tagLoving WivesA Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

A Birthday Surprise Ch. 01


I'd like to thank Knee and Hip Doc for his help in correcting my errors and making it flow a lot smoother.

"Hot damn." I said to myself, as I looked at all the items in the Victoria's Secret's bag. "This is going to be a birthday to remember," I said with a big, beaming, grin on my face, as I put the bag back into my wife's closet.

You see, my 40th birthday was Saturday, and though my wife hadn't said anything, it appeared that I was going to get more than lucky this weekend. Also of note, is that, things between Irene, my wife of 15 years, and me had been a little more than strained for the last couple of months. It seemed, that no matter what I did, I would make her angry and we would get into another argument, which lately was becoming a weekly occurrence. Maybe, this was her way of burying the hatchet, or cock, so to speak.

That evening, while the wife and kids were out running around, I had gone into Irene's closet looking for our old photograph albums. I was looking for a particular picture with my brother, Roger, when we both had long hair, beards, and road Harleys. Lately, the kids had been giving me a lot of grief; about being too hard on them, and they were wondering if I had always been such a 'stick in the mud'.

"I'll show them that their dad was a wild man in his day," I said to myself. Now, if I could only just find that picture.

I was standing on a chair, reaching for the pile of albums when I lost my balance; and came crashing down; while taking about a third of my wife's clothes with me. "Ah damn," I said as I picked myself up, looking down at the mess I'd made.

"That woman sure has a lot of clothes," I thought to myself, as I finished hanging up the last item. I was about to try again for the albums, when I noticed a shopping bag behind some of her winter coats. Pulling it out, I looked inside.

In it, were three lingerie outfits that would make even a hooker blush. The first one was light purple, and looked like the old baby doll nightgown that; my wife had wore on our honeymoon. The second was a skimpy black number, that had half the material of the purple one, and was almost transparent. But the third one set my blood boiling.

It was scarlet red, and was made mostly of see-through lace. What really set it apart; was that it had a built-in bra and where the nipples would normally be, it was cut out. Lying on the bottom of the bag, were the color-coordinated thongs that went with each outfit. All the items still had the price tags on them, and I was shocked at how expensive everything was. "Hell, they were worth every penny," I thought to myself, as I put the bag back where I had found it.

Talk about something to put you in a good mood. For the rest of the night, I was all smiles; the world was great again. At dinner, my wife and kids asked me if I had been drinking when they had gone out. I told them no, but that I was just thankful to have such a wonderful family. I was still beaming when we went to bed that night. I tried to get frisky with Irene, but she said, like always, that she was tired and needed to get some sleep. "No matter sweetheart," I said as I kissed her tenderly on the cheek, and told her that I loved her. I rolled over and went to sleep. Yeah right.

I maybe got two hours of sleep that night. Visions of Irene wearing those items danced in my brain all night long. No matter what I did, I couldn't clear my mind, or get rid of the erection I sprouted. In my mind we had made love five to ten times; before my alarm went off, and put an end to my wet dream. As tired as I was, I was still on a sexual high. First a quick shower and shave, and then I bounded down the stairs.

When everyone came downstairs, they noticed that breakfast was on the table and I was sitting there having a cup of coffee reading the paper.

"Dad, are you on speed or something?" Keith asked me. "You never eat breakfast in the morning, much less make it," he said with a surprised look on his face.

Irene just stared at me with a look of; "Who the hell are you and what did you do with my husband?" as she sat down. "Well, thank you hon," she said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

My daughter Terri, who never said much anyway, just dug into the sausages and eggs. "Great breakfast dad; Love ya," she said with a mouthful of food.

"Well, I guess I have to go; and make some money," I said as I bounced up. I bent Irene back in her chair, gave her a full mouth kiss, with a little tongue, and told each of the kids' goodbyes before I jumped into my car and headed out.

Everyone at the table was stunned. "What's wrong with dad?" Keith asked his mother. "I know it's his birthday Saturday, but is this what happens when you hit 40?" he said chomping on a sausage link.

"Your father's just in a good mood, that's all," Irene told her kids but she didn't believe it for a minute. "Something's going on. He's up to something; but what?" Irene thought to herself. "I haven't seen him in this good of a mood since we took that weekend cruise, over ten years ago. Hell, we never even left our cabin the entire time," she said with a hint of a smile. But, we didn't have sex last night."

