tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 11

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 11


Theresa had prepared a great meal and it was such a convivial occasion with laughter flying thickly as the wine flowed after Dougal fetched another bottle although Natalie, knowing she would be driving, only consumed two half glasses.

When Natalie went down with the McArthur's to help Theresa, against Theresa's protests, to clear dinner away Andy snuffed out the candles and put them on to the tray left at the top of the stairs. He unpacked his two bags and put away his clothes and toiletries and placed a few decorative things around the kitchen/living room.

Natalie came bouncing up the stairs, saw the framed photo waiting to be hung and said, "Oh your family. May I look?"

"Of course."

"Oh I see where all of you children got your good looks... from your mother. She's lovely."

"And she's lovely in disposition as well. My father is a hard man, generally uncompromising."

"Do you miss your mother?"

Andy said not really, he knew she was there and he usually called her twice a week just before her bedtime.

"Oh that's so lovely."

Natalie pushed him on to a lounge chair and sat on his knee.

"My god Theresa loves you."

Andy grinned and said, "They have three daughters."

"Yes I suppose that's it but I would suggest you don't let her corner you."

They kissed, their first really long kiss and their tongues touched.

Natalie said, "You can play with my boobs. You're always looking at them but I know that's why they are prominent like that."

Oh not another reminder of his addiction, Andy sighed.

"Go on."

He hesitated and she fumbled around and pulled one out for him. It had a perfectly formed stubby nipple without creases and the areola was pale pastel pink.


He dived in and she squealed, gripping his hair around his ears and that told Andy this was real... she really was waiting to be fucked.

He slobbered, waiting for the rebuke.

"Oh god, that's wonderful. I love a clean-shaved lover who slobbers."

Eh? How many lovers had she had before marriage, probably no more than two and who were they and how far had they got with her and how often? Did it matter? No.

He came off the nipple and held his face up to be kissed.

She palmed both smoothly shaven cheeks and kissed him, her tongue sinking deeply into his mouth and waggling a riot.

Oh boy.

He unzipped.

She didn't wait for the invitation. Her hand darted in like a ferret and then he heard her swallow heavily as she gulped, "Omigod."

"Some women like them big," he growled.

"And I'm one of those because I have a big cunt. It's just that I hadn't thought you'd be so big."

Cunt? The foul-mouthed bitch, Andy grinned. And gee, she'd just confessed to having had thoughts about the size of his dick. Fucking females, a guy never knew what they were thinking.

He unbuckled and undid the button at the top of his pants. He then eased out from under Natalie, allowing her to drop into the chair. Andy then pulled off her panties, Natalie co-operating, and he eyed a beautiful pouty and hairless pussy.

He knew it was ridiculous but he had a proud feeling of joint ownership. This was his idea of the perfect cunt and it was on offer to him.

Andy held both her legs, encased in black light denier stockings, up high and looked down and saw one of the black straps crossing the creamed bare patch of thigh to the garter belt and felt his already fairly stiff erection gain perhaps another quarter of an inch. He began licking the soles of her feet.

Natalie became a bit jumpy when he did that but when he licked around the bump of protruding ankle bone and circled it with his tongue, although that was over a stocking, she began to almost behave as he was licking around her outer pussy lips.

Gradually he worked his way up, drawing his tongue alternatively over the backs of both legs and when he reached the top of her stockings and lifted the strap to lick under that, Natalie lost it.

"Oh god, shove it in me quickly. I'm about to climax."

Andy proved he was the guy for the occasion. Out of nowhere it seemed, he managed to produce a condom and rolled it on efficiently and then pushed into Natalie who was conveniently oozing natural lube.

Holding Natalie's legs out wide, Andy propelled his dick in as far as it could go and when their groins collided Natalie shook into a huge sigh and came in shudders.

Andy ploughed on and she came again and he continued.

Natalie squirmed a bit and then settled. Only then did Andy realize she was working to widen her other orifice down there.

Hey this wasn't Christmas or his birthday or Independence Day.

Natalie puffed, "Are you aware of what I'm doing."

"Sure thing baby and you guessed correctly I'd be interested."

"Well this is a special occasion with me being experiencing sex with a guy again. Don't expect to get this every time we fuck."

Andy thought with satisfaction ah, so she was expecting him to fuck her regularly.

When he felt her hand move away he pulled out and rolled on a fresh condom. He lifted her butt and spitting into the small opening, gently worked in his sheathed dick.

