tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 04

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 04


The manageress of the Orion Clothing Redistribution Center didn't want Andy Ash and his photographer to enter the sorting area.

"We are the Press," skinny Jill said.

"Well you can press right out of here, off you go," said the woman.

Andy said his piece, smoothly. "Ma'am we are going but I would point out this could be a heart-warming story and it would include an insert panel saying your facility is in need of high quality male, female and children clothing for all ages. You could get heaps of new donors who could become regular donors."

"I see. Well follow me."

Jill gaped at Andy and he winked.

Mrs Charles was reluctant to be interviewed.

"Ma'am just think of how the publicity of your laudable and unselfish public service will impact on our readers, publicizing the great work of this charitable trust and no doubt such exposure will do no harm at all to your husband's re-election chances."

"Sid was re-elected three months ago."

"Our readers have long memories ma'am."

"Oh very well."

"Excellent. Look Jill needs to get away for a Rotary function. Could she please photograph you with your four colleagues?"

"Yes of course. Come along girls."

Jill organized them and Andy got the names of each woman and how long they'd worked at the sorting hall as they called their area.

When Jill was finished Andy asked her to wait. "Do you have any awful ladies hats stored here?"

"Yes," said Mrs Peters. We have a collection in our lunchroom."

"Well off you go and pick four and Mrs Charles could you pick an elegant hat for contrast because you are the wife of the mayor and the thrust of this story is about your long service at the sorting hall."

"I'll get her favorite from the lunchroom," called Mrs Peters. "We practically have no demand for hats."

The women stood wearing their really dreadful hats except for the wife of the mayor whose hat would grace any modern garden party or outdoor wedding.

"Omigod, omigod," Jill said, shooting away and she then left, highly satisfied.

Jill arrived back in the office and Wendy said, "You are smiling. I gather from that it wasn't a disaster?"

"No anything but and Andy was simply amazing. He lined up the middle-aged women with similar skills as if lining up a babe to shaft. Take a look at this," Jill said, bringing up one of the digital hats photos into the viewing screen of her camera.

"Omigod," Wendy said. "That's a page 3 pic or even lower page 1 on a slow day for graphics."

"Andy came up with the idea and involved the women in such a way they just wanted to do it to please him. God Wendy you'd think he was a senior reporter from the New York Times."

The photo along with Andy's tightly-written story that received very little editing, appeared the bottom fold of page 1 of the broadsheet morning newspaper.

Next day the editor called up Andy for assignments like every other reporter

"You're a credit to the university Andy. Great work yesterday."

Wendy said, "Andy my younger sister is visiting and staying with us for a few days. May I line her up for a date with you?"

"No thanks Wendy. Most of the women I date end up pregnant if aged forty-two or younger.

And so the legend of Andy Ash grew at that newspaper.

Rick called Andy and said he was going fine, two major stories already. The editor had begun to treat him like a hot-shot.

"I'm calling to remind you we've done nothing about accommodation for our return."

"Oh shit, you said you'd do it but I accept some responsibility."

"How big a part?"

"Ow okay, I'm half responsible."

"What I suggest is you find a suitable apartment outside the university but within an easy stroll if you can. We are early and should get quite a good pick. Four beds are supposed to be the right mix for sharing. Any bigger number exacerbates problems incrementally including in-house noise. Try Walton Street. Sign up and pay the deposit and advise Admission of the address stating two sophomore males require two roommates to share. Oh and work in some points to attract applicant and state the cost of quarter share of monthly rental. You and I can pick the best rooms and for that we go 50-50 with the bond payment until we get rebated appropriately by the guys dumb enough to share with us. Have you got all that?"

"Yeah Rick. I get a decent apartment, possibly Walton Street, to sleep four. Sign the contract, pay the bond and advance rentals and get three-quarters of those payments back from the incoming roommates."

"Gee that's succinct. Are you a journalist?"

Andy was living in a very small in a rooming house. As soon as he finished work that day he began searching Walton Street for apartments to rents signs and inspected four premises that were only okay. He then found the perfect place, the bottom floor of a two-level building where the owners, a working couple, lived above the rented space.

