tagLoving WivesA Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05c

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05c

byPaul Pines©

Preface: The dictionary defines "cuckold" as "a man with an unfaithful wife." I've read many "hot wife" stories, and visited all the cuckold web sites, but it is clear that people have many of their own definitions of a cuckold.

It has been my deepest fantasy to be cuckolded by my wife, and she had fulfilled that fantasy for me. We love each other very much, and it has been a long and sensitive process to find a place where both of us are comfortable.

If you are uncomfortable with cuckolding, or if you want to define it to mean something else, that is your choice. We'd appreciate your not flaming us for taking the dictionary seriously!


Paul & Sally

* * * * *

I remember exactly when it happened.

My wife, Sally, had just finished undressing, and her lover, Ty, was hugging her from behind - one hand around her waist, the other caressing her breast. As she kicked off the panties she had just allowed to fall to her ankles, she looked across the room to where I was sitting in "my chair." She smiled, and I smiled back, and then she raised her left hand to eye-level, slipped off her wedding ring, and threw it to me. I didn't catch it, so I scrambled around the floor to find it. When I found it and sat up again, she and Ty were already in his bed, lying naked in each other's arms.

Later, when we were talking about the evening, I asked Sally why she took off her wedding ring. She said that it was her final acknowledgement - to herself as much as to me - that when it came to sex, she wanted to be with him, not me. For the time they spent together in bed, she did not want to be my wife having sex with another man; she wanted to be his. This realization hit both of us like a brick, and led to everything that has happened since.

Allow me to begin earlier, if not actually at the beginning.

After a total of three lovers, Sally decided in the summer of 2000 that she really liked Ty, the second man whose bed she shared since we began our little "adventure." More than just the sex, she liked his company; that, of course, made the sex even better! (You can read of her earlier experiences with him in the files in our Yahoo briefcase.)

Since her time with Ty had become more than just a night of sex - and something she found herself looking forward to several days in advance - she decided to change the way we prepared for their "dates." Up to that time, before each date she would cut me off from cumming for about 6 days, and around 3 days or so before the date, she cut me off from even entering her. I would help her to masturbate, I would help her to dress for her date, and afterward we would come home and make love while she told me about her date. (During their lovemaking, I was allowed to sit in a chair in the room and masturbate, but they basically ignored me from their first kiss to their last goodbye for the evening!)

Before that fateful date, however, she changed the rules. While I was still not allowed to cum as of six days before the date, at four days she announced that she didn't want me to see her undressed anymore; she was "saving herself for him." I was okay with that - in fact, it was exciting - until I realized that she was damn serious about it. She treated me like an outsider, changing in the bathroom, wearing long, flannel pajamas to bed (the kind my father called, "Victoria's Grandmother"), and literally jumping to cover herself if I ever walked in on her unexpectedly. I was a little taken aback, especially by how it appeared that she REALLY didn't want me to see her; it seemed less like a game, and more like she was serious about it. Still, it excited me, so I played along willingly.

She was true to her word, and from that point until we got to Ty's bedroom, I never saw any more of her body than anyone else in the world. On Tuesday afternoon, when she was upstairs dressing for her date, I went to join her after running (many) errands for her; to my surprise, the bedroom door was locked. When I knocked, she told me - quite firmly - to go away, she was dressing.

She eventually came downstairs, looking absolutely beautiful. We drove to Ty's house and picked him up to go to dinner; they sat in back, of course, while I drove. We shared a wonderful dinner (though I didn't have much of an appetite), and they talked, as always, about everything under the sun. He keeps surprising us with the breadth of his knowledge and experience, and Sally translates that fascination directly into sexual energy. We drove back to his home, and he went ahead to unlock the front door. As Sally and I walked together I whispered, "Are you wet?" And she responded, with a sharp intake of breath, "Oh, God, yes!"

