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A Good Pet


These are just some thoughts of mine on what a pet should do for it’s mistress, I’ve been owned by my mistress for a long while now, and have never been happier. Though you may disagree with my ideas, or may not even feel you need my advice, here it is anyway… I simply feel the need to say it, and this is as good of a place as any.

1. A good pet should always go the extra mile, if she wants something done, do it well or even far better than she expected you too, the pleased look on her face should be enough reward for any pet. This goes for everything from chores she wishes you to do, to sexual acts. Every time mistress wishes you to please her, do it with all your conviction.

2. Learn to Desire her pleasure, learn to -enjoy- making her orgasm even if you’re getting no such treatment yourself. A truly amazing pet is the one that could get off simply by hearing his mistress moan with the pleasure he is giving her… but a good pet would never orgasm without his mistress’ expressed permission of course.

3. Deny her no power, if you aren’t 100% certain you are allowed to do something, then ask mistress politely for permission to do it. She holds your leash, and expects that you wont do anything she doesn’t want you to do. Remember that if mistress doesn’t want you to do something, she has her reasons, and they are good enough for any pet.

4. Learn to enjoy a little pain… as we all make mistakes, sooner or later mistress will have need to punish you, but she will be more pleased if you take your punishment well rather than sobbing like a pansy. Often times handling a “fun” punishment badly can earn a pet a night spent alone on the cold floor, untouched and ignored… which is far worse than any physical pain mistress would willingly inflict.

5. Be open to all kinds of experiences, this may be the second most important. Your mistress likely has diverse sexual desires that you shouldn’t hinder, don’t be afraid to try new things with her, or let her do anything she wants to you… after all, you belong to her, your body is hers to use as she pleases. Remember that as a pet there is no such thing as taboo if it’s what mistress wants… if you find yourself shocked or appalled by any of your mistress’ desires… then perhaps you should -not- be a pet.

6. Make sure that in your mind, her needs are always first. It does not matter that you need something right now, if mistress asked you to do something else. Most mistresses will allow their pets plenty of free time, and other social interactions, jobs or school, which means that the pets needs are served thoroughly as well… but never mistake that as anything more than her being generous, not something to be abused, it’s part of her showing how much she loves you.

7. Have good control of yourself and great willpower, only very few mistresses would allow their pets to orgasm at their own leisure, and to most it would be a grievous insult to them to orgasm without their permission. You are her toy to tease and torment as she wants, for her own pleasure, and when you are a good pet…then she may allow you pleasure of your own beyond that gained simply from serving her.

8. Be open to sudden change… many evenings mistress may not want a pet… she may simply want her lover, or maybe even reverse roles entirely so she can be submissive herself for a while. Though this may be difficult sometime for a good pet who is so used to being subservient to her, but a pet should be able to do it without question, after all, it’s still giving her what she needs, putting her first in a round about way.

9. Finally, Always, always make sure your mistress knows just how much you love her. She is very special, and needs to be reminded of that as much as possible, you are her loyal pet, and will never leave her side, never hurt her, never let her down. This is the most important part of being a pet, beyond all else, good or naughty… it’s the loving pet who is kept for eternity.

Good luck in serving your own mistress if you have been claimed, if you haven’t, and you’ve ever felt the desire to be a submissive, find someone that will collar you, it’s a hell of an experience.

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