tagInterracial LoveA Hot Night in Frankfurt

A Hot Night in Frankfurt


A note from the Author: This is a true story, more or less. Remember that we're talking about twenty years ago, and some aspects of the story had to be fabricated for the enjoyment of you, the reader. I was in the Army and the trip to Frankfurt did take place. The Red Light District, and this whorehouse in particular, is just like I described, to the best of my knowledge. I did have sex with an Asian prostitute, and she looked exactly like I wrote. Why I can still remember the color of her thong, is beyond me. What's even stranger, is she did actually do all those out of the norm things to me, and yes, she did cum, several times. I'm not kidding when I say it was the best piece of ass I ever paid for; why else would I remember her after twenty years? Enjoy the story, and thanks for reading.


My first overseas tour was in 1989, with the U. S. Army's Third Infantry Division, stationed in Southern Germany. Yeah, that was back when there was still an East and West Germany, and the Russian hoard sat poised on the border just waiting to obliterate democracy the first chance they got. In retrospect, it seems that we've done a pretty fair job of that by ourselves, now.

I was an armor crewman on an M1A1 Main Battle Tank, with a life expectancy of around five minutes or less, or so the experts said, if we did ever go to war with the old Warsaw Pact. Fortunately, we never saw that very possible future come to pass. Because of this hard reality of life though, soldiers like me were forced to come face to face with their own mortality at a young age, bathed in a violent world of blood and steel.

It should come as no surprised that we lived for the moment, frequently overindulging in the avarice that a fine country like Germany had to offer. Sex and nudity was much more open and accepted than in the States, but so was legalized prostitution. It was just one more service offered to a man in need, and nothing more. Throw in some of the best beer in the world, and you have the classic recipe for the time of your life.

Germany was the perfect place for a twenty-year-old kid like I'd been back then, wild and full of piss and vinegar, with a steady paycheck that more than met my needs for a weekend of non-stop partying with my friends. First we'd hit a bar, then a whorehouse or strip-club, and by the way you can fuck the strippers after a dance, and then back to another bar. That was pretty much the pattern until the cash ran out. It wasn't uncommon for us to blow an entire month's pay in a single weekend, but on this particular instance, my funds had been limited.

Me and my roommate, and a few other guys I hung with, decided to take a train up to Frankfurt on a long weekend so I could show them the sites, in a manner of speaking. This wasn't my first time here, and I knew the drill. I'd traveled all about Europe as a civilian, fucking the international pussy parade for years already, thanks to my old man working for a big overseas company.

After spending a few hours getting primed at one club or another, we finally decided it was time to get laid. Of course this was the part I'd been waiting for. I loved to fuck, and doubted if I would ever get my fill of tearing up a chuck of delectably soft pussy every chance I got. Go balls deep and make'em squeal; wasn't any other way to do it in opinion. It didn't matter if she was a whore I had to pay or not; the way I saw it, you were paying for it one way or another, so why not do it with no strings attached? Besides, the whores were cleaner than the majority of the skanks the frequented the GI dominated clubs, anyway.

If you've ever been to the Red Light District of Frankfurt, you know exactly what I mean when I say, that it's an experience you won't soon forget. Both sides of the road are lined with five story tall, apartment-like buildings that stretch for blocks, with a small red or yellow light in every window. There are hundreds of lights, and each one of them is the precursor to a willing treasure that will do anything you want for the right price. Like I said, this wasn't my first time here and I explained the rules of the game to my anxious friends.

On the first two floors is where you find the prime rib, and choicest cuts of meat. German girls mostly, with a mixture of other white Europeans mixed in. Hell, I even ran across an American girl once, whoring her way through University. Of course I did my civic duty, contributing to her education for about a half-hour. I'm so thoughtful, aren't I? I'll save that story for later, though.

So, back to the Frankfurt whores of the first floor. They were all beautiful, almost every damn one of them, blonde or brunette usually, with perfect bodies and the looks that made you wonder why they weren't in professional modeling, but the price reflected it. For a thirty-minute fuck, it usually ran in the ballpark of 100 to 120 Deutsche Marks. That was about seventy dollars back then, a hefty price by itself, but in addition to that, everything from a blowjob to a change of positions other than missionary, cost extra. The Frankfurt whores were prudent businesswomen in every sense of the word, and time was money.

