tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 02

A Jedi's Training Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – A Jedi's Patience

Things gradually got better after the first month at the Academy. As Eryn became more accustomed to life on Coruscant, her in-home displays of nudity seemed to decrease. Jacen still caught her masturbating from time to time, though, and there was no doubt in his mind that it was a daily activity for her. Sometimes she would do it in the shower, with the door left open a crack; other times she would confine herself to her room with her door closed, but Jacen could always make out her moans and whimpers through the walls of the apartment. Although this was perfectly normal for Eryn, it made life somewhat more difficult for Jacen. His Jedi instructors were beginning to sense that his inner self was not at peace, though they were unsure the exact cause. It didn't help any that Eryn was as beautiful a woman as any, and that Jacen sometimes fantasized about her in his spare moments. He tried meditation exercises he had learned since he was but a Jedi Youngling, doing what he could to clear his mind daily. Finally, at the end of the first month, a solution seemed to avail itself to him.

After their first month at the Academy, Jacen received notification that he was selected to be in the first group of students to receive off-world instruction. Off-world instruction was a mandatory program instituted by the Academy, one in which each student would be paired with a Jedi mentor and transported to another planet to train in Jedi techniques. This seemed to be the answer Jacen had been seeking – time spent with a wise member of the Jedi Order, away from the bustle of Coruscant and the ever-present allure of Eryn's sensuality, would be just what he needed to re-focus himself on his tasks. Eryn, for her part, seemed a little nervous that Jacen would be gone. She had spent a lot of time getting to know his circle of friends, but was not quite sure how they would react when Jacen was not present. Jacen reassured her that she would be fine, and reminded her that it would only be a week off.

"How bad could it be?" Jacen asked. "I'll be back in a week – and trust me, if any of them give you trouble while I'm gone, I'll know about it. Besides, I've seen you making friends with other people around the Academy. You're practically a social butterfly – you'll be just fine."

"If you say so Jacen," Eryn said, finally surrendering to the fact. "Where are you going for your training?"

Jacen pulled up the information on a datapad.

"It says that I'll be going to Yavin IV, a forest moon in the Yavin system, with Starya Elsek. Have you trained with her before?"

Eryn shook her head.

"Not in my courses, no. But I've heard about her from some of the more advanced students – they say she'll bust your butt and then some."

"Sounds like I won't be doing any slacking next week," Jacen laughed. "Anyway, I better get going – the shuttle leaves in an hour and I have to get to the landing pad. Have a great week Eryn!"

The two embraced briefly; Jacen made sure to pull away before he let himself become too aroused by the scent of her hair and the feeling of her breasts pressed against him. Eryn blew him a kiss, and he was out the door.

When he reached the landing pad, Jacen looked around at the other students who were in the group with him. A few he did not recognize, but he did pick out his friend Roland, from his original Youngling clan, and a young woman he recognized as Liana, a girl from Alderaan who had befriended Eryn during shared classes. The students were gathered in small groups, talking amongst themselves, but they all fell silent when their Jedi mentors made their way onto the landing pad.

The mentors introduced themselves and the group split up into pairs of mentors and students. Jacen and his mentor, Starya Elsek, eventually made their way to each other in the middle of the landing pad. Somewhat to Jacen's dismay, Starya was not one of the older Jedi in the Order that he had expected. She looked hardly five years older than him, and she was quite attractive. Her hair was dark brown with streaks of light red, her body athletic, most likely a result of her extensive Jedi training. When she spoke, her voice was cool and comforting.

"Jacen Daasa, I take it?" she asked, extending her hand to his. "Starya Elsek."

"It's a pleasure, Master Elsek," Jacen said formally, shaking her hand.

Starya laughed.

"Oh please – don't call me Master. It makes me feel so old – I don't look old, do I?"

"Ummm, no, you don't," Jacen replied tactfully.

"Good answer," Starya replied with a smile. "I like you already. You can call me Starya, though my students usually call me Star – you can call me that if you like as well. I'm glad I don't look old to you, seeing as how I only graduated from the Academy myself four years ago."

Jacen made a mental note that he was not far off on his age guessing – Star was seven years older than him.

"That makes you pretty young to be an instructor, doesn't it?" Jacen asked as they loaded their gear onto the shuttle.

