tagMatureA Day To Remember

A Day To Remember


Ever since I got interested in sex I've had these fantasies about older women. Women in their 30's and 40's just seem to have that special something that most younger girls miss. At first I tried to convince myself that it was something wrong. I tried having relationships with girls my age but now that I'm 22 years old, all of that has changed...

It happened on a rainy afternoon out here in The Netherlands. After attending a boring lecture on economics at the university I decided to go shopping for a new pair of jeans. During the lecture my mind drifted off to the subject of sex several times and I was horny as hell. Walking through the town of Rotterdam, seeing all these mature women shopping only made it worse. When I finally got to the small jeans store I had in mind, I was actually so hot that it was hard to hide.

As I entered the shop I noticed there wasn't anyone there. Therefore I started looking around myself. Suddenly I heard a very soothing voice behind me. "Hello, can I help you sir?." I turned around and there was the stunning woman who was going to change my life forever. She was beautiful... "Uhmm...yes please I said," and I told her I was looking for a pair of tight blue jeans. While she walked me to the other side of the store I took a glance at her. Long curly dark brown hair, a very nice butt and a pair of boobs that would drive any man completely crazy. She wore a pair of jeans and a very tight stretchy kind of shirt, leaving no fantasies about the shape of her body.

"Try this one" she said after picking a pair of the shelf. "I think this will fit you nicely." I went into a fitting-room, undressed quickly and tried the pair she'd given me. In the mean time my member was getting pretty hard. This woman really is driving me nuts I thought. It fit perfectly. I don't know how she did it, but she'd guessed my size very well. Wearing only a tight T-shirt and the jeans, I opened the curtain and walked out to show it to her. "You guessed it perfectly right" I said while looking at her beautiful face. She just grinned and said "I have a lot of experience young man." It was only then that I noticed she was looking right at the bulge in my trousers. I was a little ashamed that she could see exactly how much she turned me on, but since there was nowhere to hide I just looked at the ground and said "I'll take this one."

Back inside the fitting-room I thought of my options. Here was a beautiful older woman, the kind I'd been dreaming of my whole life, yet I didn't know what to do. I was scared that anything I said might break the erotic tension there was between me and her. Quickly I put my old clothes back on and walked towards the counter. At that moment she was at the other side of the store trying to put a t-shirt on a shelf way above her head. "I must be dreaming" I said to myself, "Is she doing this on purpose?." I looked at her body once more while she was standing on her toes. She must have been a model or something. Her ass was perfectly shaped and through the fabric of her shirt I could see her nipples pointing straight ahead. Still I couldn't believe she was doing all of this for me.

I just waited for her to come back to the counter. "I thought you'd give me a hand!" she said while looking me right in the face with a twinkle in her eyes. I still didn't know what to do. "Uhmm sure, I would but uhmm... sorry, I was sort of dreaming out here." She grinned at me. "Dreaming you say... you know what, you can make it up to me." "Why don't you come to my place tonight to help me move some of the stuff my husband left when we divorced." Before I could answer she grabbed a pencil and wrote down her address. "Here you are boy, and please wear those jeans you just bought. Be there at 7pm." She then put the jeans in a bag and without paying, I left the store.

Back at home I thought for a moment that it was all just a dream, but no... It did happen and the piece of paper I was holding told me where to be that night. This was going to be a hell of night. I felt like a teenager in love. I undressed in front of the big mirror hanging on my wall and looked at my body. Slim and very long like most Dutch guys I knew I wouldn't disappoint her. My cock was still hard and the thought of what was going to happen that evening made me want to jack off, but I decided it was better just to wait. I chose the clothes I would wear and prepared myself for what was to come.

At seven sharp I arrived at her home. While walking towards the front door, I put on a little more aftershave, decided I was looking and smelling good, then rang the doorbell. I heard her footsteps and she opened the door quickly. "I knew you'd come" were her first words, but I didn't hear them. I was awed by the look of her beautiful body, which was covered with a red bathing wrap. "Let's get inside boy, I know you like what you see, that's why you're here." Still stunned I stepped inside and she closed the door silently. "I noticed you watching my body this afternoon, and I can see you're still interested." I just nodded. Really, I was speechless at her guts to open the door in a bathing wrap and to be honest I was quite nervous.

