tagInterracial LoveA Holiday with My Sister Ch. 02

A Holiday with My Sister Ch. 02


Back home in South London, in the suburb of Balham, life was as different from the Caribbean as it was possible to get.

There were plenty of black guys around, but it just wasn't the same as in St Lucia. Their manners, attitude and general approach to life didn't seem the same. Whatever happened to them as They became immigrants wasn't an improvement on the happy-go-lucky cheerful attitude Tara and I had loved so much on our all too short holiday in St Lucia.

So it wasn't perhaps surprising that we didn't date any black men in Balham.

Balham was, as the late Peter Sellers described it in his memorable soliloquy, the Gateway to the South, Four-square on the Northern Line. Balham should have been called "Dullsville" for the sake of accuracy.

As Tara and I lost our tans and settled to our humdrum working lives, we couldn't help thinking of our holiday as one of those golden memories we would carry into old age.

We managed to scrape together enough cash for a short Caribbean cruise out of St Martin. We only had one day in Castries, the capital of St Lucia. How disappointed we were to find that Raoul and Cal's place was occupied by others and their business premises were derelict. Our inquiries revealed they had sold up and left for England eight months ago, looking for a pair of English girls whose surnames they didn't even know.

I guess they hadn't realised that although England is a small country geographically, there are nearly fifty million people living there and there must be thousands of Ellens and Taras!

We returned to the ship sadly and consoled ourselves with the amorous attentions of a couple of the black stewards on the return voyage to St Martin. We both loved their cute French accents. It's not called the language of love for nothing.

It was at a family gathering over the following Christmas break that I met an old friend called John again. We had been friends as youngsters. In fact , John had been my very first lover. The very day I reached the "age of consent" he had taken my maidenhood in our mother's kitchen while she was out shopping. At first I felt as if I had the words, "No longer a Virgin" tattooed across my forehead in big red capitals, but once I found out she couldn't tell that I had lost my virginity just by looking at me , it didn't seem so much of a big deal. Especially as I hadn't even come.

I must have had some feelings left for John because I agreed to go out with him a couple of times. On the second date we ended up in bed. I found out he had improved a lot in the sex department since our earlier encounter.

After a few more nights together, John started asking me to marry him. I laughed it off at first, saying we were far too young. When I thought about it, most of my girlfriends of my own age were either married or living with their boyfriends on a regular basis. Four of my school classmates already had children.

John kept on campaigning to make me his wife, pointing out that at twenty-four and twenty we were hardly shallow teenagers. In the end, I began to wilt under pressure from John, my peers and family.

All except Sarah, my mother, who agreed with me that I was too young. John, however, managed to get round her somehow and, eventually, even she agreed to our union.

I know I should have been stronger, but hindsight is a twenty-twenty form of vision as any thoughtful person knows only too well. John had never given me the sort of buzz I had got from Raoul on our first Caribbean holiday. But I wanted children and John agreed. And he was certainly a very eligible spouse.

What surprised me most of all was John's suggestion that we wed in the Caribbean. He had a brochure from a place at the north end of St Lucia in Rodney Bay. The pictures of it looked good with the blue seas and the marina. Also it was a part of the island I had never seen and it wouldn't bring back memories of our first visit.

We got a good deal from an airline for the family and friends who wanted to come out for the ceremony and return the following day. Our mother accompanied Tara and me as an advance party to make preparations. We took over the conference room at the hotel and decorated it appropriately with bunting, flowers and ribbons. John arrived with the guests the next day. Most of them got an early night, but John and I went dancing at the marina. When John got tired, I did a couple of turns round the dance floor with a couple of black guys. Tony and Jesse were pleasant, well turned out and polite, although they made no secret of the fact they found me very attractive and desirable. But it all seemed like good fun. Eventually John and I tired and bid my admirers goodnight.

Next day started early for me. First bathing and manicure, then the hairdressers. Then Tara and Sarah (Mum insisted on her first name 'at least for the trip,' she said) helped me dressing in a beautiful white satin and lace wedding gown over my fancy new underclothes, which included stockings and garter belt. Fortunately the hotel was air-conditioned, so I wasn't too hot in all the gear.

