tagLetters & TranscriptsA Chat with Valerie

A Chat with Valerie


I have done all I can to insure my chatters' privacy, leaving as many details as possible out of this story. All I've shown is her desires and my delights.

I hope you'll find it as exciting to read as we did when we wrote it.



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BBGVE is using a different version of Y---- Messenger.

Certain features may be unavailable.

BBGVE: can't find you on Lit!

ItsYOU: I'm here

BBGVE: hello there

ItsYOU: hey

BBGVE: that's a gorgeous avatar, by the way! You're very handsome

ItsYOU: How's it going?

BBGVE: well thanks, and you?

ItsYOU: Thank you... and did you enjoy yourself?

BBGVE: hehe well Eduardo was a dud, but MJhunter is always good...

ItsYOU: Sorry

BBGVE: s'ok

BBGVE: I appear offline most of the time

ItsYOU: Just giving up more privacy... okay?

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: Then next time we'll invite him again

ItsYOU: I was looking for your e-mail recounting the encounter...

BBGVE: he haven't finished it yet

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: Then I AM glad I left you in somewhat good hands...

ItsYOU: Next time it'll be me instead of that dork & I'll know what to use instead of a bottle

ItsYOU: After I clamp your nipples & clip your clit..

BBGVE: mmmmm...

BBGVE: oooh yes

BBGVE: can't wait

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: Did you get the chance to read my stories?

BBGVE: I did, and I enjoyed them a lot!

BBGVE: got me quite warm all over again

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: I was especially proud of DW 03... It got me a HOT rating

BBGVE: *grins* as well it should

ItsYOU: Thank you

ItsYOU: Did you like the interaction of delights...

BBGVE: definitely

ItsYOU: Fucking madly... my "daughter" losing all self-control... taking my cock out of her ass & into her mouth to drink me down her throat

ItsYOU: Or what was your favorite part?

BBGVE: hmmm....

ItsYOU: I loved it all... it was hard to concentrate while writing sometimes

BBGVE: I'd have to think about that- honestly I was so worked up that a favorite part is a bit hard to choose till I read it through again

BBGVE: I had a little trouble concentrating too

ItsYOU: Thank you

ItsYOU: I will be fisting myself later thinking about you losing control at your computer...

BBGVE: Jesus!

BBGVE: wow, I'm flattered!

ItsYOU: Face touched with perspiration... breast bouncing nipples hard... you wanting... trying to lick them yourself... wishing for someone to do that for you... and maybe wishing they could bite your nipples too

ItsYOU: Then your fingers dance... touching your clit... smoothly shaved earlier so you could enjoy the words typed for your mind & desires

BBGVE: mmmm that's right...

ItsYOU: Your toes high in your heels or on the balls of your feet as IF you were in stilettos... and ONLY stilettos

ItsYOU: Legs tense... thighs moving from side to side... shifting as if they could keep your juices from slipping out of you... -weg-

BBGVE: mmm god that's a hot scene, but I need you in it!!

ItsYOU: Then you'd need to be sitting on my lap... feeling my fingers on your clit... kissing your nipples ... arms reaching upward... ties together at the wrist... suspended from a beam on the ceiling... and your body blushing... needing to be touched again... my fingers pinching your clit... and you losing your mind slowly as you feel my lips kissing the underside of your breast

BBGVE: oh god!!!

BBGVE: oh god Julian you're killing me here

ItsYOU: If I were killing you... you'd feel the lap slip out from under you & you'd be stretched till your body we elongated... arms above your head & your toes standing close to the floor... legs dangling slightly... and a crop catching your asscheeks with every revolution of your body

BBGVE: oh god...

BBGVE: two very different scenes...

BBGVE: and either could make me awfully wet...


ItsYOU: Now you know what I really am don't you?

ItsYOU: And the worse part is... you truly don't fear me...

BBGVE: ha-ha that's a perfect image for you, by the way

BBGVE: shaking my head- no- I don't

BBGVE: leaning in to kiss you hard, passionately

ItsYOU: -groaning taking your tongue sucking it into my mouth letting it roll around with my own inside my lips-

ItsYOU: -then using clothespins on your nipples- hearing you gasping as the metal springs & wood toggles close on the sensitive nipples-

ItsYOU: THIS is what you need isn't it Valerie?

BBGVE: yesssss

BBGVE: yes I do

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: -then you'd feel my finger strumming your clit slowly gently moving it up & down side to side then in circles clockwise then counter-clockwise... always watching you breathing... gasping... blushing... exhaling...

BBGVE: mmm--eyes closed in pleasure, just feeling your fingers...

