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A Choice


Getting out of her car, she hurried just a little more than usual to his house. She was wearing what he had told her to, which left her feeling a little exposed, hence the hurrying. Her skirt was long enough that is covered her, and she could bend over with exposing herself, barely, but she was not wearing panties, and she was wearing her insertable toy. The top was long sleeve, given that it was cool out, but she was not wearing a bra, and she was certain that anyone could tell, since her nipples were very hard.

Getting to his house, she let herself in, put her bag down by the closet, locked the door again, and knelt in the front hallway by the door. She didn't see him in his office, but she knew he was in the house somewhere. Her instructions had been clear, she was to wait there, without getting up, speaking, playing with cats, or fidgeting, until he spoke to her. She doubted it would be too long, it usually wasn't.

After a few minutes, he came down the stairs, and seemed to ignore her as he went to sit at his desk. In reality he definitely was paying attention to her, and noticed how hard she was trying to maintain the correct position without fidgeting, and smiled to himself. Doing a few things on his computer, he left her to stew for a few more minutes. Breathing slowly to keep from fidgeting, she found herself lost in thought. To most people she tried so hard to be independent and in control, and yet for this man and how she felt for him, she would give up that control happily and surrender to whatever would give him pleasure. In turn, giving him pleasure, and making him happy, made her incredibly happy. This certainly wasn't something she ever thought she'd find herself thinking. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his voice

"come here."

Getting up, slightly stiff, she stepped over to him. He simply looked her over for a moment before pulling her into his lap. Giggling a little, she smiled at him. Taking some of her hair in his hand, he pulled her into a surprisingly gentle but passionate kiss.

"Hi there" he said, smiling at her.

"Hi" came the slightly breathy reply.

"Alright, up."

She stood up and stepped out of his way.

"kneel, and hold your hair up".

She did as he told her, and from somewhere on the desk, he pulled a collar out, and put it on her.

That done, he said "Follow me" as he started upstairs.

She followed him into the living room, not sure what to do. Sitting down, he asked her to get him a glass of soda. While he sat down on the couch, she went to the kitchen and got the drink for him. Coming back into the living room, she set it down on the coaster in front of him, and seeing the pillow he'd put on the floor, took the cue and sat down on it.

"Very good" he said with a slight smirk.

"Hey, I can take hints" she said with a laugh.

They sat this way for a while and chatting normally about all sorts of things. Occasionally he would reach down and pet her, but other than the fact that she was sitting on the floor, it looked like any two people having a chat. After 20min or so, when he saw she was getting fidgety, he stood up. He told her

"go to the studio and strip. Fold your clothes neatly and put them on a shelf and wait for me."

With that, he started upstairs and she went in the back and stripped. Leaving her clothes on a shelf, she waited nervously. She saw that the area was set up for some pictures, and guessed that was what they were going to do.

After a moment or two, he came back down with a few pieces of bondage paraphernalia and kinky things in his hands.

"We're going to take some pictures, so, just relax, and have some fun with it. I wanted to do these first, before I leave you all marked up" he told her.

She swallowed hard, then asked, with a devious look on her face

"does that mean I get to be a smart ass?"

He gave her a look that both answered her question and took the look off her face. He enjoyed her being playful, but liked to keep her on her toes all the same. They did photos for a little while; getting what they both thought would be some good shots.

Once they finished, she helped him organize the stuff again.

"come here."

She stepped in front of him, nervous again. He tapped the back of his neck, and she clasped her hands behind her neck in response.

"don't worry, I just want to make sure my property is properly groomed" he told her with a laugh.

Tapping the inside of her thighs, she spread her legs slightly for him. Starting on her front, he ran his hands down her front, likely tweaking her nipples when he past them. Down her front and then down her legs, one at a time, he ran his hands. On the way back up, he ran his hand over her pussy, which by now, as he knew it would be, was very wet. He ran his hands back up her front, over her arms, and than stepped behind her. Repeating the motions in back now, he told her

"bend over."

