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A Combat Story


What can I say? It turns me on to see my girl pleasure another man. It hasn't always been that way. The thought use to appall me. But then things change and now I cannot get enough of it. The following is a true story although I know many or most of you will not believe it but every word is true. I have only changed the names to protect the innocent... or the prosecutable.

I met Lisa in Iraq. I was an advisor to an Iraqi Army Battalion. She worked as a Tactical Operations Center specialist. We both served on an Iraqi Army base but our work was not directly related to each other. One day I went to a supply warehouse to get supplies for my Iraqi Soldiers and I saw her. She was walking around wearing her tan t-shirt and ACU pants. She had massive tits. There was a flock of Iraqi Soldiers surrounding her. They were almost tripping over themselves to talk to her. She was sweet talking them into washing her pickup truck.

Her sexuality captured me. I said something to her but I don't think she heard a word of it. She was the queen surrounded by her entourage. As the days and weeks passed I saw her everywhere. There was something about her. But I noticed one thing... she was always with a guy. I saw her with a Marine Lieutenant Colonel, an Army Sergeant Major and a few Army majors. This chick attracted high ranking cock like camels to water in the desert. I also learned that although she was married she was fucking some senior sergeant in Baghdad. Yet, she attracted me.

With the coming weeks I tried to learn everything I could about her. She intrigued me. She was so sexual. I was in a terminal relationship. I was married but separated. My wife had grown lazy as an Army officer's wife and I had become nothing more than a paycheck to her. Prior to deploying to Iraq I had asked for a divorce. In some ways this made my deployment easier. I had nothing to live for which made dying so much easier. But getting back to my new spark in life, I sought out everything I could about this brunette with a sweet ass and great tits. After some work, I learned that Lisa was moving to a new room. She invited me over to watch a DVD. Wow, I couldn't believe it.

Originally I was to come over Friday night or "Date Night" as she called it. But the same day she moved, Tuesday, she invited me over to watch a movie with her. This was strictly forbidden. I was an officer and she was a sergeant. Also in Iraq, members of the opposite sex were not allowed in each other's rooms. But I went.

I don't remember much of what we watched. She sat next to me on a couch. She had wine which we drank. This was also forbidden. Then as she leaned against me, my hand rested on her very large right breast. She made no motion of discomfort or annoyance. This encouraged me. She leaned into me and I really started to work it. Within minutes my hand was under her t-shirt feeling her up. She moved her hand to my thigh and soon it was working my swollen cock. It had been months since I had fucked. Within minutes she was between my knees sucking my cock. That night I came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. As I left, Lisa told me she would go further than a blowjob and for me not be shy about bringing some of my guys next time. I was a little pissed and told her that my guys could get their own fucking girlfriends.

The next night I came back and we fucked. Within a week, she went on a four day R&R to Qatar with two male majors. Both of them were non combat Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers (REMFs). I was pissed. They stretched four days into over two weeks. I was going to drop her ass. But she kept emailing me telling me how much she missed me. The night she came back, I came over and we fucked again. I fucked her every night after that. I would go out on combat missions and then come back and fuck the shit out of Lisa. She was my therapy. After a few weeks I was even fucking her in the ass. She was a sex machine. And it was our secret, well at least the part about us fucking. I had a feeling a few guys before me knew she was a fuck machine.

Mid tour leave was approaching. Although Lisa was married she did not plan to spend time back in the states with her husband. She was going to visit her parents in Florida. We both arranged to take leave at the same time. I would go visit my estranged wife and my much loved children in Virginia. Lisa and I flew out of Iraq together. At a short stay over in Shannon, Ireland we even had sex in a public bathroom. It was very hot. I fucked her in stall. After cumming in her pussy we went upstairs and visited with a former battalion commander of mine who was on the same flight. It was surreal.

When we landed in Atlanta we went our separate ways. Mid tour leave was to last two weeks. Every day I would call Lisa. I missed her so much. We both arranged to meet in Atlanta a couple of day s prior to our report day. After I landed, I met her at her gate. She looked hot in her civilian clothes. Her curly black hair had been professionally straightened and she was wearing tight blue jeans that looked great on her. As we waited for her luggage it was all we could do not to fuck in the middle of the airport.

