tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 30

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 30


A Correspondence with Sharon

Part 30: Sharon begins to realize she really is a horny "slut".

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I apologize that it has been some time since I posted a new part. I have had two abdominal surgeries in as many months and the recovery from these has taken it's toll on my free time. Along those lines I have decided that this will be the last submission to this series. I initially posted these emails because I thought they would be compelling, however judging by the number of votes they have received I appear to have been mistaken. I can no longer justify the time it takes to edit the raw emails into a form that can be posted on Literotica. As a consolation to those of you who are still following along I have included what I originally planned as part 31 and 32 in with this posting.

May 05/31/09 4:05PM


Just when I think there's no way you could surprise me anymore, you prove me wrong. Damn girl, do you realize what an interesting life you lead? Mine sure is boring in comparison.

Where do I even begin? I'm thinking that the wine probably helped loosen up the inhibitions, not that it seems your sister has that many. From what you said I'm guessing that the oral sex with Jeanne was a first for you two. You said that you were not experienced at that; was the time with Erin the first for you? It sounds like you really got off on your sister's mouth. How good/powerful were these orgasms compared to others you've had? For example at your GB, or from Jay giving you oral. Do you think this will ever happen with Jeanne again, or was it just a one-time crazy thing?

Man, Joe is one lucky SOB to be able to witness, and participate in, something hot like that. The best birthday present ever indeed. That's an understatement. You know you'll never be able to top that one.

I hope you get your quiet day, but somehow I doubt it.

Your surprised friend,


Jun 06/01/09 3:37AM


You weren't the only one surprised by Jeanne. Joe and I both were, but sometimes things just happen and you can go with it or stop it. I just went with it. And yes, I do realize I have an interesting life – now. But please understand Paul, up until six or seven months ago that wasn't the case. Joe and I lived relatively normal (boring) lives too. Of course before that you know I had some interesting periods in my life, but I had thought that was all behind me. I'm starting to think I wasn't cut out for a normal life.

You are right about the wine. I don't think anything like that would have happened if we had not both been drinking. A half a bottle of wine is actually quite a bit for one person, especially for smaller people like my sister and I. So while we weren't falling down drunk or anything we definitely were feeling no pain as they say.

You were also right about Erin. That was the first time I had performed oral sex on a woman, and Jeanne was the second. I did really enjoy receiving from her, she was good. Better than Jay even. It's hard to compare orgasms, especially because I've had so many, (maybe more than most people) but I'd have to say that they were some of the best that I've ever had.

Will my sister and I have sex again? Honestly I don't know. Probably, but with Jeanne it's hard to tell. Trying to predict what's going to happen with my sex life is not easy these days, as you know. In fact, today is a good example.

As I told you in my last email Joe went golfing today. It was quiet here and I did manage to catch up on some of my reading as I had hoped. In the middle of the afternoon I got a call from Joe on his cell phone. He told me that Ron wanted to see my collar so he was bringing him home.

I said, "OK."

I wasn't sure where this was going, but there had to me more to it.

Then he said, "We'll be there in about an hour or so. You know what would be really cool?"

"What?" I asked.

To which he answered, "If you were waiting for us wearing it."

So I said, "OK."

Then I heard Ron say something and Joe relayed it, "Naked."

I knew there was more. "OK."

Joe again relayed for Ron, "Kneeling by the door."

That made me pause. But it also made my heart beat faster. So I said, "All right."

To which he said, "Yeah, that would be really cool. See you in an hour."

I thought it was sweet the way Joe worded it so that I could say no if I wanted to. Of course I wanted to make him happy. And just thinking of doing what he had asked was making me excited.

So I put on a little makeup and my collar. I also decided to bring the leash as a surprise. As usual I was only wearing one of Joe's dress shirts. When I heard the garage door opening I knew that Joe was home. I took off the shirt and knelt by the door leading into the garage. I was looking down so when the door opened I didn't know right away if Ron was with him or not.

Then I heard Ron's voice, "Now this is the way to be welcomed home."

