tagRomanceA Journey of Passion Ch. 04

A Journey of Passion Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Discovery


This is the fourth chapter in the story. It follows 'The Prologue', 'The Daughters' and 'The Beginning'. I hope you enjoy them all.


That was the beginning of several weeks of instant messaging between the two adults. Seth tried not to act like a teenager even though he felt like one again. Gabriela worked hard at not letting her excitement show through in her words every time.

How much could you really learn about someone communicating through a computer? Gabriela asked herself that question several times and still didn't have an answer. She did know that she wanted to discover more about Seth, though.

It didn't even matter how often she told herself he could be lying. She read the reports about the predators and the scammers. Seth was neither and she'd bet on that without any proof. He wasn't that kind of person and she'd never believe otherwise. Her instincts told her to trust him. Gabriela went with them.

Some nights they typed for hours while others they only had a few minutes. Seth often had evening appointments showing houses or meeting with clients at his office. Gabriela tried to stay up late on those nights even though she didn't always know when he'd get home. Those were the times they'd send off an e-mail just because. She felt like a young girl at times but enjoyed it.

They had a conversation on how hard it was to read emotion into typed words. Gabriela found that she could tell Seth's moods from the way he greeted her and replied to her questions. She knew there were times she was quieter and imagined it showed in her responses as well. The problems came when one or the other attempted to tease or joke and it didn't come over that way. Both knew how hard their form of communicating was. The key was being open and honest if they didn't understand a statement or question.

One thing they did know was that they wanted to pursue what they had so far.


Gabriela often looked outside and wondered what Seth was doing at that very moment. She thought about him all the time. They'd exchanged photos through the computer so she knew what he looked like. She'd learned he lived in Florida and owned a real estate company in his initial e-mail to her.

His life sounded so much different from hers, though. At times that worried her. It didn't include worrying about paying bills or cutting corners. Seth was wealthy and she wasn't. Gabriela felt out of place at times when he talked about things she'd never heard of.

None of this made it easy for her when friends wanted to set her up on blind dates. In the end, she just made up an excuse but she really didn't like that. However, telling them she was interested in a man she knew only through the computer sounded a bit lame and gullible. If nothing more became of her relationship with Seth, she would appear a bit silly.

Later, if things progressed, she would tell them. Now he was her secret and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.


How could he explain to family and friends that he'd met a woman online and was interested in her? Or that she lived in another state and they'd never met in person? Seth knew he didn't owe the answer to those questions to anyone. He was an adult and could decide for himself whether to pursue anything with Gabriela. There wasn't any doubt in his mind he would, though. She fascinated him.

He pictured her sitting in bed with her laptop with her legs crossed. Seth knew there were times his mind took him places he wasn't sure she was ready to go yet. The conversations were never predictable or boring but they hadn't talked about anything sexual. If they lived closer, he knew he'd have been on her door step long ago.

Tonight he stared at the monitor and longed to talk to her. She'd sent an e-mail that morning saying she was going to dinner with her daughter and wouldn't be online until late. Seth replied that he'd wait no matter what time it was. He needed those minutes with her to end his day. A grin broke out over his face when he saw her sign in.

"I made it home. Ate like the pig that I am, too," she wrote.

Seth grinned at her words and pictured her slender figure. "Right, I've seen your picture remember? You're far from a pig, Gabriela."

"Nicole took me to this new place with a huge buffet. She made me try everything, I swear."

"I'm sure you only took a bite or two of the things that looked good," he replied.

"Well, there were some disgusting dishes and one even had liver in it. No way was I trying that."

Seth imagined her face as she typed and laughed. They'd talked about foods before and she'd mentioned her total distaste for the intestine.

"I promise I won't ever fix liver for you."

"You'd cook for me, Seth?"

"Of course I would. Then I'd bring you out to the hot tub with some wine so we could relax."

"Mm, but I'm not sure how much we'd relax there."

"No?" Seth held his breath at the flirty tone in her voice.

"Imagine it, Seth," she wrote. "You and I, naked in the hot bubbly water, just the moon and stars for light, our bodies colliding ..."

"Your soft skin under my fingers, pulling you closer, our lips touching ..."

