tagLoving WivesA Day in Donna's Life

A Day in Donna's Life


In the middle of our work on a very important project for me, my new assistant had just blurted out that he could see my shoes. I was so absorbed in what I had been reviewing that it took a moment for this odd comment to register. I looked up from the papers scattered on my desk to see Bill staring at me, his face bright red for some reason. I looked toward my feet and in a somewhat sarcastic tone, acknowledged that I too could see my shoes. Having felt that I had dealt with Bill's "shoes issue", I proceeded to resume with my reading. I heard Bill clear his throat and looked up to see he was still staring, still red faced.

It was then I noticed that, in addition to being flushed, Bill was sporting an erection! Great, I thought to myself, just what I need. Despite the fact that he was young, 10 years my junior, Bill was a dependable employee and a consummate professional. Now I stood looking at a man with a glazed stare who was beginning to resemble a village idiot with a hard on. I politely asked him what seemed to be the problem. He simply repeated his comment about being able to see my shoes. I was beginning to get irritated with him now. Being the only female in a very male dominated work place, he evidently did not realize how hard I had worked to get where I was. I was not going to allow this project to fail because looking at my shoes had, in some twisted way, aroused him.

As patiently as I could, I explained to him we had already had that discussion and now it was time to get back to work. I declined commenting on the bulge in his pants. He just pointed at the front of my dress. When I looked down, the whole situation became crystal clear to me. Looking down the front of my own dress I had a very clear shot of my shoes. I also had a very clear shot of everything in between. I guess it would be more accurate to say, I had a clear shot of everything that was missing. That morning when I was getting dressed I had opted to forgo my bra and panties. Under my very severe, business dress I was completely naked.

The problem, as I saw it, was that now Bill was aware of my lack of coverage. Glancing down again, I could see my large, firm breasts and the pubic folds of my pussy. I looked up to see that the bulge in his pants had grown. We stood there for several minutes in dead silence, both lost in our thoughts. I had a pretty good idea what he was thinking. I, on the other hand, was trying to think of a graceful way to put an end to this incredibly awkward situation. I was brought out of my meditation by the sound of my office door being locked. Before I realized what was happening, Bill had crossed the length of the room and was now mere inches from me. So close, I could feel his hot, labored breathing on my face.

I looked down to see that he had begun to stroke his cock with one hand as the other was headed for my breast. I grabbed his hand before it could make its destination. I attempted to explain to him that this was not a good idea. We were co-workers. He was a married man with children. There were 10 people on the other side of the locked door. None of this seemed to matter to him as he pulled his hand free of my grasp and began to fondle my breasts. He began to tell me how long he had wanted me, how hot he had been for me and how he was constantly fantasizing about me. I must admit, part of me was quite flattered by his admissions, and his hand on my breast did feel incredibly good.

So good, in fact, I could begin to feel moisture between my legs. Stop, I told myself. You do not mix business with pleasure. I made another attempt to convince him this had to end. My voice became muffled as he leaned over and placed his lips on mine. I tried to resist. I tried to pull away. But he only kissed me harder and with more passion. Suddenly, I could feel his tongue slide into my mouth. I felt a tingle shoot through my body. My resistance became weaker and weaker until I finally stopped altogether and found my tongue slowly caressing his. He moved his body closer as we kissed. I could feel his erection pressing into me. I could also feel my pussy getting wet.

This was all too much. My mind was spinning. I could not believe I had allowed us to get to this point. I had to do something to keep us from going any further. But my God, it felt so good. Taking my silence as a consent, Bill moved his hand from his cock and placed it on my ass, drawing me ever closer to him. His hand moved down to the bottom of my skirt and then back up again, this time on the bare skin of my ass. The feel of his hand on my ass sent another shiver through me. My pussy was so wet I could feel the juices dripping down my inner thigh. As great as this was feeling, my inner struggle continued. My brain and my pussy were fighting for control of the situation.

