A Cold and Rainy Day


I stood up to look at her as she lay there panting for breath, a light sheen of perspiration covering her upper body. I watched in fascination as the vibrator slowly, very slowly slipped out of her. As it did a deep sigh came from her. I picked it up and took it into the bathroom to rinse it off.

By the time I returned she was breathing more normally, so I asked, "Well, how do you like this, something special so far?"

She smiled for a second and then whispered, "It's wonderful, just wonderful."

I took a folded blanket off the bed and covered her with it, tucking it in around her. "Aren't you going to untie me now?"

I chuckled and replied, "Oh, no. I don't intend to do that for a while. You get some rest and we'll continue after you do."

"John?" She said. When I didn't answer she said, "I'm wore out, I couldn't cum again, if I wanted to."

I chuckled and said, "Oh yes you can. Rest, take a nap, then we'll finish." She pulled at the cords for a moment and started to protest. I cut her off saying, "Don't do that, be a good little girl, and rest like I said."

I climbed up onto the bed and lay down so I could see her. She pulled at the cords a couple of more times, but didn't protest any more. After a few minutes she relaxed and her eyes closed. Her breathing became regular and she seemed to be falling asleep. I lay there and watched her, until I dozed myself.

I awoke several times over the next two hours to see her sleeping. Her softly calling my name woke me the last time. The room was dim now that the sun had set and the only light was what spilled from the partially closed bathroom door. I sat up and said, "Hello love, did you have a good rest?"

She squirmed under the blanket and replied, "Yes, but I have to pee really bad."

I untied her ankles, but just slipped the cords on her wrists up and over the seat back. I helped her to her feet and used the cord to guide her to the commode in the bathroom. I helped her sit down and waited. She cocked her head and asked, "Are standing there watching me?" When I didn't say anything she frowned. After nearly a minute she peed anyway as the urge was too great. When she finished she reached around for the toilet paper, but I took a hold of the cord and pulled her hands away from it. I took some paper off the roll, folded it, and reached down between her legs and gently wiped her sex. She squirmed as I did so, but she didn't say a word.

When I finished, I led her back into the bedroom and handed her the wine glass. She drained it in one long swallow and asked for more. I sat her on the pillows and went to refill the glass. She drank about half of it and handed it back. As she started to lay back, I said, "No, stand up." I helped her up, turned her around, and moved her to one side of the chaise lounge. I bent her over and moved the pillows so they were under her hips as she laid down across the chaise. I tied the cord on her wrists loosely around the leg on the bed. There was enough slack so she could move her arms to a comfortable position but not enough so she could get up.

I picked up the vibrator, a small dildo, and a bottle of baby oil and moved around behind her. The light from the bathroom door shined directly on her upturned ass. I spread her knees wider apart and bent to kiss and lick every square inch of each ass cheek. She likes for me to touch and kiss her ass and now was no exception. I stopped kissing and used my hands to spread and massage the cheeks as I lowed my head and flicked my tongue over the tightly puckered ring of her anus. She jumped at the first touch and asked, "John, what do you think you are doing?" Other than an occasional lick and maybe the tip of a finger during sex, she had never let me mess with her ass hole.

She wiggled a little and said, "John, you know I don't like you doing that."

I gave her a light swat on the ass cheek and replied, "I don't remember asking you. Now lay still and relax, I told you I wasn't going to hurt you." When she wiggled again and started to protest, I swatted the other ass cheek. She stopped moving, so I returned my tongue to the puckered ring and took my time licking around and over it. Slowly her tension eased as I tickled and teased her. Still massaging the cheeks, I pressed the tip of my tongue to the ring and felt it give slightly. She jerked and I went back to teasing her lightly. I dipped my tongue down to her opening, to find it very wet. I tongued her there until her hips started to move and then I moved back up and pressed my tongue to her ass. I worked my tongue over the tight opening, as I had in her pussy. She didn't jerk this time when I pressed the tip firmly against the opening. Slowly it gave a little to the steady pressure. I wiggled my tongue and felt it slip in just a little. I pulled back and went back to teasing her pussy.

I moved even lower and for the first time touched her clit. She jumped and jerked as if shocked, but a sharp moan escaped her lips. I alternated back and forth between the three, each time my tongue tested her ass hole, it was more relaxed, and I made an easier entrance.

I sat back on my heels and picked up the vibrator, I pressed the button for low and gently touched it to her clit. She jerked and moaned again. I worked it up and down her slit and into her opening before rubbing it across her ass hole. She jerked as it touched her there. I moved it back down to her pussy and slowly worked it inside, as I again applied my tongue to her ass; she wiggled from side to side as I did. I worked the toy in and out of her while I used my tongue in counterpoint against her ass. Slowly my tongue went deeper and deeper. Her ass was moving in slow lazy circles and her breathing was faster. I pulled the toy out, but continued to tongue fuck her ass. The circles slowed for a second but didn't stop.

I sat back after a couple of minutes and picked up the small dildo. It slipped easily into her vagina, as I teased her clit with the larger vibrator. The circles sped up and then changed to an up and down motion. I moved the vibrator up and flipped it to high speed, allowing it to rub against the dildo and then on up across her ass hole. I moved it back down after I had rubbed it across her anus for a second or two. I replaced the small dildo with the vibrator and moved it in counterpoint to Ann's hips, working it as deep inside as it would reach. Using my other hand, I centered the small dildo in her ass and applied gentle downward pressure. As she worked her hips against the vibrator, the dildo slowly sank into her ass. When it was three quarters of the way in I stopped pushing and held it there.

Ann had worked her knees up onto the cushion for more support and leverage. As I stood up, I switched off the vibrator and pulled it out. I dropped it to the carpet and centered my dick on her opening. I'm half again bigger than the vibrator, but when I shoved forward, I sank to the hilt into her hot, sopping wet pussy. A loud groan came from both of us at the same time. Her inner muscles clamped down on me for a second and then relaxed. I started to fuck her with long slow firm strokes, bumping the dildo each time my hips smacked her ass cheeks.

She had jerked the first few times this happened, but soon was pressing back against me at the bottom of each stroke. I looked down to see all but a half inch of the dildo buried in her. I reached between us and got a hold on the end and let it move as I moved. I used it like a second little dick to fuck her ass. She moaned loudly and arched her back, her ass tilting up to meet my every thrust. I felt her orgasm start as a clamping and loosening inside her vagina. She let out a long wailing moan, as she came and it went up a notch or two when my orgasm joined hers. She had her head thrown back as far as it would go as she shook it from side to side. She slammed her ass back against me one more time and then we froze, locked together in mutual pleasure.

We held this position for a time immeasurable, until my soft manhood finally slipped out of her pussy. I moved back taking the little dildo from her ass slowly as I went. She gave a soft groan as it came free but didn't move. I took the toys into the bathroom and rinsed them.

When I returned Ann was slumped, still with her knees on the chaise, her ass sticking straight out above her feet. I went around and untied the cords, before helping her to her feet. Together, we moved over to the bed and got in, pulling the covers up over us. She laid her head on my shoulder and put her arm across my chest to hug me. Her leg moved over mine and she snuggled her sex up against my thigh. Cuddling like this, we went immediately to sleep, Ann still had the blindfold on and the cords looped around her wrists.

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