tagLoving WivesA Compromise Ch. 03

A Compromise Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Prelude To A Kiss

I've tried to be fair about this whole thing, I think. Some of my friends would say that I am being a fool, but I don't agree. After all, if you follow conventional wisdom and let rage have it's way, well, what kind of life does that lead to? Not for me.

I have only shared the problem with a couple of friends who live a long distance away. I had some sensible and caring advice from them - neither suggested exactly what I have selected, of course, though I owe them a lot for letting me talk through it.

Ultimately, discussion of such a personal issue has to end up in one of those cliché's. Which one do you like? "Leave that sonovabich right now. Serve him right!" "Tit for tat. Have an affair yourself." "Get him for everything he's got." "Cut off his thing!" Nope, cliché's sound cute but they don't play well in real life.

I've seen too many women lose control and end up bitter, lonely, single parents. That cannot be a good life for the children or me. So I have decided on a course that steers between the extremes without completely giving up my pride. After all, I have a lot of pride. I have a lot of ego.

I'm really not building up the case for the decision I have made for the future course of my marriage; in fact, for the course of the next part of my life. You see, what I have decided is that I have to structure my married life on a completely different level than I imagined it was. I don't know what that level is to be, but it can't be one in which the two people are living on two entirely different perceptions.

Therefore, the next few months will be an experiment to see just where we meet in a balanced understanding of what the relationship of marriage should be or can be. For one thing, I have to find out where I can live in a sexual sense. Now, to me, that is different than saying I am going to have an affair to get even with him. After all, if he did it once, he is likely to do it again. So it wouldn't be getting even in any real sense, would it?

Where to start, that's the question. How to start. My god, I'm 35 years old. Joyce, just for your information is only 27, so maybe she looks better to David.

One of the fantasies that David always enjoyed was the thought of my being involved with our neighbor and good friend Manny Springstein. Manny is about 40 years old and a really good catch. He has been divorced ten years and leads the bachelor's life to the hilt. He is bright, interesting and talented. Manny knows about everything in the arts and he seems to know everyone in town. He is terrific, and I really enjoy him coming for dinner. For the last five years or so, I have greatly enjoyed him peering over the fence between our yards to say something complimentary, usually with a sensual innuendo.

One day, for example, I was lying by the pool soaking up the sun when I heard his voice, soft and sultry.

"Good morning, you beautiful nymph of the sea. Is there any chance at all of us running away together to the South Seas, or must I put it out of my mind completely?"

"What are you going to do, Manny, one of these days, when I turn this around on you and accept one of your indecent proposals?" I replied without opening my eyes, but my wide smile gave away the pleasure I felt at his attention. I looked over at his smiling face. "Don't you ever have to work?"

"Never! I have been put on earth to charm you, don't you know that? How could I do that if I were a working stiff. No pun intended."

I laughed in spite of myself, and he came and sat next to me on the pool deck, offering a beer. I loved his keen interest in the cleavage I was showing as I leaned on my elbows to talk with him.

"Shouldn't I offer to rub something on you right now?" He had that boyish grin on his face.

"Not a good idea; I have a short fuse when it comes to you, and you know it, you brute! You better go back to your side of the Great Wall of China.

He pouted a little. "How can you be so cruel? Sending me off to my silent, empty house?"

When are you going to get married to one of those busty blondes you are always rubbing outrageously by your pool?"

"Have you really been outraged, Charly? Have you really?" he said, mocking me slightly.

He finished his beer and stood up to leave.

"Well, if there is no way to convince you, then. Thought it was important to offer, though, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Manny, yes, my morning would hardly be complete without an indecent offer!" I laughed.

On that particular day, I related the whole amusing conversation to David after dinner. I saw the fire of interest flare up in his eyes.

Finally, he took another sip of his drink and leaned toward me. "The kids are sleeping over. We have the house to ourselves. What say we play 'fantasy world'? he leered.

"Oh, God, what fantasy is roaming around in that head of yours this time?"

"Well, now that you've asked... What would happen if you took Manny up on one of his indecent offers? Are you ever tempted? Hmmmmmm?"

"Oh, don't be silly." I murmured quietly and went back to my book.

David sat next to me on the couch and was quiet for a few minutes, continuing to work on his drink. I could feel the tension building. I should have realized, I guess, that when he was in this mood, I should have been more cooperative or more open to his needs.

His arm circled my shoulder and his hand slipped under my blouse and cupped my breast through my bra. He squeezed gently, then more firmly. When I continued to read, he pinched my nipple, a little too firmly.

"ow..." I kept reading.

"Well, what would happen?" he insisted. "What would you say to pretending tonight? We don't always have the house all to ourselves, after all. ALL TO OURSELVES!"

