tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 35

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 35


Part 35: Doubts

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing, incest, and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I couldn't care less if you are offended.

Sep 09/12/09 1:11PM


I have a lot to tell you about last night and it may take more than one email, so I had better get started. Joe gave me the day off and is at the Center for most of the day, so I should have the time.

After a light dinner I took a quick shower and got ready. Joe wanted me to dress like a teacher (of course), but with "sexy underwear". So I wore a black, lacy bra, a matching pair of thongs, and stay-up stockings. Over that I put on a conservative button-up blouse and skirt. On my feet I wore a pair of 4 inch pumps, a little tall for school, but perfect for a bachelor party. I kept the makeup light just as I would for work, but I put on a little more perfume than normal. When I came downstairs Joe said I looked great – just what he was looking for. I had a couple of glasses of wine before we left to help calm my nerves.

On the way over he told me that the beginning of my evening was already planned. After that the men would be free to do what they wanted. Joe reminded me that while I was there I was to follow the orders of all of the men present. He assured me that they would all be informed of the rules for the night and that I'd be safe.

The party was being held at the house of the groom's boss. It was a very large house in a nice neighborhood. There were already a lot of cars parked in the driveway and in the street. We had to park a couple of houses down. As we walked down the street to get to the right house I wondered if any of the neighbors had noticed that I was the only woman going to this party.

Inside I was introduced to the groom, Theodore, who liked to be called Theo, and his boss (and the homeowner) George. We were informed that the rest of the men were downstairs in the "rec room" playing poker and watching TV. When I came down the stairs with Joe I received a small cheer. That made the butterflies in my stomach start flying around again.

There were 6 or 7 men around a big table playing poker, and the rest were watching porn on the big screen TV. There was a girl with large breasts getting taken from behind while she sucked on a large cock. I guess they were getting themselves worked up while they waited for me. That was kind of a scary thought.

Joe talked briefly with George and then he whistled to get everybody's attention, although I think they were all looking at us anyway. He had them turn off the movie and then announced the entertainment was starting.

"This is my wife Sharon, but from now on I only want you to call her slut. Because even though she's a high school teacher, secretly she's a cock craving little slut. And she's going to entertain us tonight," Joe told them. They all smiled and made approving sounds.

"To start things off she is going to do a striptease and give a lap dance to the groom," Joe continued.

They cleared out a space in the middle of the room except for a single chair. The groom was told to sit in the chair and George started some bump and grind music. Joe told me to put on a nice show for Theo.

I was nervous, but I wanted to do a good job and make Joe proud of me. I stepped in front of Theo and started dancing, trying to remember how I did it earlier in the summer at Bruce's house. It didn't take me long to get back "into the groove" as they say. I slowly removed my blouse and skirt, revealing my skimpy underwear. I got approving hoots and "oh yeah's" from the audience, although Theo was pretty quiet.

That's when it became more difficult. I had never stripped in front of an audience that size before and it was a little intimidating. So I hesitated at that point, but pretty soon there were calls to "take it all off', and "show us your tits." I think that's when my horny girl (OK, my inner slut) took over. I reached down and unsnapped my bra (front clasp) which got a more positive response from the men. I held the cups over my breasts briefly to tease them, and then I pulled it off right in front of Theo.

"Oh fuck, look at those tits!" One guy gushed.

"Yeah baby, shake em for us," Was another comment.

I had kind of forgotten that I was supposed to be giving Theo a special show, so I bent over him and pressed my breasts into his face and rubbed them back and forth a few times. He showed more restraint than I think most of the men there would, and kept his hands in his lap. I moved around behind him and leaned over to suck on his ear lobes. I could see he had a nice erection, so I whispered that I wanted to do the same thing to his cock.

I teased them with the thong for a little bit, but that came off soon too. Now I only had on my stockings and heels. I knew that Joe wanted me to leave those on, so now it was time for the lap dance.

