the dress. He cursed as her pink tipped breasts bobbed into view. He eased the dress over her hips and felt his trousers tighten, when he saw the tiny scrap of lace covering her. He left the underwear on, then went to his closet and rummaged for something to cover her up.

When he returned to the bed, he gazed at her small body sprawled on top of the covers. She looked so damn vulnerable and tired. He knew that she had exhausted herself that evening. He bent over and pulled the T-shirt over her head. He lifted her slightly so that he could arrange the shirt and get her hands through the armholes. Then he pulled back the covers and tucked her in. She uttered a small sigh and burrowed her face into the pillow and caught Daniel's hand into hers.

He tried to free his hand but she wouldn't let go. Daniel had no other alternative but to sleep beside her. He held her close and drifted off.


Jenny woke up with a start. She hoped that it wasn't too late. She glanced at the clock and thanked her stars that they was still time left. She looked at the handsome guy sleeping beside her. She badly wanted to have her way with him. They kissed and made out a lot. However, they never proceeded after that. Jenny wanted to, but Daniel thought that they still needed time before jumping into the sack. Jenny considered him old school. But she also knew that Daniel was more level-headed than she was. Today, she had decided that enough was enough.

She shifted closer to Daniel and placed a kiss on his lips. He shifted a little and Jenny drew back a little, hoping that he would wake up. But he was sound asleep like a baby. Jenny got a little bolder and pressed her lips a little tightly onto his. Her tongue entered into his mouth and found his. She became more explorative and intensified the kiss. She felt him waking up as he cupped her face and traced her lower lip before pulling apart.

'What time is it?' asked Daniel as he flipped on the bed lamp.

'Plenty of time for me to do something...,' cooed Jenny seductively against Daniel's ear, making him groan.

'And what would that be?' asked Daniel as Jenny climbed and stretched on top of him.

'I want you,' whispered Jenny into his ear and nipped his earlobe with her tongue.

'Go to sleep, Jenny,' murmured Daniel as he shifted his face out of her reach.

'I don't wanna sleep, dammit. I want you to make love to me,' sighed Jenny as she started unbuttoning his shirt.

'Jenny...,' said Daniel as a warning but she was busy popping the buttons off his shirt. She started kissing every part of his exposed flesh. She stripped off his shirt and raked her nails across his chest. Daniel groaned and held her steady as she pinched his nipples and tugged at them with her mouth. She placed a flurry of kisses across his midriff and abdomen. Her fingers spread on his chest and she gave him a small, curious caress, feeling his muscles.

'I like touching you...,' said Jenny as her hands travelled further down south and reached the waistband of his pants. She unzipped the pants and dragged them down. He lifted his hips and she tugged the pants out of the way.

'Are you sure about this?' asked Daniel as he held Jenny's hands. 'May be we should wait ...'

'No, I can't wait anymore,' shrieked Jenny as Daniel smiled at the desperation in her voice. 'You don't know how I feel right now.'

'Trust me, I know,' said Daniel as stroked his thumb across her cheek. He pulled her mouth towards his and traced a path from her jaw to her chin. 'I have been feeling the same for the past few months,' confessed Daniel as he took the soft skin of her skin and sucked at it, making Jenny moan.

'Then why didn't you... I am 21, dammit. Not a naïve, young teenager,' grumbled Jenny as she looked at him.

'Shh... I know you are 21, baby,' whispered Daniel as he held her close, 'but you will always be a kid for me. Moreover, I wanted to give you some time to adjust.'

'Adjust? Have you gone nuts?' she screamed, 'You are old school, grandfather,' teased Jenny before dipping her hands into the waistband of his boxers. She tugged them down and his erection sprang out of its confinement.

'Can I...?' asked Jenny earnestly as she brought her hand towards his cock.

'What kind of question is that? I am all yours, Jen...,' and he wrapped her fingers around his cock. He groaned at the exquisite sensation. He moved her hand showing her the way to stroke him. Always a quick learner, Jenny cupped his balls and licked them. Daniel flinched and moaned again when her pink tongue flicked out to swirl around the head. Her lips parted, and she slowly slid her mouth over the tip, down the base until he lodged against the back of her throat. His hand tightened in her hair as he arched himself into her. She made the sweetest sucking sounds as her mouth worked up and down. Her tongue felt like a velvet glide, slightly rough, hot. She eased her lips up from the base until the head popped out of her mouth with a wet sucking noise.

She then straightened and removed her T-shirt. Her firm breasts simmered in the dim light. Daniel raised his hand and cupped them. Jenny leaned into him, seeking his touch. He rolled her onto her back and stretched himself on top of her. He sought her mouth for a long, deep and eating kiss, which made them both breathless.

'Dan...,' gasped Jenny as he slowly dragged his fingers over her shoulder, down her chest and across her one stiffened nipple.

'Hmm ...,' whispered Daniel as he suckled at the soft skin of her neck and breathed in the faint smell of her shampoo. He stroked her mouth with a fingertip and asked, 'Shall I continue?'

