A Compromise Ch. 06 Part 2


carlos: love brushing across the lips of your pussy

carlos: with the back of my fingers

carlos: and then probing a little more with my finger tips

Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: feeling my way along the twin ridges of your lips

carlos: pressing your panties into the little valley made by your lips

carlos: kissing your thighs

Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Vickiluv:Hey, wait a minute. What are you wearing? Maybe I want you to change.

carlos: button down shirt

Vickiluv: Yesssss????????

carlos: white tee shirt, belt, tan chinos, frayed at the bottom

carlos: checkered boxer shorts

carlos: crew sox

carlos: ugly moccasins

Vickiluv: I hate boxers. Got anything else?

carlos: hang on


I was being picky but now I knew how it made him feel to send me off to find new underwear. Kind of sexy imagining it. Thinking of him stripping off as he went to his bedroom. Seeing his hairy chest and then, I gulped, and then seeing the hair around his genitals appear. The vision was strangely erotic. I like the look of a man's hair surrounding the stem of his cock. You know what I mean, the sort of dimple just at the base of his penis is barely covered by the dark black hair curling there beside his long penis. I could imagine how it looked, firm, yet not fully erect yet.

I shook my head and wondered what had brought that on. Wow.


carlos: I'm back. Smile!

Vickiluv: good, I forgot to ask something (blush)

carlos: Yes?

Vickiluv: what color is the hair down there?

carlos: dark, well, black

Vickiluv: right. What are you wearing? Description please

carlos: red tank top, black nylon briefs, very tight, very skimpy

Vickiluv: I like it! Are you hard? Describe it.

carlos: Yes, I can see the bulging head of my cock outlined through the briefs. Like you've been fondling it. Looks like a little moist spot there too. Growing now that you are thinking about it!!!

Vickiluv: MMMMmm love it.


We continued an intense discussion describing feelings, describing physical things, being more and more erotic. Carlos got down to the serious love making, cyberspace-wise. I leaned back and opened my legs to him, staring at my mound, fondling my breasts while my eyes focused on the screen. His monologue continued to toy with me.


carlos: kissing along the inside the soft inside of your thighs

carlos: then kissing directly onto your mound and slipping with

carlos: lots of kisses down until I could feel where your pussy opening was

carlos: mmmmmmm

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: lovely

carlos: nice scent

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: love how soft it is.


carlos: then with my hand cupping your pussy

Vickiluv: and it is very wet

carlos: i would look into your eyes

carlos: holding your lovely swollen plump pussy mound

carlos: looking deep into your eyes, watching them begin to smile, with little crinkles at the corners

carlos: as our eyes grip each other

carlos: in the same way that my hands might grip both of your breasts

carlos: feeling all of you between my two hands

carlos: holding your pussy mound as you move against my hand

carlos: a little

carlos: kissing your nose

carlos: still holding contact with your eyes

carlos: nuzzling your nose with mine, still looking deep into yours

carlos: mmmmmm your pussy feels so warm darling

carlos: then staring at your lips

carlos: i would carefully approach them

carlos: with my lips

carlos: eyes fixed on them now

Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: and our tongues find each other immediately

carlos: dueling and playing with each other

carlos: as my hand fondles and squeezes still more

carlos: on your sex

carlos: my finger feeling between your pussy lips

carlos: for the wetness

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmm

Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: now

carlos: feeling you

carlos: and my other hand has found your breast

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: feeling you up darling

carlos: mmmmmmme

carlos: feeling the soft plumpness of your lovely breast

carlos: the pleasure making me a little wild eyed now

carlos: you preen, offering your body to my hands and my eyes

carlos: my eyes are devouring yours

carlos: close up

carlos: closer

carlos: now I can breath your breath

carlos: i am taking you

carlos: with my hands darling Vicki

carlos: taking you

carlos: holding you

Vickiluv: oh yes that feels good

carlos: fondling you deeply

carlos: squeezing hard now

carlos: my finger has slipped past your panties and into the hot wetness

carlos: of your pussy

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: it is so delicious feeling soft, hot, wet, so very wet

carlos: breathing your breath


My finger was probing deep inside, pretending to be Carlos. I lay back in the swivel chair and just let myself go. Thrusting in and out, two fingers were not quite enough and I pried a third into the wet heat of my pussy. At last I felt the slow building thrill welling up in me. My head felt a little light and I lifted one foot onto the desk and toyed with my nipples as my other hand pleased my eagerly moist pussy. I came. I lay there, completely loose and relaxed feeling as if I would not be able to stand up if I tried to. I felt like a puppet, limp, lying there waiting for the puppeteer to pull my strings again.


Vickiluv: you are driving me crazy here

carlos: Did you come, sweet?

carlos: I did.

Vickiluv: that gives me chills

Vickiluv: I want to feel you inside me so bad

carlos: making me wet and sticky as I thrust in and out of you

carlos: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Vickiluv: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

carlos: you feel lovely sweetheart

Vickiluv: blush

carlos: love making you blush

carlos: love making you wet

carlos: love making you cum

carlos: love making you

Vickiluv: I am so wet right now


Vickiluv: (MAJOR BLUSH)

Well, I won't bore you with all the details. I am still amazed at how delightfully sensual I was feeling. I would never have guessed that it was possible. I slipped out of my sopping panties and dropped them in the laundry on my way to bed.

Then I remembered Carlos' request.

"Send them as a souvenir?" he had begged. I had laughed it off and thought no more about it. It seemed completely out of the question. He couldn't be serious.

But, I guessed that he might just be serious.

I wondered if I could actually bring myself to do that. It is a terribly personal thing to do. Amazingly so.

I took the damp garment and found a Ziploc bag in the kitchen and slipped them into my purse. Who knows, maybe it would be fun to know that Carlos was typing with my panties hanging from the screen. I giggled self-consciously.

I mailed them the very next day. It felt strangely exciting to slip the little package through the mail slot.

I now knew how David's Internet passion would fit into "The Plan."

But first I had to figure out how to find out what name he used. I couldn't figure that out just now.

"Maybe Carlos will help." I heard myself mutter as I went up the stairs, still in stockings and high heels. I was, quite frankly, feeling very much the sought-after femme fatale!

To be continued..

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