As soon as we entered our hotel room we were in the sheets wearing each other out. The next day we walked around Atlanta. We even looked at condos as if we were married. We saw back to back movies and went to dinner together in a ritzy restaurant. Within days we were back in Iraq. We landed by helicopter at our base at 0100 and by 0300 I was in her room fucking again. Welcome back to a combat zone.

On our way back we talked about being together; together as in a future after the sand.

The war had taken a turn for the worse. A Shia mosque, the Golden Mosque in Samaram was blown away. Civil war broke out between the Shia and the Sunni and we were caught in the middle. Every day was more violent than the last. A few months later Lisa left. She left about three weeks before me. I drove her to the airfield in a pick up to meet her helicopter. As we sat there waiting in the cab of the truck, she gave me one last blowjob swallowing every drop of my cum. We had come full circle.

The last few weeks were pure hell; and not because of combat. Eventually my team redeployed and I was back in the States.

As fate would have it I returned to an Army base just a few miles from where Lisa and her husband lived. The day she returned to the area I was out-processing my duty assignment. I knew the exact time she was meeting her husband and going home with him. In my mind, I could see her meeting him at the airport. Kissing him. Going home with him and fucking him. I had some whiskey with me. I crawled into a corner and drank myself to oblivion that night. When Lisa left Iraq, she had not made up her mind if she was going to leave him. She needed time to figure out her future. Those days were hell for me.

But she could not be with him and asked him for a divorce. I had leave building up. We arranged to meet on the highway and then spend a week together. As I neared the rendezvous site, I saw her. She was wearing skin tight Capri pants and a long bead necklace. She was totally hot. I ran from my truck to her. We kissed deeply. The last time we had kissed was in a combat zone. I remember a man telling us to get a room. A room I had. Lisa followed me for about 30 minutes to a hotel room. Within seconds of entering the room we were together.

We spent the next week in a mountain resort in western Virginia. We swam, tanned, drank and fucked each day. We were newlyweds but newlyweds whom had just survived a year in combat. The world did not exist. It was just the two of us. But all good things come to an end.

After our week, I dropped her off at her next base. She had volunteered for another year of active duty. She was a reservist. I drove south to Savannah Georgia where my daughters and estranged wife waited for me. It was horrific. I slept on the couch that night and every night after. Within weeks my wife and I both had agreed on the divorce. I moved out and found a small apartment. Every free day or weekend not spent with my daughters was spent with Lisa. It was a four hour drive to see her. Sometime we would meet in a hotel room at the halfway point. More than often I would drive the four hours and spend the time in her room.

But I was becoming jealous. She worked day in and day out with male sergeants. Her schedule often had her working late nights, early mornings and some weekends. In my mind she was already hooking up with a new guy. She was fucking around on me and there was nothing I could do about it. It did not help that her neighbors were the guys she worked with. When I would go to visit her, I would meet them. I saw them checking her out. They made innuendos about being in her apartment even though she swore they never entered.

My jealousy peaked a weekend in Richmond, VA. Lisa went there for a weekend training reservists in the area. She and her fellow sergeants stayed in adjacent rooms at a hotel. She had driven up with them. I had the weekend off so I drove the six or seven hours to meet her. I spent the night with her in her room and drove her back to her place the following afternoon. As we drove back we got in a huge fight.

Like almost every living male in the world I fantasized about a threesome with two women. I forgot how the subject came up but it was in a fight as we drove but Lisa told me she had a threesome with her husband and one of his male co-workers. And she said it was his idea. She said that they did it two nights in a row. I was astounded. "How could a husband allow or even want to see his wife with another man?" Not only did I think Lisa's ex was a douche bag, I thought her a slut for even agreeing to it. The night she had hooked up with the guy, she and her husband had gone to the bar knowing they were going to bring a guy home. She even wore slutty clothes to attract the pre-designated guy.

