A Blackmail Tale Ch. 12

byTx Tall Tales©

"NO, please, come in my mouth." She gasped, before coming hard on my cock again.

I took myself right to the edge, then pulled out and spun her around. Even so, it took another aggressive minute or so for her to finally wring out my cum. I came hard, looking at her cute face filled with my cock.

This time she managed to take it all. She pulled away from me, and walked over to Abby who had sat at the edge, taking it all in quietly.

Abby slid into the water to meet her, and when Courtney leaned her face forward, Abby met her lips with her own. Once more they shared my essence, for a very long time. Abby's hands were all over her friend until they finally separated.

"Thank you, Abby," Courtney said softly. "I'll never do anything like that unless I can share the results with you at the end, I swear."

Abby giggled. "We may have to stop sharing, I think you got him hard again."

Courtney turned quickly and almost fell down. "Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck's wrong with you?" She asked looked down to where I was stroking my thick meat.

"Nothing my amazing wife can't solve. Abby, I'm pruning up, let's you and I move to the bedroom." I turned to my darling neighbor, pulling her into my arms. "Courtney, that was just incredible, thank you, but I'm going to take my wife into our bedroom now. I hope we can play again later some time." Then I kissed her warmly, holding her close.

"Thanks, that was absolutely incredible." She turned to Abby, and gave her a big hug. "And thank you, I can't believe you shared him with me."

"We'll play again some time, it was fun to watch you. Good thing I didn't have a clock, though. I think y'all went a good bit over 15 minutes. I got so wet, you can't imagine."

I watched my demure neighbor get dressed again, still in wonder over what had just occurred. As she headed out the gate with a wave, I cleaned up around the spa, while Abby retreated to the bedroom.

When I got there she was waiting for me in her famous 'fuck-me' teddy, that she knew I loved so well.

She spoke up with a little grin as I entered the room. "Well, that was unexpected."

"No shit. Who would ever have believed that of Courtney."

"Did you have fun?" she asked beckoning me forward.

"Absolutely. As if you didn't know."

She giggled as I laid down beside her and started caressing her body. I loved the feeling of popping open the two snaps that kept her teddy shut at her crotch. It was like opening a Christmas present.

She sighed as my finger entered her. "God, I got so damn horny out there watching you fuck 'Miss Nosy.' She's a great friend and all, but she's so damn into everyone else's business. Like she didn't know we were in the hot-tub when she came over."

"I'm sure we had her imagination working overtime after she left us last week." I told her.

"I never expected her to be that easy to corrupt," Abby said softly.

"Did you want to? Corrupt her?" I asked surprised.

"Absolutely. If you're going to be doing Krista regularly, eventually it would come out. Misty, Donna or Courtney would sooner or later figure it all out. So now Misty and Courtney have plenty of reason to keep our secret."

I stayed quiet, letting that sink in. My darling, devious wife. Wow.

"You're awfully quiet. I expected some kind of comment, you know."

"Like?" I teased, as she slowly climbed over and mounted me.

"Oh, I don't know, let's see, like...How do we go about fucking Donna, to keep her quiet?" she asked.

As she rocked back and forth on my cock she seemed to be waiting to see if I had any ideas.

"That one might be tough." I finally admitted.

"You want to give it a try?" she asked.

"Let me think about it. Can we use Krista?"

"Any and every way you want. That one is ours completely."

"You know, I had an idea for my work..." I started.

"Is this going to take a while to explain?" She asked.


"Good, then let me change position." She climbed off of me, licked me clean, then reached into the side bed-stand and came out with her new favorite lube, cherry 'Good Head'. She applied a dollop to the head of my cock, and a little more directly to her tongue, then she started sucking, practicing taking me as deeply as possible.

I enjoyed the action until she stopped. "If you want me to keep this up, you better start explaining your idea."

With encouragement like that, I sprung into action. I told her about expanding the Internet marketing business, and thought maybe we could use both Krista and Donna part-time, 3 hours a day or so. I explained that I could pay them a little more than twice what I'd pay someone in India, but they'd be local, same time zone, and available for face to face meetings.

She giggled and pulled off my cock. "And face to cock, face to pussy, face to face to cock, should I continue?"

"But it's a great benefit. I think it will grow the business a lot. Letting me work on what's important. And it gives us an excuse to be together a lot more. And together, maybe Krista and I can slowly work on Donna, get her to join our merry little band of adulterers." I started to go into detail about the things I could offload to them, including generic personal assistant stuff, when I felt things start to change where sweet Abby was working on me.

I watched as my darling wife made an extra effort and swallowed most of my cock. She pushed hard and I finally got to see her lips reach the base of my cock, with the rest of it inside her hot little mouth.

"Amazing, Abby, I never thought you'd be able to do it." I told her, reaching out and caressing her butt.

She pushed her face back and forth, just fucking the back of her throat, before she pulled off, gasping. "Wow, that feels so wild once you get it. I'll be damned if Misty's going to deep throat you and I can't."

She wiped her hand across her mouth. "I know Krista could use the money. I'm sure Donna could as well, but I don't know if she'd admit it. Krista's been talking about doing the home day-care again; that would really suck."

I spoke up. "I figured if the business grew, I could do some profit sharing with them. It would really make it worthwhile financially, and it wouldn't cost us anything - they'd only make money on any growth income." I explained, while my wife applied a dab more lube, and then proved to me that the first time wasn't a fluke. She sucked me to the root like she'd been doing it every day of her life, until she gagged again, yanking her head off and gasping.

She sat back and caught her breath. "I need a break." She stretched, then slid her teddy off, leaving her breathtakingly naked. Once more I was struck by just how pretty my wife was.

"You are so beautiful; I owe you so much." I told her, climbing between her legs and leaning over her.

"How's that?" she asked curiously.

I scanned up and down her body. "I don't know what was wrong with me. I just took you for granted. You are so incredibly beautiful, and yet I didn't even notice for years and years. I look at your body now, and can imagine how others must lust after you, and yet, each night you come home to me, and give yourself to me completely. I don't deserve you." I placed my lips on hers and kissed her lightly.

"None of us deserves anything as overwhelming as love," she said with tears in her eyes. "It's an incredible gift. I don't deserve yours." She reached between her legs and guided me back inside of her.

As I slid in and out of her, she arched her back beneath me, and sighed. "God, I needed this. I love feeling you inside me, filling me completely."

I smiled as I gave her more of just what she was looking for.

"It sounds like a good idea. Let's start on it as soon as possible. We can offer the opportunity to Krista when she comes over Wednesday. If we time it right, it will be impossible for her to say no. You do remember we're spending the morning together, right? You've cleared your schedule?"

I couldn't remember final plans being made, but I assured her my schedule was clear.

"Good. Now how about lunch tomorrow?"

"How about it?" I asked.

"I thought I'd take a long lunch break. Misty's been begging to get together again, so I thought we could have 'Funch', and I could leave her with you for the afternoon. Use her as long as you want, and kick her out when you're done, as long as it's before school's out."

"You are too good to me," I told her fucking her harder, deeper, faster.

"Maybe, but I like the rewards," she moaned as she leaned back and accepted my increased attention.

Within a couple of minutes I had her where I wanted her, coming hard on my cock, begging me to fill her. I was happy to. It was the least I could do.

* * *

I did get up in the middle of the night to shut down the camera filming the spa before my entire hard-drive was full. I'd have to do some editing on that file, and soon. It would be fun to see how much I really was able to capture.


Is it really possible to have your cake and eat it too? The story is developing and the next two chapters are almost complete.

And as always - please vote. Thanks.

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