"A little, yes. Apparently I have a knack for teaching. I guess I'm going to be a Jedi Consular when I get old."

"A lot of students say that you're good at physical activity though – they're betting that you'll become a Sentinel or a Guardian."

"Who told you that?" Star said, a hint of laughter in her voice. "I'll have to interrogate my classes when I get back. But it's true, I do like physical activity. I run obstacle courses and take combat classes to stay in shape. And, since we're going to a jungle moon, you can expect lots of the same for yourself."

"I'm looking forward to it," Jacen said, letting Star board the shuttle first. "It'll be a welcome break from all my bookwork."

'And Eryn!' he thought to himself.

"Good!" Star said, taking the controls of the shuttle. "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

The shuttle journey to Yavin IV was uneventful, and rather quick. Jacen used most of the time to meditate in the shuttle's passenger area, clearing away any sexual thoughts about Eryn. Star laughed at him when she came to alert him that they were coming out of hyperspace.

"I see we have a meditator in our midst," she declared when she entered the passenger area. "Are you sure you're looking forward to getting physical?"

The mention of "getting physical" caused certain areas of Jacen's anatomy to perk up momentarily, but he quickly calmed himself down before answering.

"That's part of the reason I'm meditating," he replied. "Getting my body and mind prepared for the work to be done."

"Spoken like a true Jedi," Star said. "You can go back to it for a little while if you want – I just came to tell you that we're dropping out of hyperspace and will be landing soon. Or, if you're up to it, you can join me in the cockpit."

Jacen followed Star into the cockpit of the shuttle, where she quickly shed her outer robe before taking a seat. With Star now clad in only her inner robe, which was more form-fitting, Jacen got his first chance to glance over his mentor. She was a little shorter than Eryn, and thus shorter than him as well. She also seemed to carry a little more weight on her body than Eryn did, but it did nothing to detract from her looks. Overall she was still fit and trim, and Jacen had no doubt that Star could easily outrun and outfight him any day.

"Okay, here we go!" Star proclaimed, pulling a lever on the control panel.

Immediately the bluish-white blob that was all that was visible from the cockpit seemed to shrink into individual stars as the shuttle slowed its speed dramatically. A little to Jacen's right, a blue-green planetoid appeared.

"There it is, Yavin IV," Star said as she adjusted the shuttle's course toward the moon. "Once we get through the atmosphere, I'll need you to help me look for a good landing spot."

Star, like most of the Jedi, was an adept pilot – she had no trouble guiding the shuttle through the planet's cloudy atmosphere down to the treeline.

"See anything yet?" Star asked. "It doesn't have to be a big clearing – just wide enough for a vertical landing."

"How about there?" Jacen said, pointing to a small field near a river, just past the treeline.

"Yeah, that should do," Star said, leaning over Jacen to get a better look at the spot.

Jacen tried not to react too suddenly when a few ends of Star's hair brushed gently against his arm.

"Okay, I'm going to set 'er down," Star said. "You might want to head on back to start getting the gear ready to go."

As Jacen was getting the gear bags out, he felt the thud that indicated the shuttle had touched down. Shortly thereafter, Star joined him in the cargo hold.

"Okay, let's get a move-on!" she said as she lowered the back ramp of the shuttle. "First thing we'll want to do is get our shelters set up – it can start raining anytime here on Yavin."

As she spoke, she began pulling away her inner robe, dropping the garment to the floor to reveal a tight athletic training outfit. The top was sleeveless and cut low in the front and back, giving Jacen a clear view of her cleavage and her smooth upper back.

"And you might want to ditch those robes yourself," she said to Jacen. "With all the trees here, it'll probably just get in the way."

Star tossed Jacen a worn set of spacers work coveralls.

"These should work better, though once we get to training you'll probably lose the top and put on a cheap shirt with short sleeves. You can get changed here in the shuttle since we don't have shelters yet."

Jacen turned and started to remove his clothes.

"And don't worry," Star called, her boots clinking against the metallic landing ramp of the shuttle as she walked out. "I won't peek!"

Jacen walked out of the shuttle a few minutes later. Since the weather was humid and warm, he had foregone the spacer's jacket and put on a white sleeveless shirt. Star was in the midst of setting up her shelter. Jacen walked over to her and grabbed the bag that contained his.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Star told him. "We got here a little later than I had anticipated, so you should get right on with your training. I'll take care of the shelter while you're doing that."

