tagInterracial LoveA Hot, Wet Blossom Ch. 01

A Hot, Wet Blossom Ch. 01


Aaron grunted, his jaw flexing and nostrils flaring as he gripped Erica's round ass tightly and churned upward into her freely-drooling pussy. Moaning back, she rolled her hips rhythmically, impaling herself over and over and OVER again until she was lost in the sensations his stabbing thrusts had unleashed. Placing one small hand on the sweat-slickened skin of Aaron's shoulder to steady herself, Erica arched her back and slid her free hand down over the lush curve of her asscheeks, dipping two fingers into the satiny cleft until she was able to stroke the trembling rim of her asshole. Tracing the sensitive ring until she couldn't resist any longer Erica bit her bottom lip and plunged her index finger knuckle-deep into her ass, a move that made her pussy clutch Aaron's fat dick like a vise.

"Nnnnnnggh!" Aaron shouted, loving the sudden, hot grip. "Go on, baby, don't worry, I wasn't going to pull it out..."

"Ooooo... Ooooo, fuuuuuck," she hissed, body quivering in the delight of the dual invasion. Beneath her Aaron watched; her breasts--- capped by plum-tinted halos surrounding her thick nipples--- swayed in front of him hypnotically. With instinctive passion she continued twisting and writhing, forever grinding downward desperate for more. He could feel the hot syrup oozing down out of her, coating his dick and his sac as she continued deliciously torturing her asshole. Stabbing into the tight hole with two fingers now, she violated herself eagerly until a climax that felt like a million butterflies set free erupted in her stomach, making her slump breathlessly against him.

Aaron wasn't finished with her, not even close. Still gripping her hips, dark fingers digging into her pale skin, he began pumping harder, the blunt, bloated head of his chocolate shaft plowing up into her belly as he worked toward an explosion of his own. Erica was with him, barely off the tremors of her first climax she began bucking and twisting with a newfound energy, looking to get everything she could from this lusty joining. Her clit was swollen and pressed roughly against the root of Aaron's dick; his brown shaft--- glistening with her wet sugar--- disappeared over and over between the straining lips of her pussy. Countering every plunge of his dick inside her pussy with one of her own into her asshole, Erica felt her fingers being sucked like she'd offered them to a nursing infant. It was DELICIOUS; every nasty, whorish bit of it and in her bliss Erica had thrown out the last of her doubts about continuing this affair with Aaron, it just felt too fucking good to stop. So fucking good being so fucking bad...

Leaning forward Erica smothered Aaron's face in the valley between her soft, gently-sloping breasts, delighting in the feel of his full lips against her sweaty skin. Her nipples tingled as they brushed over the coarse stubble of his jaw before that feeling got replaced by one more intense: the feel of him biting and sucking alternately one then the other, something that made her cling tighter to him, crying for more. Aaron upped his tempo, his sac bloated and heavy and begging for its own release.

Having ridden his dick long enough to know his rhythms, Erica understood the change in gear and recognized that it was past time she felt today's milky delivery. If she was going to get it where she wanted, however, she was going to have to act fast...VERY fast.

"Ooooo... Ooooo, yessss, yessss baby..." she moaned into his ear. "Damn that feels so good but... but baby I need it somewhere else. Please baby can I have it in my ass?" Erica leaned away from Aaron and stared down into his eyes as he suddenly stopped thrusting. "Can I...? Please?"

"You hot, hot bitch," Aaron said, hands sliding off her hips. Her bright eyes looked like honey with sunlight shining through and as she licked her lips, wetting them, he felt his dick twitch reflexively inside her; he couldn't have denied Erica if he'd wanted to. "Roll over. NOW,"he demanded.

Erica lifted one leg and eased off of Aaron, feeling every veiny inch as it slid free of her. "Damn, if God had given you two of those, I'd never have to change positions."

"Girl if God had given me two of these I'd have fucked you dead by now," Aaron replied, grinning as he curled his fingers around the base of his slippery dick, choking it off. It didn't take her long to move onto her knees beside him, elbows resting on the edge of the couch, her ass poised and waiting for what she'd just begged for. "That's good, just like THAT..."he said before shifting himself.