The woman showed Andy through and he was delighted but frowned heavily when told the monthly rental.

"We have no wish to buy the lower floor of this property."

The pretty woman flushed and said it was worth a try and asked what he thought would be a fair rental.

He thought of the rentals of the places he had inspected, added fifty bucks and now the woman frowned.

Andy frowned and said, "What's your bottom figure? Now don't lie to me."

She flushed and said he'd have no trouble finding girlfriends.

"Oh but I do although I must confess they usually find me."

"That's what I mean."

Andy grinned and said, "Is your husband the jealous type?" She blushed hugely and asked what had they been discussing?"

"Attempting to establish was your husband the jealous type."

"God see what I mean. You are lethal."

Not knowing what the woman meant, Andy said: What's your bottom figure baby?"

She gave it.

He knocked $120 off it and she accepted, subject to her husband's approval.

"And here is the husband," said a guy coming through the front door.

"Hi, I'm Andy Ash and you have a very attractive but tough-ass wife but we finally have come to rental agreement. I'll run the apartment and my friend will back me whatever I decree. We are seeking two other roommates and obviously know nothing about them yet. We will accept only suitable people."

"You mean guys?"

"I would expect so. I never thought about women applying."

"There are actually more females than males at the university. I lecture there in economics. Hey I recognize you. You write good stuff in the 'Uni Insider' and now you are writing good stuff in our newspaper 'The City Crier'."

"Yeah and that blows my cover," Andy laughed.

"My husband is an associate professor," the woman said proudly. "I sell travel."

"I bet you two are good at your careers. My friend and I are both doing a degree in agricultural communication and journalism and therefore could be termed conservative students and am I correct that you have no objection to sharing here were females?"

"No objection," said the woman. "My husband and I are liberal thinkers."

Andy said gravely, "I wasn't thinking about on-tap sex but rather women generally are tidier in a shared apartment than males apart from the bathroom, and in most instances they are better cooks than men."

"Well this is all dandy by me," said the professor. "Now what rental have you negotiated Julie?"

She told him and the professor said, "You didn't attempt to try him on?"

"I did but he appears knowledgeable about rentals in this area and is shrewd and persuasive."

"I see. Well Andy, would you be prepared to protect my wife from unwelcome attention if I were away?"

"Yes of course. She's too cute to let anyone maul her."

"Right we are Ronald and Julie Burrows. Welcome as our prime occupant of this lower level space."

"Thanks Ronald. Could I come up for a beer and sign and hand over my check?"

"Yes sure. My thinking is you ought to be doing business admin and take the option of business negotiation and mediation. You could fly through. And with your maturity and apparent ability to deal with people, you ought to fly through your degree."

"Thanks. I respect your off-the-wall assessment. Please lead the way Julie. Where did you two graduate from Ronald?"

Andy called Rick Burgess later than night and Rick was pleased Andy had found a place so quickly and had secured it.

"What's the rent?"

He was told and whistled and said that was a bit steep.

"Wait to you see it before you complain."

"Okay buddy, I trust your judgment. I'm finishing writing a feature for filing at the 9 am deadline in the morning so must go unless there's anything else? Oh mom and dad send their greetings and dad asks would you like to spend the last few days before you return to college with us since your home is so far away?"

"Oh that would be great. Please tell them yes and that I thank them profusely."

At the end of summer, a most successful summer for him financially and in earning wide praise for some of his news-breaking stories and widely hailed feature articles, Andy stayed with the Burgess family. Rick's mom maneuvered Andy so that she got at him just the once and that was a relief because he felt bad about doing the dirty on his pal and Rick's father. Such was life, he sighed and she really was great at doing it. Rick's sister showed no sexual interest in Andy and that was fine by him.

Rick and Andy returned to college a day earlier than necessary and checked at Admissions for any response to their vacancy ad and were handed six responses. Someone in Admissions had bothered to find out at what level were the applicants with their studies and what degree were they studying.

Rick was more than pleased with their new accommodation and congratulated Andy for snapping up such a classy place.

