tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Husband Loses the Bet

A Husband Loses the Bet


I was sitting in my kitchen just finishing a great meal with my wife and Sister In-law when life took one of those funny turns.

My wife's sister was a cute girl who had recently graduated from college. She was smart and attractive but not someone with whom I was ever really attracted to. Perhaps it was just because I chose not to look at her in that way. But in either case she was petite and had a very cute ass.

It was not particularly late in the evening, I had just finished working and they had decided to surprise me with a home cooked meal. We had some wine and sat by the candle light and finished some really great food.

The conversation turned towards Sarah and some recent poor choices she had made about her living situation. I was quick to remind her that this was not the first time she had not made the best decisions. Later we began talking about her job when Sarah revealed that she was dating a guy she worked with. I was quick to give her some unwanted advice.

I didn't notice that Sarah was a little upset and I continued enjoying my evening. My wife began to look at me with an odd look and said that I was not being nice to her sister. Her sister just looked at me with a poutty look on her face. My wife said I should be spanked for all of my rude comments this evening. She just said it in passing, it was not really going to happen but I must admit it did sound a little weird coming from my wife. We were not in to spanking and this seemed to come from left field.

Sarah sat up in her chair with a renewed vigor and said that she would play 1 hand of draw poker with me. If she wins she will get to watch my wife spank me for 15 minutes. If you win Tom, then I will let my sister spank me!

It's tough to know how to react in a situation like this? I looked at my wife who just nodded at me. I sat there in disbelief but she broke the moment of silence with "sounds fair to me Tom" I felt as if I were in a time crunch and a decision had to be made fast. Looking back however I don't think there was any need to rush because I think they may have waited for hours until I made my decision.

Sarah didn't say anything until I blurted out "yes", then she said where are the cards. My wife stood up after she finished her last sip of wine and left the room.

I sat there alone with Sarah, and as I looked at her I wondered who was going to win this one? I didn't think it was really a big deal either way. If I win, then I'll get to watch Sarah get a few swats on her ass. If I lose then my wife will spank my butt. Big deal.

Just then my wife returned with a deck of cards and sat down with a smirk. I suppose that the smirk meant she knew more than I did, but what was there to know. Cards are really a game of chance, and they probably were not going to go through with it anyway.

Sarah grabbed the deck and began to shuffle; she dealt the cards and quietly began to look at her hand. I picked up my hand and just laughed. I had three fives and 2 cards in which I would exchange for something better. I began to feel much better. Sarah threw down 3 cards and asked me how many I needed, I said two. We both collected our cards and waited for the outcome. I didn't get anything more but knew that 3 of a kind was really tough to beat. I was most impressed that Sarah never seemed to gloat or act nervous or giggle or really do anything? She was cool as could be?

The moment we were waiting for arrived, my wife seemed to be getting excited because she started to wiggle in her chair. I confidently layed down my hand and smiled as I did. I suppose I looked funny though because no sooner did the smile disappear, Sarah had a Full House!

I lost. O.K. I thought no biggie how bad could it be. I didn't have time to wonder long because Sarah was already waving me toward the living room.

My wife followed us in and asked Sarah how this was going to happen. Sarah told me that I was to lay across my wife's lap and that would do for now.

I have to admit I began to feel embarrassed as I lowered myself on to her lap. Sarah was just about 6 feet away sitting on the couch. My wife wiggled a little to get more comfy and said here we go. Sarah interrupted and said I don't think so; he has to have his jeans at his ankles! What .... I thought, are you serious? No way. But my wife said oh I didn't know sorry. She told me to stand up and pull my jeans down. As I stood there contemplating this ridiculousness, I thought no biggie, I have on boxers, it's not like she is going to see anything.

Although I was nervous I think I did a good job of playing it off. I unzipped my fly and as if I was a stripper pulled them down to my ankles. Better she said. Seconds later I was lying over my wife's lap with my jeans at my ankles awaiting a spanking.

My wife began spanking me. Slowly at first, I felt so silly. At first she alternated the spanks, each cheek got a slap. I layed there in this uncomfortable position, holding up my head while my wife just kept spanking away. Every once in a while I would look over at Sarah who just sat there with a tiny smile on her face. I thought hopefully someday I will return the favor.

