tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Den of Wolves

A Den of Wolves


Part I

For Matt and Connie, the camping trip started out to be a form of marriage counseling. The last several years, the stresses of parenthood had been compiling. Both of them worked and at anytime they were over-tired, over-stressed and left consistently frustrated by the failure of any plans they did make, for romantic getaways, for a night out, for an evening alone, to ever work out. The best they could hope for was a regular quickie, once a week, after the kids were in bed on the weekends.

Which is exactly why, as soon as Connie’s sister offered to take the kids for a couple of weeks over summer break, Connie and Matt jumped at the chance. Matt talked to a friend of his that told him about this hunting property in the mountains that he only used in winter. The couple decided to go camping again, something they had not done since college.

Loading the bare necessities into Connie’s SUV, the couple headed for their weeklong retreat in the great out doors. Though they were both a dozen years older than they had been on their last camping trip, both were in good shape for thirty-somethings and they looked forward to hiking the trails in solitude.

They picked a beautiful camp, many miles from the main road, a small clearing about a hundred yards from a fast moving creek. It was still early in the day, so they decided to make camp later and go for a short hike around the area. Quickly changing into hiking shoes, they filled canteens in the creek and found a trail heading upstream they decided to explore.

Hiking up a steep trail, the couple twisted around and found a small bluff overhanging the river. With the mountains for a backdrop and a cloudless sky the site was stunning. Pulling their digital camera from his pack, Matt whistled at Connie.

“Hey sexy!” He said, smiling. “Why don’t you act all naughty for the camera here like one of those Hustler Honeys?”

Connie grinned back. “Every man wants a porn star, huh?” She chided.

“Not all the time,” Matt replied, “but that’s definitely who you want to be alone with in the mountains for a week!” He gave her a wink.

Connie walked over to a large rock and leaned against. Licking her lips and running her hands down her stomach, she pulled her tank top up and off, leaving the gray sports bra she was wearing underneath.

“A bra!” Matt exclaimed. “Now that’s not right. You know how sexy I think it is when you just let them hang all natural like.”

“Yeah…well I am not ‘hanging all natural like’ while we are out hiking!” Connie threw back with a smile.

“Oh, really?” Matt walked up to her and started removing her sports bra. “Well, then, I am just going to have to do something to exert some control here…I am going to impose a Rule.” Matt smiled as he laid her bra on the rock beside them and massaged her beautiful breasts.

Connie laughed out loud. “A Rule!” She said. “We haven’t done that since we played sex drinking games in college!” Connie giggled remembering some of the things they had done back then.

“Well, I am invoking one right now. For the rest of the week neither one of us is going to wear a stitch of clothing, of any kind, outside of footwear. We are going to live like primitive savages.”

“Primitive savages, huh?” Connie was already getting excited about the situation. It had been so long since they had put any effort into their romance. “Then, fair is fair, I get to make one rule for the week, too.”

“Fair enough,” Matt replied. “What is your rule?”

“My rule is this. We can be savages for a week, but I am to be your slave for the week as well.”

Matt smiled. Connie always had been aroused by submission. She liked the pretense that anything naughty she did was under the pretense of being forced. This way, she could do it, but not feel like a slut for doing it.

“Deal. You are my slave.” Matt took control. “Now, you put on a good show for this camera, slave, or you will be punished.”

Connie leaned back against the large rock. The sun felt good on her bare breasts and she was very turned on by their agreement. She dropped her belt pack to the ground and began gently stroking a nipple with her left hand. Her right hand went to the snap on her cut-off blue jeans. After opening the front of her jeans, Connie slipped her fingers down the front of her wet panties. Just a light stroke of the tuft of pubic hair that crowned her shaved pussy drove her wild. She pulled her left leg out of her shorts and panties, leaving them dangling from her right as she raised her right leg up the rock to open herself up for easier reach.

Matt snapped pictures of his masturbating wife, a rigid hard on in front of him, as he stood there naked as well. Connie gave him wicked, lusty smiles as she dipped her fingers into her sopping wet cunt, spread her juices on her nipples, and then raised her tits to her mouth so she could taste herself.

“That’s right slave.” Matt said, moving closer and putting the camera down. “You put on a good show for my clients or I will have to replace you. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Connie replied.

Matt reached out and pinched her nipple hard. “Yes what?” He demanded.

“Y-Y-Yes Master.” Connie stammered.

Oh yes Matt thought. She is really getting into this. She always did though. Picking the camera back up, Matt moved between her legs for some close-ups. “Now, cunt, this is what I want you to do. You take two fingers of one hand and get them very, very wet. Then reach down, behind you raised leg, and finger fuck your cunt and your ass at the same time. And make it sexy bitch.”

