tagErotic CouplingsA Couple of Fantasies Come to Life

A Couple of Fantasies Come to Life


I had not been completely satisfied with the status of my sex life between my wife and I. Oh the sex was good; I just wanted a little more excitement. One night we were sharing some of our fantasies. Turns out she had fantasized about being taken by force. I shared some of mine with her as well. The result of this was one night that was certainly exciting.

It was a Saturday and Karen told me she was going to go running. She stays in great shape and looks marvelous. I told her I had some errands to run and I would be home in a couple of hours.

When Karen left I put my car in the garage so it would look as if I were not home when she got back. I laid low and watched some TV while she was running. When I heard her come home I turned the TV off and waited.

I knew she was going to take a shower and that is where I sprang into action. I was secretly watching her as she finished her shower. I put on a mask and had a toy rubber knife. Before she shut off the shower I reached in, grabbed her out and told her she cooperated, she wouldn't get hurt.

Next I grabbed a bandana I had a blindfolded her. She was still dripping wet when I forced her to the bed. She was protesting but she recognized my voice so knew she really wasn't in any danger. With her blindfolded I took of my mask.

I told her I had seen her at the mall earlier and had watched her walking around like she thought she was special, shaking her ass and teasing men. But that she was going to learn what happened when she teased the wrong man.

She tried to protest so I spanked her sexy ass a few times and told her to shut up. NOW get on your hands and knees cause I am going to fuck you hard, I told her. I love seeing her in this position, her ass looked great.

She hesitated until I put the knife under her throat. Now look, I can handcuff you if we have to do it that way. One way or another you're getting fucked I told her. She got on her hands and knees like I told her too.

Wiggle you ass I said. Come on shake it like you were when you were in the mall. I watched her moving her ass as I took of my clothes. My dick was rock hard. I couldn't wait to nail her hot pussy.

I climbed on to the bed and got behind her. She was soaking wet. It looks like your pussy wants my dick pretty bad I told her as I rubbed her clit. She was practically dripping.

I knew my dick would slid in easily so I rammed it in her deep and hard and was fucking her as fast as I can. Tease me, will you I said as I fucked her from behind. Go ahead play with your clit why you get fucked. I bet you like getting a big hard dick in you from behind don't you. She wouldn't answer me at first so I pulled my dick out. Do you like it I asked her? Do you want me to fuck you I said? YES fuck me she cried. Where do you want it I teased her. Stick it in my pussy she pleaded. Well I wanted it there too to so I resumed fucking her. You have a fucking tight pussy I told her, this is good stuff.

We were rocking pretty well. I was pounding her deep and fast. Feel my balls on your ass. I am going to empty them in your hot pussy. Man you are tight I told her and I love this ass.

I had been fucking her good and I couldn't hold back any longer. I starting cumming and cumming. It may have been her fantasy but I was extremely turned of from it as well. My orgasm lasted a pretty long time. When I finished I pulled out and moved up to the front of the bed and told her to suck me clean.

I put my dick in her face and she took it in her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from my dick. I then told her Id be watching for her in the mall in the future and I hoped she had learned not to walk around like she was gods gift to men in anymore.

With that I went downstairs to have a drink and give her some time to clean up or think about what we had just done.

I waited about 10 minutes and took a drink up to her. I had expected to see her dressed and cleaned up but instead she was lying there naked with the covers and the end of the bed. Her legs where invitingly spread.

I was shocked and surprised this wasn't what I expected to see. Remember how the other night you told me you had a fantasy of being my slave and eating my pussy over and over again? Well yes I remember saying that.

And then she started spreading her legs a little more. Well it is about to come true she said. I knew her pussy was full of my cum and this was not what I had pictured when I told her I wanted to be her "pussy slave"

I started to mumble some type of excuse till she said NOW! Get down here and eat it NOW. I really wasn't into eating my own cum but I knew if I ever wanted another blowjob in the future I had better just do it.

I got on the bed and started crawling down between her legs. Just as my face was a couple of inches from her pussy she pushed my face away. ON YOUR BACK she said.

I lay down on my back and she climbed on top of me. She was sitting on my chest when she told me she was really wet tonight and she felt the best way for me to eat all her pussy juices was to just sit on my face.

She started crawling up my chest, raising her pussy over my face. She slowly started lowering it towards my mouth. Look at my pussy, see how wet it is? I looked at it. She had it only a few inches from my face. I could see the cum I had deposited there. Does it look wet she asked me. Very I told her.

Then plop, she sat the very pussy I had just cum in on my face. Not content with that she started moving her pussy all over my face coating me with her juices and mostly mine.

Now stick out your tongue real far she told me as she rose off my face. Then once again slowly she sat down on my tongue and told me to stick it in her as deep as I could go. To fuck her with my tongue.

I was wishing I hadn't cum so much. Each time I stuck my tongue up her more cum found its way into my mouth. That's right pussy slave suck my juices out. NOW put you lips all the way over my lips and just start sucking and enjoying my wet pussy she told me.

At first I was kind of repulsed by the thought of eating my cum, but as I ate her more I started to realize it wasn't that bad. And the fact I could tell she was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her turned me on also.

She must have picked up on this cause she pulled off my face and started teasing me. I kept trying to lick her put she would move out of reach. What do you want she asked? I want to eat you I would say. Tell me what you want to do she said. I want to eat your delicious pussy I told her. Is it really delicious? Yes it is. Please let me eat it some more. Then plop it was back on my face.

I knew she couldn't stay off long, she was close to cumming. I went to work on her clit. Placing it between my lips as my tongue rapidly flicked it up and down, back and forth. Sucking it like she does my dick.

Then next thing she is clamping her things tighter around my head as she grinds on my face as she enjoys her orgasm.

After she cams she pulls me up beside her and we lay down together. She reaches for my dick and it is as hard as ever. Looks like somebody was enjoying there self she said. Then she spread her legs and told me to fuck her.

I climbed on top of her and started fucking her. I put her legs on my shoulders and was driving it home. She was so wet; there must have still been some cum in her I had not cleaned out.

She grabbed my ass and was pulling me in deeper when I had my second orgasm in her tight pussy. I remained on top of her till I became soft and slid out. I then got up and picked up a towel wipe up with. But instead she told me I was still her pussy slave and it was my fantasy to eat her over and over and she demanded more. But I just came in you I said. Yeah so not only are you my pussy slave, you're my cum eating pussy slave aren't you?

Her hand was on the back of my neck pulling me down to her pussy. ARENT you she said? Yes I answered her. YES WHAT? Yes I am your cum eating pussy slave. And with that her hand pulled my face into her hot pussy.

Tomorrow I am going to shave it, and then we can do this all over again ok? I just shook my head up and down as I continued eating her.

I guess things aren't so boring anymore.

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