tagLoving WivesA Cruise to Remember

A Cruise to Remember


We went on the Princess Line to Paradise Island, San Juan, and St. Thomas. A friend of a friend worked in the Princess office and we got a great free upgrade to the best suite in the ship. It was a 2 room suite with a full balcony.

We spent the day of departure in the ships bar. The ship leaves at evening and there was a thunderstorm in progress. As the ship left there was lightening all around and it was a great light show. We had dinner in the late seating and we went to the early show. There we signed up for scuba lessons. I had already had a card, but Ashley was generally afraid of diving and these lessons would all be in the swimming pool on the ship. Then there was a free dive in San Juan and one in St. Thomas.

The lessons started the next morning. The dive instructor was a man named Mark. He took a liking to Ashley and spent a lot of time with her, going over the fitting of tanks, vests and belts. When we had dinner, she confided in me that his hands all over her near naked body had turned her on and could I see that?

I told her that I thought she had handled it pretty well. That night, late, we met Mark in the ships lounge and we had a Mai Tai. He couldn't take his eyes off Ashley's tits. She had a sundress on and no bra, with lots of cleavage.

I know that it turned Ashley on, because we made love like minks that night on the balcony lounge chair.

The next morning a break fast, we had our usual juice and muffin and then at the pool by 10. Mark made sure that each of his students, there were seven altogether, had all their equipment. He again spent a lot of time with Ashley, and I could see her glancing at me, for my reaction.

I showed none.

After the lesson, Mark came over and asked us if we would like to start on the bookwork that night. He could come to the cabin and get us started.

Ashley looked at me; I shrugged my shoulders and said, "If that's what you want to do, honey." She told him yes. We skipped the show that night and Ashley put on a killer outfit. I mean drop dead killer. It was a one piece red jumpsuit, form fitting.

At 8:30, Mark showed up and came in. He had brought a bottle of Red wine. We opened it up and sat in the sitting area. He brought out the two sets of books and we really started going over them. I thought I had mis read the entire deal. Ashley must have thought the same thing. I could tell by her body language, that she was disappointed.

After 1 hour, Mark said that was enough and did we play any card games. My trusty schwantzstick came to attention. I knew exactly what he had in mind. Ashley must have missed that boat, because she had this deadpanned look on her face. I said, "Sure we play cards, what do you have in mind?"


It was at this time Ashley got an inkling as to what was happening. She said, "What are the stakes?"

Mark, Said, "Pennies."

Ashley agreed and we went to the table with the wine and the cards. We rummaged through all the pockets and purses and came up with a shit load of pennies.

We sat down and Mark pulled out a pencil and grabbed a letter stationary from the bureau. He came over and sat down and we dealt out pennies. I knew there was something going on, but just didn't know the angle. Ashley was breathing deeper than normal, so I figured she was getting warm with the idea.

We dealt the cards. The pennies included foreign coins, dimes, quarters and nickels. We greed they were all worth a penny each. Everyone had 50 pennies. The rules were: 1 penny to ante, five card stud, and one eyed jacks wild. (Yes, five aces beat everything) Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out 25 pennies isn't very much and wouldn't last 20 minutes.

Mark said "don't worry; there will be more pennies, soon."

Finally, it came to pass that Ashley was down to 3 pennies. Mark said, "You can buy back 25 pennies for an article of clothing."

Ashley almost gagged on the wine she was sipping. "What?"

He explained to her that she could buy pennies (25 for an article of clothing) and she could redeem them for 25 pennies for an article. Seemed fair to me.

Ashley stammered and I thought she was going to nix the deal, but then she leaned across the table and asked a very pointed question, "and what happens when we run out of clothing?"

Mark smiled and said, "Well let's work that out now."

Ashley said, "I want it understood right from the start that Erik is not going to leave me alone with you at any time."

Mark looked at me, I smiled and then Ashley stopped again and said; "Now look, I only have 4 things on. This is not fair."

Mark said, Ok, that's understandable, we'll give you 50 pennies per article."

Ashley considered that, and then she said, "What is in it for me? What do I win?"

The following rules were agreed upon:

1. Clothes for Erik and Mark were 25 cents; Ashley got 50 cents, with a 25 cents buy back. (Exchange rate)

2. In the event the men ran out of clothes and money, then the first loser would pay for Dinner in St. Thomas at whatever restaurant Ashley chose.