When he took his hand and slid in between my legs and began to finger my wetness, my pussy became the automatic victor of the struggle. Just the touch of his finger on me caused a small, involuntary orgasm. By now, I needed more than a finger in me. I reached over and unzipped his pants. As they fell to the floor, I saw I was not the only one in this room who had not worn underclothing. What I saw both amazed and aroused me. Bill had the most beautiful, long, thick cock! Between the sight of his manhood, his finger gently rubbing my clit and the sheer knowledge of my office surroundings, another orgasm burst forth. I wanted that cock and I wanted it now!

I reached over and grabbed it. He let out a small moan. I began to stroke his cock, while he continued fucking me with his finger. I stroked him slow and deliberately at first, quickening my rhythm with each stroke. His finger moved in and out of my pussy faster and faster. I could not wait another minute. I reached over and grabbed his cock with my other hand. With both hands on his monster, I guided him toward my eagerly awaiting pussy. Just as I was about the gently insert the tip of his cock into, he took control and plunged the first half of his 10" in all at once. I exploded with yet another orgasm. Bill had always impressed me as a shy, quiet man. I had no idea he could be such an animal.

As if reading my mind, I looked up to see half smile and half sneer on his face. He began to pump. Slow and steady he pumped his cock in me, never allowing in any more than his initial penetration. Our bodies became one; pumping and grinding in time with the other. His pace quickened and he fucked me harder and harder. This went on for several minutes. But I wanted more; I wanted it all! Our eyes met. He nodded. I nodded back. With one hard thrust, he rammed his entire cock deep inside me. Another orgasm. Now the real fucking started. He pounded into me so furiously I could feel the bruises beginning to form on my ass as it banged into my desk.

He might be young, but he certainly knew how to fuck. Savagely his cock tore into my pussy and I was loving every second and every inch of it. For the next twenty minutes he fucked me like I had never been fucked in my life. I lost count of the number of my orgasms. I lost track of where I was. All I could think about was how incredible his cock felt, until all of the sudden his entire body became rigid. The muscles of my pussy had a strangle hold on his cock. At the same moment, both our bodies simply exploded. He shot his first load of cum and then another. Then another! Each time he came my body convulsed in orgasm. He just kept cumming and cumming; until he had his balls milked dry.

I was so drained I did not think I could move. But we both had work to get accomplished. He extracted himself from me and pulled up his pants as I straightened my dress and wiped the cum from my legs. As he walked out the door, I thanked him for all of his valuable input and told him I would be needing to use him on all of my projects. Later I was in the middle of my third interview of the day, and growing somewhat bored with the entire process. The two men across the table from me continued to ask questions about the contracts and I continued to answer them. But by this point my mind had begun to wander.

I had been doing so many contracts; I could probably do them in my sleep. Same pat questions, same pat responses, same polite smile plastered to my face. I started thinking about what I was going to do after the final contract was finished, while continuing to smile and answer their questions. Then I had the most bizarre thought. I began to wonder what the gentlemen would think if they knew I was not wearing panties under my business suit. This thought almost made me laugh out loud. I really was bored. I began to think about the thigh highs I had decided to wear. All I would have to do would be to uncross my legs and spread them a little bit, and they both would have a great view up my skirt to my exposed pussy.

I tried to push these thoughts out of my mind and concentrate on the documents. That lasted a minute or two until I began to wonder what they would do if I were to slide my skirt up and rub my clit while they watched. The conference became more interesting for me now. In my mind I was rubbing myself and slowly inserting my finger into my wet pussy. Just thinking about it was beginning to arouse me, and I could feel myself beginning to get wet. Here I am, sitting in the middle of a contract negotiation, with a wet pussy! Evidently my face had betrayed me. I heard the one on the right ask me if I wanted to share with them what I was finding so amusing.

Talk about embarrassed! Now my cheeks were betraying me as well. I felt the heat grow in them, knowing I was beet red at this point. I was speechless. Both gentlemen sat on the other side of the table staring in silence, waiting for an explanation. I had no clue what to say. Then I noticed they were not staring at my face, but rather at my lap. I looked down to discover that during my daydreaming I had uncrossed my legs and they both had a clear shot up my skirt. My cheeks began to burn even hotter. I was mortified. I heard the other say something about not having a reason to be embarrassed. He was saying this as he was walking around to my side of the table. He was telling me that they had both been enjoying the view from the moment I had sat down as he put his hand on my thigh.