Keeping her hands behind her neck, she bent at the waist. He reached up and toyed with her pussy for a moment, before bringing a gasp from her when he quickly inserted 2 fingers into her soaking cunt. He pumped them in and out a few times, feeling her clench around him. Pulling them back out, he wiped his fingers on her.

He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her upright against his body.

"I guess you pass inspection" he said right next to her ear.

Releasing her hair, he swatted her playfully on the ass.

"upstairs" he said

She started upstairs and felt very exposed. He guided her, not into the usual playroom, but into the other room. She saw the holding bar hanging from rope that was rigged to the eyebolt in the ceiling. She didn't see any toys out at the moment, just wrist and ankle cuffs, and a blindfold. Guiding her to stand under the bar, he attached the ankle cuffs, leaving them unattached at the moment. Taking one wrist at a time, he attached the wrist cuffs, making sure she couldn't slip her hand through them.

He stepped around behind her and pulled him to her.

"Now, before I start, you have a choice. I can either go easy on you, ro hard on you today. There are strings attached to both choices. If you choose for me to go easy on you, I wont push you too much, but, you have to ask me for permission to cum, and you must thank me for each one. I will also only allow you to get me off once. If you choose for me to go hard on you. I will push, I will leave you marked and bruised. However, you will not need to ask permission to cum. Though you will still need to thank me for each one. I will also allow you to get me off twice. So, which do you choose?"

She swallowed hard and thought for a moment. She knew if she chose for him to go hard on her, he would, and she would not be able to ask for mercy, since she had chosen for it to happen. She also hated asking permission to cum, and his going hard on her would let out of that. Admittedly, she also wanted the chance to get him off twice On the other hand, if he went easy on her, she knew she wouldn't be pushed, and everything would be nice and pleasurable, but, she wasn't sure she liked the strings that came with that. Having made her mind up,

"I'll take you being hard on me sir" she said quietly.

"Ok" he replied, and gave her a firm hug, before stepping back from her again

Coming back around in front of her, he brought her hands up to the bar, and attached them to the ends with clips. In this way, she was attached to the bar, but could still hold it for support. He took the blindfold and stepping back behind her, slid it onto her face. As she lost her sense of sight, she immediately became more aware of everything else around her. Staying behind her, he simply stroked her for a moment.

"I'm actually very proud of you for your choice. Now, I'm going to flog you. I want you to take it as silently as you can. If you do well, I'll reward you. Understand?"

His voice by her ear, and his breath on her neck made her shiver.

"yes sir".

Her voice had gone to almost a whisper, as it often did when she was deep in this mind space.

She felt his body step away from her, and some closet doors open and close. A soft gasp escaped her when the first blow startled her. He started softly, working its way to harder strokes. She could tell he had not started with the hardest flogger, for which she was grateful. That gave her time to adjust to the sensations. She went with the feelings, and was beginning to settle into a rhythm when it stopped. A moment later, she gasped much louder at the hard impact of the very heavy flogger. This time he did not start slowly, and each blow made her clench her hands and gasp. After a few minutes, her ass was really starting to hurt, and she was having more trouble staying quiet. He had started hitting her with the tips of the flogger, which produced a different sensation and quickly brought small yelps and moan from her lips. Suddenly he stopped, and pulled her against him. She gasped at the contact of his pants with her ass, but quickly settled against him. He held her for a moment, before stepping back again

"You've got 5 more coming" he told her.

She knew they would be hard, they always were when he warned her. She was able to take 4 of them without too much noise, but the last and hardest one, pulled a yell from her.

Before she knew it, he was against her again, comforting her.

"You did well"

She smiled at his words. Pulling away from her, he brought a water bottle to her lips and let her drink. After she had had her fill, he put it away again. Giving her a quick kiss, he said

"I think you earned your reward".

As he said this, he brought his fingers to her soaking pussy and gently started playing her clit. It did not take long her him to have her moaning in pleasure. She came every quickly, and was left breathing very hard.

"thank you sir" she said between breaths.

He laughed a little and stoked the side of her face.

Reaching up, he removed the blindfold, and she blinked a lot as her eyes readjusted to the dim light.