My friends and I split up at some point, as the door to door shopping for willing flesh continued on my part. Once you've been to a place like this, you don't ever forget the smell either: it's a combination of cigarette smoke and sickly sweet perfume, that barley overshadows the aroma of freshly fucked pussy and rampant sex.

I had a raging hard on for some of the prettiest girls Frankfurt had to offer, but unfortunately my lack of funds pushed me onward and upward. The higher you went, the lower the quality, or desirability of the women was, for the most part. I was going to have to settle for a mid-range piece of ass tonight.

The third and forth floor was where you found the Asian women; Filipino or Korean I think, but I usually didn't bother to ask. If you wanted to settle for a homely white girl, maybe a little overweight, they were there too. All depends on your taste, I suppose.

I'd set foot on the fifth floor one time and one time only. The humid stench of unwashed bodies, mingled with the fetid reek of surprisingly, frequent sex, made your nose wrinkle in disgust. The smell alone was more than enough to discourage any further exploration on my part, even if the cost was next to nothing.

So, there I was wondering the third floor, browsing the array of smiling, beckoning Asian women like I was at the grocery store, when one of them caught my eye. I don't know, maybe it was the fact she had a coy, subdued expression, barely standing outside her door, unlike the others with their the wolf-like demeanor and vigorous competition to entice me into selecting them.

She was a small thing with long black hair tied back in a ponytail, and lightly tanned skin shrouded in the meager trappings of a neon lime thong and bikini top. I doubt she weighed more than a hundred pounds at most, bordering a little on the bony side. Of course she had dark eyes, with the slight curve to them that gave all women from that part of the world an exotic, smoky look of perpetual lust. I stopped in front of her with a thin smile that said I'd be making an offer to her.

It wasn't that she was that good looking, but not ugly either, her looks reflected the mid range price, if nothing else. Either way I was drawn to her, and the air of either uncommonly real or masterfully faked innocence she portrayed. Maybe she was new to the business, who knows?


"Hello." Her voice was soft, and sweet as sweet. Just the way her pussy is going to feel.

"What's your name?" I didn't usually bother to ask, but it just seemed like the natural thing to do at the time. I almost felt like I was trying to pick her up at a bar, instead of negotiating the price of a fuck.

"Maleah." Damn, she has a sexy voice and those eyes...

"Pretty name." She smiled bashfully, looking a way. "So how much?"

"Forty Mark."

I almost did a double take. Thirty bucks? That was cheaper then I expected, and more than a fair price; I would have gone much higher, for a piece of her ass tonight.

I gave her a feral-like grin, matching the large oriental tiger tat covering my left bicep. "All right, forty it is." She took my hand and closed the door behind us. I'd never bedded an Asian girl before, but it looked like Maleah would be the first to grace the long list of women I've had in my life.

The room didn't look or smell any different than the others I'd visited in the past; gaudy, fluffy pillows covered a double bed and small couch, dominating the cheap bordello appearance it was meant to portray. And once again, there was always the smell of concealed sex beneath the air freshener and strong perfume that women like Maleah wore to hide the truth of their profession.

I handed over the money and she smiled with a mouth full of small, pearl whites, stashing it away in a lock box on her dresser with a slit opening on the top. "Please sit, would you like a beer?"

I eased into the couch with a look of confused stupidity. I'd never been offered a beer, or anything for that matter, other than the 'take of your clothes and fuck me' speech. Remember that time is money for women in her line of work.

"Ah, sure, sounds good. Thanks."

She handed me a Heineken from the small refrigerator in the corner of her room, before taking a seat next to me. Much to my surprise, we bullshitted away ten or fifteen minutes with polite, idle chatter. I'd been right, she was Filipino, and like most other immigrants that came to Germany, she had hopes of doing something with her life other then the wasting it away in some jerkwater, small town making ten bucks a week in an industrial sweat-shop. I doubt being a whore was what she had in mind, though.

