tagLoving WivesA Blackmail Tale Ch. 12

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 12

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 12 - The Good Neighbor


A quiet weekend ends with a new player entering the game. Abby suggests adding someone else to the mix, and Alex's business plan gets Abby's approval.

This series starts with A Bit of Blackmail, then A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy. I suggest they be read in order.


For the first time in a while I had an almost normal weekend.

Friday night we have a standing family dinner date, and this one ended with a rental movie, and I fell asleep with my wife in my arms without having sex for the first time in a while.

We'd had plans for a while to head down to Austin and visit with relatives. Abby had taken Saturday off, for the activity. My cousin's birthday was an excuse to get a bunch of family together. Barbecued brisket, fajitas, and too many beers was the short version of Saturday, and Sunday was a huge breakfast, followed by poolside burgers and margaritas. The drive home with my wife and daughter both sleeping left me free to think about all the things going on in my life. And I wasn't complaining.

Monday morning when I awoke Abby was gone. I tried to get some work done, but I was feeling randy. I was getting used to almost unlimited sex, and three days doing without suddenly felt like an eternity. I cruised over to Krista's but her car was gone. Damn!

Back in my home office, I called Donna. She picked up her cell, but was halfway across the city. So I settled back into work, getting paperwork caught up, making a few calls and feeling sorry for myself. At one point I even thought of giving Misty a call, but had the good sense not to go there. Things were working out too well to fuck 'em up that badly.

I was eventually able to bury myself in my work, to the point where I didn't even notice that the girls were home until my daughter burst into my office with her mid-term report cards. She had gotten straight-A's again, moving two B's to A's from her last grades. To celebrate we offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go for dinner, which turned out to be Chinese food, as it did 9 times out of 10.

We got home and put the little one to bed, then Abby invited me to join her in the hot-tub. I broke out Scotch and a cigar for myself, and a Corona for her, and found her waiting in the pool.

"Isn't the water cold?" I asked her.

"Yeah, but I thought it would be nice before getting in the spa."

I placed our drinks on the spa edge, and joined her in the pool. It was as cold as I expected, but once you got in, it wasn't so bad. And it gave the hot-tub a little more time to warm up.

As I swam up to her, she gave me a hard time. "Did you really just jump in the pool with your naked wife, wearing that stupid bathing suit?"

This was a new change. Abby loved walking around the house naked, but almost never went into our backyard naked, even though it was pretty private. Even when she got in the spa naked, she usually wore her bathing suit into the yard, stripping it off before getting in.

Tonight I didn't see a bathing suit or even a robe anywhere.

I took the hint and divested myself of my own suit, and took her in my arms.

"It is getting cold out here, I'm ready for the spa if you are," she admitted after just a few seconds.

In the hot-tub, we sat close and she spilled her day to me. Her work was a madhouse and she always had stories of people not showing up, in-fighting, people not doing what they should, and all the office politics you could imagine. I sat back, sipped on my single malt, and smoked my cigar while doing my best to respond as expected to her comments.

Darling Abby slid even closer, reaching out to me. I was leaning back with my eyes closed, relaxing, while she gently stroked my semi-stiff cock, still chattering on about her day. That all changed when I heard a call from around the driveway.

"Abby, you out here?"

Our neighbor Courtney's voice was unmistakable. Most nights, Abby and Courtney go for an evening walk to stay in shape, and just chat. Court also is a secret smoker. She comes over to our place to have a smoke so her husband won't find out.

I guess I have a confession. I have a vice. Other than blackmailing and screwing my wife's best friends. I'm a cigar smoker. Yep. Several days a week I'll light one up, and relax with it. No as often as every day, but more than once or twice a week. In our back yard we have a covered porch attached to the house, where we can have a smoke in inclement weather. Courtney will sometimes come over and have a smoke there. She even keeps a bottle of lotion and perfume there to hide the smell of the smoke.

I could make a comment here about hiding things from your spouse, but I guess that would be a little hypocritical.

Our neighbor let herself into the backyard, and turned toward the porch at first, then heard the noise from the hot-tub and hesitated a moment before walking our way.

"I guess a walk is out of the question," she said with a grin.

"Why don't you join us?" Abby told her.