"Straddling your body as we kiss ..."

Gabriela waited for his reply and wondered if she went too far. It was so hard to judge a relationship when you couldn't see the person. She'd thought about Seth the night before and decided to take things to the next level. If he didn't approve of her flirting, she'd have to rethink it all.

"Do you know what you're doing to me, Gabriela?"

She smiled to herself and went on. "I hope I'm making you want the same things I do."

"If I was there right now, you'd see how much I want you."

They didn't go much further that night even though both were thinking about it. This was new territory for them and they needed to find their way through it. It didn't stop either from laying in bed for long hours aching for the other.

Shelby and Dallas were spending Sunday afternoon with Seth. Father and daughter relaxed in the backyard where the youngest member of their small family kept busy with a myriad of toys. His laughter brought smiles to their faces as they watched him running across the grass.

Several times Shelby had looked over at her dad and wondered what was different about him. He seemed happier in the last couple of weeks to her. Yet there wasn't anything she could pinpoint to make that change.

"Hey Dad, you been getting some lately?" she asked.

"Excuse me?"

"You're smiling more and look happier, so I figured you must be getting laid."

"Shelby, I'm not sure that's anything a daughter should be asking her father," he said with a glare.

"Come on, Dad, I'm an adult. So, are you?"

Seth looked at the way his only child wiggled her eyebrows at him and burst out laughing. "When do I have time to date?"

"You don't have to date to get any. There are always hookers —"

"Whoa, I'm not that desperate, Shelby." Seth stopped her before she went on.

"Well, you look different so I thought it was a woman. Guess I'm wrong," she said with a shrug.

He looked at Shelby and thought about Gabriela. They'd taken their online relationship up a notch with the intense flirting. It still amazed him the things she could do to him with her words.

"Would you be all right with it if I met someone?"

"Why wouldn't I be, Dad?"

"No reason, I guess," he said and dropped the subject.

"Grandpa, look!"

Seth turned to his grandson and smiled. His family meant the world to him and he'd do whatever he could to protect them.

"Too bad you're not getting laid, though," Shelby said as her dad stood to chase after Dallas.

He only laughed but his body tightened as he thought again of Gabriela. Seth made sure he kept his back to his daughter for several minutes until he got himself back under control. Somehow, he'd have to change the situation between Gabriela and himself real soon.

Dallas and Shelby left after dinner and Seth went inside to check the computer. His pulse raced when he saw Gabriela was online.

"I've been thinking of you," he wrote.

"Seth, I thought your daughter and grandson were with you today."

"They were but you were still on my mind," he replied. "You're always with me."

"I can't stop thinking of you, either."

"Gabriela, something has to change between us. I'm going crazy here."

"I'm not sure what you're saying Seth," she typed.

"Me either, really, but there has to be more than the computer. Can I call you?"

"Oh Seth, are you sure?"

"I need to hear your voice. Please?"

He watched as a series of numbers appeared and groaned. "I'm dialing."

Gabriela picked up the telephone with a shaky hand and answered. "Seth?"

"Oh god, Gabriela," he whispered. "Thank you for this."

"I was so afraid when you said something had to change. I thought that you wanted to end things."

"No, god no, if anything, it's the opposite, I want more."

"Me, too," she said without any hesitation.

"You sound so sexy."

"Hmm, I wonder if you might be biased at all." The sassiness in her voice came through making him laugh.

"Not me," he replied. "You're thinking of all those other perverts that answered your dating ad."

"Oh, Seth, don't remind me of that. I still feel embarrassed about it."

"Gabriela, it was meant for us to meet, somehow. There's nothing wrong with what you did. Remember, I'm one of those perverts that sent you an e-mail."

"You're far from a pervert, Seth."

His wicked laugh sent chills down her spine. "Are you so sure of that, baby?"

She caught the way the nickname rolled right off his tongue and loved it. "Seth, I feel ... you make me so ..."

"Tell me Gabriela."

"I imagine us together, touching and teasing, making love, tasting each other."

"I'm so hard right now."

Her groan sent chills through his body as he pictured her next to him. Seth looked down at the bulge in his jeans and closed his eyes.