Inside, they talked for a short while, then made their way upstairs, with me following at a respectful distance. As quickly as they entered the room, Ty was behind her, and with admirable dexterity he reached under her blouse and undid the clasps on her bra. I saw the bra fall away from her breasts, and her nipples stuck out through the fabric of her blouse; she really was excited, and he had barely touched her! I saw the outlines of his hands reach under her top; her eyes closed and she leaned back into him as he pinched her nipples between his fingers. She nearly ripped her blouse off, and the bra fell to the floor with no additional effort. She tried to turn to face him, but he held her tightly, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts. So, she reached down, unzipped her skirt, and let it fall. She broke his grasp only long enough to slide her panties down past her hips, where they (and gravity) took over, and they wrapped themselves around her ankles. She gracefully stepped out of them, threw her wedding ring at me, and turned to her lover.

As I said, I crawled around on the floor for a minute or two, searching for the ring. When I found it, I slipped it onto my little finger to keep from losing it, and returned to my chair. By this time, Sally and Ty were lying together in the bed. He (or she) had pulled down his pants and underwear, and he was just kicking them off as I looked up. They kissed for a few minutes, with his hands traveling all over her body, then she moved down and took his cock into her mouth. "I bet you didn't get this hard from thinking about your work, did you?" she asked lovingly. Without waiting for an answer, she took his whole penis in her mouth; then his only answer was a loud groan of pleasure.

She licked and sucked him for a little while, until her turned her onto her back and got between her legs. Oh, how I love the sight of my wife willingly spreading her legs for her lover! I watched her reach down and guide his penis into her, and I heard that familiar gasp/whimper/cry which Sally makes when I first enter her. The sudden realization that while I heard the sound, I did not cause it, nearly made me cry... and made me unbearably horny!

I will not go into the who-put-what-where description of their lovemaking, other than to say that my wife had a massive orgasm in her lover's arms, and he came twice, deep inside her body. When he cums, he drives his cock all the way inside her and remains perfectly still; the only way I can tell he is cumming is by the deep, gutteral groans which anyone would know meant he was having an orgasm. Sally told me that accompanying the sounds, she feels his penis twitching and ejaculating in her; without all the in-and-out movement which usually accompanies a man's cumming, she says she can really feel and enjoy the ejaculation. Yes, she tells me, she can feel him ejaculating - actually squirting his semen - into her!

Sally acknowledged my presence only twice the whole time. The first time was while he was fucking her. As he pushed inside her, she held her left hand up in the air, turned it back and forth, and wiggled her ring finger. The message was clear: "I'm having a WONDERFUL time here, and I don't need (or even want) my husband to be involved!" The second time was when they finished, and were lying together, kissing and talking softly. Sally moved her legs toward the side of the bed, spread them, and pointed to her pussy. Without a word, I sat on the floor next to the bed and gently licked her pussy. There was not much of his cum there, as he had cum twice and had used whatever had been there for lubrication, but there was no question that the smell and the taste were those of my wife's body mixed with the gift from his body. I licked up and down her pussy, until she swung her leg back toward Ty, and motioned for me to return to my chair.

A little while later, they both arose. Sally walked around, gathering up her clothing but not putting any of it on, as they continued to talk. In spite of everything I had just seen, I was shocked by how comfortable she was, standing there naked in front of this man; she later said she hadn't even given it a second thought!

Finally she dressed, took her ring back from me, and we went downstairs. They said goodbye, and we drove home. Sally was quiet - tired, well-fucked and happy. When we got home, she said she didn't want to have me inside her - she was a little sore, but more important, she just wanted to enjoy the feelings he left with her. With that she gave me a kiss (no tongue, just a "polite" kiss), rolled over, and went to sleep. I masturbated twice before I was able to calm down enough to sleep, because I wondered what had changed. I knew something had changed...


The next night, we laid together in bed, discussing our feelings about the previous night. I told her, quite clearly, that it was tremendously exciting for me; she said it was for her, too.I asked her, tentatively, if she would think about giving me her wedding ring to keep. She asked what I would do with it, and I said I'd get a chain and wear it around my neck. She asked what it would mean if she gave me the ring permanently; I answered that it would mean I am her cuckold - for real, all the time, and not just as a pre-date game.

