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A Brothers Help


Ella was nineteen when our parents died in a tragic car accident. When they died, we only had each other left. The problem was - we had never been all that close seeing as I was ten years older than her. I had always called her my parent's surprise baby. They denied that, and were adamant that they had planned and wanted another baby. They were thrilled that after having a son, they had a little girl. I was less than thrilled, but I got used to having her around. Our lives had separate orbits since we were so different. Ten years between siblings makes a major difference.

I moved out of my parent's home when I left for college. I never returned. I started myself a good career in estimating for a construction company once I finished my schooling. When my parents passed away I was already a senior estimator, and known to be very good at playing hardball with the numbers. I was dating casually, but not tied to any one person. My mother had been particularly upset by this since she had wanted to see me settle down and get married, and of course give her the obligatory grand-babies.

In contrast, my sister was living at home. She had taken some time off before going to college. I personally felt it was her way of not going to college, but she was perfect in the eyes of our parents. I will give her this much, she was working in a call centre and earning a regular pay check. However, I only ever saw her buy more clothes and shoes than she could ever possibly wear – oh and she blew money on her no-good boyfriend. Right before the accident however, she finally dumped that loser. She was a wreck over it, well enough so that even I noticed and I did not notice a whole hell of a lot about my sister. Most of my information about my sister was from my mother, during our weekly mandatory telephone conversations. Sadly, when she died I missed those previously dreaded calls.

I felt Ella was not prepared to live by herself when our parents were taken from us so suddenly, and she agreed. They left us a good amount of money and their insurance payout doubled since their death was an accident. I decided to ask Ella if she wanted to move in with me. I remember at the time I felt so selfless. Big brother steps up to take care of little sister. I patted myself on the back pretty good. She moved in a week after we buried our mother and father. I had a good sized house with, three bedrooms, two washrooms and plenty of space for two people. I worked long hours, so we had very little to do with each other.

Then the day came when that all changed. It started out as any other Saturday morning. I woke up, went jogging, showered, had some breakfast and was about to head into the office for a few hours when she came stumbling into the kitchen. She looked like death warmed over. Her long golden blonde hair was not brushed, her skin looked sallow, and she wore a rumpled pair of sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt (which I was sure had been mine at one point). Under her eyes were dark circles and she looked like she was about to toss her cookies at any moment.

"What's up with you?" I asked cautiously. I did not really want to get into it, but I felt I had better ask.

She looked at me with the most pitiful kicked puppy look I had ever seen. My heart did a strange flip flop. I suddenly found myself feeling more sympathetic toward my younger sister.

"I'm pregnant." She said flatly.

My eyes must have bugged out of my head. I nearly spilled my coffee. I was actually speechless. Pregnant? Pregnant? PREGNANT! I had not bargained on my sister being pregnant when I allowed her to move in with me. I felt my blood pressure ratchet up several notches.

"What?" I finally managed to ask incredulously.

She burst into tears as she shuffled quickly toward me. I panicked, but managed to have the good sense to put my coffee down. Good thing too, since she tossed herself into my arms and crumpled against my chest. She smelled much better than she looked. She kind of felt nice in my arms too. It had been a very long time since I hugged and held someone without hoping to get sex out of the deal. She cried her little heart out and when she was done she spoke. I listened. I could never have expected what I would hear.

"I am sorry Seth. I knew before mom and dad died. I never got the chance to tell them. I wanted to tell you before I moved in, but I was scared you would not let me come here. I promise I will move before the baby comes. I just needed to be close to you right now. I miss them so much."

I tentatively patted her back. I was not very good at this, admittedly. "I miss them too."

"Gary got me knocked up and dumped me. I told everyone that I dumped him, but that was not true. I am three months along. I am so sick with morning sickness that lasts all day and night. This baby is making me so sick, and the only thing that was settling my stomach I don't have access too. I am so sorry Seth." She sobbed.

I patted her again on the back, but now I was nervous for the general well being of my expensive suit and shoes. "You don't feel like you will be sick right this second, do you?" I asked. I sounded like an asshole and I knew it as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

She did not seem to notice. "No, not this second, I am on empty." She said in a low voice.

