tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Family's Story Ch. 01

A Family's Story Ch. 01


In July of last year, while driving home from a family vacation through rural Georgia, we decided on a whim to that it would be "retro" to visit a local county fair that we had seen advertised on billboards along the way. We all laughed at the "characters" we'd surely encounter in the hick town that the fair was located in. But this little stopover turned out to be much, much more than that. It became an encounter that changed our lives in ways I could never have conceived.

It all started innocently enough. My son Jeremy had noticed some signs along the highway advertising mud wrestling and a monster truck event and both he and his twin sister, Amber, begged to us to stop and see what it was all about. Amber, like me, certainly had no interest in either event, but she was just vain enough to be bored driving around with no one looking at her. She is a little full of herself, admittedly, but I guess I'm somewhat to blame since I'm constantly telling her how stunning she looks.

We'd stopped really on a whim, I guess, but once Jeremy saw the packed crowd of local high school and college kids he was definitely tuned in. At eighteen, he thought of himself as a stud, a babe magnet, and I have to say that I agreed with him. Tall and nicely built, he had what some might consider an over-confident, even arrogant air about him, but as I've always said, if you've got it why hide it. The crowd of unsophisticated rubes at this ridiculous county fair would be no match for him!

Amber, his sister, has never ever shied away from competition of that sort either, and there was certainly no reason she ever should. Believe me, it's not likely she'd ever lose a sex-appeal contest, and like I said, I've told her so. She is already simply stunning. Like her mother, she blossomed early and at eighteen was already literally spilling out of her D cup and well on her way to the double D cup I wear. Her tiny waist and the kind of long, slender legs only a teenager possesses coupled with what can only be called a bosom that would be spectacular even on a full-grown woman, make heads turn everywhere she goes. She is truly breathtaking. And she knows it. She is also a total flirt. Again, my fault I suppose.

Amber is a few inches taller than I am, but neither one of us is particularly tall, but that's our only shortcoming, believe me. We both have luxurious blonde hair and breathtaking figures, and no one has ever complained about the rest of the package either. If I seem a little conceited, well, it's for good reason. We are certainly not an average-looking family. I've taught Amber that we are physically blessed and that men and some women get great pleasure out of looking at people like us, so she should never be shy or ashamed about showing her assets to the world.

My husband, Bill, is perhaps the least like us. He's a great guy who works extremely hard and has managed to make more money than either of us could have ever imagined while growing up together poor in the Mississippi Delta. We're certainly not poor any longer, and I finally have the life and belongings that I was meant for. God doesn't make someone like me and leave her poor and unseen, that's what I've always thought! But Bill doesn't really seem to understand that. He's constantly criticizing me for letting Amber dress so "provocatively," as he puts it. He even suggests that my own dress goes a bit too far at times. He was in that mood today.

"Do you see the looks your daughter is getting," he said to me, as Amber sauntered on ahead, flipping her hair off of her face while proudly showing her charms to the local rubes, who surely had never seen a body or face that stunning in rural Georgia.

"She's beautiful. Why wouldn't they look," I replied.

"They're ogling her, Candice," Bill stated shortly. "Can't you a least get her to pull her top up a little? And you might do that, too," he said, looking at what I admit was my perhaps risque display of flesh.

"She's an attractive young girl, Bill, and men enjoy looking at her. There's nothing I can do about that. Just let her have fun. And let me have fun, too," I sniffed. "You don't always have to be such a prude. The guys who are looking are just enjoying the sight of two attractive, sexy women. It's very natural," I added with a huff, and refused to pull my top up.

"She's not a woman! She's eighteen, for Christ's sake," he snorted. "And she shouldn't be a grown man's wet dream!"

"God, Bill, you are so middle class!" was all I could think to say.

Amber did look exceptionally sexy that afternoon, it was true. We were both wearing blue, midriff baring tube tops, and very tight, very short white miniskirts. Amber was wearing her top dangerously low, and I'll admit the way I was wearing mine wasn't much different. We had naturally attracted a nice little crowd of male admirers. It was sexy, sure, and it was also fun.

I loved the way Amber performed in front of her "fans," even if Bill didn't, and I enjoyed my own growing group of gawkers as well. We both know how to do this stuff, and I know a lot of guys were just drooling over both of us. And why not! We're both teases, I guess, but I see nothing wrong with that. It gives guys who could never ever get girls like us something to dream about, right? It's sort of charity.