She stood there looking at us. Abby had moved back just a bit, no longer stroking me. "C'mon," Abby encouraged, "have a drink, relax, have a smoke. Just take it easy."

I expected a little more resistance, but our neighbor slipped her shirt off. "Aw hell, why not?"

She stepped out of her shoes and shorts and put them on the table, standing in her underwear. She started to approach the spa, then stopped. "Are y'all naked in there?"

"First rule of the spa," Abby said.

"First rule?" Courtney asked.

"Yeah. After 10:00pm naked hot-tubbing only."

"Any other rules I should know about?" Courtney asked while unsnapping her bra and releasing her cute tits.

"Rule #2, what happens in the hot-tub, stays in the hot-tub." Abby told her with a giggle.

Courtney sat on the edge of the spa, slid her panties off, then spun and slid into the water smoothly hiding her treasures from view.

"And rule #3?" Courtney asked.

"I'll let you know when we think it up." Abby said.

Courtney reached to the edge of the spa and pulled out a cigarette. "Can I get a light?"

I took my cigar out of my mouth and flicked off the ashes. Then I placed it back between my lips and leaned forward with my face close to hers, and put the end of the cigar just beyond the cigarette between her lips. She leaned forward and inhaled while I did, lighting her smoke. It was far more sensual then it should have been and I was pleased to see her blush.

"Want a drink?" Abby asked. "We have beer, booze and wine coolers."

"Rum and Cock?" Courtney blurted, "Oh God, I mean Coke! Rum and Coke."

Abby turned to me and raised an eyebrow. I was on the bar. I stood, my cock semi-hard from all the activity, and stepped out of the hot-tub. I went into the kitchen and made a tray with all of our preferred libations, so I wouldn't have to make another trip. Then, inspired, I ran upstairs to my office, and turned on the outdoor camera, zooming in on the spa, and started the recording. Just in case.

I passed out the drinks, and listened to Abby describing a bit of what had happened the last time the spa had been full of naked people.

"Abby! I thought what happened in the hot-tub, stayed in the hot-tub," I reminded her.

"And where are we?" She asked with a grin.

"Ahh, OK."

"It's not like it's a state secret," Courtney laughed. "Anyone outside that late would have been deaf not to get an idea of what's going on. One of those girls is a screamer."

"That would be Krista," Abby laughed.

"Thank God there's only a few houses within hearing distance," I chuckled.

Abby had slid back next to me, and her hand was once more filled with my cock, which was hardening up nicely.

"So the rule was, 15 minutes, anything goes, as long as they were in the spa. That meant that some part of their body had to be in the water at all times. Oh yeah, and they couldn't make him come." Abby explained.

"Who went first?" Courtney asked, obviously enthralled by the story.


Courtney seemed to notice for the first time what Abby was doing under the water. "Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

I reached over to the controller and turned on the spa light. We didn't have the bubbles on so the water was crystal clear.

"God! You two are so bad." She gasped, watching Abby's hand stroke my cock. She managed to tear her eyes away from the action and I turned off the light. "What happened then?"

"Do you want the R-rated version, or the X-rated version?" Abby asked her softly.

She didn't hesitate long. "X"

"She sucked his cock, out in the open for us to watch. It was the most amazing thing. You've seen how big he is, well she took the whole thing and made it look easy. She's so small; who would ever have guessed she could manage it?"

Courtney looked at me for a second. "Good?"

"Toe curling. Nobody EVER did what she did." I admitted.

"But we're trying," Abby added.


"Yeah, Krista and I are practicing to get that good. I'm blowing him almost every day, although this last weekend was a little dry. I'm surprised he hasn't blown his wad already." She suddenly turned to me. "Hey! You didn't play without me today, did you?"

"Hell no." I told her truthfully. "Although I'll have to admit, our friends did cross my mind a couple of times."

"A blow job every day?" Courtney almost squealed. "That's crazy. We don't have sex more than a couple of times a month, and blow-jobs, maybe a couple of times a year."

"You don't like to do them?" Abby asked.

"Actually, I don't mind at all," she said, again blushing for us. "It was all the rage in college. But I don't think John likes them all that much."

"Are you fucking kidding me? I don't know a man alive who doesn't love to watch a pretty face going down on him." I had to chime in.

She looked sad. "I guess he doesn't like mine."