Connie gave Matt a lustful look, and quickly plunged her fingers in her mouth. She could not believe that she was doing this. Reaching around behind her thigh, she probed a moment, massaging both of her holes. Then she slid her middle finger knuckle-deep in her tight little ass. Her index finger then slid into her wet pussy, and she began working her fingers in and out of herself. Connie pictured what she must look like, a little tramp, spread eagle on a rock with her drawers dangle from her ankle. Finger fucking her anus and pussy at the same time while some guy takes pictures. The though of being seen, caught out here like this scared her. It also drove her wild so in her mind that is exactly what she pictured. A helicopter flying over and seeing her. A rock climber coming over the bluff. A troop of teenage boy scouts coming around the bend and catching them. Her exhibitionist streak had been suppressed for years but was coming alive.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but you aren’t acting like you really mean it.” Matt put the camera down again. Connie bit her lip in confusion. She thought she had put on a good show.

“I am sorry Master.” She said. “I will do better, I promise.”

“Oh yes you will,” Matt vowed. “I will see to that. Now stand up.”

They gathered their things and went back to camp. When they got there, Matt grabbed Connie by the hair and said, “Now, slave, you will be punished for your lack of enthusiasm. Go over there and pick out a switch. And pick out a good one, or it will only get worse.”

“Yes, Master.” Connie said. She returned a few moments later with an ideal switch. Matt nodded his approval, and led her to the other side of the clearing. Here he had lashed two leather straps to a small tree. Taking his wife’s hands, Matt tied her wrists to the tree. He then used his shoe to draw a line in the dirt some three feet from the tree.

“Now put your feet on that line slave.” He commanded her. Connie did as instructed, but being tied to the tree, standing on the line forced her to bend over at the waist so far that she just leaned on the tree. Matt used his hands to force her legs a little farther apart, and then stroked her moist cunt with his finger.

Connie’s ass pointed out at him and she quivered in anticipation of what was to come. Matt massaged her pretty ass and said, “This is how it works. I am going to whip you with the switch now. If you come off that line, you will double your time under the switch, understand?” Connie gave a breathy moan for agreement.

Taking a step back, Matt raised the switch and brought it down on Connie’s tender cheeks. A red mark rose up from the back of her left thigh to the top of her right cheek. Connie whimpered.

Matt leaned over, going out of character. “Was that too hard?”

Connie smiled. Matt was always worried about hurting her, when the truth was, he never spanked her hard enough. “No, keep going!” She encouraged.

With her reassurance, Matt continued, and soon Connie’s beautiful ass was glowing red. Connie never came off the line, though she almost did, and she thrilled at the spanking she was receiving. She squirmed under the switch’s heat and her eyes were as wet as her pussy, but she loved every minute of it.

So intent were they on their fantasy that they did not notice the four men that had been watching them since the bluff. Now, the men had decided the time for watching was over and they were approaching the naked couple from across the clearing. A barrel-chested man in his forties led the group, followed by two younger men and a large black man. Matt jumped when the leader spoke.

“Now, that’s no way to treat a lady, neighbor.” said the leader, a man named Pops.

Matt spun around and fear gripped him as he saw the four men. He started to tell Connie to run, but knew he had tied her wrists to the tree. She was trapped. Matt stepped in front of his restrained wife.

“Who are you people?” Matt demanded. “Go away and let us get dressed.”

“Who are we?” Pops said, grinning at his buddies. “We are with the Department of Human Services, we investigate wife abuse!” The four men all laughed. “And I am afraid that you are guilty. Now, grab some tree next to the misses there.”

“This has gone far enough!” Matt yelled. “Now move on.”

Pop’s just looked at Matt, and then pulled a long knife from his belt. The other two lackeys showed similar knives while the tall, black man checked the chamber on his gun and put it back in his pocket.

The leader thumbed his blade. “I promise you hubby,” he threatened, “this is going to go exactly how we want it to go.”

Connie was petrified, but sudden fear for Matt took over. “Do what they say Matt!” she pleaded.

“Yeah, Matt,” Pops chided, “do what they say.” He gave a menacing grin.

Matt walked over next to Connie and put his palms on the tree. She looked terrified and there was nothing he could do to protect. He wished that he had not actually tied her wrists, but he had no way to know what was coming. He decided that even untied, their situation would not be improved.

“Jonesy, tie his hands like the miss’s there.” Pops ordered.

Jonesy had red hair cut close and stood almost a foot taller than Pops. Taking some rope from the couple’s car he tied Matt’s hands to the tree at the same height as Connie’s. When he was finished he looked Matt in the eyes and smiled while he reached a hand down cupped Connie’s left breast as it hung below her.

“God Dammit, I’ll kill you!” Matt roared.