"You see those two older guys there?" Bill said, pointing to two ugly rednecks who appeared to be in their mid thirties, roughly our own age. "They've been following Amber almost since we got here," he scowled.

I had noticed them, and I had noticed them blatantly checking me out as well. They were one of the reasons I wasn't pulling my top up. Why not tease them a little, I thought. "Oh, they're harmless," I said, laughing. "I doubt they've ever seen anything as hot as our daughter out here in the sticks."

Or as hot as you," he replied, but maybe not in a very complimentary way. "Pull your top up, for Christ's sake."

I just ignored him. It had really, really irked me that he hadn't noticed those two guys checking me out as well as Amber. I mean did he really think Amber was the only one with a hot body? I can still attract a crowd, too, and I was determined to prove it! I certainly was not going to pull my top up now! In fact, I slyly nudged it down a little more.

Amber and I continued our competitive flirting, but after an hour or so, we both had grown bored parading around the fairgrounds for the locals to stare at, so we told Bill we were ready to leave, and despite Jeremy's need to "score," we all walked off toward the parking lot to resume our trip home. I could see that Bill was very thankful to be leaving.

Bill was repacking some things in the trunk and I was looking through a suitcase to find a tee shirt to wear in the air conditioned car, which Bill always keeps too cold. Amber and I had just slipped into the tee shirts and slithered out of our tube tops, when I heard someone behind us demand that I show them my "tits."

Astonished at the outrageous remark, I turned around to see the two men Bill had pointed out to me an hour earlier. They were obviously more than a little drunk and even more obviously aroused.

"What did you say?!" I said incredulously.

"I said why don't you and that sweet little thing over yonder shows us your tits," he slurred.

The other one just grinned.

"Don't talk to them," Bill said nervously. "Just get in the car."

"Now don't ya'll go all nasty on us. We just tryin' to be friendly," the drunk said, spitting a spray of brown liquid through the yellow gap in his teeth. "Your woman and that sweet little thing over there got a really nice rack on 'em, and we just think it would be right friendly of y'all to give us a little peek," he said to Bill while leering openly at me.

"And maybe just a little feel of that young one's pussy, too," said the other, the bigger of the two, who had assumed a very menacing pose.

"Get in the car!" Bill said again.

"You are disgusting," I said haughtily. "Neither I nor my daughter would ever have anything to do with trash like you two. God, just the idea of it makes me sick!"

"Get in the goddamn car," Bill said again abruptly.

I did as he asked, but not without first giving those two horrid low-class jerks a quick little glimpse of the "tits" they would never have. As we drove off, I noticed one of them on his cell phone as I flipped them my middle finger out the window.

"I should have kicked their asses," Jeremy said as we drove away, "And I would have if Dad hadn't driven off so quickly.

"I know you would have, Honey," I said. "It's really lucky for them that we left," I added, patting his knee.

"They were just like so disgusting," Amber snorted. Still, I noticed her nipples had hardened beneath her flimsy tee shirt. I felt a strange adrenalin rush as well. "They thought they could ever have anything like us?" Amber concluded, tossing her hair back over her shoulder. "As if!"

"We wouldn't have had any of this trouble if you two would keep yourself covered," Bill said a bit testily. We let his remark pass. It was hardly our fault. We were just being what we are. They were simply trash who thought they could intimidate us.

Ten or fifteen minutes later, our nerves had calmed down some and life was returning to normal. We were chatting about where we should stop for dinner when Bill noticed a squad car with its lights on coming up behind us.

"Oh, shit," Bill exclaimed, slowing down to let the police car pass us, "I think he wants us to stop."

"Well, wouldn't that just be the perfect ending to the day," I said.

Hoping that the police car was going somewhere else, Bill pulled over only to see the squad car pull in directly behind us. A few minutes later, a very large man with a belly the size of a beer keg came ambling up to the car.

"Howdy folks," he smiled. "I'm Sheriff Mallory. Mind if I have a look at your driver's license and registration?"

"Sure," Bill replied, reaching for his wallet. "What are we being stopped for?" he added in a somewhat peevish tone.