"Come here boy, let me take of your coat." She put it over a chair and showed me her house. "This is where I live... Do you like it?." I answered that I liked it very much and that I was glad to be there. We sat down on a big sofa and she asked me all sorts of questions. In the beginning we talked about my student life and as I got more relaxed she started asking about my love life. All the time she had been sitting next to me looking at my crotch, but now she stood up. "So tell me, how can a handsome guy like you be without a girl?." I decided to be honest. I told her everything. About the naïveté of girls of my own age and of the fact that I was always interested in older women.

That being said she extended her arm and asked me to grab her hand. "Let me show you something." I stood up and while standing in front of her she grabbed my other hand and started kissing me. Wow, this woman was hot. I could feel the radiation of her body close to mine and her kisses were wild and passionate. Then she lead my hands to her big breasts. "Feel them young man, I've seen you look at them; Now you can do with them whatever you want." Through her bathing wrap I fondled her tits. They were huge and contrary to what I'd thought they were still very firm. Softly she started moaning. "Hmmm this feels good... I want you to fingerfuck me right here."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I lowered one hand and through the opening in her wrap I could feel between her legs. She was wearing a string, and as my hand slit in from the top I could feel her warm bush. We continued kissing and when my fingers got to her pussy and I touched her clitoris she opened her eyes widely. "Hmmm... good boy" she said "now put your finger in me and fuck me!." I just did what I was told. After a minute or so she sighed very heavily and I could feel the contractions of her pussy as she was coming. Shortly after that she opened her eyes. "You were great... lets go upstairs to my bedroom." As we climbed the stairs I was walking close behind her. I reached out to touch her ass but she reacted by climbing at a faster pace. She really wanted to fuck. And so did I.

When we got to her room I immediately saw the king-size bed. She ran for it and said "you know what, from now on, you're in charge!." "In that case," I said while taking of my clothes, "why don't you undress as well." Soon she was standing in front of me naked. I admired her body. The long curly brown hair hanging over her shoulders... Her tits, firm and her nipples hard... Her pussy with a lot of hair, trimmed short. I wanted her really bad. "Would you... suck me?" I asked. Instead of an answer she sank through her knees and touched my dick with her tongue. Then she pulled back the foreskin and started sucking me off. I enjoyed the feeling as much as the sight of seeing her naked in front of me. After a couple of minutes I asked her to stop. I wanted to fuck now and pulled her with me towards the bed. At that time I also managed to take a condom from my jeans and put it on.

I asked her to lay on her back at the edge of the bed. She immediately understood what I intended to do. With her legs over the side of the bed I sat between them on my knees, with my hard dick in front of her hot pussy. She spread her lips with her hands and closed her eyes begging me to fuck her. But I didn't. I wanted to taste her pussy and slowly started licking it. Juices were dripping out and when I stuck two fingers in it while licking her clitoris she came for the second time that evening. Now was the time to fuck her. Gently I positioned my dickhead between her pussylips and slowly I slid it in. Then the warmth and softness of her pussy engulfed me... The next hour or so we made love like I had never made love before.

At one moment she sat on top of me while I was holding her tits. Seeing my dick slide in and out of her dark-haired cunt drove me nuts. I knew I would come soon and when I said that to her she said she wanted me to spray my cum all over her. We therefore turned around once more so that I could control the rhythm. When I was almost there I pulled out of her, and removed the condom. Then I came. The sight of her holding her big tits and the opened lips of her dark-haired pussy was too much for me. I erupted like a volcano and there was cum all over her body. I could see the white drops in her bush as well as on her chin.

Needless to say we made love that whole night. And when we were so tired that she finally fell asleep in my arms I looked at the ceiling and said to myself "This truly is a day to remember..."

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