I sat down on Theo's lap facing him. I wasn't sure I could do it if I had to look at the other men. I ground my crotch into his erection and tried to push my breasts into his face, but either he was too tall or I was too short. Eventually he just reached up and started playing with them. I was really getting turned on by that time, so when he asked me if I meant what I said before, I slid down and knelt between his legs.

When I unfastened and unzipped his pants, the rest of the men got very quiet. I pulled his cock out of his pants. It was very hard and leaking precum. I licked it off and savored the taste. There's something special about the first time tasting a man. He groaned and I took him completely into my mouth. It felt very hot on my tongue and it wasn't long before he was shooting his load into my mouth. I swallowed it all down like a greedy slut.

There was a roar of approval from the rest of the men and suddenly I was embarrassed. I know I blushed fiercely. Joe then announced how the rest of the evening would go.

"You will all get your turns with the slut, but first the rules. This is a no holes bared event, they are all available for your pleasure. She loves being treated like a dirty slut, so don't worry about her pleasure. Use her in whatever way you want, but don't injure her or smack her around. She's a fuck toy, not a punching bag. And no hickeys that wouldn't get covered up by normal clothes; she may have to teach next week. If I see any bruises or welts on her I will find out who did it and do twice as much damage to him," Joe said seriously. "George will go next since he's our gracious host, and the rest of you will cut cards to determine the rest of the order."

"Can we have seconds?" One younger man asked.

All the men laughed.

"Seconds and thirds and fourths, if you can manage to keep getting it up. But it will have to be in the same order. If someone can't make it when their turn comes up, then they forfeit for that round," Joe explained.

"Are we just going to do her right out here in front of everyone?" Another man asked.

"What's the matter Roy, afraid we'll all laugh at your dick?" Someone else taunted.

"No, I'm afraid you'll all feel so inadequate after you see it, that you'll lose the will to live," Roy shot back.

"We will be using the guest bedroom down here. It has it's own adjoining bathroom which is stocked with extra washcloths and towels. There's also a stock of condoms in there if you want to use one," George answered.

"But you don't have to. You can go bareback if you wish, and in fact she prefers it. If you don't want the privacy you can leave the door open or bring her out here to show off your studly technique," Joe added quickly.

There was another round of laughter.

"And now so that you all know this is legit, I want the slut to tell you in her own words what she's here for tonight," Joe said and turned to face me.

"I am here to fuck and suck and to see if I can drain the cum out of all your hot cocks," I heard myself say.

I honestly don't know where that came from, Paul. In fact, I was surprised at the time that I actually said it (and still am). Probably all your helpful slut training.

This caused more cheering and clapping. Then they began cutting cards to determine the order they were going to fuck me. Before they finished George took me by the hand and led me to the guest bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed and started giving me oral. He said that it was unlikely that any of them would do that after I had loads of "spunk" inside my pussy. I could tell that he was fairly experienced and was really trying to please me. It took about 5 minutes, but I did have a nice orgasm. Nothing earth shattering, but it helped to relax me.

Jeanne just called me and wants to talk, so I'll send this now and try to finish later.


Sep 09/12/09 5:22PM


It sounds like the Bachelor party got off to a pretty good start, all things considered. Of course all the real action happened after that. I hope you aren't too sore today. You didn't say anything, so I'm assuming not. I can't wait to find out how the rest of the party went. I'm hoping you will be able to finish telling me about it yet today.

I'm doing well and have pretty much recovered from the appendectomy. I can't wait to get this hernia fixed though. I'm getting tired of wearing this stupid belt. I suppose it could be worse; at least this is correctable.

Your anxious friend,


Sep 09/13/09 9:46AM

I am glad to hear that you have completely recovered from your operation. But I'm sad to hear that you are still experiencing pain from your hernia. As you said, at least that can be corrected, unlike many other things you could get.

I was a little sore the next day, but not as much as I was fearing. Maybe it's like any other physical activity – if you do enough of it you don't get sore as easily. Thanks for asking.