Aaron rose then knelt behind Erica, one broad hand on her soft ass the other guiding his dick towards its luscious target. Erica stared back over her shoulder, transfixed by the sight of Aaron moving in closer until she could feel the head of his dick wedging slowly into her, her asshole surrendering to the irresistible pressure. Releasing his dick, Aaron took Erica again by the hips and held her in place, watching as his dick sank slowly, smoothly into the tight canal, disappearing between her widely spread asscheeks.

"Aaaah... AAAAAAHHHHH,"Erica groaned, feeling like someone was jamming a BAT up her ass and LOVING it. "Ooooo... Oooo, damn baby... Hurt it, hurt that ass, hurt it right..."

Unable to hold back any longer, Aaron let himself go; no longer worried about being gentle he began her straining asshole savagely, cum burning in his nuts desperate to be free. As he jammed into her, Aaron listened to Erica screaming and groaning for more, felt her rocking back harder and harder until the echo of their bodies smacking together filled the room. She was so hungry and thankful for everything he did to her, offering her body up, letting him plunder her asshole with vicious abandon.

"Yes, bitch, yesssss," he grunted, stabbing in long, hard strokes, his nuts brushing against the lips of her pussy. "You're lovin' this dick now, right? Loving it buried deep in that tight white ass, lovin' it so much you want to scream right?"

Erica whimpered, trembling, overwhelmed by the way she was feeling, her body moving with a mind of its own. Aaron slid a hand up along her back, tangling his fingers in her silky blond hair then snatching back hard so he could see her eyes. Erica's head snapped back and she groaned, surprised.

"I asked if you were lovin' this DICK, baby."

"Yuh...yesss, yes, baby, I love it I love it in my ass," Erica purred, rolling her hips for emphasis. "Mmmmnnnnhhh, I do I do love that hot dick stuffed in my ass..." Aaron let her head go and she gasped, continuing to buck back against him, her asshole burning as Aaron sawed in and out filling her with the dick she truly did love so much. He was tearing her up, splitting her wide and all she could do was hold on and keep begging for more like she might never have another chance like this again.

"Aahh, oooo SHIT, here it IS, bitch!" Aaron felt that familiar tingle at the base of his spine, that sudden shift and tightening of his sac and knew it was time.

"Oooo yes, yessss, I want you to, baby! Ooooo, FUCK, please please please PLEASE, baby, I want you to..." Erica sang out before biting down on her lower lip, eagerly preparing for what she knew was coming.

And that was it. With her last silky cry Erica pushed Aaron over the edge; grunting like a charging bull Aaron gripped her hips tighter, jammed deep and exploded, his dick spitting ropes of foamy cum into that place Erica swore was his and his alone. Aaron felt his eruption, the tingling at the base of his spine and the flexing at the head of his dick. He felt the walls of Erica's velvet soft tunnel go slick as he repainted it in pearly white, flooding her as she had asked until her asshole could hold no more and cum was bubbling out around his shaft. Aaron held on until the last of it had emptied and rivulets of cream oozed out around his still-thrusting dick, trickling down the insides of Erica's thighs.

Erica just trembled almost feverish, head drooping, ass still high and gripping Aaron's dick trying to keep as much of his milky treasure as she could.

Feeling the velvet soft walls of Erica's tight tunnel go slippery and loose as his cum flooded her, Aaron groaned until the last of it had emptied and rivulets of cream oozed out around his still-thrusting dick to trickle down the insides of Erica's thighs.

"Shit," he finally managed, slowing to a stop. "Fuck that was good baby, damn good..." Aaron exhaled and slowly eased back, pulling his dick from between Erica's cheeks until he heard the wet pop that marked the head of his shaft pulling out of that snug ring.

"Mmmmnnnh," Erica moaned, falling forward. "That really hit the spot, baby."

"Yeah...? Which one?"

"ALL of them," Erica purred, curling up like a happy kitten.

Aaron stroked her thigh as he settled back, his dick heavy and wet between his legs. "We haven't gone at it like that in a while, something up?"

"You forgot?" Erica began, rolling over to face him. "Nikki is coming home for Spring Break, I'm going to have my style cramped with my little girl here so I needed to get a good dose beforehand."

"Wow, I did forget. Damn, time is going by fast, her Freshman year will be over before we know it."

"Don't remind me, at least you have another nine years before your boys are ready to go to college; my baby is already out of the nest."

"Hey, my knuckleheads could go tomorrow if they'd find a college that would take them, but I understand your point."