“You’ll do whatever we say!” Pops yelled, yanking Jonesy back and stepping in. He dragged his heel through the dirt in front of the tree. “Now, hubby, get your feet on that line. And if you come off that line, we’ll kill your wife.”

Pops stepped back where Matt could not see him. A moment later Matt felt the first stinging touch of the switch his wife had found. Matt squinted at the fire the switch left on his bare ass, but it was quickly back as a series of stinging blows fell. Connie begged and begged the man to stop while Matt struggled to hold his feet on the line and not move.

Jonesy came forward, fumbling with his pants, “Time to shut this bitch up!”

The others laughed as the red-haired man pressed his semi-hard prick against Connie’s cheek.

“Suck on that bitch, we don’t stop till you do.”

Connie wanted to scream and yell and fight. But she knew Matt would pay for it. Reluctantly she leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. Jonesy was hard almost instantly, and he grabbed the back of her hair and guided her up and down his shaft. He was almost the same size as Matt, a little above average in length and thickness.

Matt’s ass was on fire and Pops just kept coming with the switch. He started on the backs of Matt’s thighs as well, leaving red streaks all over his backside. Matt’s legs were spread apart for balance and sometimes the switch just kiss the back of his balls, almost making him leap off the line.

Jonesy pulled his cock from Connie’s mouth and moved away. He walked over to the SUV and grabbed a bottle of coconut suntan oil from the tailgate. He lubricated his hard dick oil as he walked back to the tree.

Fear for Connie made Matt shut his eyes. His wife was about to be raped right beside him and he was powerless. The shock almost forced him off the line when he felt the man’s hands grab his ass and, with a single thrust, bury it in Matt’s virgin ass. Matt cried out as the muscle was forced wide to accept the rape. After the first thrust, Jonesy left it there for a minute, feeling Matt’s sphincter ring pulse and contract on his prick.

“Jesus, Jonesy!” Pops laughed. “I really thought you were gonna do that to her,” he laughed, jerking his thumb toward Connie.

“Well, I was Pops,” he replied, grinning, “but seeing ‘m here like this just reminded me of bein’ back inside. I just wanted it, for old time’s sake.”

Matt and Connie didn’t know it, but these men, and their eight buddies back up the mountain were a group of ex-cons on a sort of annual reunion. The twelve men had spent years together in the penitentiary. Each had been convicted of some sort of sex crime and each had unique and bizarre tastes. They had made a pact to meet each year, often here in these mountains, for a couple of weeks of fun. They would kidnap some woman from nearby town make her their slave. If she cooperated, they would release her before they disappeared out of state. If she didn’t cooperate, well, either way they had their fun.

But here was a bonus. They had their victim for the year back up the mountain. This couple stumbling into their hands was the first time they would have multiple slaves for their enjoyment.

Jonesy slowly slid his cock back, savoring the tightness of Matt’s asshole. He stopped just before the head popped out, and pushed it forward again, a little faster, making Matt groan. He then began fucking Matt in earnest.

“Well you guys can stand here watchin’ Jonesy if you want to,” said the blond headed man. “But I’m gonna try some of this.”

“Do it, to it, Carter!” Pops encouraged. Carter walked up behind Connie and dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock was already hard from the show Jonesy was putting on. He licked two fingers and reached down to rub the moisture on Connie’s cunt before he took her, but stopped as his fingers found the sopping wetness between her legs.

“Fella’s, this bitch is soaking wet. Asks to be spanked and gets all hot and horny when she’s getting’ raped!” The men all laughed while Carter positioned his cock between Connie’s pussy lips and entered her. “She’s like my dream girl. Darlin’, you want to get married?” He teased. “Wait a minute, you're already married!”

They all laughed hard at this while Jonesy kept pounding Matt’s ass and Carter fucked Connie’s shaved little cunt. Carter was bigger than Jonesy and stretched her pussy as he rammed into her. After just a few more minutes, Jonesy gave a throaty growl and began jetting sperm into Matt’s hole. Matt thought that he would finally pull out of him, but instead Jonesy left his prick balls-deep inside him, letting it soften.

Carter soon did the same to Connie, shooting her full of his cum, then pulling out of her with a wet, sucking sound as his come poured out of her.

The black man now walked up to the group, working at his belt with one hand while reaching under Connie to squeeze a nipple with the other.

“Now its my turn.” He said, but Pops brought him up short.

“Keep it in your pants, Harris,” he said. “I want some too, but we gotta get back to the cabin. Carter and Jones, since you got your fun, you get to stay here and make this camp and that SUV disappear. Harris and I are going to take these two on up.”

Untying the couple from the tree, the two men lead them up a trail into the hills. The couple held hands but did not speak as they were lead along by the neck, both naked, and both with a stranger’s sticky semen oozing down their thighs.

More to come…….

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