"Ok, look Ella. I am not upset with you. We will get you a doctor's appointment and I am sure they can give you something to settle things." I had never felt more out of my element. I patted her gingerly.

"Seth...I know what will settle me and make me feel better. Gary was giving it to me, but he has a new girlfriend. I can barely function the last few weeks. I can't keep food down, I have lost weight, and they are starting to get upset with me at work." She started to cry again.

"Ella, you were not taking something dangerous for you or the baby, were you? Was Gary giving you something?" I felt as if we were talking is circles and I was missing something.

"Noooooo! Seth! I would never take anything that would harm me or my baby." She looked genuinely offended. I let out a deep breath I had not realized I was holding. I felt he was still missing something.

"Well, I still say we can book you an appointment with a good doctor and we will get you all fixed up." I knew I had just blown off her concerns, but the whole conversation had been weird and I felt uncomfortable with it. Though, I was not even sure what was making me so uncomfortable. I stood up and righted her on her feet. She wobbled a little but then leaned on the kitchen counter.

"You could give me what I need to settle my stomach." She practically whispered.

I did not like the sound of this. My stomach knotted uncomfortably. I did not want to ask, but I knew I had to. "How so, Ella?"

She held onto the counter for dear life. It looked as if her whole world was wobbling around her. She parted her lips and I panicked for a moment, but only words tumbled out. By the time she was done, I would have preferred she had thrown up on me.

"Well, Gary and I figured this out quite by accident. I would swallow him cum while giving him oral sex, and I noticed instantly I was feeling so much better. I am not sure what it is about cum that makes me feel better, but it truly did. It seemed to settle me and I could even eat other food and keep it down. Gary has decided to be faithful to his new girl friend so..."She paused for a second before plunging on.

"I was thinking, Seth, this is something you could give me too. I would never tell anyone. It does not have to be a big deal. The way I see it, if I was sick with the flu you would give me medication to make me feel better, and if I was dying of thirst you would give me water. So, I don't really see why this has to be any different." She stopped talking. She looked me right in the eyes. She was not at all troubled by what she had just asked me for.

I was stunned and feeling a little sick myself. "This is a twisted joke, right?" I finally asked.


"So, let me get this straight. You want to eat my cum, so you won't have so much morning sickness? It does not concern you that I am your biological brother? It does not concern you that this is like incest? And how exactly do you think you should get my cum from me?" I really was stunned, and grossed out. I never viewed my sister in a sexual way.

"Oh my God, Seth! This does not have to be sexual! This is you helping me feel better. It is not incest; we are not going to have sex. You have something that will help me feel better. I might just be able to eat other foods again, keep the baby healthy, and keep my job. I came to you because I need someone I can trust - someone safe. As for the how to get it from you, well you could jerk off and give it to me, but direct is preferable." She looked totally annoyed at my reluctance and distain. I was shocked that she seemed so oblivious to just how wrong this was.

"Ella, what the fuck are you thinking? This is sick! No fucking way!" I exploded.

Ella did not speak. She turned and made a run for the kitchen garbage can. She doubled over it and dry heaved violently. I watched for a few moments before turning and leaving. I left the house and went right to the office. I did my very best not to think of the conversation I had had with her. That was easier said than done. I went home extra late that night, and avoided her totally for the next week or so. I was so freaked out and feeling awkwardly guilty that I could not even jerk off. An old fuck friend came into town and called me up. She was a hot redhead and wanted to hook up – but I turned her down. I just couldn't do it for some reason. I knew I was an idiot, but I felt oddly disloyal about the idea of fucking the hot redhead and essentially wasting my cum.

It was a late on a Friday night when I got home from work. The house was quiet and I assumed she was asleep or out of the house. I was tired and headed straight for the washroom and then intended to go to bed. The light was on in the washroom. When I stepped to the open door, I found Ella lying in a heap in front of the toilet. She hardly looked like her normal pretty self. Her hair was limp and lacked its usual shine; her skin was dull with dark circles under her closed eyes. She looked so pitiful, and I could not help but feel badly for her. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. I tucked her in without her even waking up.