3. The event both men lost all their money and clothes, Ashley would be entitled to a new out fit of her choosing in Paradise Island. (Men to share)

4. In the event Ashley lost all her money and clothes, she could get 50 more pennies for a lap dance on the man who supplied the pennies (Erik or Mark)

5. In the event one of the men ended up with all the clothes and all the pennies, then she would have to submit to oral sex on the winner. Anything beyond that was totally up to Ashley.

6. Erik would always be present. NO pictures.

Ashley thought the odds were in her favor, after all dinner and a new outfit with no limit!!!

I got up and opened a bottle of Champagne we had in the icebox. Neat Suite, I told you!

The game began. I don't really think that Ashley understood the game and the fact that Mark and I were going to raise the hell out of every hand.

After about six hands, I had to sell my shirt. Damn that woman was lucky; in fact, Mark was down to 20 pennies.

As the game went on, with not so big of raises (You can't beat dumb luck), Ashley started losing. One bottle of Champagne later she had to sell her shoes. The game continued. The game seesawed for an hour or more. Ashley lost her 50 pennies and sold her shoes. I thought I could see a little nervousness creeping in.

In the not so distant time, the game saw everyone win and lose. Eventually, Ashley lost her 50 pennies and it was the moment of truth. I really didn't know what she had on under the jumpsuit. She stood up, turned around so that her back was away from the table and slowly, ever so slowly, and removed the red jumpsuit. This revealed the sheer black panties and sheer black bra. It was almost transparent anyway. My tool came to attention and I could see Mark adjusting his meat.

Armed with 50 pennies, we played on. Mark lost his shirt, I lost my shoes, and Mark lost his shoes. Ashley had about 100 pennies. I thought it was a loser for the men.

Nevertheless, Ashley overplayed a hand, and bet 50 pennies, going for the kill, and I had to sell my pants and so did Mark. At the end of the hand, however, Mark had five aces (remember that) and suddenly Ashley was almost broke (with 4 kings).

She took it pretty well. However, four hands later, she asked me to help remove her bra. Her glorious globes shimmered in the cabin. Her hard, pink nipples jutted out from her firm, pert breasts. The fact that they were erect and engorged with blood made them a deeper rose then their usual pale pink hue so they stood out in sharp contrast from the fair skin surrounding them. She had slight but noticeable tan lines where the pale bronze met the creamy white.

The atmosphere in the cabin was heavy, warm and heavy. The rolling motion of the ship gave it an erotic feeling. It was a very light roll, but still perceptible.

She nervously looked over at me, not saying anything, but her eyes said a lot. She was vacillating between playing on and stopping. She shifted in her seat. Mark looked at her nice boobs every once in a while and every time he did, Ashley blushed a little.

The game went on with all concerned.

For a second I thought that was going to be it and she would call it quits but she surprised me again and said, "Nope, I'm having fun!" She winked at me and threw her shoulders back as she sat down. I had thought that it was all going to be over in a short time. However, I was wrong. Ashley began a winning streak and won back her bra. Of course, that put her down to a few coins and the game still went on. In less than 30 minutes, I lost my pants and was down to shorts; Mark was down to pants and shorts. Ashley was down to bra and panties.

The game continued. It was almost 10:30, we had the sliding glass door opened, and you could hear the "shhhuushhh" of the bow wave and the soft jazz that we had on the speaker.

Ashley played well, but again, she overplayed a hand and she lost big time. Off with her bra. This time it came off ever so slowly, she teased us, the cute little slut! Her light pink nipples harden into erect buds. "A bit cold in here Ashley?" I asked. Mark laughed. Her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers, and I knew she wasn't cold, not with the temperature as warm as it was.

"Not at all honey" she replied

I thought Mark was going to come in his pants, what a show.

The game played on and by 11: 15, Ashley had lost the 50 pennies from the sale of the bra. She stood up and I could actually see the wetness in her black sheer panties. She turned her back to us and after a moment's hesitation pushed her thin panties down over her shapely bottom and let them drop to the floor. After a second, she turned around. Ashley's pussy was trimmed close, the sparse, dark blond haircut short and waxed so as not to show beyond the deep V of her bathing suit bottom. Her outer lips are puffy and she keeps them shaved so the front edges were just visible as a cleft below her delta. She placed them on the table. Now either Mark or I could have given her the 50 pennies, but I elected to have Mark buy them, this placed all her clothes in his pile.