They didn't speak. Apparently she knew what was involved and because of that Andy made no effort to calm her and to enquire how was it for her; she'd already know that and he was sure she'd let him know if it wasn't going well.

When halfway in, Andy folded her left leg and pulled that up against his chest and hanging in to the leg for support gently began to pick up pace.

Well Nat was a big girl and not only in height, Andy thought in satisfaction and the anal shafting proceeded smoothly. He could feel his balls hit Natalie's hand on each thrusting stroke and assumed she was now beating her pussy and clit. When she moaned into a big climax and collapsed, Andy pulled out and pulled off the condom and tossed it toward the table.

Natalie dropped to the floor and, looking up at him, began sucking his dick.

Gazing at her, his teeth biting gently into his bottom lip, Andy thought he really liked her.

She pulled away as his head snapped back and the first shot splatted into her left eye and hair and she shot his pulsating cock back into her mouth probably to avoid further facial spraying.

After the third major stream, pressure easing, Andy straightened and looked down at her.

Natalie pulled out his dick and licked away the final small oozing of cum.

She then looked up at him. Her hair was a mess, eye makeup was askew where she'd taken a shot in one eye and had wiped it away, and she smiled up at him, her face sweaty and cum dripping from both sides of her mouth.

Oh Natalie, what an unselfish and hugely into it lover. Andy felt woozy and in need of a breather but he was on a high. Looking at Natalie and stroking away cum from one side of her mouth Andy knew he loved her. She had performed magnificently, needed a man and she deserved to be loved.

After a short rest he made coffee, Natalie then showered and a few minutes later Andy walked her down to her car.

They kissed and he said, "I love you."

"I daresay you do amid euphoria. But tomorrow will bring different feelings."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," she smiled. She got into her car and drove off, smiling, her face alight with expression, but what was behind that expression Andy had no idea. But obviously she had enjoyed herself and was back into a life of fucking and relating intimately with a guy... or with guys. It was enough for him to know she was happy.

Frances came into Andy's office next morning and said, "Good gracious what have you done to my daughter? She called me early and said she felt as though she was walking on air. What did you do it her?

Andy came from behind his desk and kissed Frances.

She pushed him away and yelled at him to stop touching her.

"What did you do to make Natalie like this?"

"Frances I'll tell you when you're old enough."

"Blah," she spat, or a word that sounded like that, and flounced out of the office.

Andy had just begun to read the company's business plan when there was a knock on his door.

He looked up and said, "Hi Caroline. Come in."

Andy saw Caroline Meredith glance around the office and he said, "What do you think?"

"At present it's tidier than when I occupied it."

"But lacks a woman's touch... no wall paintings or flowers."

She almost smiled and sat.

"I have a huge problem. We appear to be losing one of our journal's principal advertisers, Kaiser Farm Supplies. They take the center two pages of the journal each issue and inside front cover, and the company takes more ad space in our annual and two six-month reviews, all up spending approximately $155,000 per year."

"What's the problem?"

"In the last issue of the journal we ran a two-page ad immediately in front of Kaiser's centerspread and two pages from the same rival firm on the two pages following."

"Jesus," who was the idiot..."

"I was in Montana winning a new contract when my deputy did the dummy layout. I accept full responsibility."

"Get the idiot in here and..."

"She resigned an hour ago and has already left."

"What have you done about it?"

"I phoned Kaiser's sales manager to discuss the situation and he said they had sent the required months' notice of cancellation of contract and then hung up. I called their director of operations and he listened to my apology and the reception I had received from his manager and he said he wouldn't hang up on me but he'd heard enough and was ending the call."

Andy swore.

"Have you reported this to Evan?"

"Yes and he said you now handle operational matters."

Andy nodded.

"Well get ready, we leave in fifteen minutes to confront Kaiser's chiefs."

She said if he was an idiot, "That's three hours' drive away."

"Yes and three hours back and an overnight stay if we can't get to see the CEO right away. There is no way will I call first because surprise gives us an advance. Either come or stay here. It's your choice."

"What do you want me to do?"

"You decide. You are an executive and ought to be capable of making an executive decision."

Caroline hesitated and then said, "I must see this through. I'll call my husband and child-minder now. Is there a chance we'll be back tonight?"

"A good chance but we can't count on it."

Leaving for home, where they expected to arrive around 7:00 pm, Caroline paid homage.

