tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 06

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 06


Glen Fryer, or Glenys as she now called herself in gaining elevation within the corporation, transferred to the new External Branding Department being formed from scratch. Andy Ash, executive director of external branding, arranged for Glenys to be sign on as operations manager with her pay rate to be no less than her existing salary and for her to advance a year in seniority in grading on the staffing list.

Andy left it to HR to allocate Glenys' job benefits, noting that she would be involved in overseas travel and he was delighted to find her salary lifted considerably when placed in line with other operations managers within the corporation's US structure.

The audit department had been completely relocated, floor 33 had been renovated and two receptionists appointed. Glenys had appointed PAs for herself and Andy and the quality furniture and fittings were elegantly high-class in keeping with the image Andy want for the department that would deal with VIPs.

Andy and Glenys had worked long hours with internal support completing a strategic plan and an operations plan, both of which had been approved by the CEO.

To brand itself, the department's mission was simply, 'Our Department's goal is to make American Silver Foods Corporation better known internationally.'

CEO Carlos Rizzo had joked Andy should erect a sign promoting its mission. A few days later Carlos was astonished to find that brief mission statement had been carved into the white speckled marble floor of the lobby of floor 33 and the sunken lettering painted in black.

"What do you think?" Glenys asked, coming out to greet Carlos and finding him reading the inscription.

"Initially I thought it was a bit over the top but now I say, "Very cool."

He asked Glenys how was she getting along with her new boss.

"It's very challenging."

Carlos laughed and taking her arm suggested Glenys should never take Andy on head-on.

"Oh we have never fought. He challenges me by pushing me farther than I ever expected and I'm being surprised myself at my performance. He supports me 110% and now has me telling everyone that everything we do needs to be perfect or at least near perfect. We have a staff of eight with eight more due to start throughout next month and that should be about it."

"Oh excellent. And you two are off next week to Rome?"

"Yes with our chairman to find ways to assist him to win election to the executive of the organization he has target and see advances to this corporation to gaining that exposure. His delivery of the investigating committee's report could achieve an election advantage for him."

"Yes Glenys. Look, may I ask is there anything going between you and Andy?"

"No but this is for your ears only. We have a pact, not on homeland soil."

"Well that's great. When in Rome... is what that say. Well good luck and lots of success. Now this is for your ears only. I was bawling Andy out for taking you with him to Rome when he pulled out the operations plan and showed me where that intention was recorded, or should I say almost hidden, and of course I knew I'd signed off that document. Then he looked me in the eye and said where he goes, you go, that the entire thrust of the department's planning was framed on that tandem perspective. He then had the damn cheek to ask did I want to abort the operation and fire him."


"It's fine. Neither of us raised our voices. For a young guy he's a cool and mature operator."

They went into Andy's office that was almost as large as Carlos's, with emphasis on almost.

"Hi boss."

Carlos frowned.

"Who will run the show while you two away?"

"Our hostess in training is a former office manager for a large firm and is perfectly capable of running the department while we are engaged in branding work in other countries. Don't you recall my report to you discussing the necessity to appoint a person with such skills so that the office runs effectively in our absence?"

"Ah yes, now that you've refreshed my memory," Carlos said smoothly. "Yes and I did agree that flag-bearing, as you put it, is essentially what branding is all about."

* * *

The day before Andy and Glenys left for Italy to support the corporation's chairman, they were invited to Joseph Shield's club for lunch to meet his wife who would travel with them and to discuss travel procedures.

The chairman and his wife would travel first-class and the other two in business class on the 9½ hour flight direct with Delta Airlines.

It turned out that although Inés had been born in France, she immigrated to America when she was twenty-two and married Joseph three years later. She revealed she was an American citizen and regarded herself American and had retained a bit of a French accent to assist her family to understand her when they conversed in English. Inés was elegant and charming and said she could also make herself understood in German and Italian. Andy told her she would be an asset to the team and that pleased her.

Inés said, "You two, um this is delicate..."