"Yeah and I've been living here since signing up, at my expense and at a big discount. As I told you earlier, they're a very nice couple. He's a professor in economics at our college and his wife said she sells travel. I guess that means she works in a travel agency.

Julie knocked to say hi and after she left Rick said, "Jesus what a body."

"I hadn't noticed," Andy lied. "Besides remember it can be dangerous to foul your nest."

"Yeah right."

Two pairs of roommate applicants had already committed to accommodation, three other pairs were not considered because they were seniors. The final pair were accepted even though they were females and confessed to being gay. They were thrilled by the cleanliness and fresh décor of the apartment and didn't blink at the rental. Although they were the last on the list to be considered, they scored well by their friendliness, humor and energy and both claiming they were good cooks.

They were accepted a co-tenants and Rick asked, "Are you really lesbians?"

"Yes darling, sorry," Faye said, stoking Rick's cheek and pouting as if disappointed.

"In that case Di and Faye, what say if Rick and I put both beds together in one of your two rooms and your study desks and lamps in the other? If your laptops are wireless enabled you'll have no problem getting cheap Internet via the university because we are in range of the university's hot-spot."

The girls were delighted with about that.

Julie came down to welcome the new tenants who were having late dinner. She apologized for the interruption but was pulled in by Rick and invited to sit and she boggled at the loaded dinner plates.

"Omigod a roast dinner as good as any mother could make."

"Di was on dinner tonight, and she is brilliant," Andy said proudly, and introduced both girls.

"We are gay," Faye said, and the two guys waited nervously but quickly relaxed when Julie said, "Oh good for you two; so was I at college to protect myself from being ripped open by dogs of guys equipped like ponies and relentlessly on the rampage. Fortunately the mention of gay women totally deflates the dicks of guys."

The women screamed with laughter while Rick and Andy remained unimpressed.

When Julie left after two cheap wines, Di said, "God guys have you noticed Julie's body?

"No," they lied in unison.

The girls looked disbelievingly.

Andy then related the old story about wisdom of the old bull.

"The young bull looked at the pasture of forty heifers and said, "Hey Burt let's jump the fence and do a few."

"No Laddie, you go ahead and allow me to observe your style."

The young bull jumped the fence and raced into doing his job. He returned, looking weary, and only just managed to clear the wire.

"Fifteen hits, not too bad for a youngster," the old bull said.

The old bull ambled along the fence line, saved energy by walking through the open gate, and then went to work and then ambled back though the gate to the young bull and looked rather jaded.

"Gee you did all forty," said the young bull. "I admire your style and it does show that age plus experience really counts."

"The girls giggled wildly and even Rick laughed appreciatively, not having heard that joke before.

Dinner was cleared and the girls, who were freshman, suggested a meeting to draw up rules and a roster.

"Nah you two read your study notes and get ready for your first orientation," Andy said. "Here you are, I've already drawn up our rules and obligations."

Di read out the short list.

1. Be lovely to one another and be cooperative as a group.

2. Be clean, tidy and regard this apartment as you would your own home.

3. Have your rent-share ready on due date.

4. Have a great time with this communal living.

"Aw Faye said, sitting on Andy's knee and kissing him. "That is so appropriate and so liberal."

"Hey aren't you supposed to be gay."

"We are but that doesn't mean we are not friendly with men and will even kiss them if they are particularly nice."

Rick and Andy looked confused and both appeared aware this situation would require adjustment to their thinking about women.

At the end of that academic year, Andy held a party at a bar to celebrate his elevation to the editorship of 'Uni Insider', with his roommates and Julie and Ronald attending by invitation. The four roommates had signed to occupy the apartment next academic year.

Rick and Andy were the last to leave the party. As they walked home drunkenly Rick said, "Buddy I have a confession to make. I've been into Faye a few times."

"Bad boy."

"And I scored with Julie once."

"You asshole. You could have ruined everything."

"Well I was unbelievably tempted but Julie was a real disappointment. Have you done any of them?"

"No because I'm becoming a wise older bull. Just stay away from Julie huh?"

"I promise and perhaps I ought to stay away from our girls."