"You know, after her father left I think she kind of looked up to you... like a surrogate father. I guess I got lucky; having you around was good for the BOTH of us."

Aaron grinned, he understood that feeling also because he cared about Nikki. "Well, it had perks for me, too..." Nikki, he thought to himself, she was coming home. Just moments ago if he had been asked he wouldn't have been able to imagine anything feeling much better than what he and Erica had been doing for the past hour but now, now he was remembering the curves of Nikki's stunning body and fresh, young pussy...


After unpacking the second of her two suitcases Nikki sat on the edge of her bed and looked around her room. Her mother hadn't made any changes to it but somehow, somehow it seemed smaller to her. Strange too, considering her dorm room back at college wasn't that much bigger and she had to share it with another girl. Maybe just being away from home for almost a year was enough to make things look different, or maybe she'd just grown. Her freshman year had thus far been incredibly crazy; full of changes, tons of work, and all the new experiences that were attached to being away from everything familiar. But now, here was her first Spring Break and she was, literally, broke. She hadn't had the money to get away to any of the places a lot of her new friends were going to; her mom wasn't rich and Nikki was going to school on a combination of grants and loans so for 'Break---at least this year--- home was going to be it.

Stretching backward across her bed, Nikki stared up lazily at the slowly turning blades of her ceiling fan and wondered what she was going to do over the vacation. One thing she knew for certain was that even though this was supposed to be time off, she needed to get a job and make some money. But doing what? The last job she'd had before leaving for school---which seemed an unlikely choice of occupation now---was babysitting. Nikki almost laughed out loud at herself remembering how she'd monopolized the babysitting 'industry' in her neighborhood back during her sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. Everyone nearby with kids had her number and frequently called to get her to cover for them for dinner dates, appointments, late nights at work, whatever. Nikki knew her mom liked that she worked so often because--- thinking like a parent--- in her mind it was also keeping Nikki out of the kind of trouble other girls her age were getting into so easily.

Yeah, right, Nikki laughed inwardly, what her Mom didn't know wouldn't hurt her?

Nikki considered her dilemma more; there had to still be plenty of families around with younger, school-age children, even toddlers for that matter, and if she could reconnect with enough of the families she used to work for plus add a few more new ones to the list she might end up making pretty good money. Suddenly, being a freshman college student babysitting for cash didn't seem so odd an idea. With a smile she started ticking off in her head the families she wanted to try getting a hold of first?


"Nikki! Child look at you, it's so good to see you again! Come in, girl, you look so grown up and haven't even been away at college a year yet." Nikki blushed and smiled as she followed Mrs. Waters into their living room. The echo of her twin sons talking trash to one another as they played a video game filled the air, punctuated by the sounds of digital mayhem.

"Man, Jay you so so weak, you need t' jus' give up right now."

"Don't even try it, Damon, this is your first time on level eight and I already got past it to thirteen before."

"Aww shut up, you got to thirteen on one player but now you playin' me an' you know you gonna lose cuz you soft."

"Damon, Jay, I told you about all that noise already. Keep it up and that game is going in the trash, you hear me?" she frowned at them.

"Yes ma'am," the two said in unison, never turning away from the TV or pausing in their play.

"Wow, they've gotten big," Nikki commented, looking at the two boys squatting on the floor.

"Just turned nine last month; they look like they're twelve and eat up everything in the house." She shook her head, smiling. "That's their father in them, the size and the mouth."

Nikki nodded, thinking about Mrs. Waters' husband, Aaron, and the last time she'd seen him at the going away barbecue Nikki's mother had thrown for her. It was just last May, right after graduation. An independent contractor with his own deck and patio business, Aaron was a friendly, generous man who seemed to make his wife Lucinda very happy. And Mrs. Waters was right, her husband Aaron was a tall, strong, solidly built man and his twin sons looked like they were--- even at this young age--- following right in his genetic footprints.

Mind continuing to wander, Nikki followed the thoughts of Aaron's build into remembering how his chest and arms had felt when he had hugged her goodbye... He'd seemed so different to her that day, something in how he spoke and looked at her. Something was different about him, different about the hug. Or maybe it was her...? Whatever, the physical contact had made her?respond. She was so distracted in fact that before the end of the party she'd needed to retreat to her bedroom for some needed privacy. She barely got her bedroom door locked before she stabbed three fingers between the tightly clinging lips of her young pussy, grinding the heel of her hand urgently against her engorged clit. Nikki had to smother her face in her pillows to muffle the cries of lust that went with her savage climax while a hot rush of cream soaked her sheets.