My brain was telling me to get up and leave, while my pussy was urging me to stay. The mans hand began to slowly work its way up my thigh. I could see a bulge in his pants. I looked across the table to find the other man had taken his cock out of his pants and was gently stroking it as he observed his colleague and I. There was dead silence in the room. I had been on dozens of contract conferences, but this was a first for me. It was bad enough to be sitting in a room with a soaking wet pussy, but now both of my clients were sporting erections! Taking this all in, my pussy began to get wet to the point I could feel it seeping onto the leather of the chair.

The man's hand was still working its way toward the source of the flow. We both let out a small moan as he reached his destination. His finger slid smoothly inside of me. He began to probe my pussy as I sat in stunned silence. With his other hand, he unzipped his pants and out sprang his now erect cock, so close it almost slapped my face. He stroked his cock with one hand while continuing to finger fuck me with the other. I heard the other man's chair scrape the floor. I looked over to see he too was walking around to my side of the table. The next thing I knew both of them had a finger in my pussy and were jacking off on either side of me. This was too weird!

The fact that I was enjoying it just made it that much weirder. I noticed the one give a small nod to the other. Without a word, the first man lifted me up from the chair as the other unzipped my skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. Now sandwiched between them, I could feel one cock pressed against my stomach and another against the small of my back. My juices were streaming down my legs. The man in front placed his cock between my legs and began sliding it back and forth against my wetness. The other man did the same from behind. I looked down to see one cock disappear between my legs and the head of another appear in its place. Two cocks rubbing the outside of my pussy in unison, both becoming wet from my juices.

This went on for several minutes. Never missing a beat, the man in front guided us toward the table. Leaning back on the table, he grabbed my hips and brought my body toward his. In one swift motion he slid his cock inside my eager pussy. He began to fuck me with slow, steady thrusts. Before I had a chance to fully comprehend what had just happened, I could feel my ass cheeks being spread and the tip of the other mans cock circling the rim of my ass hole. His cock, fully lubed from my juices, slid smoothly into my ass. This was too much for me, and before I knew what hit me, I shuddered in orgasm. The tightening of my muscles both aroused and encouraged the two, and their rhythm became more intense.

They both began to fuck me faster and harder. I let out a moan as I orgasmed for the second time. As they thrust their cocks deeper and deeper inside, the heads were banging into each other. The feel of the other mans cock only aroused them further and they each fucked harder and more furiously. After several minutes of simultaneous fucking, they began to alternate. As one cock was being rammed in my pussy I could feel the other sliding back in my ass. This was quickly followed by my ass being rammed and the pussy in my cock pulling back. Their cocks took turns with me; ass, pussy, ass, pussy. It felt as though I had one long cock fucking me completely through my body.

Mercilessly they continued to assault both of my holes. I did not think I could take this much longer; my body was on the verge of yet another orgasm. As if sensing this, I could feel both of their bodies stiffen in unison with mine. With one final thrust from each, they rammed their cocks deep inside of me and shot their hot, sticky cum. My entire body exploded in orgasm. The mixture of our cum was pouring out of me, creating a pool at our feet. The three of us stood there for a moment, totally spent and each lost in our own feelings of sheer ecstasy. They withdrew their cocks from my ass and pussy. In silence, we all donned our clothes and straightened ourselves as best we could.

My view from the third balcony of the Tempe Arts Center was simply spectacular. From way up in the back row I could see the grand dome with its incredible murals, the magnificent chandelier twinkling in the low lighting, the plush velvet of the empty seats below waiting to be filled. Most importantly, from this vantage point I had a wonderful view of the entire stage and knew from past experience the acoustics up here were beyond compare. Unfortunately, I had no one with whom to share my good fortune. My husband was working late at the last minute and unable to attend. But I knew the real reason was he is not a huge fan of the arts.