After returning back to my base I thought strongly about ending my relationship with Lisa. I no longer trusted her, not sure how strong my trust was for her to start with. To make things worse, I had orders to return back to Iraq for another combat tour. I would be in the States for just a year. The demands on Lisa's job required her to work into the wee hours of the morning and many weekends. I was sure she was fucking around on me. By the time I left for Iraq our relationship was pretty strained. When I left I was certain that I would not see her again.

A couple of weeks into my tour my father past away. I returned to America for a week to bury him. Lisa met me at Dulles for a night on my way back. Again, it was not as good as it could have been. And things got worse. I had a shitty boss who made my life hell. I was alone and I needed Lisa more and more. I would get up very early to call her. The time difference meant that it was late evening her time. Lisa became irritated at me disturbing her TV viewing. Some nights when I called, there would be no answer. Often she would hang up the phone and not pick up for hours or days. I was sure she was fucking around on me.

Things had gotten peaceful under "The Surge" but the Shia militia staged an uprising fucking up everything. It lasted for about a month and I was in the middle of it. Fighting got tough and this time Lisa wasn't there for me. She would not answer my calls. I wanted to end our relationship but was too busy fighting. Things got worse with my boss. After the fighting was over, I was transferred further south. This time I was in charge of a small team a hundred miles from my brigade. I loved it. It was just what I needed. Lisa and I fought more and more. I had mid tour leave coming up. I had planned it for months with her. At the last minute she said that she could not take leave the same period as me. I was convinced it was because she was with someone else. A day or two later she told me she could get leave with me. I was not sure what had changed in the forty eight hours other than I was getting tired of her stories.

I came back for leave. It was a good tour. Lisa met my daughters for the first time. But things were tense and we fought a lot. But we moved on with our plans. We found a place for us to live together when I returned from my combat tour. She would be out of the Army by then; done with her active duty tour and reserve enlistment coming to an end. Weeks before she was to get out of the Army she talked about staying in for another enlistment. I thought she was trying to end our relationship and told her that if she wanted to stay in that was fine but that would be it. She got out and I came home.

Lisa met me at the return ceremony with my daughters. She was wearing a hot red dress. She looked good enough to fuck and that is exactly what I did. That night she took my dick in her mouth. Then I fucked and fucked her. We fucked until we both were sore. Life was good. Winter became spring and we began to be more adventurous. Lisa knew I wanted a threesome. She had also done a threesome with her best friend and her husband. She had also had a couple of girl on girl fuck sessions with this same friend.

Lisa felt she owed me something so she tentatively agreed to "doing a threesome." But it was up to me to find a girl. That is a tough act when you are an infantry guy. Part of my plan was to join adultfriendfinders to see if there were any girls in the area. There were a few but not a lot. Lisa and I began taking pictures of her for our page. She became more and more open to picture taking and we ended up putting a lot of hot pictures on the site but the closest we came to hooking up with a girl in fact came from my work.

There was a female major that worked with me. She was ok looking but had sexuality. Soon we became friends. Her husband was a decent if not quiet guy. I had them come over to have dinner with me and Lisa. Laura, our friend was absolutely taken with Lisa. Laura would often joke with me at work that she would never fuck a guy, which would be cheating but no problems with a girl. She would also tell me that she thought Lisa was hot. A plan formed.

Laura loved to run and so did I. Often on a Saturday I would run six to ten miles. Laura wanted to run with me. I invited her. We would meet at my house and then hit the road. Lisa would sleep. Almost every time Laura would tell me how she thought Lisa was hot. This was beginning to drive me crazy. I told Lisa all about it. One Friday night Lisa agreed that if Laura approached her she would have sex with her.

When I left to run with Laura the next morning, Lisa agreed that she would have sex with Laura that morning if Laura wanted to do it. Lisa even stripped down to "wait" for her. As we ran, Laura once again told me she thought Lisa was hot. I told her that Lisa thought she was hot as well. I could see the reaction in Laura. As we finished our run, I invited Laura to eat breakfast with us.

As I started the pancakes I asked Laura to go up to the bedroom and wake up Lisa. Laura almost sprinted to the staircase. Laura bolted up the steps and I heard our bedroom door open and close. Several minutes went by. I cooked pancakes certain that Lisa and Laura were going at it. It was hard to focus. In my mind I could see them in the sheets - together - doing it. I finished the pancakes and eggs, my dick rock hard thinking about the two of them upstairs.