I was still on a natural high when I came into my office. "Morning Carol," I said with a smile. "Wonderful day isn't it?" I said as I went into my office. Two seconds later I was out asking Carol if she wanted a cup of coffee and a donut.

"Sure boss, but..." was all she could get out, before I was gone in a flash. I returned a few minutes later with a hot cup of coffee, a glazed donut, and even a napkin. All she could do and say was, "thank you," before I was off again.

By the afternoon, everyone in the office was wondering who the new guy was. More than one person came up to Carol asking her if Jim had been given a promotion or something.

"I haven't a clue what's going on, but this can't last," she told them. But, it did. At least for a few days.

By 5:00, I had already packed up my stuff, and was heading out, of the office, while saying goodnight to anyone who would listen to me.

Irene was just getting ready to leave work, when her cell phone rang. I it was Jim. "Hi honey, instead of you cooking tonight, I'm stopping off and picking up Chinese for dinner. You want anything special?" I asked her.

"No, just the usual Jim. Are you all right?" she inquired almost afraid of his reply.

"I'm great, why do you ask?" I said in the sweetest tone.

"It's just I haven't seen you so, I don't know, so up lately," Irene replied, trying to figure out what the hell was going on with her husband.

"It's just that I realized how much I love you and the kids, and how lucky I am to have you all. Well, I have to let you go, before I get into an accident. See you at home, honey."

Thursday night was the same as Wednesday. I was all bubbly and acting like a teenager. I would come up behind Irene, when she was doing the dishes, and put my arms around her. All the while, I was kissing her neck.

"Jim," she finally yelled. "Let me finish the dishes, or one of us is going to get hurt, and it won't be me," she stammered.

The kids and I spent most of the night, putting together a puzzle on the kitchen table, while Irene looked on in amazement. By 10:00 the kids were in bed, and I was getting ready for bed.

I didn't know what I was expecting, if anything, from Irene tonight. She was reading a book, and waiting for me when I got into bed.

"I don't know where you're getting all your energy, but could you give me a little," she said with a smile. "I'm totally wiped out tonight, but I'll be fine by the weekend. I promise," she said, while giving me a peck.

"That's ok honey. I understand," I replied before I grabbed her, pulled her to me. I laid a big kiss on her, not once, but three times. "Now, that's what I call a good night kiss," I said with a smile. "That should keep me warm, at least until the weekend." With that I rolled over, turned off my light, and went off to sleep, while leaving a stunned Irene.

Once again on Friday morning, breakfast was waiting for the kids. Today it was oatmeal, toast, and orange juice. "I could get used to this," Keith told his dad. "I can't wait for Saturday," he said as he shoveled oatmeal down his throat and Irene and Terri started to eat.

"How about if we make home-made pizza tonight for dinner tonight?" I asked everyone. The kids shouted their approval; as Irene just stood there with her mouth open.

"Good. Then it's settled. I'll pick up everything on my way home from work," I told them. "Well, got to go. Love you guys," I said with a smile as I approached Irene. I lifted her up, spun her around, and kissed her. "Love you babes," and I was off again.

As I bounded into my office, I was carrying two cups of coffee and an apple fritter for Carol. I said good morning to everyone, as I dropped the items off at Carol's desk I was working on next week's schedule, when Carol came into my office and shut the door.

"All right, what's going on?" she asked me, as she sat with her coffee, in the chair in front of my desk.

I started to say something, about how life was good, or something to that effect, when Carol stopped me.

"I've worked with you for twelve years and you've never been in this good of a mood before. Either you've won the lottery, you are getting more sex than the rest of us combined or you have gotten a promotion, I'm not aware of. Something is going on and I'm not leaving this office until you tell me what it is," she said with her arms crossed.

"All right. But this goes no further than this office," I told her. "As you know, Irene and I have hit a bit of a rough patch these last few months, and with my 40th birthday coming up, I haven't been in the greatest of moods lately," I said as Carol nodded in agreement. "Well, by accident, I was looking in Irene's closet and found some sexy lingerie that she must have just bought just for my birthday," I said with a smile. "Let me just say, that they would bring the dead back to life, if you know what I mean. So, it looks like I'm in for a wild weekend, and that's all I'm going to tell you," I said beaming.