When I was ready I got quite a thrill seeing my reflection in a full length mirror. A beautiful 21 year old blond was smiling back at me. I felt like a million dollars.

I felt the same as I walked up to the specially arranged altar on my Dad's arm, followed by my sister, Tara, in a shiny pink satin gown.

After the ceremony came the wedding 'breakfast' followed by music and dancing. Finally it was time for John and me to leave.

We had arranged to stay for a few days at a little chalet a few miles north of the marina. It was right on the beach and almost as far north as anyone could go without getting their feet wet.

I had a strange feeling as we drove the few miles to the chalet in our hired car. In fact I looked back expecting to see someone following us. But it was dark and I could see no headlights behind us.

Once inside the chalet, John poured us a couple of drinks.

"To our future together," he said as he raised his glass.

Hardly had we downed the drinks before there was a knock on the door.

"Who on earth can that be," John said as he went to the door and opened it.

Some sort of cosh or club hit him over the head as the door opened and he was over powered by two hooded figures. His hands and feet were locked with cable ties before he could recover or I could get across the room to help him.

As I got there, one of the men grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. Then my own hands were tied to a bed post. They tied John to a chair facing towards the bed.

"Now you're going to see your pretty wife get blacked, white boy," one of them said to my new husband.

The voice sounded familiar. Suddenly I realised these were the two guys who I had danced with last night.

They had told me how much they fancied me when we were dancing out of earshot of John, but I didn't things would ever get this far. I remembered one of them had rubbed his erection against me during a slow dance and I had flirted to the extent of returning the pressure against his cock. The other one had kissed me on the cheek, and when I hadn't objected, he had kissed me again but this time on the lips. Not only had I allowed him but I returned his kiss.

Now I realised what a foolish girl I had been. They were going to rape me in front of John. It wasn't fair on him. I accepted I was at fault, to some extent, for my behaviour on the dance floor.

One of the men produced what looked like a Stanley knife. He proceeded to draw the small sharp blade from the hem of my lovely dress right up to my waist. Then as the sides slipped away, he did the same thing to my slip. Then he reached up and ripped my pretty panties off.

I remembered what my Aunty Vera had told me soon after I reached puberty.

"If ever you get raped, honey, don't fight it," she advised. She went on that in those circumstances it was best to try and think of something pleasant and let the man get on with it.

And that was what I tried to do as Jesse dropped his shorts and thrust his cock into me.

I screamed and hollered with the pain. It seemed so much worse than ordinary sex. It's the lack of any proper foreplay. I wished he had at least spit on his cock before driving it into me. Too late I thought I should have offered him a blow-job to start with.

Tony was giving John a drink of water, making sure he was fully conscious to witness the blacking of his bride. Jesse was fucking me steadily and, as the pain started to recede, I thought it was likely he could have had me the previous night without any trouble at all if their approach had been right.. Then he came and began pumping me full of his semen. At last, as his juices lubricated my cunt, it began to feel more like a normal fuck and I felt a few twinges of desire just as he withdrew.

"How did that feel, honey, having a nice big stiff black cock in your cunt?" he asked. I don't think he expected an answer from me. The question was intended to humiliate John. I stayed silent. In any case, I could hardly reply that I had had better black cocks in my cunny than his. Like Raoul, Cal and the two black stewards we had met on our cruise!

John was making groaning noises. It was all he could do. Tony had fixed a length of duct tape over his mouth before he had fully regained consciousness. He was staring across the room towards Tony. I twisted around for a better view and saw that Tony was now stark naked except for his hood and sported the biggest cock I had ever seen. No wonder he had let Jesse have first go at me! It certainly seemed to have got John worked up as he grunted and struggled to free himself in vain.

Tony leaned over me and ripped the remains of my dress and slip off. Now I was in my bra, garter belt and stockings. I felt a bit sluttish.

As he held the head of his monster cock against the lips of my cunt, I instinctively opened my legs as wide as I could. He pressed in and his cock head popped into my well lubricated vagina. I was actually feeling grateful to Jesse for his semen! I would have had a real bad time without it. Tony was trying to be reasonable as he inched his way into me slowly, a bit further with each thrust. So although his cock was huge, and felt like it was filling the whole of my insides, there was nothing like the pain I had felt when Jesse first drove his prick into me.