"My nipples are tight and I'm dripping for you."

"Honey, please, touch one for me, now. Do it."

She followed his heated words as if in a trance. Soft fingers brushed the aching nub as Gabriela imagined his hand there. "Yes, Seth, touch me."

Words of passion flowed as they took each other higher. Gabriela's sweet voice had him freeing his aching member so he could stroke himself for her. Seth's promise of where his tongue would go soon had her flying for him. Their cries of desire and longing mixed over the airwaves as they crashed together.

"Oh god, Seth, I can't believe I did that," she said when she caught her breath.

"Baby, you are amazing. That was wild."

"You make me forget everything and let go, Seth."

"Can you picture us together then? Baby, we need to work on that."

"Yes, I think that's a good plan for the future," Gabriela replied.

They talked for a while longer before Seth said he needed sleep. He had an early morning appointment to look at property a couple of hours from town. It still took them another fifteen minutes to hang up.

Both knew they'd taken another step in their relationship. Neither slept much that night.


Seth sat in his office Monday morning and thought back over the night before. He wondered at the new turn in his life. It occurred to him he should feel embarrassed at what he'd done on the telephone with Gabriela but he didn't. She made his blood boil with just a few words. It was on his mind daily that he wanted more with her. Distance was a factor now, but that could change. He couldn't wait to get home and call her.


Water dripped between her breasts as Gabriela raced to answer the telephone Monday evening. What if it was Seth and she missed his call, she asked herself as she grabbed the receiver.

"Hello." She let the word roll off her tongue almost as a question.

"Hi honey, I thought for a minute you were gone."

"No, I was in the shower."

Seth felt his pulse take off at the idea of Gabriela naked. They'd exchanged photos on the computer but nothing with nudity. Yet he could imagine her quite well in his mind.

"That image does things to me ..."

"I'd love to have you join me in the shower, suds on your body, all slick under my fingers."

How did someone his age feel this way so fast? Seth knew the answer to his own question. Gabriela set him on fire. Seth wanted to hold her close and never let her go..

He looked at the clock and saw they'd been talking for over an hour. Time went so fast with Gabriela. They said their goodnights along with his promise to call the following night. Seth sat on the edge of the bed after he hung up and looked down at his still throbbing erection. Somehow, they needed to meet in person soon. He rolled over and slept with her image in his dreams.


Now they ignored the computer and Seth called Gabriela as often as their schedules allowed. Some nights they shared stories of their childhoods while others they explored the sexual desire that burned between them. One such conversation included an admission from Seth that had Gabriela fantasizing in seconds.

"Do you think a man is gay that wants his woman to take his ass?"

"Of course not," she replied. "I've wondered about it myself."

"You have? With your ex-husband you mean?"

She didn't answer at first and Seth decided it might be time to change the subject instead. He didn't get the chance.

"No, I think about it with you, Seth."

He stopped breathing at the image of Gabriela taking his virgin ass. It scared him to bring it up but now he was glad he did.

"Seth, did you hear me?"

"I did. Do you know how much I want you here right now? I need to be with you, Gabriela. We have to be together, to explore this."

"I agree, but I'll have to go shopping first," she said with a sexy laugh.

"You don't need to bring anything. I won't let you out of bed anyway."

"I wasn't thinking of clothing."

"Oh god, are you talking about ..."

She just murmured without really answering, knowing he understood. His mind raced with the thought of it as they finished their conversation. He didn't sleep a wink that night.

Seth struggled to stay focused on work the entire day. All he could think of was talking to Gabriela again. After dinner, he took his shower and then picked up the phone to call her. He was so disappointed to get her answering machine that he didn't even leave a message. An hour later, he tried again.


"Hi honey. I tried earlier and you were gone."

"I went shopping, Seth."

"Did you enjoy yourself?"


"Are you all right? You aren't saying much," he asked when she'd been quiet for a couple minutes.

"I bought some toys."

"Oh my," he said with a whistle.

"We just talked about them."

"I remember." He thought back to their conversation the night before and his breath caught.

"One is for me to use on you, Seth."

He wanted to reply, but his mind kept hearing her say what she was going to do when they met. It scared and excited him at the same time.

