A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 05


Bell blushed furiously. It was true that the alcohol had given her a lack of sense, but now as she stared at the Blonde beauty, she knew she was way over her head. Standing a little hesitantly and clumsily, she moved over to the girl, who was biting her lip.

"You can't have two slaves," Ragon protested instantly. Bell froze in place, and listened as Ragon added, "the slave card allows you to choose one person to do your bidding: you can't have both of them."

Bell moved quickly back to her seat. Once again Ragon's actions felt like a slap in the face. She watched as Clyde scratched his chin thoughtfully, "so be it," he said, looking a little glum, before adding, "Why don't you finish removing the rest of your clothes my dead," indicating the blonde besides him, and helping her out of her chair with one hand, "and prepare yourself for me, at the start of the forest."

Bell watched, as he indicated a spot about 50 metres down from the house. The area was bathed in moonlight, and lined by a few large conifers. The blonde got quickly to her feet, and turning to leave, slide down her underwear, so that she was naked walking away from the table. Ragon had not watched the blonde beauty leave; his eyes had been fixed on Clyde.

"Well," said Clyde, standing also to leave, "please feel free to continue, we may, err, be a while."

He jumped in a blur over the veranda, and made his way to where the blonde was waiting for him. He had been upset about not being able to watch Bell, but knew that Ragon would not have allowed her to take the Blondes place. Still, he thought, now looking at the large perfect breasts in front of him, things could be worse. Clyde had chosen this area, so that the rest of the group would be able to hear. Moving to take the girl's hands, he pushed them up over her head, and forced her up against the hard bark of a large tree.

"Keep them there," he whispered.

One of this hands remained on hers, but the other crept down her face, and rested on her breasts. She gasped a little, as his fingers began circling her nipples. Clyde smiled, as the girl began thrusting into him. He was still wearing his pants, and thought, for the moment he would like to keep it that way. Leaning down, he began kissing her nipples, forcing the sensitive skin into his mouth, and then twirling it around his tongue. Continuing to suck on her tits, he moved his hand to her bellybutton, and circled the ring once, before moving down to her thighs. His hands inched in between her legs, and she opened them willingly. He laughed a little to himself, then reaching up, grasped her hair, and kissed her hard on the mouth. He was forcing his tongue deep into her throat when he felt his cock twitch, as though desperate to be there also. In a second he had forced her onto her knees. She didn't need telling, simply reached up to pull his pants down, and begun sucking hard, on his now large throbbing cock. He could tell by her rhythm that she was an expert. She bobbed her head, up and down onto him; forcing him all the way into the back of her throat, and then pulling him out again, spending a moment circling his tip, before re-forcing his shaft back in. Clyde didn't need to direct her, but he liked the feeling of holding onto her hair, if he wanted her to continue doing something. A few times, when she tried to pull his huge cock out of her mouth, he held her down, and he smiled wickedly, as he felt her gag slightly, eventually allowing her to breathe again. When he thought that he could take no more, he pulled her up to her feet again, this time spinning her, so that her belly was forced against the tree.

"Hug the tree," Clyde said.

Immediately the girl wrapped her hands around the tree. As she embraced it, she moaned a little; the bark was rough, and hard against her nipples. Clyde now ran his hand down her back, pausing at her ass to slap it a little, admiring the way it moved to his touch.

"You want me inside you, don't you," Clyde asked.

The girl nodded desperately. He had been careful not to touch her pussy yet. He wanted to take his time before he relieved her. Now, he watched as she tried to thrust herself against the tree. At this, he moved his hand over to her dripping pussy, and tickled her lips. She pushed hard against him, but he kept himself away from her clit. Clyde was happy with how wet she was, but wasn't ready to relieve her yet. Taking her by the hair, he moved her over to where a large log had fallen over, and forced her over it, so that her ass was sticking up for him. In one sweep, he took his huge cock and slid it into her beautiful ass. She screamed out loud, and Clyde leaned forward, and told her to be quiet, as he began moving in and out of her, all the while staying clear of her clit. He was pumping in and out of her hard, and enjoying the feeling of her ass hugging his cock. Unable to stop himself, he reached down and touched her pussy lips. They were dripping wet, and finally feeling that she had suffered enough, forced a finger between her thick swollen lips; and found her clit. She moaned loudly, and began coming instantly. At that he removed his hand, and recommenced slamming into her ass, as her orgasm squeezed in rhythm with his thrusts. Feeling the desire to cum, he quickly turned the girl onto her back.

She spread her legs wide, and one hand on her throat, the other on her clit, began pumping into her pussy. Immediately she began convulsing with pleasure, and Clyde increased his pace as he felt his orgasm near. Before he lost complete control, he reached down, and struck at her neck with his fangs. He sucked hard at her jugular, and felt himself cuming. In response the girl began her third orgasm, her pussy muscles squeezing tight against his cock. Clyde was loathed to stop drinking, but knew he could not safely take much more. Reluctantly he pulled his fangs out of her throat, and helped her to her feet. He placed her hand gently against the bite marks, saying, "press here for a few minutes."

Back at the table, Bell was drunk. Occasionally from the forest, the group heard moans or screams, reminding them of Clyde's pleasure. At one point, Bell had chanced a glance down to where they stood, blushed, and quickly reverted her eyes back to the game. She was surprised when she flipped the last card of the deck over: it was a king.

"Ragon, I want you to take me to bed," she said.

Her mind was clouded by alcohol, and she wasn't even certain of what she had said. All she knew was that she was going to have one hell of a headache in the morning. Ragon moved over to Bell quickly; he wondered if she knew that she was only wearing a bra and underwear. Cradling her in his arms, he walked away from the table and the screams of pleasure from the forest, and took her to her room... to be continued...

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