A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 05


Jay was one of the worst about teasing Chuck. In a community where kids started screwing when they were 13, Chuck was a virgin and did not have a girlfriend. My guess was because he was shy but his appearance probably had a lot to do with it too. All of the employees teased him and to Chuck's credit, he remained calm and tended to ignore it. I thought they were being cruel. BTW, the last I heard, Chuck was working for an aerospace contractor on satellite technology. Everyone else from there are still on their farms.

Jay and I always had one night a week when Lee wasn't there and we used the office for sex. On this one night, we had this mailing that had to go out and I offered to stay over and help Jay stuff envelopes. Lee had also asked Chuck to stay and help. I think that was on purpose.

Chuck and I were doing all of the work. Jay spent his time teasing Chuck. Then he started dragging me into it. He would ask Chuck things like "Do you think Sharon is pretty? Does she turn you on?"

Chuck was on the spot and nervous about this and I felt sorry for him. Jay wouldn't let up. For him it was fun. When it got to the point where Jay was asking Chuck if he ever thought of me when he "jacked off." I scolded Jay and asked him to stop. It was as if I hadn't said a word. Jay just pressed on. He could be such a jerk at times.

Then Jay asked him "Has anyone told you that I am fucking her?"

Poor Chuck hesitated but admitted that he had heard that. Jay was embarrassing me now but he didn't care. He wanted to have his fun and as usual, it had to be at someone else's expense.

I asked Jay to drop it and he snapped at me. I think he told me to shut up or something like that. Whatever it was, I knew better then to say anything more. I knew him well enough by then to know that when he got like that, all I could do was let him go and go along.

The three of us were standing around the conference table that was covered with mailings. Jay moved up behind me and right in front of Chuck, slid his hands over my breasts. Of course, I objected but there was no stopping him. He commented to Chuck about how nice they felt and asked if he wished they were his hands there.

To my surprise, Chuck quietly said "yes." It was the first real answer he had given all night.

Then Jay said boldly "You know you can feel them if I say you can." And then he added "Would you like that?"

Chuck and I were both red faced and Jay was having fun. Chuck was nervous and didn't know what to say. After being pressed, he finally answered "I don't know."

Jay pressed harder until he said "Yes."

That was all Jay needed. He ordered Chuck to walk over to us and then backed away from me to offer his spot behind me to Chuck. He said something like "They are all yours," but Chuck froze.

I was still facing the table with the two of them behind me. Jay pushed Chuck by saying it was OK and telling him to do it. I even had to say "It's OK Chuck," after being prodded with "Tell him Sharon."

Then Chuck said "I'm sorry Sharon," and reached around me to feel my breasts. That delighted Jay and he took a picture. (I told you before, he always had a camera with him) We were like marionettes and Jay was pulling the strings.

As you might expect, I did not like what was going on but I had learned to expect that kind of behavior from Jay. I also knew from different comments Jay had made to me about Chuck that he wanted something like this to happen. I was expecting it. There was never a question in my mind about something like this happening. The only questions were when and how far would it go.

Chuck was actually more the victim here then I was. This was Jay having fun. The reason why he was doing it was simply because he could. Chuck didn't know enough about the real world to say no and he was definitely intimidated by Jay, physically and as his boss. At this point in our relationship, I was too beaten down to say no to Jay.

Chuck let go of my breasts and said that we had better finish. He moved back to the spot he had before at the table. Jay wouldn't let up on him. He asked Chuck if he had ever felt boobs before. Chuck didn't want to answer but finally did say no.

That brought on a big laugh from Jay. Then Jay asked him "Have you ever seen tits before that weren't in a magazine?"

When he delayed answering, it was pretty obvious he hadn't. Jay looked at me and said "Show him your tits Sharon."

I said no and something about this already going too far. Jay gave me a stern look and said "Either you show him or I will."

Then he started walking around the table toward me. Before he got to me, I said "OK I'll do it," and mumbled about him being out of control. While shaking my head, I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it to expose my breasts. I had stopped wearing bras to work a month or so before this. That wasn't good enough for Jay.

He quickly said "Take it off."

I did. Then he stood there and made comments about them to Chuck. With me topless now, Chuck and I continued working while Jay continued making comments. Jay's only goal was to embarrass Chuck at my expense. No, it was to have fun at the expense of both of us. This was not sexual at all. It was purely for Jay's amusement.

We finished without further incident and I put my top back on. Because no one knew for sure when we would finish, I had told Chuck I would take him home. Jay made a big deal of kissing me in front of Chuck before we left. The next incident involving Chuck happened about two weeks later on a Saturday morning. It was a lot more involved and I'll tell you about that next.

The incident I just related was really nothing when compared to other things that were going on between Jay and I but I wanted to tell it because it does demonstrate the cruelty of his humor.


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