tagBDSMA Little Mean

A Little Mean


She was mean to him. She had been bitchy all day, snapping and arguing at the slightest thing. After nearly seven years together, he was sick of her "Bad Days." Tonight she would pay.

Last time she had been like this he had hatched his plan. He bought the soft leather restraints along with the belt and gag. She got out of the shower and without saying a word to him, went to bed. She slept nude like usual. He waited.

Nearly an hour later, he went into the room. She was on her back. She was a deep sleeper, but he still moved quietly as he pulled her spread-eagle and tightened the restraints. The blind fold covered her eyes just as she woke up.

"What the hell are you doing?"

The gag was jammed into her mouth and tied very tightly. She whimpered as the soft skin of her mouth broke.

"I'm sick of being nice. I'm sick of "yes dear" while you bitch and yell. You're going to learn to treat me nice."

Then, he lifted her waist enough to place the belt under it. One way it buckled in front, then had a strap that fit between her legs and again buckled in front. He leaned down and sucked her clit into his mouth. She squirmed and he felt the wetness start. Then, he bit. He hips bucked and he saw tears roll down her cheeks. He started sucking gently again until he felt the wetness more.

With his left hand, he was caressing her breast, pinching her nipple. With his right hand, he found what he was looking for. Suddenly, a clamp locked onto her nipple. Her cry was muffled by the gag. He did the same to the other breast, tightening them as much as possible. A chain with a ring in the center was then attached.

His mouth still worked on her clit and he felt her thrusting her hips at him as she started to explode. He took a vibrator, ten inches long and an inch thick and slid it into her pussy, increasing her spasms. He then pulled it out and slowly pressed it against her ass.

"I always wanted to try you back here."

He rammed it into her bottom, watching for the tears. Sighing in satisfaction when they came. Then, he turned it on full and let it go. Another vibrator, ten inches long and four inches wide was pushed into her pussy. It too went on full and was left.

By now, she was whimpering and spasming as the two vibrators worked her. His next object was her now enormous clit. He could see it throbbing as she exploded again and again. After a quick lick, he pulled the belt up and tightened it as tight as possible. The leather would rub her every time she moved, which was quite often. He made sure to pull her lips to the outside of the leather strap. Two little clamps tightened on her pussy lips, making them whiten and swell more. The ring on her nipple chain was pulled to clip onto the belt, pulling her tender nipples with every uncontrollable thrust of her hips.

Her orgasm was continuous, pushing her to the limits of almost, then definitely painful. He watched with a smile, knowing the agony she would be going through for the next few hours. No where near the agony she had put him through for the past seven years, but definitely a start.

"Not very nice of me to do this to you, is it? Just remember this every time you start to get bitchy. I'll be back in the morning with the guys. We're going to the bar. Have a good night."

Then, he quietly left her writhing on the bed in pleasure/agony. It would be a very good night indeed. He stopped and readjusted the angle of the camcorder, then closed the door as he left.

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