"Tell me."

"I bought a strap-on for us, so I can fuck you."

"Gabriela, honey, oh my god. You want this, don't you?"

"Baby, I imagine it all the time, slipping inside you, pushing against you ..."

"Taking a part of me untouched by anyone else ..."

"Yes, love, you're mine and only I will ever fuck you."

Seth felt the tingling in his body and saw the evidence of his arousal. He wanted to feel her slamming against him as she fucked his body. The images of her in his ass took over as she went on.

He discovered that with each phone call it became harder to hang up. He always hated to break the connection since he never knew for sure when he would hear her voice again.


Nicole decided her mom had a new man in her life. She wondered if she'd met someone through that dating service or somewhere else. Her father was on his fourth wife and didn't even bother to call Nicole. Gabriela deserved happiness and her daughter intended to see what she could find out about the man bringing a smile to her mom's face.

"So, are you getting laid?"

"Nicole, excuse me?" Gabriela looked at her daughter in shock.

"Oh come on, I'm an adult and you can tell me. So who's the lucky guy?"

"I'm not seeing anyone."

"There's other ways, you know. Friends, one night sta—"

"Don't even go there, Nicole. You know me better than that." Gabriela interrupted her daughter before she could even finish the absurd thought. She wondered for a moment what Nicole noticed to make her ask such a question.

"Mom, you're young and hot yet. So who's the guy that's making you smile more?"

Gabriela thought for a moment and decided to tell her daughter about Seth. So far, there wasn't much to say but she wanted to be honest with Nicole.

"I've been chatting with one of the men that replied to that crazy dating site ad you had me do."

"Hey, didn't I tell you that site was the best? What does he do, what's his name, who are his parents and when do I meet him?"

She laughed at the barrage of questions Nicole tossed at her. "Yes, you did tell me that. His name is Seth and he owns a real estate company and you don't get to meet him until after I do."

"What? Wait a minute, back up. You two didn't meet yet?"

"He lives in Florida so it's a bit difficult to date," Gabriela said.

"So then how do you talk to him?"

"We began just sending e-mails until we decided it was easier to use instant messaging."

"That makes sense, Mom. So when is he coming here?"

"We haven't taken it that far yet, Nicole. He calls me on the telephone and we've talked about meeting in person. Nothing is planned, though."

"Slow is good." Nicole winked at the double entendre and laughed.

"Yes, it is at that. However, Seth and I don't have that kind of relationship since it's long distance."

"Mom, you have heard of phone sex haven't you? It's really hot with the right man."

Gabriela arched her brow at her daughter and tapped her foot.

"Of course, I wouldn't know anything about it. Friends, they told me, you know, they said it was. Mom, I'd never, ever do anything like that. I'm so innocent."

The two burst out laughing at that one.

"I'll try to remember there's this new invention called phone sex. But, I'm telling you, neither Seth nor I are like that."

Just hours later, Gabriela hung up the phone after talking to Seth and called herself a liar. They both knew all about it.

Seth picked up the phone the next evening and dialed the number he now knew by heart.


"Baby, hi, it's me."

"Seth, hey, you just caught me."

"Are you on the way out?" He felt disappointed already just thinking he couldn't talk to her.

"No, I meant I almost didn't catch the phone in time. I just got home from getting a few groceries."

"Do you need some time to put them away?"

"Let me put the headset on and then I can do that while we talk," she said.

He heard sounds through the phone as she slipped the tiny earpiece in and hooked up the headset.

"There, that's better. Can you still hear me, Seth?"

"Say something sexy and I'll tell you if I do," he replied and laughed.

"You're bad."

"Oh honey, you have no idea." Seth felt his body tensing up with just the few teasing words and let his dream from the night before run through his head. He closed his eyes and pictured her as she'd been before he spoke again.

"I think I do, baby." Her voice came out slow and husky. Seth swore he felt her breath on his skin as she spoke.

"My dream was so realistic last night. It was amazing, Gabriela."

"I want to hear about it, then."

"It was a gorgeous day and we were out on the boat. You wore a yellow two-piece bathing suit that was elegant not trashy. My hands shook when you asked me to put lotion on your back."

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