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A Long Time Apart


So sorry for the delay in my offerings kids. It has been a stressful time in the land of the Creepyr. However with a little luck and a good dose of help from my editor Honeybree things are looking up again. Enjoy this little tidbit. it is a part two of my other story "My life's return." As always enjoy and comment if you'd like. Votes are always enjoyable and above all enjoy the story!


Jake Ross sat in his office and tried to focus on his work, but it was a losing battle. For seven months he had what every man should dream to have, two sex kittens that wanted his cock so bad and were willing to do anything for it. Sitting back in his chair Jake thought of how he innocently met the younger one, Belinda, at the gym. He thought of charming her then getting her back to her place and getting into the sack with her only to have her roommate come home and join in the fun. He then thought of all the fun nights they had and the wild sex they had in the process of making him a very happy man. Then the old phrase came true: When something's too good to be true it probably isn't.

The two women he was to find out were actually using him to get pregnant. They were in reality lesbian lovers that wanted children and then were going to move to Vancouver. He unknowingly got them both pregnant and they had run off to New York where they got married due to the new same sex marriage laws. In the same breath they packed their bags, moved to Vancouver, where they both had jobs waiting for them, and left him with a little note saying they had wanted to tell him but were too afraid of how he would react.

Jake snorted at the thought of them doing that. He would have been more than happy to play his part. Sometimes he thought of himself as being a decent man, so he had an in-utero DNA test done. Once that showed both were indeed pregnant by him, he set up trust funds for the kids. Several months after they left he got the news that Lacinda had given birth to fraternal twins. The boy was named Jake and the girl named Alyssa. Not much later Belinda gave birth to a girl she named Nicole. That, for him, was the end of that phase in his life. Jake did, however, make sure to keep tabs on them and vowed that if they made one wrong move or wrong decision he'd sue their ass off and take back his kids and leave them to rot in hell.

But now Jake was alone again. He brooded a lot at times thinking of how he was a sucker for women as he now had three that had fucked him. His dead ex-wife Lauren had ripped him to pieces with an ugly divorce. Now Belinda and Lacinda had toyed with his emotions and left him cold. He took his frustrations out in the gym that he went to daily. He also made the financial decisions for his company and they went from being a fast and loose operation to a kill them all and take no prisoners firm. Quickly Jake became a financial butcher. He bought up useless companies and shredded them for spare parts and integrated them into other companies like a cruel Dr. Frankenstein.

The office grew fearful of the tyrant he had become. No less than twenty hot shot players found themselves fired, if they were lucky, or up on violations from the SEC. His lawyers also found themselves in trouble daily because if they lost anything he relieved them. Jake was a ruthless dictator of policy and kept the office running through fear, but in his doings he made all of the survivors very rich so they became dead fast loyal to him. It was this process of elimination that made his company stronger and more profitable than it had ever been.

Jake was on his way back from a meeting with a very respectable client in Tokyo when he was handed a fax. His branch of the corporation had their own jets that had offices in them and a staff on board to work them. He preferred to use them as opposed to commercial flights as they were faster and more efficient. Again, it was one of his ideas as to how to make his company run smoother. It cost a little bit for the planes and pilots, but it made up for it in the comfort of the employee and the readiness he had when he arrived at the meetings. The ability to be at the office until you landed in your destination made it an edge that he was happy to have. He sat in the high back chair in his office on the plane and thought about the personnel folders he was given.

It was just a few weeks ago that Jake had fired three lawyers for incompetence and mishandling company funds. He had a fourth, the head of the legal division that was in jeopardy of being released as well. The parent office in New York was sending a few new bright eyed lawyers to him to try and shore up his losses, but he didn't need them. He had twelve lawyers in the office and only nine of them he wanted to keep. He noted how cheap lawyers were becoming and really didn't want to deal with any of them. But it was what his superiors wanted so he had no choice but to do it.