I couldn't and didn't want to wait any more. I walked up the stairs. My heart was beating so hard that I could feel the blood flow through me. I approached the door, without a doubt I KNEW they were having sex on the other side. I slowly opened the door. Lisa was lying down with the sheets pulled over her. And Laura was sitting on the bed, still dressed. They were chatting. "What the fuck?" I thought. Very disappointed I told them breakfast was ready. Lisa told Laura that she had to get out of bed and she was totally naked. "Ok," I thought there is still a chance. But Lisa stayed under the sheets until Laura and I left. I am not sure whose eyes held more disappointment, mine or Laura's.

It was after this that I started to give up on the idea that Lisa and I would ever have a threesome with a girl. She was given the perfect situation and did not move forward with it.

The Army was moving me again, this time to New York City. As we settled into our new house, Lisa seemed more open to the idea of meeting a girl even if it was off adultfriendfinder. Not long after moving we found a couple nearby. We had dinner with them. The girls did some light kissing but that was the extent of it. Lisa found every reason not to pursue anything else. Granted that this couple was not our caliber but the wife was decent looking; I wasn't trying to find a new best friend... I just wanted a threesome.

Over the months I had asked her about the threesome she had with her ex. As she gave me more details it got hotter and hotter. Her husband had let her pick from his friends. She had dressed up to seduce the guy and proposed the threesome on the dance floor as she grinded into the lucky guy. On the way home she let him feel her up and she felt him up. All the while her husband drove. She did both of them the first night - oral, everything. She even had her husband set up a threesome the next night. She said she had too much to drink and couldn't remember what happened so they did it again. Pretty hot for a girl who just did it because her husband wanted to watch, huh? Every time Lisa tells me about it that she didn't enjoy it. Right!

So I started getting off thinking about her story and then began fantasying about seeing Lisa with another man. It led to great sex or mostly great masturbation! I could see her seduce a guy, flirt with him. I think Lisa is very hot. I would share my fantasy with her. Her reaction was that I couldn't handle it; that I would blame her and then leave if it ever happened. At one point she was probably right; but I was changing. One night we went to a bar and I encouraged her to flirt around. Seeing guys talk to her turned me on. I was ready for the next step. And as if scripted, fate heard my call and answered.

Out of the blue a guy from adultfriendfinder sent us (Lisa) a message that he was interested in meeting us (her). We (Lisa) checked him out and he seemed ok. Lisa thought he was attractive. I encouraged her to email and flirt with him a little bit. She did. This guy was totally hot for her. She was getting excited about it; our sex life improved.

I had to fly to Texas for a few days for work. I gave her permission to meet this guy and do an assessment. I trusted Lisa that she would not go too far without me. To coin a military term, we developed Rules of Engagement for her "date." She was allowed to touch, kiss and even give the guy a blow job but if she gave him one, then she had to take a picture of it to send to me. As she drove me to the airport we discussed the rules. She tried to play it cool but I could tell she was excited.

After dropping me off, Lisa returned home to dolled herself up for the date. They were going to meet at a restaurant near where he worked. She was going to text me when she got there and provide updates. I made a promise that I would not overwhelm her with calls or messages. She is not big on talking on the cell with me or texting. Our past had demonstrated that side of her. Her date was suppose to start about the same time my plane landed in Texas. I had a connecting flight. As I neared the airport I was excited. Within minutes of landing I got a message from her that she had linked up with Greg, the guy, and everything seemed ok.

I had to do the normal stuff, wait for luggage, get a rental car and make my way to the hotel. I needed to change back into my Army uniform. All the while I kept thinking about her date. I was very hard. Then I got a message that they were going back to his work place. I panicked a little; that was not part of the ROE! I tried calling her quickly to make sure she was safe but no answer. Hmmmm. Not much I could do so I drove to the hotel. It had been over an hour since I landed. As I approached the hotel my cell phone buzzed. It was Lisa!!!!! Thank god.

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