"No not yet," Glenys said and the two women chuckled while the men looked at the ceiling.

Joseph said he was quite good with French, was quite fluent in Italian and could also make himself understood in German.

"What about you two?

Glenys said French and some Italian and Andy surprised Glenys by saying he was quite fluent in Spanish.

"Well that has us rather well covered on the international circuit," Joseph said. Looking at Andy he said, "I suppose you picked up Mexican Spanish from friends at school and farmhands on your parents' ranch?"

"Yes and particularly from one of our ranch hands who spoke a more formal version of Spanish."

"Good because you will find the people we rub shoulders with speak Spanish more formerly."

Joseph and Inés were in their mid-fifties and Glenys had said to Andy it would be like travelling with one's parents. Therefore he was pleased during their first meeting to see the two women already bonding rather well, so perhaps Inés thought for them it would be like travelling with one's children. He didn't reveal that conclusion to anyone, thinking it would be diplomatic to ignore age gaps and most other gaps. He intended to work with a business development focus even in social situations.

On the way back to the office in the Mercedes, Glenys asked, "Well what do you think?"

"I've had a little bit to do with Joseph so knew he was okay. I found Inés surprisingly good and appeared keen to be friendly. I feel she certainly won't be an impediment to us. I guess I was expecting a haughty Frenchwoman who would turn off people we were targeting if she was with us. Our first job is to help our chairman to make significant impact."

Glenys said, "I noticed you made no mention of what we have planned or have ready to tie up?"

"Correct because I believe the best strategy is to let him have a half day on Italian soil before we wind him up. The one exception will be when he comes through to talk to us on the aircraft. I'll then tell him about dinner plans and our analysis of the organization's executive members. He should have a chance of winning selection to that committee because he has good drive and ideas and partly because he's observed that executive will be aware there has been little American involvement in its activities for years although there are several Americans on the executive's advisory team."

"Well let's make him into a winner."

Andy said carefully, "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight in my apartment?"

"Yes but you said we wouldn't have sex on American soil."

He smiled. "That was just bullshit. You were against coming to work in my department and I figured if I pushed sex to the side and linked your duties to the travel, you'd think about sex and travel and abandoned your resistance."

"Oh your idea of inspired strategic thinking was it?"

"It appeared to work effectively."

Glenys sighed and said he didn't like to lose, did he?

"And you don't like giving in."

She smiled and said, "Yes I'll come to your apartment and yes Andy, I will have sex with you tonight. I have been inclined toward having sex with you for some weeks."

"I'm aware of that. I can read signs. Women think men don't notice casual gestures such as the subtle brushing, crossing and uncrossing of legs and the silent stares as their languor of frustration makes them emit increased body heat."

Glenys giggled. "Their languor of frustration... are you a literary genius?"

"Unfortunately no; those words just jumped from my mouth."

Glenys entered the apartment and looked around with interest because she'd not been in it before. It was tidy and minimally but tastefully furnished with some quality prints of modern pastoral scenes on the walls.

She looked at the long narrow mirror just inside the room as Andy closed the door and said, "Should we mess around now?"

"I was thinking of that. Then we can have a drink while I cook mustard chicken breasts and serve them on rice."


He grinned and said he thought yummy whenever he took more than a passing gaze at her body.

"Well men do that, even quite old guys."

He countered: "I've seen women look at other women surreptitiously and sometimes the look is more lusty than envious."

"Yes I've seen it too and it appears to have become more noticeably over the years."

Andy came up behind her and cupped her breasts and she pushed back into him.

"Omigod you are hard already."

"Marco tends to be eager to cut loose."

Glenys said, "You have a name for your penis... why Marco."

"After Marco Polo."

"But why Marco Polo?"

"Because my cock is an explorer too."

Glenys giggled and really liked that, probably because it helped her to relax.

Andy popped out a tit.

She was startled. "How on earth did you do that?"

"Years of practice. You are young with firm breasts and you have a low neckline. It was just a matter of inserting my hand in at the right angle to slide under your bra to the base of that breast and just scoop it out."