I had gone as far as to try to entice him into joining me with the dress I had chosen to wear. Cut low enough at the top to expose a majority of my breasts, but no so low as to reveal my nipples. Just short enough to highlight my long legs without being too short to be considered inappropriate at this sort of event. I had even purchased a new pair of lace topped thigh highs, which I knew he loved to see me in. But it had all been in vain as he was most adamant about having to finish his work. So here I sat, all by myself, all dressed up but at least having someplace to go. It was then I noticed how alone I really was. In the entire third balcony mine was the only seat filled on this week night.

Other than the usher standing watch over the door, I was the sole patron in site. As my gaze fell upon the usher I noticed him smiling my way and I politely smiled back. Suddenly, a hush fell over the crowd below as the lights dimmed even more and the lavish red curtain began to part. I turned my head toward the stage to see the actors donned in their formal attire entering the stage. So lost in the scene unfolding before my eyes and my eager anticipation of their first act, I did not hear the usher approach me. It was not until he was at my side asking if I would mind if he occupied the seat next to me that I even became aware of his presence. Not wanting to break the electric mood of the moment, I nodded my approval.

I closed my eyes to fully appreciate the wondrous accoustics filling my ears. After a few minutes of blissful enjoyment, my mind began to play tricks on me. I would have sworn I felt something on my leg. I ignored it and continued to absorb the scene from below. But there it was again. This time it felt like it was moving. I opened my eyes to find the usher staring at me, his face mere inches from mine. When I looked down at my lap I saw his hand resting on my thigh. Not wanting to create a scene, I simply picked up his hand, returned it to his own lap and gave him a stern look telling him I was not interested in his advances.

With eyes now open, I turned my look back to the stage. I must admit that in addition to being annoyed with the young man, I was also a little flattered. He had to be only about twenty. It was kind of cute in a way. I turned to sneak a peek at him and found him still staring at me. We sat for a moment face to face. My guess on the age was probably accurate; he looked to be in his early twenties. He was fairly handsome in a boyish way. He wore a nametag, which read Nate. For some reason, the name suited him. As I continued to size him up, my mind began traveling back to the last time I had been with a twenty year old. Sadly, it had been close to two years ago.

I have always been attracted to older men, but there was something about this guy that intrigued me. And from the sensations I could feel beginning between my legs, aroused me as well. This is nonsense I thought to myself, you have clothes that are older than he is. I found myself smiling at the analogy I had just made. He returned it with a smile of his own. I wondered what was going through his mind. Did he think my smile was some form of an advance on my part? I wondered how he would react if I called his bluff and turned the tables on him. This thought caused my smile to turn to a mischievous grin.

The serious side of me warned me to an end to these silly thoughts and pay attention to the play, while the playful side of me of me assured me there was no harm in a little innocent flirting. After a few moments of contemplation, my playful side won out. Without taking my eyes off his, I reached over and brought his hand back to rest on my thigh. Thinking he would make an attempt to escalate the situation, I was surprised when he turned and hung his head down. Oh no, I had not meant to embarrass him. I leaned over and whispered an apology in his ear. He did not acknowledge it and continued to stare at the floor.

As I sat pondering what to say to make him feel better a curious thought struck me. If he was so embarrassed by my bold move, why had he not removed his hand from my leg? It was then I noticed his gaze was not on the floor but on his lap. The growing bulge in his uniform pants answered my previous question. He was not ashamed; he was aroused. When he lifted his head and turned it toward mine I saw I was not the only one in the balcony wearing a mischievous grin. He might be young but he evidently was not dumb. I was impressed by his cunning. Deciding it was now my move; I reached over and placed my hand on his lap.

His eyes closed for a few seconds at the initial contact. When they opened they were smiling in appreciation. The game had begun. He countered my move by easing his hand up my thigh to discover my lack of panties. But he did not stop there. He slipped his finger into my now soaked pussy and began to explore. Feeling it was now my turn, I began to softly stroke his cock through his pants. I liked what I felt! I began to conjure up images of the look of his nice, hard, virile young cock. As I continued to stroke him, I felt the dampness of his pre-cum soaking through the material of his uniform. In one deftly deployed movement on his part, he began to rub my clit with his thumb as he inserted another finger inside my pussy and slid his pinky around back and slipped it in the hole of my ass.

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