A Changing Anniversary Ch. 02


When we both recovered from that great hot fuck, she informed me that was probably the best sex we have experienced together. I then asked her how it compares to some of the black cock fucking she has experienced over the last couple of days. She said it was definitely different and the size and stamina gave her more intense multi orgasms.

Then she said that when I shoot in her, she can feel it most of the time, but when George shoots his big black cock in her pussy, she can feel the strong hot squirts much deeper in her pussy than I have ever been. Then she said: "Oh, baby, don't feel bad, but there is no way that your white cock, even if it is eight inches, could ever do to me what Georges eleven inches can do. So, I guess that I truthfully can say, yes, he fills me, fucks me, and satisfies me better than you ever can."

I found myself getting excited with all her talk about George being better than me. She also picked up on that and grabbed my cock and laughed and said: Wow, look what I found. I guess that all the talking about how great it is fucking a big black cock got you all worked up too." I just pushed her over on her back and mounted her, driving my cock as deep as it would go into her pussy, proceeding to give her the most intensive power pounding fucking that I have ever experienced. I was so turned on that it seemed like I could not drive my cock deep enough or fast enough to satisfy my own desires. She started talking and encouraging me to fuck her harder. Having just cum a few minutes before, I was able to keep fucking her until she had a huge orgasm, but I didn't slow down. I kept fucking her hard and fast until I started shooting again, and at that same time, she had another great orgasm.

When we finally recovered, she looked at me and said, "Wow, where did that come from, that was the best sex we have ever had in our fifteen years of marriage?"

I said: "I agree whole-heartedly and if you being a hot wife, fucking black cocks and cuckolding me resulted in that kind of sex, I loved it and never wanted it to end." We hugged and kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

As it turned out, we had some great fucking almost every day for the rest of the week and the weekend. Monday evening when I got home, she said that George had called and said that he should be arriving sometimes Friday and should be unloaded by around six Friday evening at the parking lot near that same motel. She said she told him that she would check with me, and as long as I was cool with that she would meet him at the motel after she got the word he was there. Well, I guess the thought of her being with George again caused my excitement to show and she grabbed my cock and said: "Hold on until bed time, but this would be the last time that you will be allowed to get in my pussy until after George is through with it for the weekend." When she said that, I felt my cock really jump to attention.

After the kids were in bed, we went to bed and fucked like rabbits with her telling me all the things that George was going to be doing to her. When we finished fucking, she surprised me by turning around in a sixty-nine position and put her cum filled (my cum) pussy in my face as she proceeded to devour my cum covered cock. We kept going at this until both of us exploded into another great orgasm. Then, we rolled over and went to sleep. The remainder of the week was rather routing, except sex. She was true to her word; she didn't want to present George with a fresh fucked pussy, so from Tuesday on, her pussy was off limits for me, as she was saving it for George.

During the week, we made plans as to how to handle the kids. We both got home before the kids did on Wednesday. We started to talking about the up coming weekend again, and I told her that I thought maybe that she should only go down to see George on Friday and Saturday evenings, saying she was going shopping for supplies for her work. She said that she had already thought of that and agreed with me that would probably be the best thing to do to keep them from having any questionable thoughts.

Shortly after we had agreed on that, the kids came running in from school and handed us a slip from school wanting us to consent to an outing sponsored by the forestry department. It was a "clean up your national forest parks" program and was to take place this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Well, we had never been parents who just said yes, go ahead and get out of our hair type, and we had no intentions of starting now. I was the first to ask about adult supervision, in which they showed me the back of the consent form which had the names, ages and cell phone numbers of eight different responsible adults in which three of them were forest rangers. Then Jan asked them about accommodations. They pointed out on the consent form itself that there would be plenty of tents for both males and females. As I read the consent form thoroughly, I noted that they would be picked up at the school at 7AM Saturday morning and dropped off at the school at 6PM Sunday evening. I then put my hand on each of their shoulders and said: "Listen to me, and listen good, this is going to be a working field trip, and those rangers are going to work your tails off, so think about it, is this something you really want to do?" They both nodded affirmative energetically. Then, my son said that the ranger told them if they did a good job that they could go trout fishing before breakfast Sunday morning. He went on to remind me that I had taught both of them how to trout fish and they both felt they had a jump over the rest of the group as some of them asked what was trout. I went on to take note that the consent form also said that all meals would be provided, and that each person would be responsible for their own warm clothing and sleeping bags. Jan told them to get their homework done and her and their dad would talk it over.