I held the leash up and as I did could see Joe and Ron, from the waist down, standing there in the doorway. They both were quickly getting erections. It turned me on knowing that I was causing that.

One of them took the leash from my hand and led me into the living room. I kept my eyes down in submission, which I was really feeling right then. The men sat down on the couch and I could see that it was Ron who held my leash. I knelt down in front of them without any prompting.

Ron says to Joe, "I see you've been training her."

Joe asks him, "Do you like it?"

To which Ron answers, "Oh yeah. Very nice."

Then Joe says, "What do you think slut, would you like to suck some cock?"

So I replied, "Oh yes, I love to suck cock."

I didn't wait for them, first I took Ron's cock out and started sucking it. After a little while I moved over and did the same for Joe. I switched back a couple more times and then Ron said, "I just have to have some of that tight pussy."

He got off the couch and entered me from behind. That felt really good. Ron knows how to fuck and I was enjoying Joe's cock in my mouth. Unfortunately it was too much for my husband and he was soon shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all of course.

Ron was hitting the right spot and I was quickly approaching my climax. I'm not normally very vocal when having sex, but yesterday was different. I just felt like moaning loudly and telling Ron how good he made me feel. Unlike the times I'd forced myself to this with the kids, it didn't sound slutty to me. It just sounded hot.

My orgasm was great and lasted a long time. Ron just kept going. I was surprised at his stamina and ability to hold off his own climax. I had another good orgasm before he unloaded inside me. After that we took a little break and had something to drink. I remained nude and the men were completely clothed. That helped keep me turned-on because it reminded me that I was their sex slave.

Joe suggested we go up to our bedroom. Once we were there he pushed me onto the bed so that I was on my back. Then Joe got onto the bed in a kneeling position behind/above me and pulled my arms up over my head. He tells Ron, "You take this bitch while I hold her down."

This was a surprising development. A kind of rape fantasy I suppose. You predicted something like this Paul. How did you know?

Ron smiles and drops his pants. He's hard again. He roughly pushes my legs apart and back as he enters me. My feet are on his shoulders as he pounds me forcefully. Joe is encouraging him saying things like, "Fuck her hard," and "Give the cunt what she needs."

I was enjoying it, but I realized that they wanted me to play the victim, so I responded by saying, "No, don't," and "Please, no."

Of course that just made Ron fuck me even harder. Soon I was coming again which made Ron grunt, "Fuck, she's coming. What a whore."

Ron didn't last long after that and then he switched places with Joe. My loving husband then "raped" me just like his best friend had. I had two more orgasms before Joe dumped the third load of cum into me for the night.

Ron left soon after that and Joe and I relaxed in our oversized tub. He was so sweet, he asked me if I was OK with the "rape scene" they had acted out. I asked him, "Did you enjoy it?"

His answer was, "Very much."

I informed him that I was OK with it then. Then he said something interesting. He told me that my slut act had been getting better over the last month or so (thank you Paul), But today was the first time you acted like a slut where it didn't seem like an act. It was like you were really into it."

I had to think about that for a moment. I told him I was really in the mood today, but assured him it was just an act. The truth is that it came too easily to be just an act. I found myself thinking more about their pleasure than my own. For some reason that turned me on even more. You have hinted before that you think I may have more than "just a horny girl" inside me. Is this what you were talking about? Am I a "slut"?

Up until now I thought I understood my sexuality, but now I'm a bit confused.


Jun 06/01/09 6:55AM


I don't have time right now for a proper answer, but don't worry about it. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not a bad person. You are just finding out something new about yourself and that's a good thing. I'll try to explain better when I get home from work.

Your caring friend,


Jun 06/01/09 7:22PM


From the experiences with Jay that you wrote me about and the more recent developments I began to suspect that there was more to your inner "horny girl" than you realized. However I suspected that you would have to discover this for yourself, if at all. First understand that the word "slut" can, and often is, used as a pejorative, but that's not how I use it in. For me this is used to describe a woman that loves sex and is not afraid to get as much as she can. This is not the same as a nymphomaniac who is actually addicted to sex. One definition that I saw was: A woman that enjoys giving pleasure to men using her body. I like this one.

