tagLoving WivesA Compromise Ch. 06 Part 2

A Compromise Ch. 06 Part 2


Chapter 6 Part 2: The Internet and Beyond

My first day of exploring the Internet had opened up a different world for me. It allowed me to continue my search for understanding of David's behavior. On the other hand it had added a complex new issue to be added to what I had begun to refer to as 'The Plan.' I was still convinced that the best strategy for salvaging something from this marriage lay in a studied campaign to make us equals again in all respects of sexuality. To do that, I had to take this detailed view of David's activities, known and unknown to me. So far the investigative work has been very interesting and not wholly unpleasant, I have to admit.

My spare time the next day was spent at the computer. I wanted to figure out the messaging that Carlos had proposed. Along the way I set up a mailbox on Yahoo. There must be a lot of us out there with pseudonyms, I thought, as I pored over offered alternatives to my "Vicki" and "Victoria," ending up at last, with vickibabi2001@yahoo.com. It was 'cutesier' than I would like, but they must be running out of names that are just cute.

I whipped off an Email to him immediately as a test run. "Last night was .. interesting. I'm going to post more now – Vicki."

In spite of myself, here I was, in the middle of the day, sitting before the tube typing in the address of Literotica. I turned to the page with "Sexual Role Playing" to find that Carlos had already added a story paragraph before he went to work.


"Vicki's easy, steady breathing was just discernible in the darkness. She seemed so peaceful. I lay there with my cheek against her mound, enraptured by the sensual feel of her body, enchanted by

having her here in the huge darkness of this 18th century bed, it's great heavy draperies sealing us from the world.

I kissed her pussy, noticing again the light scent of strawberries mixed with what I thought was a hint of almonds in her personal scent. I wanted to taste her again with my tongue, but I thought it might wake her. So I satisfied

myself with the sensuality of her breasts in my hands and my lips barely touching the most intimate part of her lovely body. I inhaled her scent deeply.


I felt her stirring in the darkness and my tongue immediately slipped through my kiss and parted her sweet lips to find her clitoris. I gently circled it, tasting, touching. She became so wet, so quickly."


Wow, I'm telling you, that warmed me up immediately. The fact that there was a man somewhere, writing this about ME before he went to work in the morning was a real turn-on.

I mean, he had never even seen me; He hardly knew me. We had become familiar with each other in a period of a few hours and here he was imagining himself between my open legs and slipping his tongue into the moist crease of my body; Knowing the scent of my body. And he really was talking about me.

"This internet is a strange and wondrous world," I muttered.

That wasn't the only thing. As I read the short passage, my pussy became moist with the excitement of being touched. And who knows, maybe he had touched me more than some people who ACTUALLY touched me.

Now that was something to think about, I thought.

I added a post to our joint story and repeat it here so that you can see how I am progressing at the Internet procedures.


Posted by Vickiluv on 08-23-2001 11:54 AM:

Carlos moved to the end of my lounger as I poured more port. I parted my legs so he that he had a view of my now glistening pussy. I can feel his eyes caressing my breast and moving down to my pussy. I knew I was already moist and Carlos seemed pleased.

As we sat, words were not needed; there was a feel of total comfort sitting here with him. I can feel him licking my lips and nibbling on my clit with his eyes. Carlos is amazing, he can make me cum without touching me.

Wanting to please him as he has me, I moved to his end of the sofa and took his now erect cock in my hand. I massaged it from base to tip several times before beginning to lick it.

Spreading saliva with my tongue until he was very wet, I pulled the foreskin back and took the head of his cock into my mouth. Flicking my tongue on the tip and running it around the edge, I sucked deeply, biting it lightly before slipping the rest of him into my mouth.

Moving my head up and down, I heard Carlos groaning occasionally as I continued teasing the head. Cupping his balls in one hand, I gripped the base of his shaft with the other. Moving my hand up and down in rhythm with my mouth, I increased my pace with his groans. He gripped my hair, trying to control himself.

