tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Breezy Encounter

A Breezy Encounter


Through her closed eyelids she could see that a light was shining down upon her silhouette. A warm wind brushed against her body, making her acknowledge her nakedness. She could feel a course restraint around her wrists and ankles, holding her to the ground. Straining her ears, she tried to pick up sounds of human voices or clues as to where she was, but all that met her ears was the cheerful chirping of nearby birds. Sensing no threats around her, she gingerly opened her eyes. Her heartbeat began to increase as she accepted that she was staring into the underside of a blindfold.

Desperately trying to think of where she might be or how she got there, a quick jolt around her wrists gave her other matters to worry about. The unknown wrist restraints shifted in a wide arch upwards and rested directly above her head, so that her arms were straight out and touching. Seconds later she felt the cuffs binding her ankles make a similar motion, and rest once her legs were nicely sprawled apart. A feeling of dread swept through her body as she realized that her captors must know she's regained consciousness. As she opened her mouth to speak to them directly, something slipped through her parted lips, over her tongue, and began to gently prod at the back of her throat. She fully expected something like this to happen, but from previous experience of giving blowjobs to partners, she knew enough to tell that the object invading her mouth wasn't a cock. The only fact she could be sure of was that it tasted like... Strawberries.

Slowly the object moved itself across her tongue and slid slightly farther down her throat each time it reached that point. Its end was noticeably thicker than the rest of it, and it was much softer than a penis- almost mushy. Gradually it started to quiver within her mouth and leak tiny streams of liquid, of which tasted like warm strawberry juice. It wasn't an unpleasant taste, thought the woman to her personal disgust. Although she had little concept of what was happening to her, somehow, her body found this arousing. "Is it getting larger?" She thought to herself. Indeed, it felt as though the walls of this object where expanding to meet with the roof of her mouth and the space within her throat. With a new, powerful thrust, she gasped as it forced itself completely past her gag reflex and deep, down into her throat, expanding all the more. Thoughts of what would happen if its size increased to one larger than her mouth thudded through her terrified mind as it picked up its pace and thrust deeper into her body. The strange juice appeared to secrete from the entire object as its unknown length continued to work its way down her. Her heart thundered in her chest as it climbed deeper... deeper...

A slightly stronger breeze swept along the length of her body, making her feel extremely exposed. "What a silly thing to think about while this thing could choke me," she thought. She believed it had stretched to her stomach now, but for some reason was only expanding to fill the area it was in without completely cutting the air off from her lungs. Suddenly a course texture pressed itself onto her chin, and gave her an eerie image of a suction cup as it drew a section of her flesh upwards into it. Once it had her skin pulled completely up, the substance released a chilling liquid that sent shivers down her spine. Another suction cup device planted itself under the first and followed suit, and the first moved in front of the second to repeat its task. She couldn't guess what this was; just that it was incredibly arousing. Her fear of the object penetrating her mouth dissipated as she gradually became used to it, and gradually grew to enjoy it. She gasped as the suction cups each took a nipple into them and poured the chilling liquid over her breasts. It was slightly painful now.

A long, viney thing rapidly wrapped itself several times around her slim waist and took to thrusting at the speed of her mouth's invader, drawing itself closer and closer to her exposed pussy. Through the object preventing her speech the woman moaned as this vine forcefully vibrated along the length of her stomach. More vines appeared to enwrap her breasts and vibrate along them in time with the main one. Together they pressed the suction cups harder onto her nipples and moved the cooling fluid over the expanse of her young breasts. To her horror, she was incredibly wet. The objects around her seemed to sense this as well and increased their pressure and speed, provoking her to send out a wave of dulled moans. She couldn't understand it, but she no longer cared. The sole wish in her mind was that something would push itself into her sopping pussy.

In an instant the vine stroking her stomach lifted her body from the ground so that her hands and feet remained pinned to the earth and her torso made an arch towards the sky. A suction cup took this opportunity to slide down across her body and position itself over her asshole. She screamed into the mass blocking her mouth as it sucked the entrance to her ass up into itself and shot its chilling liquid into her. It remained there for an extended period of time, pumping this juice into her once dry asshole. She squirmed in pleasure. A hard, stiff object slid itself partway into her ass the moment the suction cup left to return to its nipple. "A cock?" She wondered, both excited and frightened. Gently the main vine lowered her body back towards the ground, to rest on what certainly felt like a human male's body. As she was lowered onto him, her ass took more of his ample cock into it, until she was laying on top of his body and her ass was completely full of the largest cock she had ever encountered. Well- worked hands brushed over her skin between the vines to feel her thin stomach and young, firm breasts. They continued moving up her body until they relaxed on her chin, and pulled her head close to his, placing his mouth level with her ear. Among the sounds of the birds chirping, vines vibrating and suction cups pouring liquid over her pulled skin, the man's whispered words soothed her fears. After licking and kissing her ear lobe, he breathed to her, "Let me be the one to finally give you what you've been longing."

With that, he grabbed her belly and thrust into her ass as hard as he could. With his calloused hand he signaled for the object filling her insides to pull out so that he could hear her pleasured screams. Satisfied with the situation, he finally pulled out and climbed on top of her to give her the treat she'd been longing for. Without a second's hesitation, he slid his cock into her pussy with ease and pounded into her. Harder and harder he collided with her, and moaned from his own pleasure along with her screams. Feeling her everywhere with his hands, he knew that he had never enjoyed fucking someone as much as this. It didn't take long before he lost control and came, with a final, deep thrust, into her. As suddenly as it had all started, the vines removed themselves from her body, the man disappeared, and the blindfold and restraints vanished from her, leaving her confused in the middle of a forest clearing. Her breath grew level once more, and as she sat and reflected on her encounter, she decided that that had been one of the best experiences in her life. Her mind was quickly made up; she was going to find this man and demand some answers.

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