Jenny only nodded her head and moaned as he latched onto her nipple and tugged it while his hand pumped and squeezed the other breast. She held him closer and urged him to continue. He left her nipple and traced a path to the other nipple. She squirmed and shifted, guiding him. She arched her hips as Daniel nibbled and suckled. He placed feather-light kisses across her stomach and nibbled his way towards her navel. He settled between her thighs and parted them. He placed soft kisses on her inner thighs, making her shiver and tremble. She thrust her hips forward, seeking his touch. He held her steady and placed a kiss above her crotch. Her rich, musky scent filled his nostrils.

'Please...,' groaned Jenny. Daniel then tugged down her lacy panties and flung them across the floor. He then inserted his finger and stretched her. She was hot, sleek and wet.

'You are so tight, sweetheart,' said Daniel softly and pushed his finger in and out as Jenny thrust her hips. He flicked her clitoris with his thumb. Jenny clutched the sheets as a million sensations travelled through her.

'Almost there...,' murmured Daniel in her ear as he licked her ear lobe and nibbled at it. He used two fingers and stretched her. He bent and kissed her pussy lips making her moan. He increased the pace and soon, Jenny shattered into an orgasm. Daniel held her close and whispered sweet and soft things against her ear, which just made it even more special.


'I won't last long if you don't stop doing that ...,' grunted Daniel as Jenny grazed her teeth across his erection. Jenny shrugged her shoulders and continued with her ministrations. He groaned as she swiveled her tongue across his head and licked it. Never had he imagined in his wildest dreams that the sweet and innocent girl with whom he had fallen in love, would be giving him the best blow-job of his life. Daniel cursed and swore and pulled away from Jenny. He pulled her towards him and kissed her fiercely, devouring her. 'You are a naughty little minx,' scowled Daniel as Jenny giggled and she pressed herself closer to him, seeking his touch and warmth.

Daniel rummaged through the chest of drawers in the nightstand.

'What are you looking for, Dan?' asked Jenny as she ran her fingers idly across Daniel's chest.

'Protection,' said Daniel.

'I am on the pill, Dan,' said Jenny softly. 'I don't want one. Unless you do?'

'No, sweetie, I don't want to wear one,' said Daniel as he ran his fingers across her arms giving her goose-bumps. She shivered when his fingers moved towards her spine and traced a lazy pattern. Jenny moaned as Daniel squeezed her backside affectionately.

'Make me yours, Dan,' said Jenny seductively and stroked his nipple with her tongue. Daniel rolled her onto her back and kissed her lazily. His lips skated downward to her neck and then over the slope of her shoulder. He moved lowering his body so that his lips found her breasts. For several long seconds, he lazily tongued the rigid peaks and then marked a wet trail with his tongue down her midline to her belly. She tensed when his mouth found her soft femininity, the very essence and core of her womanhood. She arched into him helplessly, seeking more of his touch. He chuckled and gave her another soft nuzzle.

'Please,' Jenny begged, 'I can't ...'

'I want you to be ready for me, sweetie,' Dan said as he trailed a finger over her damp flesh.

Dan slid up her body, spreading her body and fitting himself to her in one deft movement. He slid inside her, breaking through the slight resistance. For a moment, Jenny went rigid with shock. Her eyes flew open and she tried to push him away. But his lips found hers and he kissed her tenderly, in a gesture of reassurance. He took his time, lavishing kisses and caresses over every inch of her exposed skin.

He urged her to wrap her legs around him, opening her up completely. He cupped her to him and flexed his hips inside her, making her moan. His slow, deep and long strokes made her ache for more. She looked at him and found his eyes full of tenderness, love and softness.

'Kiss me, Dan,' said Jenny softly as she surrendered to him completely. Daniel sought her lips into a long kiss, making Jenny's heart swell with love. He thrust his hips into her alternating it with slow strokes, making Jenny frenzy with need. He knew that she was close but he didn't lose his finesse. He wanted their first time to be the most memorable. They would always find time for wild, down-and-dirty, hot monkey sex. Her hips met his every thrust. She raked her fingernails across his shoulders, marking him. She enveloped him completely and he was snug inside her warm, slick and wet flesh. He increased the pace and she moved her hips and clenched her muscles, pulling him deeper into her. He couldn't hold on anymore as she succumbed to the winding pleasure building inside her and went over the edge. He couldn't hold on anymore and held her tightly as he stiffened above her. He gathered her softly towards him, almost crushing her to his hardness. He murmured sweet endearments which fell against her ears, some understood while some slipped away.

He collapsed, pressing his warm body to hers. He dropped his forehead to hers, their lips just an inch apart as he dragged in deep breaths. She tilted her chin upward so that her nose brushed against his, and then their lips met in a sweet kiss that she felt to her soul. She kissed him lightly and then shifted, easing his body from hers.

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