God, where was all this coming from? She'd let her mind get completely lost in that memory, all the while Lucinda had been giving her instructions and explaining what to do with the boys for the rest of the night. Slowly, Nikki tuned back in; apparently Lucinda hadn't noticed she wasn't paying attention.

"Their dinner is in the oven and there's enough in there for all three of you; Aaron said he'll probably eat with the crew before he comes home so don't worry if there is none left, just help yourself."

Nikki watched Lucinda turn the oven down to its keep warm setting before she turned to face her, at last taking a break from her---until then--- perpetual motion. "You know, I look at you and am glad I have those two boys in there: I'd be scared to death having a daughter as pretty as you with the way things are. Yes, just as pretty as your mother?"

"Thanks, Mrs. Waters," Nikki blushed again, her cheeks---lightly dusted with freckles---tingeing pink at the compliment. Though compliments weren't anything new for Nikki lately she still hadn't gotten very good at handling the attention and had always been one to blush easily. She guessed it was because she hadn't gotten much practice being flattered when she was younger; she hadn't been much to look at through most of school, just blond and skinny with very fair, freckled skin. At the end of her junior year in high school all that had changed because she--- her body--- had begun changing. Nikki filled out over that summer in ways she never would have imagined; she returned to school for her senior year with a body that suddenly had boys staring, HARD. Jeans she thought she'd be wearing for a long time didn't fit anymore because she now had such a full, deliciously curved ass and beautifully flared hips.

And the black guys! They hadn't thought twice about her before but ever since Senior year they were always staring whenever she passed, not being able to get enough of her new look. Maybe that was what she'd thought was different in Aaron? Maybe he liked what she had blossomed into as much as the other guys but just handled his approval better than the boys drooling in school. Nikki shook the thought off and tried to remember Aaron was old enough to be her father. Not only that he'd been friends with her Mother since before her actual father had left, AND his wife was standing right in front of her. "Uhm, so they need to be in bed by...?"

"Oh, they know exactly when, and if they aren't in bed before their father gets home, that's on THEM." She let that statement hang in the air so her sons got the full weight of it. Nikki had a feeling the twins, though absorbed in their game, hadn't missed a word their mother had said. Apparently in this house Aaron was the portion of the law the kids didn't want to have to deal with. Lucinda's statement also brought to mind the realization that tonight would be the first time she'd be seeing Aaron since leaving for college, a realization that made her immediately conscious of what she was wearing. The bad thing was is she wasn't worried about her outfit because it was inappropriate or anything, it was because it WASN'T. The flare-bottom hip-huggers weren't the most revealing pair she owned, she had on a bra made for comfort not style and the tee shirt and hoodie were both loose and casual; basically she looked like she was headed for pizza.

But then she could of course tweak her outfit here and there, beyond which there was always the idea that if everything were done right she might be naked and not need to worry about her outfit at all.

"So you'll be where tonight?" Nikki asked abruptly, hoping she didn't suddenly seem too anxious.

"A baby shower for a girlfriend I work with. Aaron was supposed to be going too but this job has been holding him up the past week."

"Oh right, I'm sorry, you said that earlier. Well, don't worry, the boys will be fine, I promise not to let them burn the house down or do any drugs on MY shift."

"Oh so why it gotta be DRUGS?"

"Damon, she was joking, mind your business."

"Yes, ma'am," Damon said, clicking away on his controller.

"It's okay," Nikki smiled back, looking over at the boys. "It WON'T be drugs and I've got NEXT."

"Get ready then cuz Jay is almost gone."

"Yeah, right, you gettin' smoked already, Damon, stop hatin' on me."

Their mother turned back to Nikki and smiled, also. "I guess you won't be having any trouble after all, they love anybody interested in those games."

"That's guys for you, elementary school through college; you learn to play what they like."

"Smart girl. Alright, I'm going to finish getting ready so I can get out of here, I don't want to be late."

No, Nikki thought, you don't. The sooner Mrs.Waters left the sooner Nikki could make some... changes, changes that might increase the chances of finding out what a real man like Aaron would do with a young thing like her...

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