A Case of Mistaken Identity


Derek continued hammering away at his mother's soaking wet cunt. His thrusts were coming deeper and faster now; she could feel his body quivering with hers. It would not be long before both of them came. She pleaded with her son. "Hold out just a little bit longer baby, I'm almost there."

It was too late, Derek had waited too long for this moment. Instead of slowing down Derek continued to vigorously assault her pussy. With each stab of his steely hard weapon she drew closer to orgasm. When she felt the veins of his cock began to throb inside of her, she came violently and screamed. "Ooohhh, ooohhh, oh my godd here it cuummm's, you're making mommy cum again, I can't believe it. You are cumminggg in mama's pussy, mmmmmmmmm!"

Derek stabbed his thick hard cock as deep as he could inside of his mother one final time and screamed. "Ugh, here it is mom; I'm cumming in your pussy!

His cock blasted off like a cannon and shot spurt after spurt of scalding hot cum deep inside his mother's slippery cunt. As each spurt hit the inside of her vaginal walls it sent a tremor through her body. When each tremor shook her body, she would squeal. "Mmmmm, sooo goood, feeels sooo goood."

When he finished cumming, Derek collapsed on top of his mother. He kissed her gently and said. "I love you mother, I love you."

After he finally rolled off his mother and lay beside her, she looked at him and whimpered. "I'm so sorry it took so long for us to come together like this, but I promise to try and make it up to you each and every day for the rest of our lives. You were right, we are soulmates and if you'll have me, I'll be proud to be your wife."

The two incestuous lovers held each other tight and embraced. Through the years, as mother and son, they were there for each other, even through the hard times. From henceforth, they would still be there for one another, but this time it would be as lovers.

As they lay there, Cynthia could not help but notice Derek's big thick cock was still hard. She asked him. "Does it always stay hard after you have sex?"

"No, this is the first time. I think he really likes you. What do you say we have another go at it?" Derek asked his mother.

Smiling, Cynthia answered him. "I know I'm going to be sore in the morning; but what the hell, let's see if your old mom has what it takes to wear him down."

Cynthia rolled her son onto his back and began to tease his cock with her talented snatch. She straddled him and began to ease herself just past the bright purple head of her son's cock. When he thought she was finally going to slide all the way down to the base of his cock, she would quickly reverse her direction and pull herself all of the way off his cock.

Her deliberate ministrations were driving her anxious son insane with lust. His cock began bobbing around so wildly she would have to grab hold of it each time she began her descent.

Finally; unable to take her teasing anymore, he grabbed ahold of his mother and threw her on the bed. She was squealing with delight when he pulled her up until she was on all fours.

Coming from behind her, he aimed his painfully hard weapon at the entrance of her willing cunt. He would not be gentle like he was earlier. This time, he would give his mother a fucking she would not soon forget.

With one vicious thrust he drove his cock deep into her hot cunt. Once he was all the way in, he would withdraw almost totally out of her and immediately slam his worthy lance deep into her again. She moaned loudly each time he thrust himself hard inside of her slick cunt.

She loved the way his cock was tantalizing her clit. The friction he was creating with his thrusts were sending erotic pulses to her already overheated pussy. If she thought the first time orgasm she experienced was overwhelming, she was in for a big surprise. The fucking he was giving her right now would end up being a mind-blowing experience for her.

Over and over Derek slammed his cock into her. When he felt her body begin to tremble, he knew she was close to cumming. He wasn't ready to let her cum, at least not yet.

He quickly pulled his cock from her pussy and told her pointedly. "Not yet my love, you will cum only when I am ready for you to cum. Do you understand?"

Cynthia weakly nodded she understood.

Derek loved looking at his sexy mother; her sweaty body was glistening from their intense incestuous fucking. She had a wild look in her eyes; it was like the look a mountain lion has right before it pounces on its unknowing prey.

Moving once again between her well toned legs, he aimed his mighty weapon at her hot flaming cunt. Cynthia smiled at her handsome son as he began to thrust his hard cock into her well lubricated fuckhole. She had never felt more alive. Her whole body was feeling a myriad of sensations. Her pussy was practically on fire and with each thrust of his hard cock; he was bringing her closer to the brink of orgasm.

Derek was thrusting his cock into his mother's cunt with such force, she could hear his big balls slapping against her ass. Wanting more, she wrapped her legs around his ass and tried to pull him deeper into her.

The headboard of the bed was rhythmically banging against the wall from the force of their fucking. Over and over he kept viciously driving his cock deep inside of his mother. She was meeting his thrusts with powerful thrusts of her own. It was as if, one was trying to outdo the other.

Cynthia feared someone would report all of the noise they were making to the front desk.

Suddenly, Cynthia started flailing her head from side to side and Derek could feel her cunt muscles quivering and gripping his cock. Their frantic fuck session was quickly reaching an end.

His body began to feel as if it might explode. Derek pulled his mother to him and slammed his cock into her one last time and screamed! "AIIIEEE, I'm Cumminggg!!"

When the first spurt of his incestuous seed splattered against the inside of her overflowing cunt, a sudden surge of unbelievable pleasure filled her body and she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

She screamed out! "Oohh godd, right there, Ugh, Ugh, M-M-Mommy's going to cummm! Mmmmmmmmm, feels sooo gooodd."

Her screaming and moaning echoed off of the ceiling and hotel room walls. To stifle her cries, she bit down hard on her lower lip while her body convulsed beneath her son. With her thighs still wrapped around her son's waist, she began squeezing them so hard he could hardly breathe.

When her orgasm finally passed she released her son from the vice like grip of her legs. Gasping for breath she looked up at her son and said. "That was the most incredible experience of my life! You are an amazing lover!"

Thinking his cock was thoroughly drained, Derek collapsed beside his mother totally exhausted. As Cynthia lay her head upon her son's broad sweaty chest, she gently started stroking her son's spent cock.

Suddenly and without warning, Derek's body tensed up and he began to shake as his cock began to fire another round of spunk high into the air. Derek's mother continued stroking his extremely sensitive cock until she was positive he was through cumming.

Totally satiated, the two lovers fell off to a blissful sleep. Neither of them knew what tomorrow had in store, but as long as were together, nothing would ever come between them.

Please feel free to comment on the story. Good or bad, it doesn't really matter unless it is just plain stupid. Your comments let me know what I need to improve upon in my stories. If you send me an e-mail, I try to reply to everyone that wants a response. I would like to thank everyone who reads my stories because there would be no purpose in writing them if no one enjoyed them.

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WOW that was very hot and do forbidden but damn good .

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