A Dangerous Obsession Ch. 02


Street after street, Bailey relished the feel of the open road, the wind in her hair, and the thrill of her forbidden ride. She basked in the delights she was experiencing, and felt a sense of sadness as the trio drew closer to her home. She had even thought of giving them a few wrong turns, to make the trip last longer. But, she fought her devious side and as they pulled onto her road, she knew this adventure was coming to an end.

As they pulled up to the front of her house, Bailey jumped off the back of Tank's bike to the sound of clapping. Meat and Tommy were giving a round of applause, having thoroughly enjoyed their road trip and the view they had received along the way. She grinned and took a bow, as she stood naked in her own front yard. The night air had made her nipples taut and erect, and she teased her new fans by licking the tips of her index fingers and drawing tiny circles around her areolas. Each of the men grabbed at their chests and laughed. She giggled and gave them a wink.

Walking over to Tank she smiled as he looked at her. "Thank you Tank," she said with a pouty smile. "I'll see you around sometime."

Tank watched as Bailey turned and started her way towards her front door. He watched her exposed ass as it jiggled as she walked. "Hey!" he yelled over the tailpipe's rumble. "Come here!"

Bailey turned and walked back to the biker, standing to his side.

Tank looked back at Meat and Tommy, then motioned for Bailey to come closer. As she leaned in, he again looked back at his partners, and again back at her. "You know how you asked what my real name was?" he asked in a low voice.

Bailey smiled and nodded.

"If you tell anyone I'll have to kill you," he said jokingly. He then leaned over to her ear and whispered, "It's Elmer."

Bailey stood upright and smiled. Leaning over she gently held her hands up to Tank's cheeks and gave him a firm kiss on the lips. She then turned and made her way to the front door of her home.

Tank sat there for a few seconds watching the naked girl in the faded light of the impending dawn. For the first time in his life, he couldn't come up with anything clever to say. The only word that escaped his lips was, "Damn."

Reaching the front entrance, Bailey turned and watched as the trio revved their engines. All three waved just before tapping into gear, and tearing down the roadway out of site. She stood at the doorway for a few seconds and looked down at her body. This was the first time she had been outside her home in the nude, without hiding behind a bush or tree. Reaching down, she pulled a house key from underneath the floor mat at the doorway.

Moving her hand up to the lock, she paused. Turning, she looked to the horizon. She then eased her way to the front step of the walkway. There she took a deep breath as she sat down. Bailey smiled as she looked around at her middleclass neighborhood. Leaning back she ran her fingers slowly along her bare skin, "I think I'm going to watch the sunrise," she said with a smile.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/18/17

Very good

A walk on the wild side. I hope Tank and Wild Child carry on for many late night rides. Keep it up. Daylight rides are fun, too.
PS The neighbors might not be as straight laced as she thinks.

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by Fliccy_sub08/03/17


Your story is excellent, I enjoyed the adventure and found it easy to believe. well done, I do hope you write more.

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