Given my understanding of the word I think it describes you quite well. In one story I read on Literotica a self-described slut was asked by another character how she could just give her body to all her boyfriend's friends. She said, "It's just tits and stuff; that's what they're there for." She went on to explain that only her boyfriend had her love.

So I'd say that your "inner girl" is a "horny submissive slut" and that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Better than having say, an axe murderer inside you.

Actually this knowledge should be a liberating force. Do you know how many people are running around that don't know what kind of person they are? How many are living a lie? You know. You also know that your husband will accept this part of you. Hell, he'll rejoice in it. So relax and enjoy yourself.

Sure there will be people that won't understand. They don't have to know. And if they find out, too bad, you're not hurting anybody else. It's your life and the only approval you need is from that woman in the mirror.

OK, I'll get down off my soapbox. Sorry if I laid it on a bit thick, but I wanted to make sure you got the message.

Your life coach,


Jun 06/02/09 9:44AM


Thanks for the straight talk. I don't mind the soapbox because you usually have a good point even if you beat it into the ground a bit. ;)

I've thought about what you said and it does make some sense, but I'm still having problems thinking of myself as a "slut". I guess I'm just used to that word being used as an insult, like "whore". Strangely I don't have as much problem with the word "bitch", although I don't like it either. Do you think that your definition of "slut" is the same as Joes?

I ask because Joe has told me that he wants me to act like a "slut". But to me that's a bad thing to be, so it's difficult. However if he is using the same definition as you are, then it makes more sense to me.

I'll continue thinking about this. Thanks for the advise, life coach.

Something new has come up. Joe told me yesterday that James Morgan (Chuck's father) came in to bowl. Joe struck up a conversation with him and found out that he was a widower (I knew that) and was looking forward to a boring summer by himself again. So Joe invited him over supper tomorrow night, telling him that I was bored too (not true) and would enjoy his company (true).

I don't know what Joe has planned, but I wouldn't mind doing something with James. He's plenty good looking and is a really nice guy once you get to know him. The only problem is that he's quite shy, so I don't think the chances are good of something happening. It'll still be nice to see him.

Your life student,


Jun 06/02/09 9:02PM


If I had to guess I'd say yes, Joe's definition of "slut" is basically the same as mine. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to let go and enjoy these experiences. I'm sure if you do it will increase Joe's enjoyment as well.

I would not underestimate Joe in regard to tomorrow night. He has proven to be quite resourceful and I predict he will find a way to get you two together. I think his longer term plan though is to use James and Chuck to fulfill his father-son fantasy. This is just step two, where step one was to add Chuck to your group of "kids". I don't know how he'll make step three happen, but you can believe he's thinking about it.

Affectionately yours,


Jun 06/03/09 9:11AM


Sorry, but your prediction was wrong this time. Last night was interesting, but I didn't have sex with James.

When I was getting ready I asked Joe how he wanted me to dress. He told me to wear something comfortable, but not too casual. That left a lot of room. I considered wearing a work outfit, but then decided against it. Instead I chose a light weight one-piece summer dress, a bra, panties, and sandals. Joe didn't say anything when I came downstairs, but he gave me an approving look.

James arrived about 5:00 and we all had a glass of wine while Joe grilled up some steaks. While he was doing that I made a Caesar salad and chatted with James. Like I said, he's a nice guy and I enjoy talking to him. Kind of like I do with you but nonsexual.

The steaks were good and James complimented my salad (like that's hard to make). I had expected Joe to steer the conversation in a sexual direction, but he just let James and I "talk shop" for the most part. He seemed happy to make a humorous comment from time to time.

When we were done eating we polished off the wine while sitting around and just talking. I kept waiting for Joe to make his move, but he never did. James was a little nervous when he first arrived, but by the end of the evening he was relaxed and laughing. He made a lot of eye contact with me and I got the feeling that if my husband had not been there he would have flirted with me.