I woke up early the next morning. I had come to a conclusion overnight. I locked my bedroom door, got undressed and popped an x-rated DVD into my player. I sat on my bed and stroked my cock. I had a clean jar on the bedside table, but I tried to ignore that. I just watched the couple fucking on the screen. It was an anal scene and my cock was rock hard. I stroked it up and down, just how I know it feels good. I tried not to over-think things. I just needed to cum, and hopefully capture it in the jar. I did not need to think about the reason I was doing it.

I watched the hot fuck scene before me, stroking my cock constantly faster. The head of my cock swelled and my balls tightened. I knew I was going to cum, so I grabbed the jar. Leaning forward a bit I aimed the wide head of my dick into the opening of the jar. It was not a very large jar, as it was originally meant for a spice rack. My dick would not have fit into it, but it sat perfectly over the tip. My balls tightened one last time and like a volcano the hot cum burst from my cock in several long spurts. It made a good amount of cum in the jar. I was rather proud of myself.

Once that was done, I sealed the jar and turned off the video. I got dressed to go jogging. On my way out I snuck into Ella's room. She was still sound asleep, and still looked so broken and pitiful. She had kicked off her duvet. I tried not to look at her, but could not help but notice how sheer the thin white tank top was over her breasts. I could make out her deep pink nipples almost perfectly. The tank top rode up a bit over her slightly rounded belly. I found it hard to believe she could be showing at all, but then I did not know much about pregnancy. She wore only a white thong below. I wondered how I had not noticed this the night before, but then it had been darker and I had been pretty focused on how awful she looked in general. I gently placed the jar on her bedside table, right next to her alarm clock. Who doesn't look at their alarm clock as soon as they wake up? I then snuck out and went jogging.

When I got back to the house, I could smell something cooking. It smelled like bacon and eggs and that drew me to the kitchen. Ella was standing at the stove, now with some cotton pants on, making breakfast. She had her back to me, but turned when she heard me. She still looked pretty less than great, but she wore a huge smile on her face and her eyes were a bit brighter. I felt guilt twist in my stomach.

"Seth! Good morning! Thank you." She said simply. I cringed. I decided to put a stop to this there and then.

"I can't do that again, Ella. You will have to find another source. I just can't do that again."

"You can't jerk off again?" She asked sweetly, with big rounded eyes.

"You know what I mean. I can't give you....that again!" I was not pleased with how this conversation was going. I was also not pleased with the slightly aroused feeling I had. She had not put on a bra, and every time she turned back to face me while she spoke her breasts swayed gently.

"Breakfast is ready, why don't you have a seat and we can talk about this." She plated the food. I noticed one plate she did not put any of the scrambled eggs. I assumed that was her plate. She saw me watching. "I feel so much better, but not nearly ready for eggs yet."

I wondered to myself how she could swallow my cum and stomach that with ease, but eggs made her queasy. I shrugged the thought off, since it was making me queasy. "I will eat, but there is really nothing to discuss. I am your brother. There is nothing natural about you eating my cum, and somehow it is even less natural knowing that you're pregnant."

"Funny you say that, because it did not feel unnatural to me, and I feel already a bit better. I just feel grateful."

She put a plate in front of me as I sat on one of the barstools at the breakfast bar. She sat down next to me with her plate. She had barely enough food for a bird, but I guessed she was easing into eating. I watched her take her first bite of a crispy piece of bacon. She looked as if she was in Heaven. Her eyes closed and her mouth slid into a delighted smile. I took a bite of my own food, but barely tasted it. Watching her, I knew I was going to give her my cum again. I knew it was wrong. I did not truly feel good about it, but somehow it did seem to be making her feel well again. Maybe it was all in her head, but the truth of the matter was I could not deny her the one thing that might help her and her unborn child the ability to get through this pregnancy healthy. Besides, as I understood it morning sickness was supposed to pass after the first part of the pregnancy.