Abby spoke up, giving me a jab. "Listen to you. For the last 10 years, you gotten maybe a dozen a year, so I guess it's not all that surprising. It's not like we were doing it more than once every couple of weeks."

"What changed?" Courtney asked.

"I'll tell you but you've got to help me, my arm is getting tired." Abby said.

"Arm?" Courtney was a little slow on the uptake.

I reached out for her hand, and pulled it toward my cock. She went along easily, placing her hand over Abby's.

"I shouldn't," she started.

My wife reached out and placed a finger across her friend's lips. "What happens in the hot-tub, stays in the hot-tub," Abby reminded her, then pulled her own hand off of my staff. I sighed as Courtney's hand slowly traveled the length and breadth of my cock, growing familiar with it. Within a few seconds she was stroking me lightly.

Abby started in. She explained that we had been in a bit of a rut, and that she did something stupid and I found out. She then went on to say she realized that she didn't want anyone else, she wanted me, wanted excitement, and desperately wanted to make me happy.

"So I decided to take a huge chance. I'd give myself up to him. Do whatever he wants, do everything I can to keep him happy and satisfied. Wear what he likes, give my body over to him completely, at all times. Share my friends with him. I'm his completely and totally, with absolutely no reservations."

"Oh my God, you're his slave?" Courtney asked, in a hushed whisper, her hand grabbing tighter around my pole.

"Not at all! I decide. I treat him, reward him, surprise him. He doesn't demand anything from me, well, not much. I just give and give and give."

"And?" Courtney's hand loosened a hair and returned to stroking me.

"Ask him." Abby said, leaning over and cuddling into me.

Courtney slid closer, her hand stroking me more firmly. I hadn't touched her, other than to guide her hand onto it's current resting place. My arm on her side was resting on the side of the spa, and as she moved in, her near breast was just a breath away from my touch.

I slid my arm down and brushed my fingers across her nipple. "It's been the most amazing few weeks of our marriage. I love her so much it hurts. I could never imagine being with anyone else but her. It's impossible to imagine anyone who would do so much for me so willingly. When she makes my pleasure her goal, the only way I can respond is to try and do the same."

My hand cupped Courtney's breast and squeezed softly. "Our sex has been nothing short of amazing. Mind-blowing. I've gone to sleep with her beautiful lips wrapped around my shaft, and woken to the most loving blow-job imaginable. If you hadn't come over when you did, I was about to spend the evening ravishing my wife in every way imaginable."

Courtney looked at me with a burning gaze I'd never seen from her before, and leaned her face in close to mine. "Don't let me stop you."

I leaned toward her, closing the space between us, and pressed my lips against hers. Her mouth opened to me and I explored her mouth with my tongue.

Abby tapped me on the shoulder. "Up on the side of the spa, cowboy."

I pulled away from kissing my next-door-neighbor for the first time, and her hand reluctantly let go of my cock. I moved a couple of feet sideways and sat on the edge of the spa, my cock standing proud and eager.

Abby pulled Courtney over close, while she stationed herself between my legs. "Come see what my practice has taught me."

For the next several minutes, Abby licked and sucked my cock as if her life depended on it. She took almost all of it down her throat, gagging a bit, licked and sucked my balls, and did everything she could to worship my cock.

Courtney edged closer and closer, until her chin was resting on my thigh, her cheek pressed against my side. She had about as close a view as possible. My hand strayed to the side and caressed her hair as she watched.

Gasping, Abby pulled her face away for a moment, and faced her friend. "Help me?"

Courtney shuddered, "Oh Abby, I don't know..."

"Please?" she asked, then licked me from balls to crest. She leaned my cock over toward our guest until my cock was pressed against the side of her face. Courtney's tongue reached out and brushed me.

"Oh Shit!" I gasped. I had never expected this from Courtney.

"God, he liked that." Abby said softly.

Courtney leaned forward a bit and gave me a long lick, placing a kiss on the top of my swollen head. She then pushed my cock back to Abby.

Abby tugged her arm and pulled Courtney around my leg, facing my cock straight on.

"Suck him for me." Abby urged.

Courtney licked me again and this time settled in at the top, opened her mouth and took me in, swallowing half my length. I could feel her naughty tongue working me over.