"You know I would never do that!"

"Well, I don't know. He is very attractive, you've always thought so."

He had me there. Because it's true, Manny is a delight. I noticed that I was getting ever so slightly wet between my thighs. My stomach muscles were a little tense, too. I was really thinking about it.

"Come on, I'll pretend to be Manny, come calling at the door. You are alone, wearing something ravishing. You invite me in. And then, we'll see how it would go? We can video it for future sensuous evenings?"

I was still staring at my book. His hand slipped inside the cup of my bra, lifting my bare breast whose nipple was now firmly pressed into his palm. With his other hand he slipped my skirt up so that he could touch my panties. His hand felt nice there, fondling my mound through the cotton of my panties. I felt his finger touch the beginning of the slit between my legs.

"Well, OK... if you really want to. OK. But how do we start this?"

I was letting myself be talked into it. But I confess the thought of this particular fantasy had some appeal to it. I felt David's hands caress me more firmly as the excitement of the thought built in his mind.

His lips found mine and our tongues began building more sexual tension between us.

"Well, I don't think even Manny would fall for you in these cotton panties. So, how about putting on something a little more... what shall I say? Yummy? And how about stockings?"

"You have a tougher assignment, how you going to take ten pounds off in the next ten minutes, sweetheart?" I chucked him under the chin as I headed upstairs to change.

You see, I made him practically write the script when we did this. I guess I should really have been more into it. In the end, I usually enjoyed these fantasy nights nearly as much as he did. Because, for one thing, it made him so excited, that I could have anything I wanted, and what I wanted was him.

I took a quick shower, paying a little extra attention to soaping between my legs and then trimming a little around my mound. I closed my eyes in silent pleasure as my hand cupped the curve between my legs with the soapy washcloth and I squeezed my hand between my thighs. The hand shower with a brisk spray of warm water raised the level of excitement even more. It made me feel just sensual enough for this role-playing.

"Let's see, what would really turn Manny on?" I sorted through my panty drawer until a pair of very pale yellow panties with lace inset at the legs looked good to me. They were tasteful, even chic, I thought, the hip hugger design sexy enough but not blatant. That would be Manny's style, I decided. The matching bra was mostly see-through, with a lace pattern that matched the panty.

Examining my body in the mirror, I decided to add a bit of the tramp into the picture. Touching my bright red lipstick to my thumb and forefinger, I rubbed them together and then rouged my nipples slightly with them. David, you see, loves the taste of lipstick, and he was definitely going to be suckling on my perky nipples if I had anything to say about it.

I fastened the bra with the front closure and observed the pushed up effect it had on me. Moving from side to side, I examined myself and decided that I would definitely still turn the heads of a few men. The near sighted ones, for sure. I found myself giggling over the pleasures ahead.

Slipping into the panties, I turned away from the full-length mirror, and smoothed the taut nylon over my round bottom. Satisfied, I slipped the garter belt on and tucked the garters down through the legs of the panties so that he would be able to get them off without taking off my stockings.

The stockings were a warm deep taupe color with very, very, dark tops.

I spritzed myself liberally with my favorite perfume, then winced as I dabbed a little between my legs. The alcohol really bit an already excited clitoris.

Over this, I slipped a full-length peignoir, a Christmas gift from David, and a made sure the pink shade was all right with the pale yellow underneath. I fought back the feeling that this fantasy playing was a little silly and uncomfortable for me. Tying the gown at the waist and let it flow back over my legs as I strode down the stairs to the waiting, leering David on the bottom step, holding two drinks.

"Wow! He doesn't have a chance!" he muttered pretending to be saying it under his breath.

"Outside and ring the bell, Manny!" I commanded. I sat down and sipped the drink slowly, letting him ring the bell several times before I deigned to get up.

I opened the door to find 'Manny' standing with a video camera to start the filming of the movie.

"yeek!" I blurted out. I had to start over.

"Oh, hello, Manny!" I poised one leg forward to let the full impact of the dark tops of my nylons do their work.

"Hi gorgeous, can I borrow a cup of sugar?"

"Manny would never say that, you know! He has more class." I laughed, then recovered. "Of course you may, why don't you come in, or do you think it might ruin your reputation?"

"I'll risk it. I really need some sugar!"

David came in, so excited that he had trouble playing out the role. I invited him in and we sat in two big soft tub style chairs around the marble table which sat before the bay window on the front of our house. My gown slipped open showing both nyloned legs and a tiny hint of my pale yellow panties, shadowed in the V of my body. David reset the camera on the view of my legs and breasts now peaking from my gown and we tried to maintain a realistic conversation.