As Tony stared driving into me with an easy pleasant rhythm, I couldn't help myself responding, moving my hips back and forth in time with his thrusts. I even began to feel some pride in being able to accept and enjoy such a lovely big cock.

He moved his face closer to me and whispered,

"Are you enjoying this, Ellen?"

I nodded, then,

"Please untie my hands, Tony."

He smiled at me. I had given myself away. He knew I recognised him! I feared he might now hurt me but instead he undid the cord holding my hands at the bedpost.

I rubbed my wrists, and muttered my thanks.

He put his face close to mine again. He pulled off his hood. I heard a gasp of disapproval from Jesse.

Then Tony kissed me. His big soft lips were slightly parted and I could feel his tongue against mine.

Then he said softly, right into my ear,

"Tell me how much you like it. Ask me to fuck you harder, Ellen. I know you want it and so do you. Say it out loud so your man can hear you."

He was right about that! My hands had been against his shoulders but, acknowledging his powerful attraction to me, they slid around his neck and I pulled him close. Unbelievably I was beginning to come. My brain was in a frantic whirl. It was supposed to be John fucking me but all I had in my mind was Tony's thrusting great black prick, filling me and driving me to the point of ecstasy.

I did as Tony told me.

I cried out, "Oh! Tony, I love the way you fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! I'm a black cock slut! Fuck me harder. Oh! Fuck! Ugh!" as I came and Tony began to pump his gooey spunk into me.

As I subsided from my absolutely heavenly orgasm, I realised I was lost to John, my new husband. I thought I might as well make the most of it and proceeded to suck Jesse and Tony off. At one stage, Jesse was driving his cock into my ass hole while I sucked Tony's prick up to size for yet another round of fucking. I came and came. I just couldn't get enough of these two gorgeous studs. I was nothing but a black cock slut in love with any black man who wanted me! They fucked me for several hours until we were all exhausted.

When the boys left, they told me not to untie John for at least ten minutes and I followed their instructions to the second, much to John's disgust. As soon as I untied him and he was free, he hit me a backhander across the mouth and called me a disgusting whore, before storming out on his way back to the hotel.

At daybreak, after I had caught a few hours sleep, the police came and questioned me. They said they already had our assailants under arrest. Then a doctor and nurse came and examined me.

My next visitors were Dad and Sarah. They apologised for having to go home with the others later that morning, but my Dad kissed me on the cheek and told me that whatever I did and wherever I went he would always love me and care about me. He said he had left some extra cash at the hotel for me. He made me feel a lot better. Sarah just wept and said she knew it was all wrong from the start. Dad apologised again for having to return to the UK for some urgent business, but said they would leave Tara, my younger sister, to stay with me until things were sorted out. It would be her twentieth birthday next week.

"So what was it like?" she said when everyone had left.

"Pretty awful," I told her.

"That's not the way John told it at the hotel," she went on, "He seemed to think you enjoyed it. He thinks you even arranged it!"

"That didn't stop him reporting it to the police."

"Did you enjoy it the way he said?"

"It wasn't like that. We'd been to the dance at the marina and I guess I flirted with the guys. They jumped us here in the chalet and tied John up. They not only wanted to rape me. They wanted him to see it happen. When Jesse..."

"So you're on first name terms then?"

"...when Jesse started on me my screams were very, very real. He hurt me and even drew some blood. But I remembered Aunty Vera's advice. I didn't try to struggle against it. I just tried to think of something nice. Actually all I could conjure up was a vision of you that time when Cal first fucked you in Castries. So that didn't help. But as it went on and Tony started on me, well -- yes - I did begin to like it. He was surprisingly big, but very gentle with it."

"And did you really cry out, 'Fuck me harder!' like John said?"

"Yes, I must admit I did say that. I just got carried away with Tony. All I could think about was his fabulous great prick inside me."

"Well, I suppose there's no way John will ever forgive you. He says he's going to apply for an immediate annulment as the marriage was never consummated," Tara informed me.