From time to time her small hand came to rest on the inside of my thigh, or her fingers gently ran through the back of my high and tight, brown hair while we talked. This chick was really blowing my mind; it was like she actually wanted to get to know me, before I crawled between her legs.

The time for pleasantries had passed after I finished my beer. I stood, beginning to undress, following Maleah's lead. I let out a soft whistle of approval when her thong slipped down those caramel-smooth legs of hers. By the looks of it, she had one of the trimmest little pussies I'd seen in a long time too, and definitely not what I expected between the legs of a whore.

It was slightly darker then the rest of her skin, and shaved except for a tiny little bush about the size of my pinky finger on her pubis. I could just barely see the hint of her rippled hood and budding clit, overtop the soft pink of her inner lips that poked out at me like the inviting kiss of an expectant lover. Even her breasts where different then I was accustomed to, like two delectable apples waiting to be plucked, small and perky with dark, erect nipples. They were the perfect handful of tender flesh waiting to fill the palm of my hand.

She whispered softly with unintelligible words, taking my hands, pushing them to my sides as she started to undress me. I was left pretty much speechless at this point; it was starting to feel more and more like she was my girlfriend, than a paid sex worker.

I was naked now except for my underwear, heart beating with restrained lust for a perfect stranger. Maleah followed the path of my underwear down my legs, going to her knees. My cock instantly grew ridged, staring her in the face with a shimmering tip. It was funny, but I thought I saw the trace of a concealed smile of excitement, behind her dark eyes.

I've never had any complaints from a woman in the past. I knew I was above average with a solid eight inches of thick, pussy stretching cockflesh, with a slight downward bend. Thing was, that I knew how to work it as well. A woman never went away hungry for want, from my dinner table.

What the fuck? Maleah's slim fingers wrapped tightly wound my vein-covered shaft and she leaned in, running the tip slowly across her pouting lips, before it disappeared from view with a heavenly sigh. First off I didn't pay her for this, and second, a whore never sucked you off without a condom on. I was so hot by now, that I didn't even think about the possible threat it poised.

"Oh shit..." My hand instinctively went to the top of her head, while it moved back and forth below me, devouring the full length of my cock with increasing depth and vigor. This chick's really getting into it.

She rolled the engorged head between her tongue and cheek, working my shaft with a rotating pattern in her small hand, opposite the movement of her slurping mouth. Not bad... Most women had trouble taking me all the way without gagging, and any chance I got for a deep throat blowjob, was an extra bonus the way I saw it.

I usually had pretty good control, but Maleah had me so worked-up it felt like I was about to blow a load in her mouth at any second. But then again she was a pro; I knew that now after the way she teased me to the point of no return over and over again, slowing down or even stopping every so often, while looking up at me with a pair mischievously, smiling eyes.

"You have a big dick; I like American dick," she coed, kissing the tip again.

"Yeah," I chuckled shaking my head. "I can see that."

Soon enough my pleasurable torture ended, as she rose, guiding me to her bed. All I could think about was pounding the bottom out of this pretty, little whore as hard as I could, without hurting her.

I waited for Maleah to assume the normal position on her back, but she had other plans for me. She slowly pushed me down, and I slid back until my head came to rest on her pillow. She gave a cute little smirk, eyeing my ridged dick that stood at attention, waiting impatiently for what I'd paid her for.

She took a condom from her nightstand, lying across my legs and began putting it on. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. We both knew she was suppose do this before I got hard, that was the house rule, but it was a little late for that. Well, it was a lot late for that actually. Good thing she remembered though, because my mind had been pretty much reeling for the last half-hour or so with how things were turning out. To tell you the truth, I don't think I actually cared whether I wore one or not.

The state-sanctioned whores were tested regularly, and had a health card to prove it, but it still wasn't a prudent choice to take the chance of not using one, even if it were a house option. Some STD's can't be fixed with a simple visit to sick call on Monday morning. Kind of funny how a stiff dick can make you forget things like that, from time to time.

With her task complete, Maleah crawled up my legs and took a position over me, easing down on my cock with shallow gulps that grew deeper, splitting her open like a ripe, juicy melon. She closed her eyes, letting out a soft moan as the last inch or so disappeared from view.

