tagNonHumanA Ghost's Tale Ch. 01

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 01


She walked the silent halls of the old manor. It was her way and all she knew for numberless days. Even her name was just a meaningless echo or a strange scribble on lifeless paper. To her eyes, the halls were as sumptuous and rich as they always have, but she could feel the pull of age and the pang of emptiness.

She didn't see them walk in.

"Michael, don't they say this place is haunted?"

Michael grinned at his young companion. Belinda brushed her dark bangs away from her eyes and adjusted her leather bodice. She only wore it occasionally and forgot how restrictive it could be. Michael grinned and watched her cleavage. They were both dresses in black and leather, celebrating a theme party at their college.

He opened his long black coat like a cape and said in a bad Bela Legosi impression, "Vie ov course it iz haunted..."

"Oh, stop it."

Michael laughed and pulled Belinda into a tight embrace. His hands ran down her back and settled on the bare flesh on small of her back. She purred against his lips as they kissed deeply.

"Bel, you look so damn hot, I've been wanting to fuck you for hours," he said playfully.

Belinda grinned and sashayed back. Michael traced her form starting at her feet. Black patent leather granny boots gave way to thigh high fishnet stockings that didn't tuck under her short mini skirt. Her black bodice pushed her breasts up teasingly as an ankh hung from a black leather choker.

"You gotta catch me first, big boy."

Belinda turned on her heels and dashed up the old stairs.

Michael grinned as he bounded after her.

She felt the teasing laughter, and it shook her from her half remembered reverie. She looked around the halls and sensed a breath of life in the old passageway. Not just a breath of life, but she caught the scent of lust over the layers of dust. Another breath breezed by her, and she suddenly saw the hall.

Not as she wished it, but as it really was. Dull. Lifeless.

Curiosity replaced her empty wanderings and she knew she had to follow.

The breaths spun into a familiar room and she saw a young couple pressed against the wall. His hands were on the girl's body, pawing at her breasts. The girl was pulling at his shirt and trying to rip it open. Their lips were locked together, and then she felt an emptiness, a yearning, she barely remembered.

Michael unhooked Belinda's bodice nimbly and freed her pert breasts as they kiss. His skin felt on fire as she reached under his shirt and raked her nails lightly against his chest. Her nipples were already hard from the tight bodice and they became harder still between his thumb and forefinger. Belinda mewed in delight and rubbed herself against her boyfriend.

"Oh Michael," she purred, "lie down, I want that big cock in my mouth before you fuck me."

Michael quickly spread his coat on the floor and laid down on it. He watched as Belinda teasingly put her index finger into the side of her mouth and squatted. Her miniskirt rose and revealed her wispy lace panties. She went to her hands and knees and arched her back like a cat in heat, spreading her hands and dragging across Michael's chest before grasping his belt. Belinda hurriedly opened his pants as if tearing open wrapping paper.

There was what she wanted: his thick, hard cock.

Belinda grinned impishly as she wrapped her slender fingers around his member. She stroked him softly. Michael took a shuddering breath and gasped at the welcome sensation.

"Oh God you have a beautiful cock," Belinda cooed.

An intense warmth flooded her as she absorbed their lust. It was crippling, and she leaned against the cool wall for support. Long forgotten aches shot through her as distant memories erupted to the surface. She tried to close her eyes, but the emotions and sensations were all the more powerful. She couldn't turn away. Her knees shook as the warmth became more intense.

She watched the girl's black colored lips kiss and tease the young man's manhood. She met the girl's lust filled gaze, though not intended for her. Her hand covered her breast and her other covered her sex.

She moaned silently as the girl started to take the young man with her mouth. The girl bobbed up and down barely able to take in his girth.

She opened her mouth wide and suckled three fingers, mimicking his size. She hoped it would cool her heat, but it only fanned it.

She watched as he brushed his fingers through her hair, and she felt the pull of her own.

"Sweet Jesus, that feels so good...." Michael moaned.

Belinda cooed in response as she continued to work his cock with her moist mouth. She loved his fingers tangling in her long hair. It drove her to new and deeper passions. Her legs squeezed together to hold in her passion. Not yet, she thought.

"Not yet," echoed in her mind.

She slowed her pace and petted her sex gently. She yearned again. She felt alive again. She knew desperation again. And it both thrilled and terrified her. Watching these lovers suddenly was not enough.

She crawled, her legs suddenly too weak to carry her, over and covered the young man's hands with hers. She looked into his passion glazed eyes, and she smiled as she stroked his strong arm. She smiled and licked her lips as she crawled around behind the girl and scented the living girl's sex. It was so sweet and tempting. She couldn't wait any longer. Her tongue extended.