She didn't say anything for a while, and I was not going to push.

After about a half hour of hugging and kissing, she said, "Okay, what exactly would it mean?"

I said it would mean that we both accept that she would rather have sex with her lover than with me, because he is very good, and I'm - well, not very good. It would mean that even when she and I do have sex, we would both be aware that she was thinking about him, not me, and that we were both comfortable with that knowledge. It also meant that I would, basically, be her servant; since we would agree that I am not that great a lover, anything else I could do to please her would be expected of me as the price of keeping her and keeping her happy. She does like the way I make her cum with her vibrator, so I would be expected to help her with that any time she wished. And, I added, it would also mean that I would replace her plain-gold wedding ring with a new, diamond-studded one.

"Let me get this straight," she said with a wicked grin. "Under this agreement, I get to keep my lover, I get to have you make me cum anytime I want, I get you as my servant around the clock, and I get a new wedding ring. And all I have to do in return is tell you the truth about how I feel about Ty?"

"Basically, yes," I answered.

She turned around in the bed, looking straight at me. She lifted her left hand, and began to work her wedding ring off her finger. As she did, she said, "He is SO much better than you. He makes me feel wonderful, and sexy, and smart, and attractive and exciting. He makes love to me with passion and with a feeling of urgency, and he moulds himself to my body. You're stiff, he's smooth. You cum quickly, he takes time and makes it a work of art. If I were the teacher grading both of you, he would get an A+. You're a.... let's see... a C+." With that, the ring popped off her finger, and she handed it to me.

"Now, make me cum, cuckold. I want to go to sleep soon."

I did as she instructed, once again holding her wedding ring on my little finger, so I did not lose it. She came very hard, and as she shook with the after-effects of her orgasm, she said it felt nice to think about him without worrying at all about my feelings.

During the next three weeks (it was four weeks to their next date), I often made her cum, then I masturbated after she fell asleep. A few times we made love; each time, she made it very clear that she was doing me a favor, and that I wasn't doing much of anything for her. Sometimes, right in the middle of sex, she'd say, "God, I miss him." Then she got to laugh as I came like Pavlov's dog.

When the one-week mark arrived, we began to prepare in earnest. I fully expected to be told not to cum; I even knew that it would not be long before she told me I could no longer see her undressed. What I did not expect was her instruction to go out and buy a sleep-mask; you know, that thing people wear on airplanes, to try to block out the light so they can nap. Sally explained that there was no reason why I should be allowed to see her undressed during her date; if she was "his" beforehand, she was even more his while she shared his bed!

All week long, I thought about the coming night. He would see her - my wife - undress, and undressed, and spread open for him, while I would see... nothing at all. I tried to imagine what it would sound like, but all I kept coming up with was the feeling that my wife had, once again, drawn closer to her lover and in doing so, had drawn me further into my role as her cuckold. At times I wanted to cry, but I never stopped getting excited about it.

The day before their date, she got her period. We knew we had been cutting it kind of close, but it came a few days early. She worried that Ty wouldn't want to see her if it meant no sex, so she had me email him with the news - and with the suggestion that she could still find "something to make him happy." He wrote back to her that she was silly to think he didn't want to see her anyway, and he looked forward to a nice evening with her. He said it just right; she relaxed and began to get into it again.

I drove us to his house, and she had me go to the door to get him. When I returned, she was in the driver's seat, and she motioned for him to come into the front passenger seat. I, obviously, was relegated to the back! We had a wonderful dinner, and returned to his house; I drove this time, as both of them had been drinking a little.

Sitting on the couch in his living room, they talked some more then began kissing. Sally moved to the floor between his legs, and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang out, and I watched her caress it with her hand and gently kiss its head. Then she turned to me and said, "Cover your eyes." She had left the sleep mask in the car, so I simply closed my eyes and covered them with my hand. I heard kissing noises, and had no way of telling what part of him she was kissing; it was frustrating as hell, and amazingly exciting!