ItsYOU: Just feel them over you... -then you feel me inserting a dildo slowly inside your pussy- fucking it gently- fucking it feeling your juices pouring down your inner thighs- the lube working to move my fingers deeper faster inside the wet smooth shaved pussy-

BBGVE: face flushing red, body twitching and twirling slightly, trying to ride your fingers and the dildo

ItsYOU: Whispering "Roll your hips... show me how you'd fuck this toy... don't slow down... "

BBGVE: hips rolling, bucking into the toy, grinding deep onto it, fucking myself on the hard material

BBGVE: tits bouncing

BBGVE: voice whispering roughly yes, please fuck me Julian

ItsYOU: -then you feel the wetted toy slipping deeper faster inside you riding you humping harder into you- wonder beings to make you ask just how big is the dildo bunching up inside your hot molten pussy but the sugary liquid slipping out of you makes you take more of it inch by inch deeper & faster-

BBGVE: moaning, eyes wide...not sure how much deeper I can take this toy! But rolling my hips and fucking myself on it faster and more intensely, starting to whimper lightly in pleasure, a bit of pain at the size of it...

BBGVE: feeling my hard little nub responding

BBGVE: nipples rock hard

BBGVE: body pushing slowly towards orgasm...

ItsYOU: -then you feel the ropes overhead going taunt- the ropes are rising and so are you instinctively- you're on your toes with the dildo still being pumped inside your hot wet pussy and the spillings hitting the floor- your body wiggles but can't get free-"Keep fucking that toy... don't slow down... or it goes in your ass... understand me Valerie?"

BBGVE: moaning, nodding my understanding

BBGVE: feeling my body wriggle and twist a bit as the ropes pull me tight, body stretched out to the maximum, riding the toy for all I'm worth

ItsYOU: -then you feel a finger slid in with the dildo just enough to soak itself with your juices and then you feel in moving over your hips and ass along the cheeks and gently into the brown-eyed puckering ring of your ass- "You always held back... rarely giving this tight ass to men because they couldn't treasure it... they just wanted to rip you open... isn't that true?"

ItsYOU: -suddenly the finger is jabbed inside your ass-

ItsYOU: -sunk deep making your whole being enflame with the desires of the lecherous man opening you violating you again & again-

BBGVE: eyes flickering wide at the finger in my ass, the sudden intrusion, muscles instinctively trying to push you out

BBGVE: oh god....

ItsYOU: "Or did you like it?"

BBGVE: body still rocking on the dildo

ItsYOU: "Maybe even... ask for it... "

BBGVE: face blushing in shame; unable to look you in the eye...sometimes I liked it...

ItsYOU: "Sometimes... begging for you ass to be fucked... "

BBGVE: but mostly they just wanted to hurt me, without treasuring me too

ItsYOU: "Needed it... but not being able to trust it to them... so many fucks... so wide the range of cocks... few winning your heart... "

BBGVE: exactly- or my trust

ItsYOU: -the finger knows its' way inside you without even seeing following the path and wiggling gently but burrowing deeper inside you-

BBGVE: moaning, bucking back and forth against the cock and the dildo, dangerously close now...

ItsYOU: -then you feel the dildo & finger pumping alternating one in one out- fucking you on both sides- "THIS is what you wanted... someone to lust for you... treasure you... use you... and in gaining Their Pleasure... giving you as much as they took... "

BBGVE: aaah goddd

BBGVE: starting to come

ItsYOU: "Ask... and you may cum..."

BBGVE: please Julian, pleaase may I come?

ItsYOU: "I want your teeth clenched... you whimpering in delight... needing to know you WILL cum every time... I touch you... understand me?"

ItsYOU: Julian?

BBGVE: nodding desperately

BBGVE: I understand!


BBGVE: that's what you asked me to call you Sir

ItsYOU: -kissing your cheek-"You may cum... hard... "

BBGVE: shaking

ItsYOU: "When we're naked... Julian... when YOU'RE naked... well... use your imagination... "

BBGVE: shivering, body twisting, whimpering little noises

BBGVE: thank you Sir!!

BBGVE: back arched, sweat misting on my body

ItsYOU: -arms stretched out- hand tense fingers splayed- eyes fluttering watching her amazing reactions to my words & touch-

ItsYOU: I may have to buy you a dildo you can sleep with inside yourself...

BBGVE: moaning, slowly coming down, calming, body going limp, weight resting on the arms over my head

ItsYOU: Would you do that for our pleasure?

BBGVE: I would...if I felt comfortable giving out my address

BBGVE: but I might order one online myself one day

ItsYOU: Don't worry... everything in due time... we're not looking for tomorrow...

ItsYOU: Okay?