"I don't blame him and I won't contest it. I should never have agreed to marry him in the first place. We were good friends. Now, instead of gaining a husband, all I've managed to do is lose an old friend," I complained.

Tara stayed with me at the chalet instead of going back to the hotel. In the morning, the police came round and gave me a lift to the courthouse.

Inside Jesse and Tony were waiting to be arraigned before the magistrate, the first stage on their way to gaol.

The police questioned me about my evidence and were surprised when I told them I didn't want to testify against Jesse and Tony.

They told me that with my husband gone, they were relying on me to send the men before the higher court for a stiff sentence.

"It's what they deserve, after all," one of them told me.

When I was adamant about it, they shook their heads and I went up to the court room to see the police offer no evidence against my attackers. They were set free later that day when they had collected their belongings and signed forms to say they hadn't been mistreated. They did it despite Jesse's swollen eye and Tony's cut lip. They didn't want to hang around and argue.

Tara and I went back to the chalet to pack my things.

There was a knock on the door and it was Tony and Jesse, scarred, but grinning from ear to ear.

"We don't know how to thank you," Tony said to me.

I looked around at Tara and we smiled at each other.

"Why don't you come in for a quick drink," I invited them.,"and this is my sister Tara."

Once inside they were the polite, pleasant guys I had met at the marina dance. They were full of thanks to me for keeping them out of prison.

"It's what we deserved really," Tony said.

"You're silly fellows, you know. If you'd been just a little more forward at the marina that night I would willingly have given you what you wanted," I told them.

"Is that right. Your hubby wouldn't have liked it a lot," from Jesse, casting his eyes at Tara's cleavage as she bent forward with his drink. I realised she was perfectly well aware of his interest and was leaning forward a little lower than was strictly necessary.

I retorted, "No but we could have arranged something. I'm a sucker for a black cock."

"A sucker OF black cock would be even better," Tony replied with a wide grin.

I grinned back as I slid off the sofa, knelt between Tony's legs and freed his beautiful black cock from his shorts. I licked it round the bulbous head before closing my lips over it. I started working it in and out of my mouth to gasps of delight from Tony.

"Me too," Jesse told Tara, "I love a good cocksucker."

My sister smiled sweetly as she unzipped his fly and took hold of his prick. She worked it with her hand before closing her pretty mouth around it. It seemed so much bigger than last night when he had raped me. Obviously, Jesse liked it best when his women volunteered their services!

It really turned me on seeing Tara sucking the cock of a black man she had known for about twenty minutes. What a little raver my kid sister was!

She looked so beautiful, so lovely, so cool and elegant, yet she was a truly dedicated black cock worshipper underneath. What a girl! And how she could suck a guy's prick! Jesse's mouth hung open in a sort of dazed ecstasy as she brought him to his climax, carefully swallowing all the spunk he shot into her mouth. She always was a tidy girl!

Tony's semen was filling my throat as fast as I could swallow it. It tasted so delicious. Even better than when I had done it in front of John. I felt so pleased to be such an eager black cock whore. How I pitied all those inhibited girls who couldn't bring themselves to admit to their darkest desires.

I had worked Tony's cock back up to full size before I sat on his lap, holding his wonderful prick against the entrance to my cunt and slowly lowered myself onto it, savouring every last second of that euphoric thrill, as it slid easily into my very wet pussy. I gave myself completely and unreservedly to him for our mutual pleasure. And what a fucker he was!

I was soon coming and coming; one fantastic orgasm after another in a chain of electrifying climaxes that had me breathless, I was laughing and kissing Tony in a thankful wave of gratitude for a fantastic fuck that I wished could go on and on for ever.

I told him, "Oh" Tony. Just fuck my brains out for ever. Never stop."

Across the room I could see Jesse's big black prick pleasuring my young sister Tara, who moaned and screamed her orgasms, one after the other, while his cock was coated with white froth from a mixture of his semen and her juices. What a lovely sight it was to see her enjoying herself so completely on Jesse's prick. I felt a wave of gratitude to him for the pleasure he was giving her. Tara was a super sister and deserved the best fucking he could give her.

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