tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter to "V"

A Letter to "V"


Oh, my dear, sweet v. You already have the makings for a near-perfect sub: The first, foremost being your almost total willingness to give yourself to a Master. I'm sure that with the right Master you would overcome your fears, apprehensions regarding your anal orifice. I'm sure that given a few weeks, maybe even days, I could get you to the point where you would be begging me to take your back door and make it my own love entrance into your body.

[Before I continue with this letter, I want you to strip naked. Right now. I want you to masturbate, also. But I don't want you to climax until you reach the end. Do you understand? You are NOT to CUM until I say so...!!!]

I've been told that I have a sexy voice. It is, at times, very soft, breathy; which forces people to listen very closely to what I'm saying. In intimate settings, like ours would be, you will be blindfolded, which will cause your other senses to be heightened.

How would you feel about being blindfolded and made to strip in front of your Master? Then have your hands bound at the wrist and suspended above you. I would then proceed to spank your bottom with the riding crop I have hanging in my bedroom (I really do have one, too.) After your ass has been reddened to my satisfaction, I will rub a soothing, cooling salve upon your enflamed buttocks. And, leaving you blindfolded and tied up before me, I will produce a feather, with which to tickle you all over... And after you've been tortured in such a fashion, I may let you cum...

Or I might just whip your body some more. And then I'll bring out some nice toys which I'll have specially purchased with you in mind. I'm thinking a nice, big 8" vibrator/dildo and a little 5"-er for your anus. I don't want to neglect any of your holes so, at this point, while the machines are going wild in your lower regions, I'll let your arms down and make you get on your hands and knees and, while blindfolded still, I'll force my cock down your throat, making you suck me hard...

Then, before I'm ready to blow my load down your throat, v, I'll pull your face away from my hardness and flip you around and, pulling the dildo out of your drenched pussy, I'll shove my cock as deeply into your smooth, hairless, dripping honey-pot as it will go! I won't come, however. And I won't let you come, either. That will be your torture. For you, dear girl, will not be allowed to come unless I say so. Without my permission there will be no orgasms for you, ever. This is non-negotiable and something I have always required of my subs.

You must also be smooth at all times. I mentioned hairless pussy above because I do not allow hair on my subs. Pubic hair, that is. None. So when you asked if I "liked that look," I need to answer that I like it, yes but more than that, I require it. You, as My submissive, will be smooth. And, as I said before, after a short while, you will be asked to keep your other orifice lubricated and ready to be plundered at a moments notice. You'll never know when I'll order you to bend over and take my erection into your vagina or your anus.

Ohhhh, my God, little girl... I can picture more of our weekends together: I will command you to be nude, all weekend. I will either be nude, too, or I'll be wearing a suit to accept visitors as they drop by. And you will be asked to stay in the bedroom when that happens, at least until you are more comfortable in your role as a sub. Then you may be asked to serve my guests as you would your Master; either bringing us drinks and things or, perhaps when you're ready, being used as a plaything for/ by us all.

[Are you on the verge of cumming yet? Good... But hold it in, just a bit more...]

But I may just decide to keep you all to myself... All for myself. Why should I share my favorite "toys" if I don't want to! If that makes me sound like a spoiled child then so be it. I don't care. By "toys" I mean, well, you, my pet. As a child, I was often asked to share my toys with siblings and/or friends. As an adult, I often share things of value with people I love and/or respect. But not always. Sometimes, when I find something, someone I really want, I just wanna keep it for myself. Eventually, of course, in a Zen way, I realize that nothing can be held onto forever, so I release it back into the world. But, for that short time that it was mine, I always feel a profound sense of joy! That's very much the way I begin most relationships with my subs... Not all but many of my most successful have gone that way.

And, lastly, your hair is a very personal thing that I'll leave up to your decision.

But, for my own, personal, likes, I love long, flowing hair; color makes no difference. I love red heads, blondes, brunettes all the same. I have a sub with silver-grey hair, much like my own. When I was 16 I found my first grey (silver) hair. Ever since then, because I've got some Irish in my bloodline (as well as Polish, German, Scots, Italian, Greek, Japanese and American Indian,) my hair has been going from salt and pepper to silver. It could go to a shock of white if I let it.

But the length of my lovers' hair should, ideally, be long; down her back. I love grabbing onto it and pulling on it like a horse's reigns as I fuck her doggie-style! Mmmmm, there's nothing like the feeling that I'm leading her somewhere as I plow into her from behind! Now THAT always makes for fantastic orgasms, all the way around!

Now that I've told you more about what I like, I want you to tell me about you: About your body and what you look like. About the places you like to be touched -- How hard, how long.

I also want you to write me back after you've read this. And after you've come down from your orgasm, of course. Don't cum yet, though...!


BE SILLY!!!!!-!!

oxox -BB


PS- You may call me "Master" or "BB."

PPS- I want you to cum now, little one. That's right, let it alll out! Release all of your pent-up energy through your sex... Ahhhhhh. Now, isn't that better? Go clean yourself up, right away. And have a great day.

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