"Great idea as it will prevent a possible bust-up. Stand firm against severe temptation and you'll recognize in due course you have strengthened your character."

"How can you talk so sensibly when you are drunk?"

"I have no idea and thanks for not attempting to fuck me."

Rick laughed so much he fell off the sidewalk and Andy had to help him to his feet.

Andy spent that summer working in the public relations/company communications department of a multinational food company based in Chicago. He believed he'd performed credibly and when leaving in early September was invited by the director of communications to apply for a permanent position when he graduated.

"I would approve of your employment here on the strength of a bachelor degree because I am aware of your performance at the coalface, but that acceptance would be conditional on your taking an online masters in an area pursuant to our company's activities with completion within two years of your start."

"Thank Linda. That's most encouraging. Might I kiss you goodbye?"

"Yes and give me a big hug as well. You are a great young man Andy."

Andy went home and to his delight Angelina Williams met him with his mother at the airport but also with them was Angelina's boyfriend who watched as Angelina kissed Andy excitedly and was all over him.

During those ten days he spent at home, Andy attempted to get Angelina alone to nail her but the boyfriend stuck to her like a limpet, the asshole. Actually he was a nice guy.

Rick had secured a good newspaper job for summer but the newspaper ran into financial difficulties and shed a number of personal and Rick was one who lost his job.

He spent the remainder of summer working in the furniture-making factory owned by a friend of his father's after meeting the guy's daughter at a party and lived with the divorcee daughter until returning to college.

That final year at the state university was practically a blur for Andy because of his expanded workload. His class work including assignments were, as to be expected, much tougher, he'd kept on with his involvement with the theater, became an evening trainer at the gym and of course had to manage the newspaper.

He lost weight and his interest in sex waned and he worried about that being permanent. What helped keep him together was his study pal Janice Hall. She was cruising with her work and helped Andy arrange his workload to ease the pressure. When it came time to study in earnest for final exams, he reluctantly accepted Janice's suggestion to drop his voluntary role as a gym trainer,

Janice had latched on to a friendly guy halfway through her sophomore year. The following year when Andy asked would the romance last beyond the end of the year, she thought it would.

With her usual forthright manner, Janice said she and Duncan were compatible in so many ways. "Between you and me, he has a smaller penis than you. God that one time you banged me I thought I was being split apart."

"Oh sorry, perhaps you should use extra lube for bigger guys?"

"There won't be any bigger dick guys plowing me thank you," she smiled.

Rick, who'd begun at the college as a more successful student than Andy, faded in the home run with his preoccupation with pussy and he was midstream in gaining his degree. Andy, on the other hand, kept on improving and received an award for the highest marks in his class for field work/practical knowledge in agriculture and academically finished a top ten student in tenth position. He picked up an award for outstanding service in journalism during the three years working for 'Uni Insider, the last year as 'an outstanding editor' and received a commendation for backstage service to the university's main drama theater.

Andy's parents attended the graduation ceremony and they went to dinner that evening with Rick and his parents. It didn't take the two mothers long to realize just how much alike they were. Andy was relieved Rick's mom Helen didn't attempt to hit on him that night. He decided her lust for him (and other guys?) had turned off and that wayward belief lasted until they were leaving when he kissed her good night and she tongued him while lifting a knee into his crotch.

Later Andy thought Helen would probably be one of those women who still wanted sex into her eighties. Wow but it might be better doing it in the dark at that age.

He'd regained his libido near the end of the semester when exam pressure was easing.

The more highly sexed roommate Faye had hit on him late one afternoon when she came in and found him alone.

Andy said hi and she said she'd bought new lingerie, did he wish to inspect it.

"Yeah," he said and followed her into the bedroom.

"I have it on," she said, pulling her dress off.

She pulled the bra up, Andy not having a clue whether if the bra was new, but at the sight of the puffy nipples he jumped her fully aroused and wanting it.

She cooed at him to be a rough as he wished.

When Julie said she was sorry he would be leaving soon and they really had missed opportunities to be together, he'd said, "Like now?" She checked her watch and grabbed his hand and they ran up the steps to her living room where she lay in the sofa, panting in anticipation, to be shafted.

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