"What exactly do you have in store for me?" Jacen asked, trying to ignore Star's body, now a little damp from the humidity, as she stood a mere several centimeters away from him.

"Just a quick survival skills course," she said, brushing her hand across his as she took the shelter bag from him. "A little orienteering, some physical work... nothing a strong Jedi initiate can't handle."

"Sounds good," Jacen said, swallowing hard. "Do I need anything?"

"Just this," Star told him, handing him a handheld nav computer. "There are way points set up throughout the forest – each one has a coordinate programmed in it, which should direct you to the next way point. The first coordinate is already in the computer."

"Got it."

"Oh and Jacen," Star said as he turned to walk away. "Don't keep me waiting too long."

Of course, Jacen found Star's description of the skills course to be somewhat of an understatement... unless her idea of "some physical work" involved scaling trees, crossing ravines, and using Force-assisted leaps to ascend shear vertical cliff sides to reach way points. Eventually though, Jacen could sense that the course was directing him back toward the clearing where they had landed. It was apparent by then that they had not come upon the clearing by accident – the way points showed signs of wear and tear, indicating that they had been set up in the forest for months, perhaps even years. Finally, Jacen reached the last way point, near where the tree line opened up to the landing site. As he reached up to upload its data into his nav computer, he noticed that the way point indicator had apparently been overgrown by some kind of local flora. It was a vine plant, with brilliant purple flowers that blossomed along the length of the vine. As he reached out to clear the vines, the plant seemed to explode in a torrent of bright red pollen and a sticky, slightly sweet sap that coated him from head to toe.

"Ugh, just great!" Jacen exclaimed to himself as he uploaded the data from the way point marker. "What is this stuff?"

As Jacen trudged back into the landing area, he could see Star trying to stifle her laughter.

"Enjoy the course?" Star asked innocently.

"Ha ha, very funny," Jacen said, trying to wipe the sticky sap from his skin. "I must look absolutely ridiculous."

"Oh you don't look that bad," Star said jokingly.

"What was that thing?"

"That thing is called the Flower of Paradise. Pretty name, huh?"

"Not to seem ungrateful for the botany lesson, but how do I get this off of me?" Jacen asked.

"The sap from the Flower of Paradise is rather water-soluble," Star told him, then pointed towards the stream behind the shuttle. "It should wash off with a little scrubbing."

"Flower of Paradise..." Jacen grumbled as he walked toward the stream.

As he got nearer to the water, Jacen started to feel slightly dizzy. It was not an unpleasant sort of dizziness, but something more akin to the buzz he got when he drank enough Jawa juice.

"Am I getting some sort of allergy to that plant?" he asked himself.

Upon reaching the water's edge, Jacen kicked off his boots and socks and stripped down to his boxers. Though his shirt had gotten the brunt of the Flower of Paradise sap, a good amount of it had worked its way through the shirt and was now sticking to his back and chest. He waded into the water to about waist depth.

The water, thanks to the tropical climate on Yavin IV, was rather warm and comforting. As he began to rub his arms, he could feel his skin becoming tingly and warm as well. It felt rather good. He was so entranced by the feeling that he didn't notice Star coming up behind him, until she was knee deep in the water.

"You okay Jacen?" Star asked.

"Yeah, fine," Jacen said, clearing his head. "Just washing this goo off me."

"Here, let me help you with your back."

Star pulled off her pants and tossed them ashore, wading in to where Jacen was. Being slightly shorter, the water came up just above her navel. She wet her hands in the stream and slowly began rubbing them up and down his back, spreading around the nectar from the Flower of Paradise more than she was washing it off.

"Mmmmm, that feels really good," Jacen said unabashedly.

'Why did I say that?' he wondered to himself just moments after the words left his mouth.

Before he could figure it out, he lost his footing and stumbled forward slightly.

"You sure you're okay?" Star asked from behind him, her hands still trailing delicately across his back.

"Yeah, I think I may be getting some kind of reaction to that plant though. I feel a little buzzed and my skin has this warm, tingling feeling."

Star laughed softly.

"No, you're just feeling the effects of the Flower of Paradise."