She sat motionless for a moment, leaning forward with her hands on my chest, eyelids fluttering seductively, while she adjusted to the sensation of being completely stuffed. Damn it felt good, when she slowly began bucked her hips back and forth, ridding in the saddle like she'd waiting for this moment all day. Once again, I didn't pay for this position, as would normally be the case.

I took hold of her narrow hips, letting her do the work for now, as the silky heat of her boiling cunt messaged every inch of me with deliberate enthusiasm. She was even tight much to my surprise, and I swore the rippling grip of her inner muscles were trying to suck not only the cum from my balls, but steal my soul with it's heavenly attention.

The bedsprings began to squeak in the background, and our breathing grew ragged in unison. She was ridding me for all she was worth after a few minutes, snapping her hips forward, accompanied with quick, panting gasps. Damn she looks sexy... There were very few things sexier than having a woman ride you desperately hard, as far as I was concerned. Tonight I wanted more from my Asian slut then that, though.

I slid my hands up her supple back, pulling her down to me. Her eyes briefly opened, wide and unfocused. She shut them just as quickly with a stuttering cry, when the first of my hard-driving, deep upward thrusts slammed into her. I wish I could say she had a big set of tits that bounce out of control, ruthlessly jostled from the pounding of her body, but that best I got was her questionable B cup's wiggling furiously in my face.

The sound of slapping flesh that filled the small room gradually grew wetter, and that's when it hit me. Son of a bitch; she's actually getting off on it!

Maleah was wet as hell now, and that wasn't supposed to happen with a whore. This only made me fuck her all the harder. It wasn't love, or anything close to it, not with a professional tramp like this. It was a pure, unadulterated desire to cum with each ball-slapping thrust that beat the time of my hunger against her ass. I guess she liked it hard and fast, because that's what finally set her off.

Maleah entire body tensed, and the vice-like contractions that gripped my cock were unmistakable. She was cumming.

"Oh fuck," I growled, pushing harder against the growing wall of impenetrable pussy flesh. Maleah screeched, arching her back with a vision of unbridled ecstasy scored across her face. That's when my cock shot free with a slurping pop, followed by the musky warmth of a female cum shower spraying across my groin and thighs.

My nostrils flared from the thick, heavenly aroma, as I reached around her tiny ass, trying to guide myself back inside her. She was still cumming like a trickle of pheromone pleasure, and it immediately coated my hand. There was no way in hell I was going to get back inside her yet, not in that Venus Fly Trap pussy, until she was good and finished.

Maleah was breathless, coming down off the sexual high that I'd unleashed so unexpectedly, as her impressive multi-orgasm finally subsided. Beads of rapturous perspiration dotted her forehead, making small trails down her nose and cheeks. She smiled with quivering lips, running her tongue across them, clutching desperately at my hard pecks with trim fingernails, above my pounding chest.

I'd worked up a damn good sweat by now as well, and that familiar burning ache in my hips had started to set in. It was time to switch things around a bit.

I leaned up grabbing her upper arms, twisting Maleah off me as I sat up. She instantly started to move into a position on her back.

"No, roll over on your stomach." She looked at me oddly for a moment, before doing just that, spreading her peanut butter ass cheeks to me like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

"Do you want to fuck me in the ass, now?" I blinked back numbly; I wasn't expected her to say that.

Normally I would have taken her up on the offer, because there's something almost bestial about fucking a woman in the ass, and hearing the whimpering moans that come along with it. I liked it, and the power it gave me over a woman, but I was to far gone for playing games any longer; I wanted to cum, and I wanted to do it deep in her cunt.

"No, but keep your ass spread, I like how it looks." Actually, I just like to watch myself fucking, period.

I moved forward straddling Maleah's glistening pussy, drenched with excitement-filled moisture. Her engorged labia were spread slightly, baring the deep red interior of her anxious cock holster. Damn she has a nice looking pussy. Through chance of fate, or just plain luck, I'd actually found a whore that didn't have a ruined, stretched out, Arbeys roast beef sandwich looking snatch. It this my lucky night, or what?

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