BBGVE: he he thanks

BBGVE: deal

BBGVE: *sighs slightly, weight resting on my sore arms- trying to support myself again on my toes*

BBGVE: god that was beautiful

ItsYOU: Glad you liked it

ItsYOU: brb


ItsYOU: I'm sending you some images to link your delight to pictures... if you don't mind...

BBGVE: got it!

BBGVE: checking it out...

ItsYOU: Cool

BBGVE: mmmm, very nice!

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: I like the tied, exposed bosom

Valerie Evans: *smiles* me too

ItsYOU: But the oral one is good too and if your tits are double-d's then the tit-fucking will be perfect

ItsYOU: Well she's really sucking & jerking but you get the idea

BBGVE: just regular D's...but still great for titfucking

ItsYOU: Excellent

ItsYOU: I love that idea... you on all 4's from behind... hands down arms straight... tits swaying with each stroke inside you... bouncing with each spanking

BBGVE: *sighing* mmmm...I can just imagine you spanking me, me disciplining myself to take it like a good little subbie...

BBGVE: loving each stroke, even the sting...

ItsYOU: And then comes the buttplug

ItsYOU: A vibrating one of course


BBGVE: mmm- I've never had my butt plugged before

ItsYOU: Lots of lube... promise

ItsYOU: Slowly...

ItsYOU: Always to make sure of safety... even with a little discomfort

BBGVE: grins- a little discomfort is the point, isn't it?

ItsYOU: Pain is the path... thresholds are the point

BBGVE: and a buttplug isn't painful, so to speak- or at least I'm told-

BBGVE: it's just a new sensation

ItsYOU: very truly

BBGVE: mm, those are nice too

ItsYOU: I am respectful... if you say no it's no... always a compromise... you say no to the buttplug we have a 3some...

ItsYOU: But it can be 2guys as well as 2 girls

BBGVE: lol fair enough! he he as you saw in the room, I like group- online, at least

BBGVE: in fantasy, I have only 2 hard limited

BBGVE: limits

ItsYOU: Excellent... I know a place in Houston that has gloryhole...

BBGVE: no animals, and no kids

ItsYOU: What are those limits?

ItsYOU: No problem....

ItsYOU: But you read the DW stories... is a little r/p okay with you?

BBGVE: a little rp is ok, yes

ItsYOU: Cool

ItsYOU: Thank you

ItsYOU: Don't worry... you don't have to call me anything except first...

BBGVE: hehehe fair enough!

(Movie link removed from chat record)

ItsYOU: Try this link... see if you're enticed

ItsYOU: As far as I know the plug is flexible...

BBGVE: Jesus H Christ how the hell did she get something that large in there!!

BBGVE: hell I'm impressed!

BBGVE: lol

ItsYOU: Good

ItsYOU: So long as you're not scared...

BBGVE: only a little

BBGVE: but that'll change with time

ItsYOU: -kissing your ear- stroking your belly-

ItsYOU: "I'm surprised no one else has rushed to claim/collar you for their own... really... "

BBGVE: there are a few, but none are exclusive

(Movie link removed from chat record)

BBGVE: they like me playing and learning

ItsYOU: Here's something more like this morning

ItsYOU: Now this would be me watching... filming... but you'd be the star

BBGVE: they keep sending me to this 'compliance statement' thing


ItsYOU: Never heard of that... I'll just glean the pics & send them to you

BBGVE: thanks

ItsYOU: You're welcome... are you causing mischief at Literotica right now?

BBGVE: he he thinking about it

BBGVE: none of my usual playmates are around

ItsYOU: Okay... I'll see you there... for a few minutes... are you going to want me as a playmate?

BBGVE: yaaaay!!!

BBGVE: *claps and grins*

BBGVE: of course!

ItsYOU: -lol-

ItsYOU: I just love your attitude... too cool

ItsYOU: If you're half as cool & half as sexy as your words I am in BIG trouble...

BBGVE: grins

ItsYOU: I might have to beg for your phone or addy...

BBGVE: he he possible

ItsYOU: Maybe I'll ask you to send me a letter... no return address... to read alone... and sniff your perfume... and jack off to your hand-written thoughts...

ItsYOU: And wish I could lick the pussy juices used to seal the envelope...

ItsYOU: -sigh-

BBGVE: sorry, phone rang

ItsYOU: I may have to jack off before I go in... -lol-... did you think it was me?

BBGVE: hahaha the thought crossed my mind for a second!

ItsYOU: Okay... signing off... see you at Literotica... -kissing your cheek-

ItsYOU: And you wish...


BBGVE: grins- can't wait!

ItsYOU: Bye...

BBGVE: adios querido

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