I don't know when it happed, but there was definitely a point in which I really began to feel the spanks. My bum was getting hotter and I think they both knew it because I began to squirm. But to my dismay she did not stop, in fact she began to swat me just a little harder and a little faster. As I started to focus on my ass that seemed to be getting quite sore quickly, I blurted out "has it been 15 minutes yet". Sarah calmly said no just 3.

The reality just set in. This sucks I thought. Just then Sarah left the room, but before leaving she told my wife not to stop. My wife said don't worry this is fun and I think I should have done this to him a long time ago.

By now I was ready for this to be over, and quick. Just then Sarah returned with a wooden spoon from the kitchen, and before I could put it together she asked my wife to stop?

Sarah told her that it was time to change positions. Tom stand up and put your hands on the wall. Gladly I thought, anything has got to be better than what I just went through. Sarah placed my hands on the wall at about shoulder height, she then told me to back my feet up just a little. As I stood there leaning against the wall in my underwear I really began to feel embarrassed. In fact that was the exact moment that it occurred to me that I really shouldn't get hard! I wasn't hard, but just as I thought about it I felt just the smallest movement in my pants. I panicked, my heart began to race, what if I get erect, now that would be embarrassing.

Sarah interrupted my minor panic with instructions. Tom you have 7 minutes of spanking left, if you remove your hands from the wall you will get 30 minutes tacked on to the time. Just as I was about to argue that point, she continued on. Tom, I will take 2 minutes off of your time right now if you agree to the new terms. Done, I said, you only have 5 minutes left you'd better hurry!

It's funny how guys are. Here I was in this situation where I was clearly not in control but yet I felt good. She only had 5 minutes left and then I was done. I knew I could do it! And I had just managed to get 2 minutes taken off.

I heard a giggle from my wife, I should have been smarter, but it was too late. I felt them yanking my boxers down. Sarah's thumbs were in my waistband and before I knew it there was cool air on my balls. I instinctively tried to stop them but I was too late. My boxers were at my ankles and I was naked. My wife was laughing and Sarah was probably grinning from ear to ear.

I quickly bent down to return my shorts to there rightful place, but was interrupted when Sarah blurted out that because I moved my hands from the wall my punishment had just been extended by 30 minutes.

This was bull, I was tricked and I was pissed. I continued to grab for my shorts but my wife held my shorts down at my feet. I soon realized that my bum was truly exposed, Sarah was taunting me by touching my bare ass, she even slid a finger between my bum cheeks. Her finger gently slid by my anus, and I was mortified!

The shock of my sister in-law touching me in such a private place made me stand straight up. Before I could react she grabbed my hands and placed them back on the wall. She again reminded me that my punishment had been extended and to take it like a man.

I stood there with my bum completely exposed. My wife was behind me and just when I thought the worst was over my penis began to grow. I knew that embarrassing situations were something that caused men to get hard but I had never experienced it first hand. Maybe they weren't looking, perhaps it would stop? But the more I tried not to think about it the more it grew!

As I stood there Sarah told my wife to help remove my jeans and boxers. Sarah grabbed my leg and lifted it up. My wife pulled the clothing off and soon my legs were freed from the clothes. My wife began to stand up but stopped mid way.

Look at your cock Tom you must be enjoying this! Sarah, look he's getting hard. I think she was actually a little pissed by this. Who knows, all that I know is that Sarah put her hand on my back, and said oh I knew that it would happen. I'm really enjoying this!

I felt so helpless, my hard on continued to grow and I knew that I had at least a half hour to go! My wife grabbed the wooden spoon that Sarah had gotten earlier and with renewed vigor proclaimed she was ready to give me a really sore bum. Sarah, in a calm voice told my wife that it would be better to tease me first and continue to embarrass me. She said I have the perfect idea. I will be right back.

As soon as Sarah had left my wife leaned toward me and told me she was pissed that I was enjoying this. I tried to explain that I wasn't but she didn't want to hear a word of it! I tried to tell her that it was a natural function and that I was helpless. I think it just pissed her off even more.

She looked at me and told me that she was going to help me. What does that mean, I thought to myself. She looked at me and smiled, Tom I'm going to make you really hard. And with those words she pulled her shirt open and popped out her nipple from behind her bra. She smiled and asked if I wanted to fuck? I stood there speechless.

She tucked her breast back in and turned around and slowly bent over. As she stood back up she unzipped her jeans and slid them down over her hips.

Here I was nude from the waist down, standing like a prisoner with my hands against the wall, my dick was hard, and she was trying to make me harder. This was very unfair. The fact that my sister in-law was just in the other room was completely turning me on too!