"Gee, I was hoping for the promotion so you could take me upstairs with you," she replied. "Well, try to get some work done today, because you will probably be useless come Monday, if you even make it in," Carol said, as she walked out of my office.

I kept looking at the clock all day. "Jesus Christ. Will this day ever end?" I said under my breath at about 3:00. Finally, 5:00 hit, and I was out in a flash while yelling to Carol that I'd see her on Monday. Stopping at the super market, I bought all the items for the pizza, for tonight, and headed for home. "Maybe, she'll wear one tonight," I thought to myself. "There were three of them in the bag," I said to myself. "Let's see; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I can handle that," I said to myself as I pulled into the driveway.

Once again, Irene sat back as the kids and I mixed and kneaded the dough for the pizza. Terri cut up the toppings as Keith spread the dough on the pans. All in all, they didn't look too bad, but the kids thought they looked great. One of the pizzas got a little overdone, however, the other turned out perfectly. The kids marveled at how easily they could make their own pizza, and how good it tasted.

"I think they were better than the store bought-ones," Terri announced.

The only thing that kind of irked me, was that for the second day in a row, Irene just sat back and didn't join in. She didn't even offer any help. "Oh well. Tomorrow's the day, I said to myself, with a smile and a lot of anticipation.

Before we went to bed, the kids told me that they were going to make me breakfast, so I had better stay in bed until they were ready. "No problem guys," I told them.

I was already in bed when Irene came into the bedroom. I watched Irene take off her clothes, as she headed towards the bathroom. I was more than disappointed, when she appeared a few minutes later wearing an old college t- shirt. "Damn," I thought to myself. "I would have been satisfied, even with the purple, one tonight."

Irene slipped into bed, and then broke out her book to read. No wonder we never had sex anymore. She reads until almost 11:00 every night. I was a little irritated, but held my tongue. I sure as hell didn't want to mess up this weekend. I was about to say something, when Irene broke the silence.

"Remember Jim, I told Lisa I'd help her out on Sunday for a few hours, so I'll need you to watch the kids for me. I've also asked Lisa and Ken to come with us to dinner tomorrow night. I hope you don't mind? So you better get some sleep tonight, as you're going to need it, because the kids and I have the full day planned for you tomorrow," she said kissing me on the cheek, while going back to her book.

"Damn, I guess that answers my question about whether I was going to get any tonight," I said to myself as I rolled over to fall asleep. "Oh well. At least Saturday it will be a night to remember. I wonder if the kids are spending the night with Lisa and Ken? Maybe, that's why they're coming with us tomorrow." I drifted off to sleep, with a smile on my face, and a hard-on in my hand, all the while wishing it was Saturday night.

At 8:00, the kids were jumping on the bed and screaming for me to get up and come down for breakfast. I grabbed Terri, threw her over my shoulder, while I latched onto Keith as I dragged them both to the kitchen laughing.

"Happy birthday, Dad," they screamed out as I looked at the spread of food on the table. French toast, waffles, eggs, and sausage, it was all here. Irene sat with a cup of coffee, in her robe, and informed me that the kids had done it all by themselves. So, we all sat down, and ate until we were stuffed.

"Thanks kids. I really appreciated it," I said as I got up, kissed each of their heads, and then started to tickle them as I chased them around the house while laughing. They then explained, that they were going to cut the lawn for me, and sweep out the garage. They just needed a little help, in starting the lawn mower. Irene just sat back smiling, and sipping her coffee as she told me that, it was all their idea.

Needless to say, it took all of us three hours to do it all. If left on my own, it would have taken me only about an hour and a half. The kids were dirty, tired, and now a little bored with the whole thing. I told them to go inside and get cleaned up, while I washed the cars. By 5:00, I was finished and headed inside.

I found Irene in the kitchen, on the phone, but as I reached for her, she pushed me away. "You're filthy and you stink," she yelled. "Hit the showers and get cleaned up. We have reservations for 6:15," she said as she went back to talking on the phone.