Jake looked at the files and saw the three people on their way. He saw a young man of twenty six that was fresh out of law school and obviously someone's friend from back East. If anything he'd apprentice him to one of his seasoned veterans and have him ridden until he quit. The next one was a very astute looking black man who showed promise, but still lacked the refine techniques to close deals. He was a great set up man Jake noted, but he didn't need them as all of his people could open and close the deals without a huge team. He figured to be nice and make sure the man was taught the right way to do it only to see if he could produce.

The last file caught his eye. The name on the file caught something in his memory. The name stood out in his mind as he knew this one from somewhere, but he couldn't place it. He thought about it for a few hours then it hit him like a bolt from the sky. Adele Simmons was a young lawyer when he was starting his rise to power. At twenty four she was a young prodigy in the office and he worked with her a few times as he made his deals that secured him his position. He remembered working with her to devastate a few of the people above him by finding them complacent in a savings scheme. Adele and Jake had actually hit it off well, but at the time he was more interested in getting money and power than friends. He had just survived his ex-wife and her bullshit so he was a little gun shy of women.

Back then he remembered her as being a chunky woman of decent height. She stood five ten to his six three. Her hips were full and thick, her bust was generous and her legs went on for days. She had a slight bulge in her tummy, but she looked great everywhere. He also remembered she had short hair that went to her ear in a bob-like style. He laughed as he remembered the times they spent out of the office and their clumsy attempts at conversation. He was not that gun shy broken man trying to find himself anymore. A slight smile came to Jake's face as he pondered the interview he had set for them. He would interview her last he figured. Better to get the two he didn't know done first so he could spend time with the one he did.

The plane touched down at the airport and he and his staff got off and went over the final numbers on the way to the office. As the limo drove down the road Jake did the figures in his head and he smiled victoriously. His work in Tokyo had just netted the company a whopping payroll. He also smiled at this because he created jobs for the people. He felt good in knowing that nine hundred new jobs were going to be created and that made him smile, then get upset. Nine hundred made and another ten million to go. He scowled in the back of the limo as his team saw it and ducked their heads in the reports.

Jake reached into his pocket and produced a set of pictures. They were of the little ones at a year old. He smiled as he gazed upon his children. They were so damn cute. He noted his son looked so much like him. He saw his mother's hair, but his eyes and nose along with his cheek bones. He knew the boy would grow up to be a strong man. He looked at the girls and saw they were spitting images of their mothers. Most likely they would grow up to be knock outs. He sighed and shook his head then put them away as they arrived at the office. He did his final reports and left the details to the underlings. He called it a day then decided to go home.

As he walked down the halls he was bombarded by the chorus of the employees saying "Good afternoon Mr. Ross" but simply walked by them. Jake wasn't being cruel, he just wasn't in the mood to be polite. He got to the elevator that went to the garage and the guard on duty saw him and shook in fear. They had been told he was a monster and fired people for no reason, but he didn't take it out on the security unless they slept on the job. The man had a family and this job was all he could get to support them. The young man shook as the dreaded Mr. Ross walked by him. He swiped his card and the elevator opened. Jake walked in and due to policy the guard had to accompany him to his car.

"Good afternoon Sir." The guard said firmly.

Jake nodded his head and sighed.

"Football starts this weekend sir, you going to the Niner games?" He said trying to sound cheerful and polite.

"I might. It depends on if they pull their head outta their asses." Jake replied.

Jake looked at the guard and noted he was a young man, maybe twenty five. Jake was thirty seven now. He actually smiled at the young guard's attempt at being social. He took note of his name and decided to make an early Christmas present come true.

"What's your name?" Jake asked.

"Lawrence Anderson, Sir." Lawrence replied.

"I want to talk to your supervisor about reassigning you. Tell him to meet me in my office at ten AM tomorrow for details." He said as the door opened and he walked out leaving Lawrence stunned.

