tagErotic HorrorA Last Goodbye

A Last Goodbye


It had been only three months since she buried her husband, yet it seemed like only moments since they lowered the coffin into the ground. How she missed him. She missed his smell, his touch. But most of all, she missed making love to him. She missed the hungry look in his eyes when he came to her... feel of him thrusting inside her... the way his tongue entwined with hers.

As she lay in the bed they shared, tossing and turning trying to sleep, a noise made her sit up. At first she thought she was dreaming, but as her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw that there was indeed the figure of a man sitting in the chair across from her bed.

Strangling a scream she jumped out of bed and prepared to run, when a familiar voice spoke up, "Don't be afraid, it's me."

Looking again her eyes got wide, and she saw that it was the love of her life.

"How," she started but he rose and walked to her. Placing his finger to her lip, he then kissed her gently. Her thoughts were going crazy. How could this be? He had died in her arms, she watched them lower him into the ground, but yet there he was, and he was as real as she was.

"I only have this one night my love," he said. "Please, let's make the most of it."

Nodding mutely, still in shock she allowed herself to be lead to the bed. Slowly he reached up, and slipped the night shirt over her head exposing her delicate brown skin to the chill. Instantly, her taut brown nipples hardened with a combination of the cold, and the desire that only he could awaken.

As she looked into his eyes, and saw that familiar hunger that she longed to see once more, she grew wet for him.

Slowly, he lowered her to the bed, and kissed her mouth tenderly at first, but increasing in intensity. She responded in kind, loving the feel of his lips that she thought she had lost forever. She moaned as he trailed hot kisses down her neck, and captured her pebble hard nipple. Sucking greedily, he let his hands roam her warm body, till her found her already wet sex. She moaned as his finger slid into her moist tunnel, his thumb pressing on her engorged pearl, making her moan louder. Trailing kisses to the other nipple, he sucked it into his mouth, and continued to massage her pearl with his thumb, sending her body into wild ecstasy as she convulsed and writhed in her first climax.

Leaving a trail of kisses down her body, as he made his way down to her hot sex. Once there, he took her engorged pearl into his mouth, and sucked. She gasped and moaned her head thrashing from side to side, in a flood of ecstasy and love. Slowly, he continued to slide his finger in and out of her now very wet tunnel. As his sucking increased, her body began to writhe and she bucked her hips up to meet his greedy mouth. Moaning her pleasure, she climaxed for a second time, knowing that more was to come.

As she lay panting trying to catch her breath, he stood looking lovingly...hungrily at her body. Taking in the sight of her he removed his shirt, pants, and silk boxers. Climbing on the bed, he lay gently on top of her, the hair of his chest tickling her sensitive nipples, his cool skin soaking up the warmth of her hot body.

Gently he parted her legs, and entered her with one smooth motion. Slowly, he began to stoke.....pulling almost all the way out before he slid back in.

Gasping in her pleasure, she arched her back and raised her hips slightly to give him greater access...letting her hands caress the muscles of his back...his arms. Grabbing his butt, she gripped it and began to pull him tighter into her.

On and on they moved together, until she felt him start to start quicken the pace. At almost the same time the satin sheath that incased him started to tense and contract.

They gave one final thrust simultaneously, and climaxed together.

Collapsing on her he whispered, "Remember that I will always love you."

Holding him close she sighed, and drifted off into the first real nights sleep since the nightmare began.

Hours later, her eyes fluttered open. Was it a dream she wondered...until she rolled over and found a single red rose on his pillow.

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