I could tell that he was close, as his balls tightened. I wanted to taste him. Suddenly Carlos let out a loud groan and screamed through clenched teeth, "Vickieeeeeee!"

He erupted in my mouth. The hot spray shot down my throat and I swallowed as I sucked out more, milking the base of his cock with my hands.


Well, it wasn't very good writing. I realized how out of practice I am. "Never mind, he will probably forgive me," I thought.

I turned to read some of the stories available on the site, slowly getting myself seriously excited. I left reluctantly to do some of my homemaker tasks. The kids needed supper and eventually to be tucked into bed and kissed good night.

By 9PM I was back at the computer terminal. I first wanted to check my new mailbox, of course.

I found Yahoo! and punched in my new nickname "vickibabi2001" and my nickname 'bosco' one I hadn't been able to get out of my mind since I heard it in an episode of "Seinfeld." I found a lovely mechanical letter of welcome from Yahoo! and went on to the one I was looking for, an answer from Carlos.

His Email said:


"WOWEEEEEE! What a great post to the story. I loved the way you fondled me. And what a delicious feel your tongue has. I'll be on line looking for you tonight. How about meeting me on Yahoo messenger? -- Love, Carlos"


Off on a new adventure, I thought, not knowing at all how to work the damned messenger thing. Still it was there, already open on my desktop. I typed in the handle and the password and a screen opened showing my friend list which included only myself and Carlos.

In case you have never tried one of the messaging programs, it takes a little getting used to. You type a sentence or phrase and send it off. You get an immediate response from the person at the other end. I'm putting examples here to illustrate the story and give you a real feel for what it was like talking to Carlos. You may find it distracting that they repeat the person's name on each line, but you'll get used to it. Ly back and imagine you are doing the typing and reading the response.

It startled me when another screen opened immediately with Carlos's opening query:


Carlos: Hi Vicki, how are you tonight?

Carlos: You look lovely.

Vickiluv: Hi. You can't see me, …Can you? Eeeek be patient, I gotta figure this thing out. Am I doing it write?

Carlos: Loved your story. Did you see my answer yet?

Vickiluv: just clicking on it now

Carlos: be careful

Carlos: are you ready

Carlos: legs up and spread wide?

Carlos: LOL


Vickiluv: OH GOD what a post!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


Carlos: really?

Vickiluv: YES

Carlos: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vickiluv: can feel you rubbing my back


Carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmEE TOO




Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Vickiluv: what a wonderful thought to open the computer to!

Carlos: The thought of your wet pussy makes my mind explode with passion like that


I started to digress from the truth a little bit. I didn't quite feel comfortable telling him I was all alone last night. I invented a story about waking my husband because he had made me so hot. Just checking to see what would happen, you know.


Vickiluv: I think you were possessing him last night

Carlos: LOL

Carlos: good


Carlos: makes me really shudder


Vickiluv: It was great sex

Vickiluv: very wet


Carlos: love it darling

Carlos: Love thinking of being part of your orgasm




Carlos: don't know why but it feels lovely to me

Carlos: Kisses

Carlos: sweet kisses darling


Carlos: thanks

Carlos: tell me more?

Carlos: or not?


Vickiluv: still not sure if I am suppose to feel bad that I get wetter and have more orgasms when I am thinking about you

Vickiluv: or just enjoy it

Carlos: ENJOY


Carlos: it is good for both

Carlos: smile

Carlos: or all three

Carlos: LOL


Vickiluv: smile


I was starting to feel more comfortable with all the typing, as you can see. It is really weird at first. You have a sense of being urged on to more and more comments. I shouldn't bore you with all these quotes and mistyping that comes in messaging, but it does give the flavor of what I was experiencing this first time.

I massaged my engaged nipples through the nylon cup of my bra. It seemed to help me think.