"Years of practice and doing it almost every night I think. I admit I felt your hand and suspected you would just tweak the nipple."

Andy tweaked the one that he'd scooped out and said her nipples were up as hard as his cock.

"Andy", she cautioned. "I'm excited enough already without you winding me up. Please get on with it."

He took her to the couch and she climbed up and leaned over the arm and hitched up her skirt and spread her knees with coordinated ease.

He grinned, thinking it was obvious she'd been banged on a sofa before, possibly many times. She'd thoughtfully pulled up her top and hitched her bra up over the breast still in it and pushed the breast Andy had earlier down under and clear of the bra so that they now both hung down swinging, ready for him to reach out and squeeze.

She lifted each leg to assist in the removal of her panties.

Andy licked his lips and thought she was oh so cooperative, licked his lips again and stuck his face between her legs and sucked the hanging down protruding inner lips of her pussy. That was greeted with groans and he worked a hand through below his cheek to touch her anus to assess reaction.

She gave a long groan.

Oh boy.

He pulled his head back a bit and chewed her butt. Glenys jerked and groaned as if she were fucking and he licked over her ass cheeks, pulled them apart and spat over the anus. He worked his tongue in a bit and she groaned, "Oh fuck Andy, make up your mind. I'm on fire and need your hot cock inside me."

Andy thought if she needed it quickly he should take the fastest route. He steered his erection into her pussy and they were up and away fucking hard fifteen seconds later and sweated and puffed into a robust session.

As they rested she said, "Tell me about yourself Andy and I mean your real self... not what I just see and hear."

And so he talked about his life and his thoughts, not holding back when Glenys urged him to speak about family relationships.

She asked him had he ever touched his mother and he sighed. Go on she urged. Tell me all.

Andy couldn't understand his mood because he was allowing her to dominate, ceding control to her. This was so unlike him but then again his other lovers had never bothered to be this intimate with him, Linda being the worse as if everything was mechanical with her and she had nothing to share. Yeah well that was it, shallow Linda.

Before telling Glenys about what he and his mom had done in bed that night, he excused himself and returned with two glasses of wine.

He told her, everything he could remember that she might be interested in.

"Should I be ashamed?" he asked.

She giggled and said she was not the right person to ask because she'd had sex with her mom a couple of times.

"Only a couple of times?"

Glenys turned pink and smiled and him over the lip of her wine glass and said probably twenty times would be more accurate. It had been during the summer when she was waiting to go to college. Her sister was away and her father would be home late some evenings, playing twilight golf.

"It just happened," she said. "We were in the pool and one of her boobs slipped out. I still think it was an accident. I said I'd put it back for her and, um, I kissed the nipple and then she said softly for me to suck it."

"That doesn't sound like an accident. I mean why couldn't she push it back into her swimsuit?"

"I-I don't know the answer and I'll never ask. I was just glad it happened because it launched us into a great mother-daughter summer. Should I be ashamed?"

"Hell no."

"And I don't think you should be either. Look I allowed you to touch my anus because I've never allowed it to happen and now I think I shouldn't wait any longer. Can we work into it in Italy?"

"Yes and a great thought. We have something to really look forward to."

"Is it that good?"

He smiled and said there was no answer because it appeared people came to different conclusions about it.

Glenys said then she had to find out for herself and was told yes. She then cuddled him and went to sleep and when she was properly asleep, Andy eased out of her embrace without awakening her and grabbed a bagel before showering and dressing and then cooking their meal. He was most impressed with Glenys as a sex partner and thought it would be great if she settled into becoming his lover. He was due for one and probably she was too.

Linda called to wish him well with his mission in Italy.

"I can see we are drifting apart."

"Yeah it appears so," he said, seizing the opportunity to turn a screw, "but it's mostly circumstantial I think. I had the pressure to get my department up and running from scratch and you had six weeks in our markets below the Equator with the director of product development showing the corporate flag to existing clients and looking for more opportunities. I've read the joint report and you two appeared to do very well."