Jake walked the length of the garage to his baby, his metallic gray 2007 Shelby GT Mustang. He had toyed with the notion of getting a new one. He especially liked the new GT models and was pondering getting one. For a time he pondered it until he sat in his car and turned the ignition. The smooth roar of the engine always made him smile. It was one of the only things left he truly enjoyed in this life. Flipping the dial on his console Jake turned on his play list and the sounds of "Die Trying" by the Art of Dying flooded the interior of the car as he pulled out then gunned it a little to the next turn. Smoothly he drove his car to the exit and slipped out into the streets of San Francisco. He drove to the sounds of Karnivool with their amazing song "All I know." Jake became a rock fan from his time with Belinda. Before that he didn't listen to music as he was annoyed by the dribble on the radio. He listened to classic rock, but it was the same ninety songs on repeat for most of the stations. And to him Hip Hop was annoying noise that was overplayed to death.

Jake drove to his house in the downtown area of town. His Victorian house stood there as a constant reminder to his success. He bought it for a steal when he arrived and through good upkeep and a rebounding market it was now worth nearly double what he paid for it. Sometimes he pondered buying a house in Marin County, but he shrugged it off since he loved this house. He made a quick dinner of steak and a potato. Deciding to be informal Jake took it to the study where he ate and watched the marketing news. After his meal Jake poured a glass of bourbon and watched the news until he felt himself grow lightheaded and fell asleep to the constant droning of the news.


Adele hadn't gotten off the plane and already things were going horribly wrong. Her luggage had been stolen by an employee of the airport and now the little shit had disappeared. Her suits were gone and her intimates were God knew where. All that she was left with was the simple suit in her carry-on bag, her wallet and a few knick knacks and the suit she was wearing. She was pissed since the Airport Security was being slow in taking care of her problem. The thing that aggravated her to no end was she had an interview the next day and all they could think about was covering their tracks and making it look like it wasn't an employee that did it. Adele had watched the man load the suitcase into a trolley and disappear in the elevator. She later saw him with the same trolley minus her suitcase. Adele sat in their office fuming as the lost luggage agent was being difficult in helping her. So after a while of getting nowhere she got his supervisor, a fat old man that was obviously not qualified for the job but had gotten it because he was the last one there with seniority.

"I want my suitcase and I want the person who took it arrested Sir." Adele said to him and he gave her a sour look.

"Ms. Simmons please, you said an employee of the airport took your suitcase then got into an elevator with you and during a rush of people he left without you?" He asked incredulously.

It happened just like that. The doors of the elevators opened on both sides and as a group of people came on she saw him shove out and away from her to leave.

"Yes that's exactly right. My suitcase has all my clothes and some personal items in it. I keep all my business material on me. But your employee took my suitcase and I want it back!" She said as her voice got loud.

"You don't need to take that tone with me Miss. I am capable of doing my job thank you very much. We'll look into it and get back to you. For now leave a name and number for us to reach you." He said noncommittally.

Adele gave her card and stomped out. Her heels clicked on the tarmac and she was pissed. As she walked by a bar Adele happened to glance in and saw the little fuck at the bar trying to score another deal. Thinking quickly a plan formed in her mind so she decided to take care of him personally. She moved back and kept out of sight. The man didn't see that Adele saw him as he was offering to help another woman with her bag. Keeping out of his peripheral she walked a good distance away as the new victim gave him the suitcase and he loaded it on the trolley. Smiling devilishly Adele followed him until he made his move. Adele followed him a discrete distance until she saw him go to a closet. He slipped out a card and as he swiped it to enter. Sensing the time was right Adele rushed him from behind and shoved him in the closet. Inside were nearly a dozen suitcases of various types.

"OK you little shit! Give me my fucking suitcase right fucking now or I'll beat the shit out of you!" She said coldly and he was terrified.