Then I heard them move around, and Ty said, "Let's go upstairs." Sally agreed, and as they walked to the stairs, she told me to get the sleep mask and meet them in his bedroom. I nearly killed myself running to the car in the dark, and by the time I made it to the bedroom, Sally's shirt and bra were on the floor. I caught a brief glimpse of her breasts - the first look in a week - before she told me to sit down and put on my blindfold. Her exact words were, "Now, put on your blindfold, little boy; the grownups are going to play now, and you really shouldn't be watching."

Blindfolded, I realized the truth in what everyone says: when one sense is taken away, the others are heightened. I heard everything - his pants being pulled off, her mouth opening to take him in, the sounds of her kissing and licking him, the sounds of them tongue-kissing... and the sounds of pleasure which came from my wife's lover as she kissed him, sucked him, licked him and touched him in every way she knew to please him.

After what seemed like an eternity - it was nearly an hour - I heard that sound. I guess every man has a certain basic sound he makes when he cums, and by now I think I know Ty's as well as my own. Blindfolded, the sound hit me like a brick: that man, with whom we had just had such a nice, dignified dinner, was cumming for my wife! I didn't know exactly what she was doing to him, but I knew without a doubt what he was feeling. The sounds echoed through my head - and still do.

They followed this with some small (and quiet) talk, then I heard the sounds of Sally dressing. When she was dressed, she told me to take off the mask and help her pick up her things. She excused herself to go to the bathroom, and as I found her coat, her pocketbook, etc., Ty got up, still nude. He walked around the room looking for his pants, and his limp-but-still-potent-looking penis swung back and forth in front of me, as if he was taunting me. That one, not mine, was the one she wanted...

We went downstairs, and I waited outside while they kissed goodbye.

In the car on the way home, Sally talked about how good he felt - how much he loved her breasts, and how he reached to undo her bra the minute she went down on him in the living room. She told me that in bed, he got on top of her and tit-fucked her, which turned him (and her) on tremendously. She said that at one point, he got close to cumming and stopped himself; when she asked him why he stopped, he said, "I've been looking forward to seeing you for a long time, and I don't want it to end." She loved hearing that! And when he finally came, she said, he tasted delicious. Yes, he had cum in her mouth!

She also said that he kept trying to get in her pants, which she just was not comfortable with, especially on the first day of her period. He contented himself with reaching into her pants and carressing her ass cheeks while she went down on him, but she said it made her realize even more how much she longed to have him inside her.

"Tonight was really nice," she said, "but I just don't feel as satisfied as I do when we've made love. You understand, don't you?" Of course I did, I said.

"Good," she continued with that smile again. "Then you won't mind if we just continue our preparations until our next date in three weeks, will you?"

My heart sank, and my cock rose. "What do you mean?" I asked tentatively.

"I mean, I still want him, not you. I'm going to spend the next three weeks thinking about having him inside me, and having sex with you would just get in the way of those wonderful thoughts. So, let's keep doing what we have been doing until after the date, okay?"

Trying not to drive off the road, I croaked out, "Okay."

It has now been a week since that date. It has been two weeks since I've seen my wife wearing anything less than full clothing (except for that brief and wonderful glimpse in Ty's bedroom), and it will be two weeks more before I can. It has been two weeks since I've been inside her, and it will be two weeks more before I can do that, too. Now that her period is over, I've helped her to cum several times - each time wearing the blindfold, so I can suck on her nipple without seeing something which would be inappropriate for me. I am allowed to cum, but only when I ask - and she gives - her permission.

I am living at a level of sexual tension which I haven't felt since high school. I wake up hard, and when I go to bed and wrap my arms around her, I am careful to be sure that I don't touch any part of her which she is saving for Ty. So I go to sleep hard, too. She glows with happiness and mischief, and I have never seen her so radiantly beautiful.

I am the luckiest man alive. Or, perhaps Ty is; in that case, I'm very happy to be Number Two.

Cuckold Paul

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