"Thanks. Um you'll be travelling with Glenys?"

"Yeah and I wouldn't mind having a go if she's interested. Initially she was very cold toward me when I squeezed for her to join me to run the department and with this visit to Italy approaching I think her manner toward me has softened. I hope you won't mind if she does allow me to get a leg across."

"I'm not your keeper," Linda snapped and ended the call.

Andy sighed. Well it was cooling off between them. He'd benefited from her taking him under her wing when he'd first started with the corporation and been very supportive and offered valuable advice following his promotion and facing the difficulties of establishing a new department that dealt in little that was tangible and poorly understood by most within the corporation. But she'd got what she'd wanted from him. It would appear her husband either didn't fuck her or perhaps he required days or weeks to get over it when they did bang. He hoped she had the sense to find a replacement lover and severe her naughty liaison with him. He ought not initiate the end to the affair and make an enemy because Linda was probably in line to be Carlos's successor as CEO.

* * *

When arriving in Rome, Andy and Glenys were focused on winning and as soon as they'd cleared customs and retrieved their luggage they were at the train station and reached the hotel in reasonably quick time. They were a bit miffed that Joseph had not come through to say hi to them when on the airplane.

"Joe will be coming in a limo and we probably got here before them," Andy gloated.

Glenys giggled and said to Andy there was no need to try to win every little thing. He ought not to be petty. He ignored that and asked the receptionist to change the two single rooms.

The woman spoke excellent English, well she was from Scotland she revealed, and asked if they would accept a complimentary upgrade. The always-a-winner grinned and said thanks and said his boss would be on a premium floor and they would not wish to be on the same floor.

"His name please sir?"

The reception checked and said, "No Mr Joseph Shields and his wife will be two floors above you. They are not here yet, probably caught up in traffic near-gridlock somewhere."

Andy beamed and his look made Glenys giggle.

In their elegant although rather cluttered room they unpacked and swung into action. They checked the silver tin containers that had been closely inspected at customs despite being clearly marked identified as 'International Conference Gifts' and were relieved the 10 miniature tins correctly labeled to represent a can of Silver Corporation branded cherries had their contents all intact – a complimentary pair of can-imitation silver earrings that surprisingly looked more like a jewelers' crafted original than a can of peas and cufflinks with a silver can-like emblem at the center-piece.

With everything checked off, Glenys took the gifts with the list of the names of the nine executive members of the International Food Processors' Organization and its executive director to the hotel service bureau and asked the supervisor to have the gifts delivered to the rooms of each person on the list.

"We shall have no problem with this Miss Fryer," said the woman speaking with a French accent. "We do this all the time being a hotel that specializes in conferences. I shall request feedback on all deliveries and sent a copy of my summary to your suite."

"What now?" Glenys asked, returning to the suite.

"Relax and go shopping. I have just called Joseph. I'm to go to his suite in fifteen minutes and rehearse him in his delivery of the summary of the investigating committee's comprehensive report. He insists on calling it a steering committee and I've given up on attempting to change him on that. He also said that he's confirmed there are five candidates standing for the two vacancies on the executive and I confirmed the set up for Joseph's dinner tonight; it's a great room and it's the menu choices he wanted."

The 'seasoned' traveler who'd been to Canada twice and Mexico twice, said to Glenys who'd never traveled outside of the US, "Take care to avoid getting lost and find somewhere great to have lunch. I'll be back here waiting for you by 1:00."

"Oh god I'll get lost for sure and where are the stores anyway?"

Andy laughed and said he never thought he'd ever hear a female say she couldn't find stores. The house phone went and he answered and said, "Yes she is almost ready to go out exploring. She's so excited about the prospect of having a memorable shopping experience. Oh that's great, she'll like that."

He grinned and said, "That was Inés. She worked for a French company here in Rome for three years before she married and knows central Rome very well, saying little ever changes in Rome. She'll meet you in the lobby in five minutes and advises you to wear no heels or very how heels."

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