"Please Seth. Please help me." She said softly when we were both done eating.

"Ok Ella, I will do this. I will help you. It is against my better judgment, and my morals are taking a hit on this one too...but I can't let you and your baby suffer. I will help you."

I watched her eyes trail toward my crotch. I felt my face flush, and I never blush. I watched her face and she actually licked her lips. "I can't thank you enough, Seth. I promise I can give quick and efficient blow jobs so this does not have to really disrupt your life too much."

"Whoa! Wait a minute! No way...no way am I going to allow you to give me a blow job." I actually physically jumped up and away from her. She looked confused and hurt for a moment.

"I don't understand! You want to just keep jerking into jars? Trust me, Seth, you may have never tried a man's cum before...but it is somehow so much better direct from the source. Also, this way you kind of get something out of the deal too." She was dead serious. I could see it in her eyes.

"Let me review something for you. I think this is incest. I am not ok with this. I am going against all that I believe to be right, just to help you out. I think I will be able to manage to provide what you need in a jar, but there is no way I can climax in your mouth. Don't you get it, Ella? That would be me becoming aroused by a sexual act between you and me to the point of orgasm. That is horrid."

I was shocked by her cavalier attitude to this all. I was even more shocked by just how aroused I was. I was a sicko, and I knew it.

"Seth, you are way over thinking this. It really does not have to be that big of a deal."

I watched as my sister stepped closer to me. Like a perfect whore, she dropped to her knees. I wanted to take a step backward, away from her, but I felt frozen in place. She knelt before me and reached toward the waist band of my jogging pants. I knew I should stop her. My cock was flaccid and I was at least pleased by this. She carefully tugged my pants down and then my briefs. I was still flaccid, thank goodness. I watched her examine my limp cock with just her eyes. I was a good five inches, even when soft. She seemed impressed. I mentally commanded my cock to stay soft.

"You have a beautiful cock." Ella said in a sensual voice. She tugged at the neckline of her tank top and her breasts popped out the top. They were full and round with perky deep pink nipples that looked like hard pebbles. She was breathtaking. My battle with my cock was getting harder to maintain.

I continued to watch as she leaned forward and unceremoniously stuffed my flaccid cock into her mouth. I lost my battle, and my cock quickly began to harden. She had not lied she was very efficient at giving blowjobs. She wrapped one hand firmly around the base of my now rock hard cock, wrapped her lips firmly around my shaft, used her other hand to caress my balls, and sucked with fury. While she sucked my shaft her tongue did the most maddening dance all around me. This was not a slow and leisurely blowjob. This was a blowjob with purpose.

I resisted shoving my hands into her hair and fucking her mouth. I kept my hands to myself, but it did take effort. I did not want to grunt or pant, but I heard myself doing both. It was almost too intense, and I knew I would cum much faster than I would normally like to cum, however this time that did not seem like such a bad thing. The sooner I blasted off in her mouth; I could get out and try to pretend it hadn't happened.

I felt my balls tighten and I knew she was about to get what she wanted so badly. I wondered if I should warn her, like you would do any other woman that was probably a bit hesitant to have cum in their mouth.

"I'm cumming...." I managed through gritted teeth.

She moaned, and sucked harder. The first spurt erupted into her eager mouth. She swallowed it down. It was hard not to think of her as a little cum slut as she pretty much sucked the cum right out of my cock. I grunted loudly and she made these little sounds that vibrated my cock. My hot cum gushed into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Once she was sure I was done, she released my still hard cock and smiled up at me with nothing less than grateful eyes.

I suddenly felt strange and awkward, as I pictured picking my pregnant sister up, carrying her to my room and making love to her. I quickly tugged my clothes back up, and bolted from the kitchen. I felt lower than dirt, and yet I knew I would continue to help my sister. I knew that just as well as I knew I would let her take it from me directly as often as she wished. It pained me to admit it, but my sister giving me a blowjob had been one of the most thrilling sexual experiences of my life. How could I not do that again?

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