tagBDSMA Forced Good Deed

A Forced Good Deed


(Many thanks to the people who preread this one as well as all the other stories I write. Thanks especially to Magical Hands for the challenge and AvailableSlave4U for double checking the essentials. As usual in this storyline, I am writing from the female point of view. It can stand alone although reading the first two may be a good idea(My Good Deed and Another Good Deed respectively.)


It wasn't as if I ever thought I would avoid someone discovering my secret. All the one night stands and fantasy fulfillments that I do were breeding the opportunity for someone in the quiet town I live in to discover my secret. Through all the pains I went through to ensure the image of the sweet church organist who loved to volunteer at the local elementary schools and such, there was a feeling that one day my secret life would be exposed. The way it was brought to light was even more thrilling than the actual double life was.

One night, I finished up a "helping" session with another one of my web partners. He came by on a business retreat and sought me out so that I could "nurse" him. I so love the nursing fantasy. I love the way my tits look in that adult nursing outfit and the way the short skirt showed so much of my long, gorgeous legs. I love the way I must look as I take the "patient's" temperature with his own thermometer and the way he moans as my mouth encloses his. I love the way these men seem to just lift my skirt and plunge their hardened cocks into my needy pussy for "treatment". I do also love the way they insist that they shower my tits with their spunk as payment for my "services". I can be such a slut sometimes.

As my last patient slept, I went into the bathroom and cleaned up before wrapping myself in my trench coat and walking the block away to my car. I didn't expect to see the note under my windshield wiper in plain sight. I wondered if it was a parking ticket, but knew that the officers wouldn't be out on a week night. I opened the note and saw a picture of my mouth on the dick of a previous patient. The note attached said that if I wanted the rest of the pictures, I would email the attached address for instructions. Otherwise, the person would send the pictures to my minister to expose me to the town. I was frightened to say the least.

I drove home carefully just in case I was still being watched. I arrived home a little while later to see another note similar to the other one on my door. It showed a picture of my naked ass riding the same patient. The note repeated what the first one said. I cursed at myself for not being clever enough to avoid detection as I turned the key and walked in. After shedding my trench coat, I walked to my room and removed the nurse outfit before changing into a T shirt and gray sweat pants. I then walked to my bar to pour myself a stiff drink before I sat down at my desk and logged on.

I carefully entered in the web address that was on the notes and replied how I wanted to know who they were and why they were doing it. A few moments later, the returning email instructed me to add a screen name to my Yahoo Messenger. I did exactly as instructed with fingers trembling, images of my embarrassment before my minister and being driven out of town flashing before my eyes. After adding the screen name, the asshole popped online and asked me what I was wearing.

I replied to him on screen that I have no idea who he was, but I didn't share that information with strangers. His reply was how that was too bad and how before the week was out, he was going to be serviced like all the other lucky guys I have done. He then started telling me on IM how he has seen me fucking out of towners at the hotel and how easy it was to take pictures without using a flash. He then began complimenting me on my form and how well I seemed to suck off all my "patients".

I responded back that what I did on my own time was my own business and how I would go to the police to report him for stalking. He then responded how the police were a joke in our town and how embarrassing the evidence would be in court. I felt the tears begin to well up before he commanded me to cam up. I refused, but he responded that if I didn't that the minister would have his evidence by the next morning. So I submitted and turned on the web cam. The response from my black mailer was that he expected to see me naked.

I responded how I don't do that for total strangers before he told me to remove my shirt. I started to object, but realized that he held the power. So I slowly removed the T shirt so my breasts were visible. He responded by typing in how hot I looked shirtless and how much fun we were going to have. I could feel myself loosen up a little before I remembered that I was being black mailed. He then commanded me to stand up and remove my pants slowly so he could see my ass. I quietly turned around and bent over before pulling down my sweat pants and stepping out of them. There I stood naked before a total stranger who had my future in his hands. After I turned back around, I sat and typed out what else did the person want. There was a long pause before the person responded. His next command was that I was to meet him at a different address wearing nothing but my trench coat. He then logged off before I had a chance to respond.

I wrote down the address and grabbed my trench coat before walking out the door naked except for the coat and my slip on shoes. As I turned on the car, I looked at the address again and noticed it. It was the church. Immediately, I freaked. I was so afraid of getting caught there by my minister or his wife. Then I realized that either way I was going to be screwed whether that night or the next morning. I drove carefully in the dark to the address where there was a note similar to the previous two on the chapel door.

I walked over carefully and took the note to read it. It instructed me to walk behind the church and wait by the back entrance. I walked back to my car to grab my flashlight. As I turned it on, I walked quietly, scared at what was to happen next. I saw that the back entrance was open and I walked in. As I walked around looking in the church office, a voice told me to stop and turn off my flashlight. I flashed it in the direction the voice was coming from and saw nothing but wall. I then turned off the light and felt someone grab me. The whisper told me to keep quiet or we would get caught.

I then felt my jacket opened and my nipples exposed to the air as they hardened instantaneously. I then heard the voice tell me to let my jacket fall as his arm let me go. I turned towards his direction before letting my coat drop. Then I demanded that he show himself. He whispered that he would in a moment before a flash went off. I was stunned before the light turned on and the son of the minister sat there smiling with Polaroid in hand. I took a look at him scowling as his cock was already sticking out of his zipper already.

