tagErotic CouplingsA Date To Remember Ch. 2

A Date To Remember Ch. 2


After awakening to the early afternoon light streaming through the windows, Jon turned to his side to find Shawna still sleeping soundly on her side facing him. He loved to just stare at her sleeping so soundly and so beautifully. He thought about the erotic night they shared together. He could still feel her warm lips on his neck, her hot mouth around his cock, and how good he felt in her. He gently brushed a lock of her hair from her forehead, and replaced it with a soothing kiss. He thought to himself, 'I should give her an awakening she won't forget.'

He gently kissed the middle of her forehead, then the tip of her nose, and finally her lips as she awoke with a slight startle. She gave him a small 'good morning' smile before their lips met with a yearning passion. Their tongues entwined as Jon slipped his hand under the blanket to feel Shawna's warm skin. He ran his hand up from her thigh to her shoulder, and back down her smooth thigh to her butt, pulling her slightly yet firmly closer to him.

Shawna could feel Jon's cock growing harder against her as she ran her fingers through his hair and along the back of his neck. She longed to feel Jon inside her again. She ached to feel his hard body pressing down on her small, beautiful frame with his throbbing cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. These thoughts alone could have made her cum, but Jon brought her back to reality by kissing down her neck, from one side of her collarbone to the other, down to her pert nipples licking, sucking, and gently nibbling the buds as he caressed and cupped her breasts with both hands.

She arched her back in appreciation and moaned softly as he continued to make his way down leaving a trail of hot, eager kisses down her stomach, between her hips, and down her thigh stopping above her knee then back up to her inner thigh. He kissed, licked, and bit her inner thighs lightly, teasing her as much as he could. He could smell her sweet nectar, and slowly ran his tongue up and down her moist slit, being careful not to touch her clit. He massaged her inner thighs with his hands as he carefully pulled at her pussy lips with his teeth, gently nibbling them as Shawna moaned in pleasure.

"Good morning, my love," Jon whispered with a seductive smile on his face to her right before he thrust his tongue as far into her slit as he could.

She screamed as she threw her head back completely immersed in pleasure. "Oh my god...that feels...mmm...so...yeah...right there..." she managed to utter as his tongue made continuous, firm circles on her clit. She raised her hips slightly to meet his attack on her clit. He thrust his tongue deep inside her again as his thumb continued massaging her clit.

Shawna couldn't take it anymore as the waves of pleasure cascaded through her entire body. Her body shook repeatedly as Jon plunged his tongue as far as he could, massaging her with the tip of it from the inside out. She screamed and moaned loudly as her orgasm rushed through her over and over again.

As her orgasm finally ceased, Jon began a trail of kisses up her flat stomach to her breasts flicking her nipples with his tongue, and continued kissing up her neck finally reaching her lips where the two shared a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined with one another. Shawna nibbled on Jon's lower lip as he followed with a soft moan of approval. She could taste her sex on his lips, and wanted so much more of him.

After breaking their kiss, Shawna quickly and forcefully turned Jon over, and sat straddling his muscular body, fervently kissing his neck, shoulders, and his chest as she ran her small hands and her fingernails lightly over his manly chest and arms. She almost felt as if she could spend all day running her hands all over his body, carving every contour of his body in her mind, and on her lips. She then began to nibble on his earlobe, knowing this teasing would arouse him even more. He sighed deeply at her actions, and began running his hands all over her back and butt, feeling her soft, tender skin under his strong hands.

He pulled her body down unto his tightly as his lips found hers, eagerly wanting as much of her thin and beautiful body pressed against his. She could feel his thick, hard cock between their bodies. She reached her hand down to grasp his hard manhood in her small hand, carefully positioning it at her wet hole. She ran it up and down her slit covering the head of his cock with her juices, making it wet enough to slide into her tight pussy. She positioned it at her wet hole again, slowly impaling herself on his cock. Slowly slipping it in her little by little, getting used to his thick cock insider her again. Deeper it went with every slight movement between them until finally Jon's cock was all the way in her pussy.

Shawna kissed Jon once again before she sat up on his cock, and began to run her hands over her firm breasts, squeezing them together, and pinching her nipples as Jon watched, loving every second of it, as he began to lift her body up and down on his cock. His cock slid in and out of her as she impaled her body on his shaft, feeling every inch of his manhood in her. Shawna was so hot and wet with Jon's cock pumping slowly in and out of her. She began to rock back and forth on his cock, and rocking in circles on his hard shaft. Tightly squeezing his shaft inside her.

"I love it when you're in me...it feels so good," she whispered in his ear, then nibbled his earlobe, and followed that by gently biting his neck.

Jon couldn't stand being teased and played with so slowly; he wanted to feel himself pumping in and out of her. He wanted to hear her scream and moan in pleasure. He wanted to turn her into his sex slave. He flipped Shawna easily onto her back, holding her hands above her head as he positioned his cock at her wet pussy hole, and thrust his hard cock into her. She arched her back, and moaned her approval loudly, while Jon pulled out and thrust back in her once again.

"I love it when I can hear you. Tell me what you want," he said right before he parted her lips with his tongue, and then nibbled her lower lip as he thrust his cock back into her soft and sexy body.

"Mmm...just fuck me good... god you feel so good"

Jon lifted her legs easily onto his shoulders and held onto her hips as he thrust his cock in and out of her. She felt so incredibly tight this way, and he could see where they joined, and watch as he pumped in and out of her tight pussy. He loved to watch. He saw the mirror across the room, and realized he could see them fucking, and wanted her to watch, too. He flipped her body over onto her hands and knees, and then repositioned himself as he thrust his dick back into her pussy...he knew this would drive her crazy. She had told him a long time ago when they talked about sex as friends that she loved doggie-style and mirrors. Well now she'd have both.

Jon held on to Shawna's hips as he shoved harder and deeper into her. He could see her lovely face in the mirror showing the pleasure she was in.

"I'm going to cum soon," he warned as he drove into her faster and harder with each thrust.

"Keep going...it feels so good...yeah...oh yeah...ooooohhhh...I'm cumming," she screamed as he thrust harder each time. He drove into her pussy and held it there as he shot deep inside her, then withdrew and thrust back in shooting more cum into her, and once again withdrew then thrust as he shot more cum into her pussy until he finished. She sat up with him still insider her as he wrapped his arms around her hot, naked body and kissed her shoulder over and over then whispered, "I love you" into her ear. They lay down on the bed together for a few minutes, with Jon's arms wrapped around Shawna's body until Shawna sat up, and began to walk to the bathroom.

"I'll be in the shower if anyone needs me," she said as she looked slyly over her shoulder and winked as she walked away to the bathroom.

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