"Both the nectar and the pollen of the Flower of Paradise are potent aphrodisiacs," Star said matter-of-factly. "And the nectar is also a bit of a topical stimulant – hence the warm tingling feeling."

"Aphrodisiac??" Jacen said in disbelief. "You mean...."

He trailed off abruptly as Star's hands, coated in nectar from his back, delved beneath the waistband of his boxers and wrapped around his penis, which had become fully erect without his noticing.

"Shhhh," Star whispered in his ear, slowly stroking the length of his erection, her hand lubricated by the nectar from the Flower of Paradise. "I think this is what our good Jedi student wants."

Jacen moaned deep in his throat as the effects of the flower and his pent-up sexual frustration completely shut down any defenses he might have had. As sure as the sunrise, he felt the warming effect of the nectar spreading across the shaft of his penis and throughout his scrotum.

"Oh... Star," he moaned softly.

"I'm right here Jacen," she replied, leaning forward and ravenously licking the sweet, sticky nectar from his neck and shoulders.

"Star... why are you doing this?" Jacen asked, his rational mind struggling with as much Jedi control as he could muster to stay a step ahead of the lust.

"Shush," Star said, pressing two nectar-coated fingers to his lips. "Maybe I just want you to enjoy this?"

As the sweet nectar flowed through his lips and across his tongue, Jacen finally felt himself giving in. He turned to Star and they kissed, lips and tongue still slick with the sweet nectar of the flower. He reached up, grabbing her at the small of her back and pulling her to him. She kept her one hand between their bodies, still caressing his swollen cock.

Star kissed with an amount of skill that betrayed her extensive experience, sucking on his tongue and lips while performing a good amount of acrobatics with her own tongue. Jacen could only imagine what her lips would feel like around his penis.

After kissing for several long moments, Star walked backwards toward the shore. In one swift motion, she flipped her top over her head and off her body, her breasts bouncing free in the humid jungle air. Jacen kicked off his boxers as he waded towards her, and they met in another heated embrace. Star moaned into his mouth as his strong arms pinned her against him, crushing her breasts to his chest. She could feel the heat of his hard cock straining against the thin fabric of her panties, the only barrier between their sexes. Slowly, she began to kiss her way down his body, her lips seeking out his solid rod. As she drew nearer, Star kneeled down in the shallows of the river banks, facing Jacen's cock. She stroked it several times more with her hand, noting the lack of hair.

"Do all Jedi initiates shave now?" she asked, her lips on the verge of touching the tip.

Jacen shook his head.

"I just always liked it better this way."

"I'm glad you think that way, Jacen," Star said.

Before Jacen could ask why, she pursed her lips and gently pushed the tip of his penis through.

"Oh! Oh, Star," Jacen groaned, as she deftly took his entire length into her mouth.

Slowly, almost agonizingly, Star drew back until just the very tip of his erection was still trapped in her lips. She then let it out with an audible "pop", before hungrily taking it all in again. She caressed Jacen's testicles as she sucked on and licked his penis, varying her speed from slow to fast. She relished the taste of Jacen's pre-come, mixed with the lingering aroma of the Flower of Paradise. Slowly, she could sense his orgasm building up. He began thrusting his hips, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Star gladly obliged, wrapping her hands around his hips and pulling him into her. His hands made their way into her hair, grabbing onto curls as his body tensed.

"Star, oh Star, I'm going to come!" he moaned as her lips drove him to the brink of ecstasy.

She responded by urging him on, moaning onto his penis.

"Star! YES! OH!" Jacen cried out, as his entire mind suddenly washed over blankly in pleasure.

He stood over her for several moments afterward, legs trembling as he struggled to catch his breath. He could feel her rapid nasal breathing against the skin of his pelvis, her soft lips still wrapped tightly around his cock, which, to his surprise, was still hard. Eventually he released his grip on her hair, and when he did, she loosened her grip on his hips and slowly backed her mouth off of his penis.

"Enjoy yourself?" Star asked the moment his cock was clear of her lips.

"How...?" Jacen was confused. "Did you... swallow?"

Star opened her mouth and smiled – not a trace of ejaculate. But to Jacen's surprise, she shook her head.

"I swallow, but not this time. You didn't give me anything to swallow."

"But I came – I mean, I felt it."

"Let me ask you something, Jacen – do you feel sexually relieved?"

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