As the kids dashed off to do their homework, we looked at each other and smiled. I then told her that regardless of the timing of the opportunity knocking, that we were still, above all else, parents. She agreed with me, and as I was about to make a suggestion, she spoke up and said she thought she should cancel or postpone her Friday night outing, and both of us deliver the kids to the school Saturday morning. I agreed with her and said that I thought it wise to see just who was going to be supervising our kids. She said she wouldn't have it any other way.

Then I said: "After we seen the kids off to their outing, you will be free and clear to go have your married white pussy stretched and fucked by that big black cock to your heart's and your pussy's desire."

Then she said: "All that hot talking isn't going to get you any pussy for tonight and for that matter, not until after I get back home Sunday evening after George had used it until his cock goes limp."

Thursday George called to confirm Friday evening. Jan informed him that she would not be unable to see him until around mid to late morning on Saturday. Even though a little disappointed, he understood and accepted the change in plan.

Friday evening the kids got everything put together with their mom and I holding inventory, and put it by the front door before going to bed.

Saturday, the kids were up and steering around when Jan and I got up. Jan fixed breakfast for everyone. After breakfast, the kids loaded their stuff in the car and off the four of us headed to the school parking lot. We arrived at the school a bit early, which afforded me the opportunity to chat with some of the supervising ranger who appeared to be very knowledgeable in supervising youth groups. Accordingly, Jan and I felt that the kids would be in good hands for the outing.

On the way home, Jan said that she feels bad about leaving me home alone for the two days. I said: "Don't worry about me, just go and get your hot pussy fucked by that big black cock"

Then she ask: "Do you want me to take your pussy, your white married pussy to that black man and give it to him for him to use as he sees fit for his pleasures for the weekend?"

I reached over and put my hand up her dress and rubbed her pussy through her panties, and told her: "Yes, this pussy, take it to him, give it to him, let him use it, finger it, fuck it and enjoy it. Also, while he is enjoying your pussy, I want you to enjoy his big black cock as he fucks you with it, stretches your pussy, makes you cum over and over again." At that point I could feel her getting wet. I laughed and told her that she is getting primed for that big black cock.

She then said: "You are right, I car hardly wait to feel that big black cock fucking deep into my white married pussy, your pussy that I am going to give to him with your blessing. He is going to fuck me all weekend and stretch my pussy so much that it will take at least three days before I can feel your dick, so I see no need of us even thinking about you sticking your dick in my pussy before Wednesday or Thursday, and even then you may find it to be very loose." With a hard on, and her wet panties, I had to agree with everything she had said.

As we pulled into the driveway, she hopped out and went into the house and started putting her overnight bag together. Then she went to take a shower and change cloths.

When she was in the shower, she called for me. As I walked in the bathroom, she was still in the shower. She shut the shower off and said: "I am not finished yet, but I almost forgot something. George asked me to shave my pussy, do you think you could do that for me, for him?" I told her that my pussy shaving experience was little to none, but I would give it a try. I lathered her pussy up really good and got a new raiser and started to work. As it turned out, it was lots easier that I thought it would be. Upon completion, I was feeling it and looking at it, when she asked: "Well, do you think George will like it?"

I said: "I don't know if George will like it or not, but I do, and I think we should keep it shaved from now on."

She then told me to wait in the living room that she has a surprise for me. When she made her entrance to the living room, I did a double take. Wow, she had on a very short skirt (thy high), and a low cut blouse that showed lots of cleavage. She said: "I went shopping yesterday, you like?"

I told her: "Of course I like it and it makes my dick hard just thinking about George with his hand up her skirt or down her blouse." Then, as she came over to give me a good buy kiss, I told her to wait. As I was holding her in my arms, I let my hands slither down her hips to the hem of her skirt, pulled it up, exposing her panties. I took hold of the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her lags to her feet.

As she looked at me with a sly smile and as she was stepping out of her panties, she asked: "Is that what you want, you want me to go out without panties, you want me to take my bare pussy to another man, a big black man with a big black cock?"

All I could do was nod, as I was so worked up, it was all I could do to keep from raping her on the spot.

I stood up again and she kissed me again, and grabbed my crotch and holding it, she said: "If you keep your hands off that thing for a while, maybe I will give you a call later while George is fucking this fresh shaved white married pussy." With the thought of the possibility of that phone call, my dick got even harder. She patted it a couple of times, kissed me again, grabbed her overnight bag and out the door she went without any panties covering that fresh shaved married pussy headed for a big black cock.


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