Her eyes burned with a fury that made him stop in his tracks. The little man of barely five six shook noticeably as he was cornered. A quick glance found her suitcase and Adele snatched it up. With a snarl on her face she snatched him by his ear and tore him out of the closet and down the walkway. It didn't take long for her to find a real police officer. The man started to protest as she took the thieving little fucker to him. The cop laughed as she dragged him by the ear toward him and explained what happened. Thinking fast Adele took the cop to the closet before the little man could say anything else. When the cop slid a card of his own he found the closet full of stolen suitcases, he turned to him pulled out his handcuffs and arrested the little man. Over the course of an hour Adele filed a report, took her belongings back, and left the airport.

So far what she had hoped for in this new locale was not what she was hoping for with a pervert thief at the airport and a lazy rent-a-cop to handle her problem. She was provided a taxi by the airport to apologize for her inconvenience and was driven to her hotel downtown. The drive through the city did make her feel better as she took the time to appreciate the simple beauty of the city along the way. During the drive she saw the bay and her eyes lit up. It was magnificent. She made out Alcatraz Island in the distance and decided to be a tourist at some point and go see it.

Adele walked along the hotel lobby and saw it was quite nice, the company did know how to take care of their employees after all. Looking in the bathroom in her room, Adele found the bathroom had a large tub and just couldn't resist its siren's call. Quickly she stripped off her suit and lingerie. She walked to the tub in a robe that was provided and filled the tub. Filling the tub with her favorite lavender scented suds; she tied her hair up on her head and slipped in. Her dark cocoa skin slipped past the slightly purple suds and she was sunk in up to her neck in the luxuriously hot water. A loud moan escaped her lips as she sat back and let the water do its work. She eventually scrubbed her body and enjoyed every minute of it. The pain in her body at times was all the hard work in the gym lately. Her main goal was trying to lose that last ten pounds. It was a struggle but through hard work and discipline she not only succeeded, but lost an extra ten as well. Her now ex-boyfriend had about one hundred and forty to lose, and that was the new woman he took. Watching him pack his bags and leave was humiliating. The fact he dropped her like a hot rock was bad, but it was his betrayal that stung her more. He was a decent man who out of the blue decided to go off and find the new Ms. Right.

Adele sat back in the water and thought of how he dumped her by a text message. It was right of her to feel bitter, it was another thing for the bitterness to get to the point of showing up to his party and douse him and her in a glass of beer. The girl tried to be cute and slap her, but she saw it coming and nearly tore her head off in reprisal. A huge cat smile at that thought spread across her face as she got out of the tub. Adele looked at herself in the mirror and for the first time in a long time she looked at herself naked and wasn't repulsed. She looked fucking GOOD! Her breasts hadn't sagged and stood firm on her chest, they were large but perfect to her frame. Her butt was now nice and toned, it too was large but it was delicious looking. Her tummy was finally toned to her liking and her long legs were runner tight and firm. She was a bit thick overall, but she didn't mind that extra voluptuousness of it.

After drying off Adele went into her bag and found her sleeping attire, a simple shirt and yoga pants. She dressed in them and climbed into bed. She sat awake reading her interview material for a while. The owner of the company had sent her out here to get a new start, but she was not scared about it. She always welcomed a new challenge and this was it. It was a long time reading before a comfort level set in and the hopes of a new life made her smile. She set the folders on the night stand and turned off the light. A smile crept along her lovely face as the thoughts of new friends and opportunities danced in her mind. She slept comfortably for the first time in a while.


Jake was sitting in his office after he had taken care of his new security man Lawrence. He got him assigned to his personal detail for formal functions and the like. It was useful having a large imposing looking man in a suit nearby. A pleasant smile came to his face as he thought about how bright eyed Lawrence had gotten for the promotion. Jake also knew the pay hike obviously would help the young man and his family. He didn't know why he felt generous, but he felt better when he knew he helped someone. Jake spent about twenty minutes after the promotion doing some pull-ups and crunches. He got himself in his mean boss mode for the interviews to come. A feeling of being happy was not what he wanted to project to the first victim in his mind. Jake didn't want to do these interviews so he wasn't going to make it easy on them today. Making sure he was straightened properly he touched the intercom then got his interviews underway.

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