She sat down and remarked that it was a good thing it was a warm evening, and smiled at me. She reached over, squeezed my hand tightly, and then went back to her cards. I think she could see the Lap Dance coming (I know I could and Mark was salivating)

The bets became wild, 20 cents a raise. Ashley kept up and instead of folding, she raised along. The coins in her pile dwindled and I could see her squirming in her seat.

And with that Ashley squirming, my tool in hardness overload and Mark adjusting his cock in his shorts

The table was piled with clothes; everyone's. I had some of Mark's, he had some of mine and he had all of Ashley's.

The final bet in Ashley's hand played like this. I had two pair, she drew three, Mark drew one, and I drew one. Mark dealt, he raised to what Ashley had left on the table. She looked at me, then her cards, then at Mark. She pushed them all in and said, "I call 11."

She put down her cards, 3 tens and 2 sixes.

It beat me. I got no help on the draw and was stuck with two pair.

Mark smiled and laid down his four fives. Ashley slapped the table and looked at the pots. Mark had the 50 pennies. She stood up and said, "Lap Dance, Huh?"

"I really never have done one, what do I do?"

Well, Mark and I explained to her that she had to do a slow dance straddling the lap of the winner, and slowly moving all around but no touching was allowed by the winner, only the dancer. Then she wanted to know how long she had to do this. We agreed that since we didn't want to wear her out, that one song on the ships music system would be fine. She walked over to the selector and changed it until she found a station that gave out slow dance music.

She approached Mark; Mark slid the chair out and sat in his shorts, grinning from ear to ear. I sat in my seat, and watched as she started swaying in tune with the music. She started behind Mark and ran her hands up and down his back.

She continued moving, her beautiful tits moved gently in tune, and her nipples poking out and her neatly trimmed bush were moving around Mark's chair.

I had an enormous hard on.

She moved around him and stood in front, he had his knees together and she straddled the legs. I could see her lovely ass moving from the rear. I knew that he could see everything with her legs spread apart as she moved up and down and from side to side. She leaned forward until her nipples were mere inches from his face. Just when I thought she was going to place them in his mouth, the song ended. She stood up, smiled and then backed away. I could see Mark's tool making a tepee in his jockey shorts.

Ashley returned to the table, sat down, and took a deep breath. She got her 50 cents.

I could tell that Ashley was turned on. She was flush from her navel to the top of her head. She was in good shape and the exercise certainly hadn't worn her out.

She smiled broadly at me, and flashed her eyelashes like a southern belle.

I chuckled and adjusted my enormous hard on so it was comfortable. I could see Mark doing the same.

The game continued. Sad to say, I lost my clothes, and Mark won. Ashley lost 50 pennies in less than 15 minutes. Whether she was "blowing" the game I couldn't tell, but I was sure "blowing" was in the future.

Sure enough, Ashley lost and I was down to 15 pennies and no clothes. Mark and I dealt one hand for the 15 pennies.

Ashley got up and stood behind me, her breasts resting near my ear. We decided to play Stud, everything dealt face up. Ashley shuffled the cards and the game began. The cards were: Mark 10 Hearts Erik 3 Spades, Mark 7 Diamonds Erik 2 Clubs, Mark K Hearts Erik 10 Spades, Mark 5 Clubs Erik 10 Diamonds, I was ahead, pair of tens to nothing. The final cards Mark J Diamonds Erik A Spades.

For those that aren't paying attention, Mark won with the pair of Kings. At first, Ashley thought I had one, but then she learned that Mark had the wild card. She said' "uh oh!"

Well, now Mark had all the clothes and pennies (lucky Bastard) and Ashley said, "Well, a bet is a bet."

Ashley moved Mark over to the couch. He removed his shorts and a 7 inch prick sprung out. It wasn't altogether that big around, but it was big enough. The condom was applied and she got on her knees in front. She cupped his testicles in her hand and started nibbling on the head, he squirmed and she used her other hand to grab the shaft and she worked all the items together, both hands and her luscious mouth. Mark started rocking slightly and then, after only two or three minutes he erupted and Ashley kept up the drumbeat until he was limp.