I'm sorry that I couldn't get back to you yesterday. Jeanne and I talked for several hours and then Joe came home. Jeanne already knew about my "arrangement" with Joe and could tell by my voice that something had happened recently to upset me. I eventually told her about the bachelor party, and we talked for a long time. Later after supper Joe and I talked about it too, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I left off in my previous email after George gave me oral and made me cum. I should describe George. I'd guess he's about 45-50 years old, balding with short hair (no comb-over), and pretty trim for a man his age. Not muscular like Joe, but not fat either. He seemed like a kind man that was just as concerned about my pleasure as his own, despite the situation.

When he dropped his pants I was a little surprised to see that he had no pubic hair. His cock and balls were completely hairless and his entire abdomen below his belt line was bare. He got on the bed with me and pushed my legs back. As he entered me he hooked my feet over his shoulders. I realized right away that he was very experienced at sex, which was a nice change from the kids. George had great technique and I really enjoyed him. I couldn't have asked for a better first fuck of the evening.

After he came inside me, he used got a damp washcloth from the attached bathroom and cleaned himself off. Then he cleaned me up too before he left. The next guy was Roy and I had to work hard to keep from laughing because he DID have a small cock. He also wasn't any more experienced than the kids. He kissed me and played with my breasts a little at first. Then he had me roll over onto my knees and he lubed up my butt with some lubricant that he found on the bedside stand. It was good he wasn't very big, because he just shoved it all the way in without giving me a chance to adjust. It hurt a little at first, but it wasn't too bad. After he came he just stuffed his cock back into his pants and left saying, "Thanks for the fuck, slut."

It was a real mix after that. A couple of the men were obviously concerned about my pleasure and made efforts to give me a good time. Most of them treated me like a slut though and just fucked me without regard to how I reacted. Some of them wanted a blowjob, but only one wanted to cum in my mouth. Two men used my butt, and the rest fucked my pussy. A few of them used a condom, but the majority did not.

Ron was in the middle of the group. When he came in he said, "Hey Shar, how's it going?"

"I'm doing fine," I answered.

"Are you kidding, you're doing great. All those guys out there are talking about how hot you are and how you are a great fuck," He said.

I was actually a little embarrassed by that, but also flattered. But it was a weird situation, so I just went with it. Ron got a clean damp washcloth and helped me clean up. Apparently he didn't like it real messy down there like some of the other men, including Joe. After that he gave me a good fucking and one of my orgasms.

I think I now know the difference between "pulling a train" and a GB. This was definitely a train; just one man after another without any foreplay or much of a rest between them. I came a few times, but not as much as I did during the GBs.

Even though a couple men cleaned me up before they fucked me, I was a real mess by the time the last one finished. I knew he was the last one because Joe came in to see how I was doing and he told me I had taken all of them except for two that had decided not to participate because they wanted to honor their marriage vows. I respected that.

Then he told me that some of them wanted "seconds" and that I could expect the pace to be a bit slower. He asked me if I needed a break. I told him I could use a shower and he told me I had 10 minutes. The hot water felt good and I was happy to get the cum and sweat washed off my body. When I returned to the bedroom Roy was already there waiting for me. I was disappointed that George wasn't taking another turn.

"Damn, I love a woman with wet hair. It's so sexy," He told me.

He had me suck on his cock for a while, and then he fucked me. Between his small size and all the cocks that I'd already taken, I could hardly feel him. This time he talked to me, telling me what a "dirty slut" I was and how much he enjoyed using my body.

"I can't believe your husband turns you out like this. What a fucking wimp," He said.

I didn't like him much and was glad when he finally squirted a couple of times inside me and left. About half the men made a return visit. For the most part these were the guys that treated me more like a fuck toy than person. I guess that makes sense. This time around they used more unusual positions, like standing up. One fucked me in the bathroom over the toilet. I thought that was weird, but it seemed to turn him on.

In a surprise, the last three men all came in together. I could tell they were all good friends. I also got the impression they had done something like this before. Now it was more like a GB. The three of them were all over me the entire time. I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy most of the time. They switched positions often and I lost track of who was doing what. It was just a blur of raw sex.