I was a little annoyed, but figured she'd blow my socks off later tonight, so I let it slide. I could remember when we first were married, how we couldn't keep our hands off one another and now, it was just the opposite. It used to be that, if things got a little stale, we'd sneak away somewhere, just the two of us, to reconnect. However, that hadn't happened in quite a while. I guess with the kids and work, there wasn't much time anymore.

Dinner was wild, with the kids wanting to run around. Lisa was ok, but I didn't care for Ken. He kept up with the "old, or over the hill," jokes and asked if I needed the little blue pill to get it up now that I was 40. I would have loved to tell him to "go to hell," but with everyone there I held my tongue. Lisa and Irene talked to themselves for; most of the night, and I was more than glad to bid everyone ado, and head for home.

When we got home, the kids started to get ready for bed. "I guess there will be no baby sitter tonight," I said to myself. They were pretty tired from the day's activities, so they were in bed by 9:00. I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses to set the mood. I tracked down Irene and found her in the laundry room throwing in a load of wash. I reached out to hand her the glass of wine, but she stopped me.

"I've had more than enough to drink tonight already, honey, I'll meet you in the bedroom all right?"

"Hell yes, it was all right." I thought as I sloshed down both glasses of wine and headed for the bedroom. I brushed, flossed, put on a little cologne, and got naked under the sheets, when Irene came in yawning. She'd spent more time than usual, in the bathroom, and came out to her sex-starved husband in a stinking t-shirt. "A t-shirt?" my mind screamed. "Where's the black slinky one, or, the slutty red one I wanted her to wear tonight? What the hell was going on?" my brain cried out.

"If you want to fool around tonight, let's get to it, because all of the wine at dinner is making me sleepy," Irene announced.

"Be still my aching heart," I thought while getting angry. "I wait all damn week, to have her come out in an old t-shirt and tell me that if we don't get it on soon, she is going to fall asleep on me. What's the deal?" I was pissed and things were going downhill fast.

So began, a piss-poor, lovemaking session. She just wasn't into it. The kisses had no warmth or feeling behind them, no matter how hard I tried. While sucking and licking her nipples, she cautioned me that her period was coming soon, and that they were overly tender, so for me to please be gentle. She did, however, like it when I went down on her. I've always loved to eat pussy and tonight was no exception.

For years, I'd asked Irene to shave her pussy for me, but she didn't like to even trim her pussy hairs, so she always sprouted a full bush. I pulled on the hairs with my lips and licked her slit to open her up. She has a tiny clit, which needs a lot of attention to get hard, but when it did, look out.

After licking and sucking on her pussy and massaging her clit with my thumb for about ten minutes, she was hot and dripping. Shoving in one and then two fingers, I could see that she was getting close. Even after three weeks I still had lost my touch. I feverishly finger-fucked her pussy, and sucked on her little clit, which was now, totally erect.

"For Christ's sake, finish me," Irene screamed, as she pushed my face harder down on her cunt. "Ohhh Yes," she moaned, as I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she erupted. "Don't stop, don't stop," she cried out, as I continued working on her for what seemed like five minutes, before she came again and then went limp. Reaching down, she pulled me up to her face, kissed me on the lips, and informed me that, it was my turn.

I was expecting this great blowjob, but it wasn't to be, as I heard the same lame excuses; "it hurts my jaw" and "You last too long."

"But, it's my birthday," I begged.

"Oh well. If your going to wine, I'll give you one," she relented.

Can you say pathetic, out-loud, without getting mad? Because that what her blowjob was. She licked my dick a few times, gave it a weak suck, and then proceeded to try to whack me off. This was going nowhere fast. I was at the point of saying, "let's just get this over with," when she lay back, spread her legs, and said, "Lets do it."

How I stayed hard, I don't know. I was on top, pumping away as she just lay there waiting for me to finish. I almost stopped, but figured it would be at least two weeks before she would let me back in the saddle. Therefore, I figured that I had better take advantage of it when it was offered. I finally shot my wad and rolled over.

Irene was up in a flash and raced to the bathroom to clean up, while I just lay there. "If you throw a dog a bone, at least make sure it has a little meat on it," I thought to myself. Within two minutes, Irene was back in bed under the covers.

"That was nice she said," while kissing me on the lips. "But, you mister, smell like my crotch," she said as she rolled over onto her side.

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