"Oh, it's probably nothing," the sheriff said, smiling first at me then at Amber in the backseat. Her boobs looked even larger unrestrained beneath the clingy tee. His smile and stare seemed to linger a long time on her chest. "Got a call from a couple a good ol' boys down the county fair, said some folks from out of town were rude to them and then tried to run 'em over with their car. Got a license number. Know anything about that?"

"What?!" Bill said in astonishment. "Did they tell you what they said to us?"

"Well, no they didn't."

"Well, I'll tell you what they said," I offered angrily. "They made some very lewd remarks to my daughter and me. They were both very vulgar men and they should be arrested!" I added indignantly. The sheriff's eyes now lingered on my chest.

"I have no doubt, ma'am. I know those boys and they're never up to much good. But I gotta follow up on what they said. It's the law. If you don't mind following me up the road just a bit, we can get this all straightened out. Likely it'll be those boys accompanying me back to the county jail, I imagine. They been there many times before. So if you don't mind, just take a minute of your time. Have you back on the road in no time," he said smiling.

"Is this really necessary?" Bill asked.

"'Fraid it is, sir. I just want this to get cleared up and everybody back about their business."

"Will we have to actually see them again?" I asked. "They were just so disgusting and low class. They are not the kind of people we care to have anything at all to do with. Can't you just arrest them for the way they behaved to us?"

"Soon as you identify them, ma'am, I'll do just that."

"They were ugly, too," Amber pouted from the backseat.

"Yes, ma'am," he said, nodding to Amber. "That's true. Now, if y'all just follow me down the road apiece we'll get this all taken care of," the sheriff said, smiling at Amber and me while doffing his hat and striding slowly back to his car.

The sheriff made a U turn, and Bill reluctantly followed him.

"Jesus Christ," Bill exclaimed. "Remind me never to stop in the sticks again."

About four or five miles down the road, the sheriff turned onto a rutted, gravel road that turned first into a wooded area and then into a meadow with a shack attached to a barn building next to it. The sheriff got out of his car and beckoned us to do the same. Bill was hesitant, but I just said, "Let's do this and get out of here. I really won't mind seeing them get in trouble for what they did," I added with a smirk.

"And I'd like to kick their asses!" Jeremy added.

"I don't know," Bill said, hesitating. "This doesn't seem right. I don't think this is proper procedure."

I was already out of the car and angry at all of those low lifes for interrupting my day, and in no mood for Bill's ridiculous hesitation. Sometimes his maddening caution about everything is just exasperating. "Jesus Christ, Bill. I'll just go take care of it myself then," I said irritably. "I can identify them all by myself!"

Bill got out then, followed by Amber and Jeremy, and we walked up to the porch were the sheriff awaited us.

"Come on inside, folks. Just take a minute," he said.

The room was sparsely finished and littered with the sort of trash that single men live with. The two disgusting men we had encountered were sitting at a long table in the middle of the room amid a clutter of beer cans and whiskey bottles. They were both smoking nonchalantly.

"These the folks that disrespected you, Billy Ray?" the sheriff said to the bigger of the two men.

"Sure enough is," he replied, looking me up and down. "We asked real nice like if these beautiful young women would be so gracious as to show us they tits and they just flat out refused. Said we weren't good enough to see city tits!"

"That true?" the sheriff asked Bill. "Seems a might unfriendly to me."

"Let's go," Bill said, beckoning to me and the kids to leave immediately.

Suddenly, the sheriff slammed his nightstick into Bill's solar plexus, and as he lay writhing on the floor gasping for air, he kicked him hard in the gut. He put his boot on the side of his head and coolly said, "I'm not done here, son. I need to hear a bit more."

Amber, Jeremy and I were stunned, unable to say a word, and for the first time afraid.

"You see, son," the sheriff said calmly to Bill, "around here when a man asks to share something that another man has, specially if what he's got is something fine and pretty like what you got here, it's customary to let him have a little taste. Like if you had yourself a fine old Kentucky bourbon and wouldn't let another man have a little nip, or a fine rifle and wouldn't let him shoot it, or a fine horse and wouldn't let him ride. That's just plain ol' disrespectful," he said, pulling Bill to his feet and handcuffing him to a chair.

"Now boys," he said, "'xactly what was it ya'll wanted? To see these fine women's tits? Well, let's get 'er done and let these fine folks get on their way."