"God Court, that's wonderful." I told her

Abby moved behind my new cocksucker, and caressed her back, sides and finally front, while the pretty little neighbor sucked me better and better. She was good. Not in Misty's class. Not even quite up to Abby and Krista, but damn good.

"Courtney, it's a mortal sin that you aren't using your talented mouth to drain a man more than a couple of times a year. It's a sin, and a waste." I told her.

While her head bobbed up and down on my cock, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. That's a huge personal turn on, and I could feel my balls swelling.

"I'm going to come soon," I warned them both.

"Do you want to finish him?" Abby asked.

"Mmmhmm," Courtney answered with her mouth full.

"Share it with me afterwards," Abby said, kissing her friend on the neck.

Courtney's eyes got big, and just then I reached the end of my rope. I exploded, several days worth of pent up cum, and filled my oh-so-friendly neighbor's mouth to overflowing. She finally pulled away, and the last few shots sprayed across her chin and cheeks.

"That was wonderful Courtney," I told her.

Abby turned Courtney's face toward her own, and lovingly cleaned every trace of my cum off of her face. Then I watched Courtney open her mouth, and display as much cum as I'd ever seen come out of me. Her mouth was solid white. Abby leaned in and place her mouth over Courtney's then leaned back allowing much of my seed to flow into her own mouth. Courtney pulled away, their lips slipping apart, sticky strings of cum stretched between them. She closed her mouth and swallowed deeply, then leaned between my legs again, looked up and displayed her open empty mouth to me. She seemed surprised when she felt my hard cock spring up and nudge her chin.

"Oh my God! Are you still hard?" She gasped.

"What man wouldn't be, after watching a sexy scene like that?" I reminded her.

"Fifteen minutes," Abby said softly.

"What?" Courtney asked turning to look back and forth between my wife and I.

"Fifteen minutes, anything goes. Only you set the limitations," my wife explained.

I slid into the water, pulling her into my lap, feeling her crotch press against me. I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her deeply, still finding a faint remnant of my own taste.

She pulled away, hugging me tightly, and whispered in my ear. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to start by returning the favor."

"And Abby?" She asked, nibbling on my ear.

"For now, she'll just watch." I stood, easing her off of my lap, and grabbed her hips. I turned with her and lifted her up to the side of the spa that had no seat in front of it. I slid my neighbor's ass to the front edge of the ledge, and opened her legs for me. She leaned back as I leaned forward and started paying close and intimate attention to the entire area around by final objective. After several minutes of teasing licking and kissing, I settled my lips over her clit and let my tongue go to work as my fingers entered her moist pussy.

She was a quiet one. I could barely tell when she finally came for the first time, her thighs tensing around my head. A couple of more minutes and she was coming repeatedly, gasping, making quiet mewling noises.

I finally stood just in front of her, lifted her off the edge and eased her down onto my cock. I slid into her, easily, her own body weight forcing her tight opening down to the very base of my cock. She clung to me tightly, her arms around my neck, her legs clasped around my waist.

"God, Alex, you are huge inside of me," she murmured into my ear.

"You're OK with this, right?" I asked.

"This is so wrong, I've never cheated on John," she confessed warily.

"Cheating is what got Abby and I here." I told her, my cock swelling within her.

"I don't know," she moaned, but her heels dug into me, pulling her deeper onto my cock.

"Would you be willing to share John with Abby?" I asked her.

"I don't think he'd survive it."

"Soon, the four of us in the hot tub. You'll give him Abby for the night, or maybe Krista." I told her, lifting her up and then settling her back down onto my cock.

"I might lose him," she said softly.

"Give yourself to him, completely, give him your friend, role-play with him. You know he loves you, we'll get him to lust for you again." I urged her, as she rode my cock for the first time.

"I'll have to think about it."

"Talk it over with Abby, she'll help." I held her close, my cock buried to the hilt. "You're OK with this?"

"What happens in the hot-tub, right?" she answered warmly.


"Fuck my brains out."

I did my best, screwing her standing, then laying her down on the side and taking her like that, finally bending her over the side and fucking her from behind, much as I had done with Misty. She had a wonderful full ass, and I reveled in squeezing her full butt cheeks while plowing her from behind. I finally found a wonderful rhythm, giving her several minutes of long deep strokes, which had her coming for me again, almost crying now.

"I'm almost there," I warned her. "Can I come in you?"

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