tagGroup SexA First Taste

A First Taste


As I walk through the sea of naked bodies I wonder how I got here... I bet the Sisters at Our Lady of the Mound didn't envision me being the "Lady lapping up the mounds!" Neither did I. I really was once a nice Catholic school girl, as cliché as that sounds.

When my husband, Shawn, and I started talking about other people, it was exciting just to even think about being with someone else. We would share our secret fantasies, just to spice things up. After three years of marriage and two kids, I finally got up the nerve to ask for more nipple action; so confessing my attraction toward women was a REALLY big deal.

When I told him that I longed to know what it would be like to make out with a woman, to feel her naked breasts pressed up against mine... I got so wet I could barely sit still. "And," I whispered," I want to spread my lips apart and feel her glide her tongue up and down the folds of my labia before she flicks my clit and plunges her tongue into my pussy." "Oh my fucking god," he said, before embracing me. We fucked until I was screaming like a banshee that night. That was three years ago.

Tonight, I find myself looking for a place to sit and recover, but all the places to sit are covered with bodies or some form of sticky wetness. So I could sit on naked flesh, or I could sit on the wet spot. Not tempting. So I'll just stand here, for a minute, watching the room writhe.

I walk into the open kitchen and have coffee with a naked couple from Omaha. Her ass was red, from the many lashes she took. And he looked hard enough to go again. He offered to strip me down and spank me, but I freaked out just a little. Ok, break's over. Time for me to find my dear husband.

"I guess I'm overdressed," I say when I come upon my shirtless husband. "My new friends were kind enough to help me fit in," he quips, "are you ready for us to help you out?" I'm getting there, but my panties aren't wet enough yet, and I'm kind of liking the attention I'm getting in my skirt. Before I respond he slides behind me, cupping my breast, then gives my right nipple a little tweak. Standing in front of me were Chelsea, a bottled blonde with fake tits, her older husband, Ric, and a redheaded firecrotch named Rita.

Chelsea steps in and shoves her tongue down my throat. I tense up, but Shawn calms me down with sweet kisses on my head and neck. His kisses then turn lusty, as he knows how to kiss my neck well enough to ruin a good pair of panties. "NMmmm." I start moaning and breathing harder. Rita comes up and kisses me gently. Wow. She's warm and soft and natural. I just melt into her. I melt, it's unbelievable! Now I have Shawn kissing my neck and Rita making love to my lips with hers and I am in HEAVEN! Ric and Chelsea start making out too. Shawn whispers in my ear, "Are you ok?" I quickly nod, not wanting to let go of Rita's tongue. "Can I undo a button?" I say yes, barely pausing from the sweet lips in front of me. He paws at a button on my white shirt with his big hands, fumbling a little, before exposing my cleavage a little more. I'm starting to get into the attention being lavished upon me. "You are so sexy, baby!" God, I love it when he gives me low growls like that! I feel myself get flush.

Chelsea looks up from Ric and comments, "aw, how cute, honey, look... she's blushing!" Yeah, that didn't help the heat go away from my face. I give her a coy look, before Chelsea comes over to me and starts playing with my hair. I didn't think I liked her, but oooh, that felt nice! My scalp gets all tingly and the tingles move their way down my back, giving me quite a shudder!

I hear Ric moan and look up and he's grinding on Chelsea from behind, kissing and biting her neck, like a lion. And he's looking at me while he's moaning. I'm not sure which of us is actually making him moan like that, but I discover I like it.

I realize that we're in the middle of the open space and people have turned to watch us. I turn bright read, uneasy with THIS much attention. Shawn sees me and guides our group over to a corner, still by a window, but more secluded from our previous spot. "There baby, you can let go now," he bolsters.

"Here I'll help," she says as Rita drops to her knees in front of me. This beautiful girl sticks her head under my skirt and surrounds my underwear clad pussy with her warm, wet mouth. "Ngnnnnnnnn!"

"I think she likes it," Chelsea teases. I'm coming around, I think I like her too, now. "I... think... so...mmmm." Hearing me moan, Ric pushes Chelsea up against the floor to ceiling window, her bare ass pressed against the glass. Dick in hand, he also drops to suckle her clit as he strokes himself.

"May I," my husband asks as he tugs at the waistband of my skirt? I began to nod, but then sweet Rita grabbed his hand and tossed it away. "She's shy, the skirt can stay on. Besides... I like it. But may I have permission to take your soaked panties off and really make you moan?" We offer in tandem, "Yes." "Oh, yes. P... please..." It is getting hard for me to think and speak at this point so I finally give in to the pleasure I'm feeling.

"Ungh! Ah! Oh!" Chelsea is moaning loudly next to me, trying hard not to move, as she knows she's pressed against the window with Ric lapping her up below.

Oh god! Ohgodohgodohgod! There she goes! Rita's taking off my panties. This beautiful red head is taking off my panties! Oh my god, I'm getting red and wet and I don't care! I look over at my husband, playing with himself. He smiles back at me and tweaks my nipples.

Rita looks up at me with these huge innocent looking eyes and caringly asks, "are you ready?" "Yes, " I whisper. "You're ready to let go and cum for me?" "Yes, please... oh my god, Rita, yes! I want it." I tune everything out, even Chelsea's screams next to me.

She stares at my pussy, trimmed, but still fuzzy. Rita pets it gently, before running her finger down the length of my lips. Oh... And back up. Ah... Then she takes the labia and spreads them apart with both hands, which results in her pinning me to the wall with her forearms. Shawn takes this cue and takes my hands from her hair and holds them above me with one hand as he strokes himself with the other. I'm scared, but I trust him. And I feel soooo good!

Rita looks up at me, past my breasts, to watch my reaction as she first touches her tongue to my clit! "Aihhhhh!" I start bucking, but Rita and Shawn have me secure against the wall. This excites me even more! She removes her tongue, just for a second and then goes back again. "Mmmmm..."

She must have loved the reaction, because she did that several more times before flicking my clit with her tongue back and forth really fast. Oh! That's so intense! Oh my god! I am so wet, I feel myself dripping. I think Rita noticed.

Rita then takes her tongue and runs it the length of my pussy. "Mmmm," she says, "I like the way you taste!" I'm moaning right along with her. And I notice the couple next to us are moaning too!

She pulls back for a moment as she plunges her tongue deep into my aching, throbbing, wanton slit! "Mmmmmm... Ahhh.... Ohh...," I moan and pant and bare down as I quiver and come upon the hungry tongue of this beautiful girl. She finishes lapping up my juices, ever so gently, before kissing my pussy, putting my skirt down and wiping her mouth with my panties.

Mmmmmm.... I'm ready to explore more and return the favor...

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