"I'll let you down in a moment. One more thing, while you're just standing there" he said with a devious look on his face.

Going to the cabinet, he pulled out the nipple clamps and placed them on her. She drew in a deep breath as she adjusted to the pain. Going behind her, she heard the closet open and close again. Before she knew what was next, a hard paddle hit her ass hard and she yelled loudly. She wasn't sure how well shed be able to take this, as she was never good at taking the paddle, and he was hitting hard. She wasn't feeling the nipple clamps anymore. By the 4th hit, she was starting to cry, and by the 6th, she was. Thankfully he stopped at the 8th. Quickly putting it down, he came around in front of her and kissed her. Being slightly devilish, he reached down and stroked her now hot ass, drawing another gasp from her. Kissing her again he asked

"you ready for me to take these off?"

while he tugged lightly at the nipple clamps. She shook her head yes. A cry came from her as he took them off, followed by a moan as he soothed them with his mouth.

Reaching up, he unclipped her hands from the bar, and pushed her kneel.

"I think its about time you showed me some attention" he said as he stripped his shirt off and started to unbutton his pants.

Once he was naked, he picked up two wooden clothespins from the dresser and knelt in front of her. Reaching down, he placed them both on her pussy lips, in effect clipping her pussy lips closed. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing, as it really hurt. Standing back up, he grabbed a handful of her hair and brought her attention to his very hard cock. Going to work, she proceeded to please him with her mouth and hands. Playing with his balls, and using every trick she could think of. She had him groaning pretty quickly, and tried to forget about the clips on her pussy, though the pain was always there on the edge of her mind.

After a few minutes of this, he was very close, and just as he was about to come, he pulled her head back and came on her chest. When he finished, he pulled her to her feet and stepped aside to clean himself up. Coming back to her he said

"I'm going to take the clips off now, ok?"

"mmhmm" was the only answer she gave.

Reaching down, he removed first one, then the other, ad she yelled loudly as they came off. He decided to be a little mean, and did not massage them to help any.

"we're not done yet" he said, and abruptly pulled her into the bathroom.

"I think you should be rinsed off".

He had her kneel in the bathtub, and she knew what was coming. He stood in front of her and after a moment, proceeded to piss on her chest, mixing his urine with his slightly drying cum. She had mixed feelings as this happened, and her mind went sort of blank. After he finished, he stepped back and cleaned himself, told her to shower off and stepped out.

Staying kneeling for a moment, she closed her eyes, and then stood up and started to turn the water on. While she was rinsing off, she started crying. She was happy to have pleased him, and yet she was very humiliated by what had happened. What made it worse was she was very aroused by the whole thing. Not knowing what to feel, she cried a little more, finished washing herself off and stepped out, grabbing a towel to dry off. Stepping back into the room, she went and knelt in front of him, too embarrassed to look at him.

"stand up."

She stood up, still not able to look at him. He reached up and put his hand on her chin, making her look at him. Seeing that she was upset

"Whats going on in your head right now?" he asked.

She told him, and when she finished, he kissed her gently and pulled her to him.

"shh, its ok. I don't think any less of you now, in fact I think its amazing that you trust me enough to let me do that to you. I love you, and nothing you do, or let me do, will ever change what I think of you. ok?"

She blinked, sniifed, then said "ok sir", and hugged him.

He held her another second, and then pulled back from her.

"Alright, well before we continue, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. Lets order something."

He took her hand and they went downstairs. Pulling a delivery menu out, he started looking at it and after a moment put it away. Looking at him she asked

"umm, sir, can I look so I know what I want?"

"No, I'm ordering for you."

"what? No, I don't.."

Before she could finish he slapped her hard and yanked her hair pulling her to kneel on the floor.

"what did you say? I don't think you get it. You are my slut, my cunt, my property. You pick what you want if I feel like letting you. I don't feel like it right now. Don't you dare mouth back at me. Understood?"

"yes sir, I'm sorry. I was just surprised."

"well, in the future find a better way to express it."

And he let her go. The food came pretty soon and she sat on the floor again to eat. Once they were done, he had he clean up, and then they went back upstairs.