Finally he said that he should be going and we all got up to leave. On the way to the door Joe came up close behind me and whispered in my ear, "Give him a hug."

So when James turned around to say goodbye I just threw my arms around him and gave him a big hug. To say I surprised him would be an understatement. At first he just stood there not quite sure what to do, but I just held on. He recovered quickly and returned my hug. I pulled away and said, "Thank you for coming over."

He stammered, "Thank YOU for inviting me."

I replied, "You are welcome anytime."

Joe opened the door for him and said, "Let's do this again sometime," as James was leaving.

I asked Joe if he had enjoyed himself, and he indicated that he had. I was worried that he might have been bored since James and I did most of the talking. He also told me that he like the way James was looking at me by the end of the evening. I didn't ask him specifically, but I think this Joe's way of evaluating how James and I got along.

I have to go now, Bruce just called and said he's on his way over. To be honest I'm happy he called because I haven't been with Bruce for a while. I'm really looking forward to this. Sigh, I guess I am a "slut", at least by your definition. But maybe that's not so bad.

Your slut,


Jun 06/03/09 6:56PM


Win some, lose some. It looks like Joe has a better understanding of Jame's personality than I do. Not too surprising, I guess. He obviously has a plan that takes this knowledge into account. I still think that he will try to get you two together. It's just going to take longer than I thought.

You have already said that you would like to have sex with James, but what about James and Chuck at the same time?

It seems that you have come to terms with your "slutty" side. That makes me happy because now I think you will really start to feel comfortable with this new sex life that you and Joe have embarked on, and that will make it even more enjoyable for both of you.

Your adviser and friend,


Jun 06/05/09 10:22AM


Sorry I haven't written you for a couple of days. I've actually been pretty busy, so I'll just give you the highlights.

On Wednesday morning Bruce came over. On the phone he told me that he wanted me to dress in one of my teachers outfits. While I understand these requests I was still a little surprised that he hadn't gotten tired of this yet. When he arrived I found out why.

He brought over an old history textbook. I don't know where he got it, but he pretended to be a student coming over for extra help from his teacher. I had no idea Bruce was this creative. So he sat down at the kitchen table and opened up the book. Then he asked me to explain something, calling me "Mrs. A".

I stood beside him and leaned over to look at the book. As I started pointing to passages and explaining what they were talking about he reached around me and squeezed my butt. I pushed his hand away and told him not to do that. If that had been a real teacher/student situation I would have been much more forceful, but I knew he only wanted token resistance from me. This was clearly a 'seduce the teacher' fantasy.

I continued where I left off and he started feeling my butt again. I pushed his hand away again, but didn't scold him. I just kept giving him the history lesson. His hand returned to my butt and I ignored it. Soon he moved down and reached between my legs to rub my pussy through my panties.

I was having difficulty concentrating on what I was saying. Then Bruce said, "I have something else I want you to explain," as he pushed back his chair and pulled his shorts down.

I replied, "That's a nice erection."

He asked, "But what do you do with it?"

My answer was to kneel down between his legs and give him a blowjob. After he came in my mouth he stripped me naked, sat me on the chair, and gave me oral. I had a nice orgasm from his efforts. Then we went upstairs and fucked for about a half hour. I came several times and was pretty satisfied when he left.

I was just kind of snoozing, with Bruce's cum still inside me when Chuck called me. He asked me what I was doing. I was feeling sassy and slutty so I said, "I'm laying on my bed naked with Bruce's cum inside me."

To which he replied, "Really? I'd love to see that."

Sure Bruce satisfied me (mostly), but that was an hour ago. So I just said, "OK. Come on over. Let yourself in."

His reply was, "I'm on the way."

When I heard him come in I opened my legs so that the first thing he would see was Bruce's cum leaking out of me. Or at least what was left. When Chuck came through the bedroom doorway his eyes grew big. I was laying on my back playing idly with one nipple and my legs spread wide.

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