I ran my hand along the nylon from my knee to the snap at the top and adjusted it coquettishly. David was soon at my knees, fondling the outside of my thighs under the taut nylon. His hands reach the tops of my stockings and I could feel the warm caress of his arms all along my thighs. I opened my thighs and turned to let him come between my legs. I watched as he bent to kiss the top of my thighs and then touch the snaps of my garters. David tugged first one and then the other with his teeth.

His hands found my panties, fondling my buttocks. It felt delicious. He touched lightly, tickling across the crease between my buns and then relishing the silken feel as he gripped the globes of my ass.

I parted my legs more. His lips kissed me where the hair of my mound formed a dark triangle through the panties. I lay back in the chair, pressing into his lips with my increasingly wet pussy. David slipped his hands upward, then released the belt of the gown so that he could fondle my breasts. I felt him play with my nipples, and then roll my breasts in his hands.

"mmmmmm" I can't recall which of us said that first.

It could have been me, because I really love having my breasts fondled. I felt him push the delicate bra up over my breasts, leaving them squeezed downward. I intervened at this point, unfastening the clasp between the cups. I didn't think my breasts benefited from being pressed downward. That was the way nature was beginning to take them anyway.

My bright red nipples jutted toward him and I watched as his eyes fastened on them. Eagerly, his lips found my left breast and I could see the excited pleasure my little extra rouge job gave him. His tongue carefully circled it, leaving it red and glistening. He paused and looked at me, licked his lips and moved to the right breast and I felt his lips tug, his tongue working it back and forth in the warm wetness of his mouth. He didn't stop until all the lipstick was licked off my happy little nubs. I smiled at the sight of him with definitely reddened lips.

David kissed his way up my neck and then to my lips. Our tongues attacked each other and I felt his hardness press against my pussy lips, rutting there in the soft wet crease of my body. It felt nice and long, and very hard. I rocked across it's roundness, squirming against him. His hands on my breasts, his tongue in my mouth, his cock against my soft engorged labia, -- he was my captive! I couldn't help wondering if Manny would actually be this easy, too.

I reached between us and fondled David's cock, now pressed tight against his pants. I looked over at the camera and wondered how much of this it was capturing. My nipples tensed slightly more with that thought. I unzipped David and reached inside to find that he wore tight briefs underneath. It made it difficult to fish his cock out into the open, but one final tug managed it.

"Ooff!" David muttered against my tongue. I think he thought I had bent it beyond the breaking point. I giggled and clamped my mouth tight on his probing tongue.

I slipped my hand up and down his cock and felt the pre-cum lubricating the head of it. A man's cock is a wonderfully sensual thing to hold. It is warm, round, firm and slightly menacing. I could feel my panties being flooded with my own juices now pooling there at the entry to my vagina. His length pressed against the soft poutiness under my panties. It felt delicious having the length of his cock press me there. I led David closer, slipping him past the elastic of my panties, and rubbing the bulging dark red head along the slit between my legs. I felt the joined lubricants turning me into a field of warm thick juices.

After guiding his cock over my clitoris a few times and letting it spread my pussy lips wider, I slipped my legs up over the arms of the chair and lunged against the blunt roundness of him. The smooth glans paused a moment at the entrance and then slipped quickly inside. I gripped him tightly and let him fill me with excruciating slowness. I felt his cock spreading me apart. Deep inside my pussy I felt him moving to explore me. His cock circled, moving in ways that would touch all the folds and rills of my vagina.

"Oh, Charly... you are so... very hot."

"Manny, you are so... BIG!" I said, slipping into character, enhanced by the feel of his cock inside me. Then, building on it, I increased the level of fantasy. "Yes," I gasped, my voice rasping. "Yes! More, Manny," The cock inside me seemed to lengthen a little at my words and then slammed even deeper.

"Oh!" I gasped.

"Want more... want more? More what?" I heard his voice in my ear, breathy and excited.

"Yes, Manny... fuck me, fuck me harder, Manny." His strokes became hard and faster. "Come on Manny, fuck me! Fuck me! It's splitting me in two. Shove it in! Shove it in! More, more... more! Oh...yessss!"

David fucked deep into me, raising my ankles up over his shoulders and thrusting into my body, now pressed deep into the big soft chair. At last, he collapsed against me, sweaty and exhausted. It was, all in all, a very good evening, and we have enjoyed the video a few times since then.

Thinking back on that evening, I can't help but wonder exactly how different it be when I actually accept one of Manny's 'indecent proposals.' Because, you see, I have already picked Manny as one of the links in my plan.

The question is, do I really have the nerve to carry out the plan? What do you think?

Continued in Chapter 4

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