Carlos: tell me some more darling, i want to feel it slipping into your pussy


This was getting very hot now, I thought. How far should I go? I decided to go the next step.


Vickiluv: in a missionary posistion first

Vickiluv: slow and easy

Carlos: sqeezing my thighs, my cock hard LOL


Vickiluv: then he said he was too tired to go on and rolled to his side

Vickiluv: with me still in him and

Vickiluv: I kept squeezing until he decided he wasn't tired anymore

Carlos: with you still in HIM?

Carlos: LOL

Carlos: I get the picture

Carlos: LOL

Vickiluv: YES what do you think I was squeezing

Vickiluv: LOL

Vickiluv: well when he raised back up

Vickiluv: I had my legs around his waist, he was on his knees and I was hanging off the bed

Vickiluv: from the mid-back up

Vickiluv: that is an amazing head rush


Carlos: yes

Carlos: my cock feels like it is filling you


Ohmigod, he was becoming so very intimate. In spite of myself, he was drawing me into his intimacy. I realized that I was idly fondling myself as I read his words. My pussy was very wet.

And then I continued. Going deeper into my erotic feelings.


Vickiluv: the reason I think he was possessed by you is

Vickiluv: he never pays as much attention to my breasts as he did last night

Vickiluv: rubbing them

Vickiluv: kissing

Vickiluv: squeezing

Vickiluv: biting

Vickiluv: nibbling



Carlos: lovely

Carlos: where was the first orgasm?


I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy hard. It felt so good. It was like the feeling you get when you stretch after sitting for a long time. Releasing the muscles, soothing the whole body. I felt a shiver course through me. Delicious. But lonely, I had to admit.


Vickiluv: on my side of the bed before I woke him

Carlos: that was with me

Carlos: smile

Carlos: smugly

Carlos: lol


Carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Vickiluv: yes I was thinking of you


Carlos: and then

Vickiluv: I think your uummmmm "ego" is getting bigger


Carlos: My ego is quite large whenever you are around, you know


Carlos: it was nice being semi hard all day long

Carlos: LOL

Vickiluv: it is nice to know you are

Carlos: I have something you will think is wierd

Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Carlos: but i may not tell you after all

Carlos: MMMM

Vickiluv: you had something wierd

Vickiluv: I am asking what??? Please?

Carlos: well, I was awake at 3:30

Carlos: I looked at the clock and thought, my god, I should be sleeping

Carlos: but, you were in my head and my cock was hot and hard

Carlos: So, to tell the truth, I used a little lubricant to make my hand feel like your wetness

Carlos: and fucked you wildly in my mind

Vickiluv: MMMMMMMMm

Carlos: it was strangely good too


Carlos: your wetness felt real

Carlos: yes


Carlos: I must have really wanted you



Well, it went on like that. I could feel myself getting wetter still. So this is the way it is out here on the Internet, I thought.


Carlos: i was asking if you are wet now?

Vickiluv: yes I am

Vickiluv: and listening to Faith Hill's All Night Long

Carlos: MMMM

Carlos: what are you wearing today?

Vickiluv: a sage green tee and

Vickiluv: flowered silk shorts

Vickiluv: and yellow cotton panties

Vickiluv: and I am barefoot

Carlos: mmm

Carlos: Ugh, I hate cotton panties, any chance of putting on something a little sexier? Not necessary of course. Whatever.

That was the first time anyone on the phone ever cared how I was dressed. I considered lying about it, but then, strange as it sounds, I couldn't do it. It just didn't feel right.

Vickiluv: Maybe I can find something.

Vickiluv: Can you wait a minute?

Carlos: would love to. Take yur time, gorgeous

Now, it was silly, I know. I could have just waited a minute and let him think I was off rummaging in my panty drawer. But I didn't. I really did go off and rummage in my panty drawer. I have to admit it has become a real rummage in the past few years. No time, you know how it is. I have been going for comfort. Those new cottons from Haines are great, in my mind. I know, I know, I should also have been feeding the inner man. That's what you are going to say isn't it.