Belinda moaned on Michael's cock. She drifted into one of her fantasies of getting and giving oral sex at the same time. Sometimes it was a man in her dreams. Sometimes it was a woman. Either way, she grew more and more excited and started to truly fuck his cock with her mouth. She gripped his member tightly with her small hand and furiously bobbed up and down, her lips gliding on his shaft.

Michael gasped at Belinda's new pace and started to writhe under her.

"Oh God, Bel!" he exclaimed.

She popped his cock out of her mouth and stood, tearing off her soaked panties and throwing them aside.

"Oh fuck, Michael, I need you inside me!"

Belinda hurriedly straddled Michael's torso and guided his member to her wet, smooth sex. Her eyes closed as her labia wrapped around the tip of Michael's thickness and pressed against her opening. She held her breath as she filled herself with him. Waves of passion rippled up her spine and down her legs as she continued to engulf his manhood. Bel leaned back, letting her hair fall down her back and jutting out her breasts, while she reached up under Michael's shirt and dragged her fingernails along his chest.

Michael spread his hands over Bel's thighs as she rose softly, starting to rock her hips up and down, gripping the young man's cock tightly with her sex. The young woman's eyes fluttered open and closed slowly as she gasped in delight. A long, raspy moan escaped Belinda's pouting lips. She rocked slowly, letting her body adjust to the fullness. Michael's hands felt her thigh muscles flex as she her hips rose and gripped his cock.

She knelt behind the girl, leaned against her back and wrapped her hands around the young woman's torso. The girl's breasts were firm and warm. They felt delightful, and She found herself rising moving in unison with the girl. Slowly rising and falling, like a slow breath.

She looked over the girl's shoulder at the boy. His green eyes were glazed over in passion, but locked on his lover's. A wry grin curled her lips and she began to pet and tease the girl's breasts. The girl gasped and cooed in response and quickened her pace.

"Belinda," Michael growled softly. "Lemme take over."

Belinda smiled and slid off her lover. "How do you want me?" she asked coyly.

Michael grinned as he got to his knees. "On all fours, you naughty little bitch," he said playfully.

Belinda grinned impishly and stretched her body along Michael's coat as if she were a cat. Her knees were together pushing her heart shaped rear high in the air. Her back arched dramatically and her arms stretched outward. Michael fought back the urge to grasp his cock and force himself to orgasm watching her, her legs in fishnets, her black skirt pushed up over her shapely ass. He lightly spanked her once and positioned himself behind her. She cooed sweetly as he pressed his cock between her folds and entered her again.

Michael slowly began to roll his hips. Belinda's sex was wet and willing, taking him in deeply and massaging him. Instinctively he quickened his pace and strengthened his thrusts. Belinda's eyes rolled back as waves over pleasure accompanied each long stroke.

She quickly sat in front of the girl and opened her legs wide. Her sex was near enough that she felt the young woman's pants on her excited womanhood. She watched the couple and felt the unquenchable need to be filled as well. She filled her self with two fingers. Sparks jolted up and down her spine igniting long forgotten impressions of lust and passion. The young man grunts echoed in the room, and she timed her own thrusts to match his.

She watched the girl's lithe body shudder as he crashed into her relentlessly. A greedy thought flashed into her mind. She rose slowly, sauntered over to the boy and nestled in behind him. She reached between his legs and rubbed his scrotum.

"Oh God!" Michael groaned. He gripped Belinda's hips and pistoned her deeply. She yowled in delight and let out a long approving hiss. He felt her sex spasm and quiver as he slammed into her.

"Oh Jesus, Michael," Belinda moaned. "Let me watch you cum... please!"

Michael pulled his cock out, and Belinda crawled around. Her eyes locked on his member, glistening with her juices. He wrapped his hand around his cock and started working it hard. His hand jacked furiously along his shaft, leaving the tip in clear view. Dollops of pre-cum dripped out and fell in heavy droplets.

She gasped and hurried around. His beautiful young cock beckoned her as she lustily locked her lips around his tip. She tasted him. She scented him. She felt his heavy cock head on her tongue and prayed for his release.

"OH!!!!" Michael howled as a heavy spurt of jism jetted out of his cock. He thrust his hips forward, his back arched sharply and his muscles cramped. His hand fell away from his manhood with the third spasm, and he breathed raggedly.

Belinda purred seductively and smiled. She enjoyed watching him cum. Everything from the way his mouth opened to the way his off hand stretches out excited her.

She took his cock deeply into her mouth, savoring the long forgotten taste of a man and even pressing her lips against his torso. Soon, he fell away and she sat, still yearning.

Belinda crawled over and kissed Michael deeply. He brushed back her hair and they fell on the coat, still embracing.

Please... she whispered realizing she was now alone.

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