As he stood there, he walked towards me before he grinned again. I knew the preacher's son for years and I knew he had been home from college for a few weeks. The way I remembered, he just turned nineteen as well. He was slender, which compared to some of my recent partners was pretty scrawny. Even his penis looked small, maybe only six inches. As he walked over, he began to shake the picture in front of me until I saw clearly the naked picture of me. I looked at him before he commanded me to go on my knees.

I felt wetness between my legs as I began to kneel. There was so much sexual tension in the air that I felt myself get rather turned on by the whole situation. In my mind, I decided that if I was going to be run out of town that I was going to make sure I would have fun doing it. I started to play with his dick in my hands, slowly licking it until I felt his hand on the back of my hand. He pushed me onto his dick, his whole shaft in my mouth almost hitting the back of my throat. As I tried to respond, his hips began to thrust a little as I started to gag. He didn't relent as he slid out a little before thrusting his hips more. I was imagining lying on that floor in a heap when he was finished with no recollection of pleasure before his shaft began spitting in my mouth.

I started swallowing as much as I could. I was unsure what his motives were as I felt his dick pulse a few more times before he abruptly pulled his dick out and sat in his father's chair, crying. I slowly swallowed the rest of his seed before standing up and walking over to him. My hand touched his shoulder and he shied away. It was then I realized that his dick shot too soon, much sooner than he realized in his imagination. I pulled up another chair and sat down so I could talk to him.

"You're upset because it wasn't supposed to end like this," I asked him. He nodded.

"I was supposed to make you do more things, so many more. I needed to lose before I went back."

"Lose? You have pictures of me doing God knows what and you were using them against me. I hardly would say you were losing."

"No, you were supposed to help me lose my virginity." This shocked me. Sure the boy was scrawny, but he wasn't ugly. In fact he was handsome like his father although the thought of fucking his dad never crossed my mind.

So, you were going to lose your virginity before you went back to school."

"Yeah, college girls don't date non-virgins." It was then I figured out how to get what I wanted while saving my secret life. Without warning, I bent down and took his flaccid dick into my hands and began coddling it. The more I played with it, the more it hardened in my grasp before the man's face looked at me.

"What are you doing?" he asked in shock.

"Well, Junior, you fucked up. You went through a crap load of trouble to get me to fuck you, but your dick needs more convincing. Tell you what. I am going to help you out this once, but the price will be all the pictures you shot of me and the assurance that all of them will be deleted from your computer. In return, I am going to shut off the light and make sure this office is the site of your lost virginity. Deal?"

He reached behind him and turned off the light before he tried to speak again. I shushed him before I lowered my mouth to his dick. I started licking the head of it as his hand reached for my head before I stopped.

"No, you never put your hand on a women's head when they are about to blow you. You let them do it because the ones who love to do it will suck you willingly. You understand?" He responded by removing his hand and I went back to sucking him off. My mouth began to inhale his member slowly. I took my time to savor it knowing full well that every college slut on campus would be compared to me in his mind. I started humming as I sucked just to drive him crazier. The technique worked to perfection as I had him hard enough in a few minutes before I stood up.

"What are you doing?" he asked before I shushed him again. I straddled him on the chair and slowly rubbed his cock all over my clit.

"This is how you lose your virginity. This is also how you pleasure the woman for sucking you." I then slowly slid his cock into my pussy and slid down a little before I started bobbing up and down on him. I reached down and grabbed his hands to place them in the right position on my tits before telling him how a woman like a man to pay with her breasts softly. He began to get into it as my pussy went down on his shaft. In my mind, I was imagining how many college sluts would be on the receiving end of that boy's talents and how often he would be thinking of my round tits instead of those college hussies' smaller ones. I was starting to feel myself getting closer to climaxing before I slammed myself down on his shaft. The look in his eyes was priceless before I leaned over and whispered to him.

"You just made me cum. If you treat a woman right, she will cum on you and will almost become putty in your hands. Would you like to know how much I appreciate it?" He seemed to tense up before I rose up from his lap and proceeded to pull the other chair over. Then I knelt down like I was going to pray before reaching behind me and pulling my ass cheeks apart.

"I want you to slide your dick inside me here. Then you are gonna fuck me until you cum in my ass. Now! " He was behind me and attempted to stick it in before I whispered for him to move slower. I then felt it as his dick hit the right place and slowly began to slide inside. In my mind, I imagined how he was going to dominate some of those college sluts and take their asses as his trophies. As he slid in, I felt my ass open. It was the one thing my earlier conquest couldn't do earlier that night and I needed to feel that hot semen in my ass.

It didn't take long for him to climax in my ass. As he pulled out, I turned and took it into my mouth to clean it off before he sat down in the chair exhausted. I stood up and walked to my trench coat to wrap up in. I then leaned over and zipped his pants back up before I leaned in and whispered for him to remember our bargain. As I carefully walked back to my car, I could feel his cum oozing out from behind me before I sat down. I drove off knowing full well that boy would keep my secret.

The next day, I answered the telephone.

"Hi, did you want me to send you all the pictures I took?" It was him.

"Yes, please. Did you have a favorite?" He paused for a moment.

"The one I took last night. Why?"

"I want you to keep that one, but your dad can't see it. Okay?"

"Yes, ma'am. Um...can I ever get another lesson from you again?"

"Depends on how good you can keep a secret. Bye." As I put the receiver down, I felt my secret was safe and I had a fuck toy in that small town I live in. As I finished getting ready to read at the nursing home, I smiled knowing full well that the double life was still alive and well.

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