I came 3 or 4 times before they were finished. One of them came in my mouth, and the other two in my pussy. After they got dressed and were standing there looking at me, they started talking to each other.

"Fuck she's a sexy beast."

"What a slut. I think she could take more."

"I'd sure like to see her cum again. She gets the hottest look on her face."

"Yeah, and she has a cute squeal."

"Hey, I have an idea. You guys wait here. I'll be right back."

One of them left the room and the other two just stood there looking at me.

"What do you suppose Ryan is up to?"

"I don't have a fucking idea."

When he returned, Ryan had a big dog with him. Some sort of mixed breed I think, but it was the size of a German Sheppard. I was immediately worried about what he was up to.

"You gonna try to get the dog to fuck her?"

"I wish, but he's neutered," Ryan answered.

I was relieved to hear that. I'd never even considered having sex with animals, but right then and there it didn't appeal to me at all. In fact the truth is that the idea of being fucked by a dog gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Then what are you thinking?" One of Ryan's friends asked.

"He may not be able to fuck her, but I've yet to see a dog that didn't like cum," Ryan replied.

He led the dog up to the bed. I tried to get up but Ryan told the others to hold me down. Then he patted the bed between my legs and the dog jumped up. I tried to close my legs, but Ryan and one of his friends pried them apart. I watched in shock as the dog sniffed around my thighs. When I felt his rough tongue take a swipe across my pussy I jumped, but I couldn't get away, the three men overpowered me.

"No, please stop this. Make it stop!" I cried, but they ignored me.

The dog kept licking me and when it figured out where the men's cum was leaking out of, it tried to get it's long tongue up inside me. As much as it disgusted me to have a dog licking me down there, his rough long tongue was also stimulating me. The men were laughing at my reaction and one of them started pulling on my nipples.

At that point I knew that they were trying to get me to cum. I didn't want to give them that satisfaction and figured that the dog would give up if I could just hold out. I failed, and when my orgasm hit me I flooded the dog's tongue with even more juices which it greedily lapped up. I was already very sensitive down there and the dog's rough tongue was now starting to get painful. Suddenly the submissive side of me which had been in charge all night just disappeared.

"No!" I cried and wrenched one of my legs free.

I pushed the dog away from me roughly using my freed leg. It yipped and jumped off the bed. The three men looked at me in surprise.

"No more. Tell Joe I'm finished," I told them.

There were dumbfounded and I'm sure they were wondering just who the hell this new woman was. They all let go of me and I rolled over onto my side, facing away from them.

"Go!" I told them.

They quietly left the room and soon after that Joe came in.

"They tell me you are done. Finally found your limit, huh?" He asked with a grin on his face.

"Yes," I said in an icy voice.

His look changed from amused to concerned. It occurred to me that maybe he didn't know about the dog.

"Please take me home," I said in a softer voice.

"Are you all right? Did someone hurt you?" He asked anxiously.

"No, I'm not hurt. I just want to go home," I answered.

He left the room and returned with my clothes. He said he couldn't find my underwear, but I didn't care. I just put my blouse and skirt on and we quickly left. I noticed on the way out that about half the men were already gone.

Joe tried to talk to me on the way home. He was obviously worried about me, but I just told him I was tired and wanted to get some sleep. I promised to talk to him the next day. When we got home I showered and then went right to bed.

On Saturday morning I slept in late. Joe wanted me to get up and talk about the party before he had to go to work, but I put him off and said I'd talk to him after he came home.

So that's what I talked to Jeanne about for so long, and Joe afterwords. Jeanne was just as disturbed about the dog as I was, but Joe reacted differently. He said he was upset about it, but it looked to me like he was turned on. I'll tell you what I told him last night: I'm considering the option of quitting as his sex slave. I know that means that I will have to go back to just having sex with Joe, but I don't know if I can do this anymore. When I told Joe that there was nothing I wouldn't do, I wasn't thinking of having sex with dogs. Paul, I just can't do that. And it makes me wonder what else haven't I thought of that Joe might want me to do. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this level of submissiveness, maybe I can't be the total submissive that Joe wants.

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