Bill was still gasping for breath in the chair he was handcuffed to. I was more upset at the moment than frightened, and had decided that if all they wanted was a peep show, I'd give it to them so we could leave. Right now was the time to cooperate, I thought. We could report it to the proper authorities later.

"Boy," the sheriff said, pointing to Jeremy. "Why don't you get those shirts off a them two fine womens and let these two boys have a look see at those big fine melons," he said cordially. "Hurry up now," he added with a hint of malice.

Jeremy looked at me perplexed. "Just do it," I mouthed to him, hoping to end this disaster as soon as possible.

The sheriff ordered both Amber and me to turn toward those two disgusting pigs that caused all this, and instructed Jeremy to remove his sister's shirt first and then his mother's.

I watched Jeremy as he approached Amber from the rear and slowly lift her shirt over her head. The sight was dramatic. Amber stood there, her incredibly flawless breasts jutting from her impossibly perfect body. I was proud of her. She made no effort to cover herself. She knew she was superior to the trash leering at her, and she stated that with her poise.

"Look at the tits on that little bitch, Jelly," the one called Billy Ray said. "Bet they mighty tasty, too, don't you think?"

"I'm going to have me a taste right soon," Jelly answered. "Tell you then."

"How 'bout you, Jeter," Billy said to the sheriff.

"Why I might be talked into a little taste myself," he laughed. "Now boy, let's have a look at your mama's fine tits."

I felt Jeremy move behind me, and as he lifted my shirt, he very casually but very certainly cupped my breasts before pulling the shirt from my body, revealing them to our captors.

"Motherfucker!" Jelly exclaimed. "What a fucking rack. Those fuckers real? I never seen a rack that size with no sag at all on a old bitch like 'at. Holy shit, man, I want my dick between those fucking cans!"

I hated him for calling me old, I'm barely 36, but as I stood there listening to these cretins describe my body, all I could really think about is what I felt certain was Jeremy's deliberate embrace of my breast when he removed my shirt. And that coupled with Jelly's crazy rant must have excited me somewhat because I could feel my nipples involuntarily begin to harden slightly. Oddly, it was this excitement that gave me some courage to confront these disgusting men.

"Are you satisfied now?" I said contemptuously, proudly exhibiting myself to their leering stares, just as Amber had done. "May we leave now?"

"What do you think, boys?" the sheriff asked. "You satisfied now? You got a good look at those ladies' fine tits. Okay for them to mosey on?"

"Well, Jeter," the one called Jelly said with a drawl, "I don't feel particularly satisfied right now. Seems all the trouble and embarrassment those ladies caused us, might need a little more satisfaction. What do you think, Billy Ray."

"I guess I do agree, Jelly. Might need to see a little pussy, too. Jeter, why don't you ask that young man do us the great pleasure of showing us his mama's and his sister's pussy."

"Son," the sheriff said grimly. "Looks like these boys need a little more satisfaction. Why don't you get those tight little skirts off of your mama and sister and see if that might satisfy these here boys."

Jeremy seemed quite a bit less reluctant than I expected. Shockingly, he appeared almost eager. I watched first in surprise at how quickly and willingly he slipped Amber's tight little skirt down over her hips, and then felt even more surprise and some pride as Amber stepped out of her skirt and again stood unflinching in front of our dreadful audience. She didn't move at all when Jeremy pulled her thong down to reveal her naked body to her repulsive audience.

I was again so proud of her. Amber's body was absolute perfection, but it's odd what your mind does in situations like that. Upon seeing that Amber keeps herself completely shaved, as I do, I marveled at how similar our feelings about our bodies must be. Like me, she pays a lot of attention to the way she looks nude and understands and appreciates the sleekness that only a completely shaved body can attain. I realized with great satisfaction that we both take the same deep pride in our bodies. Like mother like daughter, as the old saying goes!

But at the same time, and even odder feeling occurred. A surprisingly competitive spirit begin to arise in me. Amber had an exceptional figure, no doubt. Large firm breasts enhanced by a waspish waist and the impossibly long legs that only an eighteen-year-old girl can possess made her an obvious object of desire. But now, suddenly, I realized how much I also wanted Jeremy to strip me and display me to these awful rednecks. Amber was young, beautiful and sexy, but I knew that even at 36 I had a body that could easily compete with hers. That stupid Jelly might think I'm "old" but I was pretty sure my naked body would be competitive. And now, even in this dangerous situation, I welcomed the competition!

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