My wife smiled seductively and continued the torment. She was wearing a thong and her hot ass was on full display. She bent over and I could see she was getting moist.

My heart was beating faster and faster, my cock was throbbing and I wanted to fuck her hard! My wife looked so hot; she slowly pulled her pants back up and walked towards me. I could almost feel her hand stroking my shaft. She leaned in and moved her Hand closer to my balls. I could almost feel her jerking me off.

She leaned in, I felt her body heat. She began to whisper in my ear, Tom I made you really really hard. I hope you don't mind being teased in front of Sarah because were not done with you yet. And then she left? Where was she going?

Soon I heard them talking and whispering? What was going on, I looked so ridiculous here. I was so hard, and I knew Sarah was coming back.

My wife reentered the room, and Sarah was right behind her. The had brandy snifters in hand and were toasting the nights upcoming events. What were they talking about?

Sarah pulled out a toy of some kind from behind her back. It was relatively small and had a bulb shape. She told my wife that this was a great tool to tease and humiliate. She took her fingers and slid them coolly between my ass cheeks. She asked my wife to distract me, and with that my wife was slowly stroking my cock. I didn't know what was coming but it was very hard to focus with the assault on my cock.

Sarah teased my anus and began to work her finger in and out of my ass. My wife slowly stroked my cock and Sarah kept teasing my ass hole. She began to push her little toy against my ass hole, and before I knew it her tiny toy was in my ass. You can stop now she yelled out. Instantly my wife stopped jerking at my cock.

Sarah asked my wife to come sit on the couch; it was time to tease her hubby.

Sarah had what looked like a TV remote in her hand; she told my wife that the special toy she had placed in my ass was fun to use. She quickly waved the remote like a magic wand and my ass was vibrating! It wasn't a strong vibration but more like a gentle nudge, a message of my prostate. Instantly my rock hard cock jumped to life. I started to sway back and forth. I couldn't believe it but I was going to cum. Sarah ordered me to put my hands on top of my head. My knees were shaky and I felt week.

I did as she said. My wife jumped to her feet and quickly turned me around. Here I was hands above my head, nude with a raging erection standing helplessly in front of to women. And not just any two women. My wife and my sister in-law!

I began to groan....I was cumming.. it shot from my dick and landed at the girl's feet, one contraction ...ahhh .....I moaned .... a second shot...a third...... oohhh. Ohhhh..ohhhh! They giggled and laughed in unison...wahoooo, like a big boy they shouted.....great job!

The sperm oozed from the tip of my penis, I was exhausted....but the vibrations were not stopping? In fact they seemed to get stronger? I looked towards Sarah and she was smiling and adjusting her remote control!

Just then my wife walked over to me and led me towards the couch. Before I knew it I was laying in the laps of both women. My hips instinctively began to grind. Grind on Sarah's lap. I was naked and I was grinding on there laps, but before I could begin to enjoy it, the slapping began?

Both Sarah and my wife were spanking my bum. It began to sting quickly. They each picked a side to assault. This time I was hurting in seconds. I couldn't stop driving my hips into there laps. My cock was hard and it felt so good. My cock was between Sarah's legs and I was dieing to cum, but I hurt too, my ass was getting redder by the second.

I felt Sarah begin to tug on the vibrators cord and then it was out of my ass.

She replaced it quickly with her finger and she was good. She knew where the magic spot was because I came instantly! I wished I could have enjoyed it though, but by this time my ass was ablaze.

After my second orgasm my wife stopped the spanking. Sarah helped me up and looked at my limp cock. She lowered her head and looked at the jiz that was left over on the tip of my penis. For a brief minute I thought she was going to suck it off, but then she stood up and said I know you were embarrassed.

I will remember this for ever Tom, just remember Top I've seen you naked! I've spanked your cute bum, and I've fingered your ass and I've made you cum, and your wife let me. Next time you see me Tom just remember I know how you cum! I know how you groan, and I know what your cock looks like. If you need any more punishment I know my sister will not hesitate to call.

What's funny though is I know you want to see me naked, I know that you would love to get me back. I bet you would love to spank by bottom. She laughed, walked over to her coat and said goodbye. Oh one thing Tom, just a thought to ponder. Do you think we took any pictures of your cute red bum? Did you hear any clicks while we teased you? Bye Tom.

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