tagInterracial LoveA Change of Luck Ch. 01

A Change of Luck Ch. 01


Cinnamon looked out of the window, staring into the early morning gray of the morning dawn. She wondered how things could be any duller than her life had been lately. Her husband of 2 years was gone most of the time and even when he was home; he very seldom paid her the attention that he used to. She thought and then if came to her, they hadn’t made love in over three weeks. It seemed that Charley was always tired or had been drinking too much to stay awake.

As she daydreamed, she thought of the last time he had been between her legs and had fallen asleep while he was licking her pussy, and she felt disgusted with her marriage. She need some help with her needs and he wasn’t being any help to her at all. She would still sometimes give him a blowjob, but then he would fall asleep and she would end up in the bathroom with her vibrator to get herself off.

She looked out over the street below and decided she was going to correct the problem, no matter what she had to do. She had talked with Charley many times before and he hadn’t changed. She decided to take matters into her own hands and get fucked one way or the other.

Charley woke and jumped into the shower and then dressed and came into the den where Cinnamon was still looking into space.

“Baby, I’ve got to go to New York today, and I’ll probably be gone a couple of days. Are you going to be okay?”

“As okay as I always am, Charley, I’ve grown accustomed to being alone.”

“Whatever, I’ll call you tonight.”

“I may go to Jennifer’s tonight and go out with her, just leave me a message if you can’t get me, or call on my cell and I may have it.”

“Okay, see you later, I love you.”

“Yea, I love you too, Charley.”

Charley walked toward the door and the turned around and went back and kissed his wife before he left for work.

Cinnamon sat thinking after he left and decided that she was going to go out all right, maybe she really would call Jennifer or maybe she wouldn’t.

She walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone, dialing her friend’s number, and then listened to the ringing as she wondered what she could do tonight. The ringing stopped and she heard Jennifer on the other end.


“Hey Jen, how are ya doin’ girl?”

“Cin, not much, what’s going on?”

“Charley left and he’s going to New York. Want to do somethin’ tonight?”

“Baby, I’m supposed to go out with Marvin tonight. I could see if we can do it some other night.”

“No, does he have a friend that would like to go out with a married woman?” She giggled as she asked her friend the question. She’s never met Marvin but she knew he must be something, if Jennifer was going out with him, she had a tendency to date some great guys.

“Charley not taking care of you baby?”

“Shit, Jen, I’m horny as hell and no, he’s not helping me at all.” Cinnamon remembered how she and Jennifer used to slut around in college before she met Charley. She listened to Jennifer laugh on the other end of the phone.

“Why don’t you come over and we’ll talk about it. I’m sure Marvin has some friends, maybe we could hook up.”

“That sounds good, honey, I’ll take a shower and get dressed and I’ll come over. I’ll see you about 3 this afternoon.”

“Okay, see you then, bye for now.”

“Bye, bye.

As she walked to her bedroom, Cinnamon began to shed her clothing, preparing for a shower. She stood before the mirror on her dressing room wall and admired her body. At twenty-four she still had her body and looks. She smiled as she looked at herself. Her small breasts, with the big aureoles, her tapered thighs and the neatly trimmed strip of red pubic hair. The lips of her vagina were puffy and normally her clitoris showed, as she stood naked. She let her hand trail down over her taut abdomen and her finger found their mark and she moaned just a little. She ran her middle finger into her pussy and then pulled it out and brought her finger to her mouth and licked the juices that she had gathered. She enjoyed the taste, even though it was time for a shower. She enjoyed giving oral in the morning and enjoyed the slightly pungent flavor of herself, and absolutely loved the taste and the smell of a man first thing in the morning. She remembered back in college how she would take her partner’s cock into her mouth and moan and groan as she fellated him. She had a reputation as a cocksucker when she met Charley and he fell in love with her, or now she realized with her mouth. Even that no longer seemed good enough for him.

Cinnamon took a shower, shaved her armpits, legs and trimmed her landing strip. The she fixed her hair and put on a pair of low cut jeans, a white blouse that she tied under her breasts and a pair of sandals. She picked out leather mini skirt and a pair of heels and put them in a bag to take with her. She never wore underwear so she was ready to go. She looked into the mirror again and turned so she could look at her ass. Well packaged in the jeans, she smiled again, hoping some man would enjoy some of her passion tonight.

She went to the garage, opened the door and slid into the seat of her convertible. She drove to Jennifer’s house and she daydreamed and her mouth watered as she thought about how she got her reputation. She really wanted to meet up with someone tonight and she definitely wanted to show how good she was as sucking cocks. First though, she needed to get fucked, and she needed to get fucked good. She let her body relax and her pussy began to throb, just thinking about a good man. She hoped Jennifer had found somebody for her. She enjoyed the feeling the seam of her jeans as it pushed against her clit, stimulating her as she thought about sex.