Mark may have been limp, but I was far from it. Mark was sitting in the couch watching Ashley. I figured that Ashley had paid her losses and the evening was over.

Ashley went into the bathroom and I could here the water running as she took a shower. Mark and I sat in the living area like a couple of spent goofy idiots. We sipped the last of the champagne, talked about the events, and ensured his complete discretion for the remainder of the trip.

Ashley came out about that time and had on her bathrobe. She sat down next to me and leaned on my shoulder. I asked her if everything was all right and she smiled and said "Sure."

I think everyone expected the night to end, but Ashley quietly said, "I am the only one who hasn't climaxed tonight. Who's going to take care of me?" I asked her, "Are you sure?"

She said, "I am very comfortable, as long as you are. Will you hate me in the morning?"

"Hell, no. It wouldn't be possible. We're doing this together, aren't we?"

She smiled and shook her head, "Let's go then. This may be the only time I have enough nerve to do this."

The two goofy idiots immediately got hard again. Into the bedroom we all went. Ashley turned around and removed her robe, again, ever so slowly. She smiled her biggest smile. Mark looked at me, and I said, "Let's both make her happy." He asked me, "Do you have any lotion?" I retrieved some from the bathroom and handed it to him. He took it and rubbed it all over his hands.

Mark motioned Ashley to lie down on the bed. She lay down on her stomach and Mark stood atop her admiring every inch of her well toned and perfectly shaped body. He finally got down on his knees and began kneading her neck with his fingers. Ashley let out a soft moan as it became apparent that this wasn't the first massage Mark had given in his life. Mark worked on her neck and eventually used his thumbs to relieve some tension in her lower back. After spending at least 10 minutes on her back, he knelt down by her knees and sat Indian style at her feet. One by one, he took the toes of her left foot and massaged the little bones in each toe while leaning over and taking each one into his mouth and sucking on them. He'd let his tongue slip out and draw circles around the toes while sucking just enough to make each of her toes feel like they were floating in mid air.

Mark got up on his knees and rubbed down her calf muscles in each leg continuing up to her knees and eventually to the back of her thighs. He gave her a deep tissue massage in the back of her thighs using the muscles in his forearms to give Ashley a solid hard rub releasing lots of tension that had built up in that area over the last month before the cruise. Finally, Mark reached her butt and smiled. This was the first time he had ever had a chance to admire it up close and boy was he in awe. "Great buns" he said as he groped one of her cheeks and used every massage technique imaginable while working each cheek over a 5 minute period. After fully massaging her ass, he leaned down and kissed a bit sucking a bit of her round flesh into his mouth and tonguing circles around the areas he had just finished massaging. Mark took good care of worshipping her cute derriere before asking her to turn over one more time.

I decided to get involved. I spread lotion on my hands and started working the back of her shoulders and her upper chest and neck. He reapplied the lotion and started kneading her front. The sight was awesome. She moaned a little moan; she had her eyes shut, obviously enjoying the massage. He worked his way up her legs, kneading the thighs and avoiding the neatly trimmed V. He then started massaging her flat tummy, her arms and finally her beautiful orbs. She was enjoying the moment; drinking in the relaxing pleasure she was being given. As he worked down toward her mound, she involuntarily spread her thighs, giving Mark access for massage on her inner thighs and near her neatly trimmed bush. When he finally ran the index finger up and down her slit, she arched her back and said, "Oh that tickles." I had a ringside seat to watching my lovely wife get the massage of her life. Finally, every part of her figure had been well massaged. She made sure that Mark had his condom on and she lay back and scooted up so that her head was on the pillow,

Ashley spread her legs wide and smiled at me and then Mark. Mark moved over on his knees between her legs, leaned forward, not putting any weight on her and he entered her and started long slow strokes. Her legs were wrapped around his; I could see her thrusting her hips up to meet his as they fucked. I was close enough to see his big dick plunging in and out of her cunt. It was soaked with her juices. Ashley had her eyes closed, but the look of hot sex was showing on both their faces as they strained to please each other and themselves.

It was amazing to watch Ashley screwing. When she and I made love, I could see her face and part of her body. But now I could enjoy everything about her. I was able to see not only her gorgeous face but also her great body and admire how good she was at sex and how much she truly loved it.

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