"Now, you didn't think we were done yet did you?" and smiled at her.

She laughed a bit "no, sir."

"Good, then stand by the bed, bend over, hands on the rail, feet apart."

Getting into position, she wondered what was next. He bent down and used a spreader bar to keep her feet apart. Coming in front of her, he put in front of her, the one thing she was scared of, the cane.

"I'm going to give you 10 swats with this. Don't make me put a gag in you. Actually, on second thought I will gag you."

Before she could respond, he stepped back, and produced a ball gag, but before he fastened it on her, he decided to get her off again. Stepping back again, he placed himself behind her and reached down again and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She moaned t the intrusion and pushed back against them. Slowly fucking her with his fingers, he brought her again, hard. Wiping his fingers on her back he waited while she caught her breath.

"thank you sir."

Coming back in front of her, he gave her a quick kiss and then fastened the gag on her.

He started nicely, and didn't put too much force behind the first few swats. Though with the cane, it hurt nonetheless. She was gasping and starting to cry by the 4th one. He slowly built them up until the 8th one, and made the last 2 very hard. By the last one, she was crying and screaming into the gag. He went into the bathroom for a moment and came back with a damp, cool washcloth that he put on her ass. She gasped at the touch, but the cool felt good. After a moment, he put it down and brought the cane in front of her

"I want you to kiss it and thank me."

He removed the gag and she was still crying a bit, and trembling, and looked at him, having trouble believing he really wanted her to do that. Not wanted to anger him though, she did as he asked.

Putting the cane down, he went and unclipped the spreader bar, letting her bring her legs back together. She stood up, still trembling a bit. He sat down on the bed, and beckoned her to him. Stepping over to him, she wouldn't look at him. He pulled her closer to him.

"look at me" he said quietly.

She slowly looked at him. Bringing a hand up to the back of her neck, he pulled her to him for a kiss. As they kissed, he picked her up and put her so she was sitting on the bed. A slight hiss escaped her when he sore ass hit the bed. This was quickly forgotten though as his hands started wandering on her body. He pushed her back gently, making her lay back. Coming over on top of her, he started playing with her nipples, flicking them with his tongue and gently nipping them with his teeth, while using his hands to stroke her body. Once he had he more relaxed and moaning, he rolled on his back, Opening her eyes at the sudden lack of contact, she saw him laying next to her, looking like the cat that ate the canary.

Taking the hint, she got to her knees, and moved between his legs. She started to worship his body, playing her hands and nails all over, her mouth not far behind. Occasionally her hands or mouth would come near his cock, but she didn't play with that yet. Feeling a bit playful, she started playing with his nipples and bit one rather hard. He put a hand in her hair, pulled hard and said

"be nice, I don't want a reason to punish you."

She didn't either, so she went back to being nice. Finally, she moved her mouth down to his cock, and started playing with his balls, and slowly licking him all over. After a few minutes of teasing, she started to really pleasure him. After a few more minutes, he pulled her up to him so she was laying flat against him. They kissed and stroked each other. Knowing her need, he moved her head so they were looking at each other

"I want you to ask me slut."

She looked away for a moment, before replying

"I want your cock in me sir, please"

With that he pushed her up, and placed his cock at her entrance.

Very slowly, he lowered her onto him. Once he was all the way in, she lay back down on him and they started slowly. He pushed her back up, so he could watch her as she rode his cock.

"Play with yourself."

She blushed fiercely, but slowly moved her hand down to her clit and started to get herself off with his cock in her. While she did that, he played with her nipples, and she came fairly quickly. A moment passed, and no thank you came. He looked at her, and when none seemed coming, slapped her. She was shocked, but then remembered what she hadn't done.

"I'm sorry. Thank you sir."

"thats better."

Pulling out of her, he rolled her onto her back and spread her legs wide. She stared to protest and blush, at which point he actually leaned in and bit the inside of her leg, hard enough that she squealed, and stopped protesting. Leaning back again, he pulled her slightly towards him and in one quick movement, that made her gasp, his cock was back inside her.

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