"Well, as I told you before, I thought that David should rise above it and love me for the inner self, not my underwear'" I thought to myself.

Still, I did manage a complete change and looked at myself in the mirror. The image grinned back at me with a mischievous, if not sexy grin.


Vickiluv: I'm back, you stl ther?

Carlos: Hi.

Vickiluv: My panty drawer needs to be refreshed from Victoria's Secret. LOL

Vickiluv: but I found a white seethru bra and panties. Almost couldn't get into them. Gotta take off a couple pounds.

Carlos: mmm

Vickiluv: and white stockings


Vickiluv: and a garterbelt.

Carlos: mmm

Carlos: sounds lovely

Vickiluv: and high heels, too!

Carlos: mmmMMMMMMMMMMMMM growllllllllllllllll!!!!!

Vickiluv: I have a silk gown too, sort of see thru

Vickiluv: I feel pretty sexy

Carlos: sounds lovely --------- I could eat you!

Carlos: Want to take you on the floor right now

Carlos: and open your legs and feel your thighs pressed to my cheeks.

Carlos: and eat you

Carlos: and make love to you


I really was feeling sexy too. I let Carlos go on about how he thought I looked and all the fun things he wanted to do to me. My hand stroked the silky panty covering my mound and I found myself getting wet all over again.

Reluctantly, I rejoined the typed conversation. That's the down side, you have to keep typing when your hands could be otherwise occupied.

For some reason the image flashed into my mind of what my see-thru panties would look like when I took them off. Soaked through, the clinging creamy moisture would still be there, like white spiderwebs in the crotch when I pull them out of the laundry bag.

How will I think of this moment then? Though I thought it might embarrass me, I realized that I could not stop at this point. My mind turned to him. What was he doing now, reading my responses. He was impatient for my next comments and prompted me with a series of question marks. I stared at the screen, trying to decide.


Vickiluv: Mmmmm, take my nipples

Vickiluv: then play with them with your fingers

Vickiluv: slipping off my breast you would find the little moles between them

Vickiluv: and tease them before cupping the other breast

Vickiluv: moving up you would find my neck

Vickiluv: and rub it softly

Vickiluv: around each side

Vickiluv: before moving on to find my ear

Vickiluv: running your finger along the outter edge until I had chills

Vickiluv: then you would slip them around to my lips and I would give them little kisses

Vickiluv: before sucking one of them into my mouth

carlos: and whisper in your ear

Vickiluv: then you would run your fingers through my hair

Vickiluv: and land on my shoulder


Vickiluv: sliding over my shoulder you would slip down my back

Vickiluv: to th small of my back

Vickiluv: lingering there, pressing into my back

Vickiluv: slipping down and giving my bottom a tight squeeze

Vickiluv: then slapping me on the bottom, and running your hand around to my thigh

Vickiluv: and down to my knee


Vickiluv: playing with the back of my knee

carlos: love the soft skin behind your knee'

Vickiluv: then down my calf to my ankle

Vickiluv: and on to my foot

Vickiluv: rubbing my arch softly

carlos: sucking your middle toe

Vickiluv: NONO only the hands

Vickiluv: rubbing my toes

Vickiluv: then back up to my knees

Vickiluv: then my thighs


Vickiluv: then finally to the hot wet spot between my thighs

Vickiluv: LOVELY

Vickiluv: How is that???

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: nnice

Vickiluv: I think it would be wonderful

carlos: and you think i would then find that you were not yet wet?

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmm


I began to think I was getting the hang of this teasing, don't you? I still could not imagine that I was here doing this. But, on the other hand, Carlos seems pretty OK. I was starting to feel as if I knew him. He certainly sounds like he knows me. My god. I can't remember telling him all this stuff about me.


Vickiluv: no read again it said HOT andWET

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