She pulled into the driveway at Jennifer’s house and parked, then walked up to the door and let herself in. When she entered the house, she saw Jennifer laying naked on the couch with her legs spread, and Cinnamon walked over and knelt down between her spread thighs and ran her tongue from Jennifer’s ass to her clit and Jennifer moaned.

“I was waiting for that, baby.”

Cinnamon pushed her tongue deep into her friend’s pussy and looked up and their eyes met. Her tongue probed deep and worked her friend’s clit and Jennifer grabbed her head and held her tight.

“Eat my ass, baby.”

Cinnamon moved back down and made a wide lick over her friend’s asshole, then pushed the point of her tongue against the opening and pushed hard, enjoying the feeling of her nose pushing into Jennifer’s wet cunt.

“That’s it baby, probe my ass with your tongue, eat my asshole.”

Cinnamon worked over her ass for the next five minutes, then dove back into her cunt and sucked up the wetness as her friend had her first orgasm, then she stood and pulled her jeans off and swung her leg over Jennifer’s head and lowered her cunt to Jennifer’s mouth. “Eat cunt you whore, I’m going to cum all over your pretty face.” She ground her pussy into her friend’s face and had a huge orgasm that gushed all over Jennifer’s face. She lifted her leg up and looked down at her friend, then leaned over and they kissed deeply.

Cinnamon stood and helped Jennifer stand. They put their arms around each other and kissed.

Jennifer pulled away from the kiss and said, “You bitch you taste like pussy.”

“Duh. Well tell me did you find somebody for me?”

“I talked with Marvin and he said he had a couple of friends that he could ask. He’ll bring him over with him when he comes.”

“Great, dammit, I need to get laid.”

“You could ask Marvin to fuck you, I’m sure he’d love to. I’ve told him all about you.”

“Oh shit, what did you tell him?”

“That you had some kick ass pussy and you are a professional cocksucker.”

“Great, nice way to meet someone, he already thinks I’m a slut then.”

“Why not, he thinks I am”, she giggled.

Jennifer and Cinnamon went into the bedroom and cleaned up, with Jennifer picking out some clothes, and Cinnamon washing her face and reapplying makeup. When they were finished, they went back to the den and Jennifer opened a beer for each of them, then they sat down to talk. Jennifer told Cinnamon that she had been dating Marvin for about a month and they were really getting along well. She also told her that he was black, something that neither of them had done before. She explained that the sex was fantastic and that Marvin could last all night most of the time. She also told Cinnamon that it was true what they said about black men. He was equipped with a 9-inch penis, as thick as she had ever seen and he came in quarts or so it seemed.

Cinnamon laughed, “Quite a bit to swallow, huh?”

Jennifer laughed also, “Yeah, but I do my best when he cums in my mouth.”

Cinnamon got up and went to get them both another beer and when she came back into the den, the doorbell rang and Jennifer went to answer it.

When the door opened, Cinnamon saw a tall black, very black man standing at the door and Jennifer stretched up to kiss him. She watched as his hands ran over her friend’s body, cupping her ass cheeks as he kissed her back. When the finished kissing, Jennifer turned back to Cinnamon and said, “Cin, this is Marvin.”

Marvin nodded as he looked toward Cinnamon, his eyes drinking in the redhead’s body and her beautiful legs, in that short skirt.

Cinnamon stood and walked toward them, saying “So nice to meet you Marvin. Jen has told me a lot about you.”

“Yeah, well she told me some stuff about you to.” He smiled after he said that.

“I bet she did”, Cinnamon giggled.

“I’ll get us a drink, why don’t you and Cin get to know each other, baby?” Jennifer stretched up and kissed Marvin, then he patted her ass as she walked away.

Marvin took Cinnamon’s hand and led her to the couch and they sat down. He looked openly at her body as she sat down and her skirt rode high on her thighs, just keeping her pussy covered by two inches or so. Marvin put his arm on the couch behind her back as they began to talk.

“So, what did Jen tell you about me?”

“She said you were beautiful, which you are, and she told me you had a reputation as a cocksucker, which I’d love to find if that’s true.” He smiled at Cinnamon.

Cinnamon let her hand lay on Marvin’s thigh as she responded, “Well, they used to say, I’d rather suck a cock than eat breakfast”, then she laughed.

Jennifer walked in the room and she heard what Cinnamon tell Marvin. “Yeah, I’ve seen her, and she really gets into it baby.”

“Whoa, damn girl, you’re getting me hot, just talking about that. Why don’t you come here and give me some lovin’”

Jennifer handed Cinnamon and Marvin a beer, then sat down next to Marvin and dropped her hand into his lap and rubbed his cock. “Oooo, you’re right, seems like talking about this got you in the mood. Let me see if I can help you baby.” She pulled his zipper down and fished his cock from his pants, letting it spring into the open. She leaned down and licked the head, tasting the precum that had already started to form on it.

Cinnamon watched as Jennifer licked Marvin’s cock and looked up to see him looking into her eyes as her friend continued.

Marvin pulled Cinnamon closer to him and put his lips to hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Cinnamon kissed Marvin back letting her tongue play with his as she looked into his eyes. She felt Jennifer grab her hand and place it on Marvin’s cock and she moaned as she felt his hard cock throb as she began to slowly stroke him.

Marvin pulled his mouth from Cinnamon and said, “Why don’t you show me just how good your mouth is. Sit next to me Jennifer, and let you friend get to know me better.” He pushed Cinnamon’s head toward his lap and she didn’t offer any resistance, willingly moving her head toward his sweet cock.

Cinnamon looked as she lowered her head onto his lap, enjoying the shiny blackness of his cock, and the purplish color of the swollen head. She unbuttoned his pants and helped him shed them, then she knelt between his thighs and began to lick his balls, noticing the tight curly hair that cover them.

Marvin kissed Jennifer and said, “Looks like she’s enjoying herself, baby. I can’t wait to find out if she’s as good as you told me. That’s it my sweet white slut, lick my black balls. I can’t wait to blow a load down your throat.”

Jennifer looked at her friend licking her boyfriend’s balls and said “That’s if girl, why don’t you lick his ass, like you did mine earlier?”

“Damn Jennifer, I’d have liked to watch that!”

Jennifer reached down and held one of Marvin’s legs up allowing his ass cheeks to open a bit and Marvin pushed Cinnamon’s head down.

Cinnamon looked up at Jennifer and let her tongue flick out and lick Marvin’s asshole for the first time, then she began her probing as she heard his say, “Damn, that feels good, Cinnamon.”

“Yeah, baby, she does know how to lick ass doesn’t she.” Jennifer ran her hands over Marvin’s chest and she leaned over opened his shirt and took a nipple between her lips.

Marvin moved his other leg up and put his foot on the couch opening his ass wide to allow Cinnamon better access and felt as she tried to push her tongue deeper in his ass. “You white bitches like black cocks don’t you? White sluts are so nasty. I’ve never had a black woman lick my ass, but you white sluts know what to do to make a man happy.”

Jennifer moved down Marvin’s body until she began to move into his pubic hair and she looked at her friend whose eyes were staring at her. She looked at Cinnamon’s hands as they caressed Marvin’s cock and balls. She moved down and took Marvin’s cock in her mouth and that made Cinnamon probe even deeper into Marvin’s ass.

She pulled her face away from Marvin’s ass and told Jennifer “Bitch, let me have some of that, you’ve had it before!”

Jennifer pulled the cock from her mouth and offered it to Cinnamon, who greedily wrapped her lips around it and took it deep into her mouth, relaxing her throat allowing it to slide in and the she looked up at Marvin as his balls hit her chin, and she held still.

Cinnamon felt Marvin throbbing as she held him deep in her throat and she let her hands wander over his body, feeling his nipples and the taut muscles of his abdomen. She started to move her head, fucking his cock with her throat, not allowing it free and Marvin stroked her hair.

Jennifer watched as Cinnamon worked her magic with her mouth and throat, she reached down and felt her friend’s throat as Marvin’s cock move in and out of it. “Baby, reach down and feel this.” She took Marvin’s hand and placed in on Cinnamon’s throat.

“Damn, that feels good, I can almost feel the head from the outside, I really feel the head from the inside”, he laughed. “Gawd, she can suck a cock, no wonder you told me that. I’ll bet that Jerome and Willis are going to enjoy meeting her or should I say “meating” her. I think I’m going to go ahead and blow a load down her throat.”

Cinnamon mewled as she heard his say that and her head started to move up and down faster as she tried to coax the sweet nectar from his cock, then she held him deep in her throat as he exploded and she felt his cum hit the inside of her throat and slide directly into her belly. It seem like it was a gallon just like Jennifer had said it was, but she didn’t let go and he started to soften in her mouth.

Marvin leaned back and enjoyed the feeling as the red-haired woman let his orgasm taper off as she held his still in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, she let his cock slowly slip from her mouth, and asked, “Did you enjoy that, Marvin?”

“Yeah, bitch, that was good as hell, you are one hell of a cocksucker.”

“You tasted great, the little I was able to taste you, but I did get a belly full. I thank you, and you too Jen, for sharing. Did I hear you say that you had two friends coming to meet me?”

“Yeah, brothers, they couldn’t decide which one would come, so I told them both to. I hope you don’t mind, but Jennifer said you needed to get fucked and when I told them that, they both wanted to come so I figured you could fuck them both.” Marvin laughed and continued, “In fact, I might want some of that pussy before the night is over.”

“I’m jealous, baby, what about me?”

“I’ve had your ass, bitch, I may let the brother have some of your pussy. Got a problem with that?”

“No, baby, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” Jennifer leaned over and kissed Marvin.


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