"Omigod I admire you Andy. The CEO of Kaiser told us in front of his operations manager and sales manager, if we hadn't shown up to offer a face-to-face apology they would have gone through with the cancellation. In an afternoon you have saved this company a huge slice of revenue."

"I call it a team effort. I can recall you struggling to hold back tears and saying to them you accepted full responsibility and such an abominable fuck-up would never occur on your watch again. They were highly impressed and accepted your offer of a free adverting banner across each line of our annual calendar insert and the inside back cover for a complimentary advertisement in this year's annual review as compensation."

"You think they were impressed that I used the F-word?"

"I think the whole phrase 'abominable fuck-up' impressed. They probable though that was original grovel and it was unbelievable it had come from a woman. I know I thought that and was duly impressed."

They drove in silence for almost a mile and Caroline said, "How may I reward you Andy? It took you to make this work."

"Well I suggest not sex."

Caroline blushed hugely and said, "I-I only thought that."

"Look just do your best for me and the company. That's all I ask."

A half-mile of silence followed.

"Andy if you really want sex..."

"Caroline I said no. God if I fucked you what would you think of me the next day?"

"An asshole," she said cheerfully. "I'm beginning to really like you."

Andy grinned and thought that was a turnaround for him. Females usually thanked him for fucking them and here was one thanking him for not doing it. It was difficult to know where you were with women.

"In the men's room during a coffee stop, he called Natalie.

"Hi it's Andy. Are you walking or waddling today?"

"What? Oh god Andy you are foul."


"Perhaps I am," she giggled.

"I had to rush south to try to save the day for a huge advertising foul-up and took the advertising manager Caroline with me. We will get back soon after 7:00."

"You don't sound unhappy so I guess the rush journey was worthwhile."

"Yep we achieved success. May I take you out to dinner tomorrow? I'll hit the sack early tonight."

"Why not come to my apartment for dinner and give the girls the chance to look you over."

"They won't be looking for a gang-bang will they?"

"Andy Ash. Don't be so gross!"

"Sorry, perhaps we better go out just as a couple to avoid me embarrassing you."

"No way. You'll come for dinner at the apartment and show just what a good-mannered charmer you really are."

* * *

Now that Andy was on board and pulling his weigh, Evan devoted more time to business analysis and planning. On morning he called Frances and Andy in to his office for a meeting and they sat at his side table.

The discussion was about the market strength of the company.

"It worries me to find 29% of our subscribers live in California and 59% of or advertisers are based in California."

"Why don't you be happy with what we've got?" Frances said.

The men looked at her and then looked at each other and winked, suggesting Frances wasn't really interested because the thought of perhaps striving for a better balance wasn't her idea.

But as it turned out Evan also found Andy thought attempting to balance subscriptions with advertising seemed pointless.

"You could spend money and effort to achieve what? No much at all in my opinion. It would be a bit like attempting to flow water uphill."

Frances clapped and Evan scowled.

Andy continued. "We don't need an accountant with fancy computer software to work out what we already know. This outfit is based in CA, a huge percentage of manufacturing and services throughout our full circulation area is based in CA and added to that our salaried reporting staff are all based in CA and work longer hours for us than do our contract field reporters."

"Yes and we all know that," Evan said gruffly.

"Evan what Andy is describing is the reason for the imbalance you have raised and the reason for that is this outfit in based in CA and that automatically places a huge leaning towards CA reporting and advertising sales. He could have said we only have one salesperson resident outside of CA and that is Rosie in Denver."

"Yes all right Frances and you two stop calling this flourishing business by the derogatory name of an outfit."

Frances and Andy glanced at each other and grinned. Evan saw and said, "This meeting is over."

"Not it isn't," Andy said. "If you want reform, stop barking up the wrong tree."

"Okay then shoot."

"I know this is not your idea Evan but other people are entitled to have ideas. Why not look at the cost of servicing some of our states and what revenue would be lost from canceled advertising, or pressure for reduced advertising rates, if we dropped off some states."

Looking horrified, Evan said, "Exactly what are you saying Andy?"

"Well Evan, I'll fly a kite. Would we be harmed or would we become more profitable if we no longer circulated in the northern states meaning Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming?"

"Jesus it took the previous owners blood and guts to build circulation in those states."

"There you go, barking up another tree Evan. You are focusing on sentimentality and I guess readership and their advertising support, whereas Andy is focusing on a possible way to strengthen our operation."

"Well I can't see how cutting five states in his hypothetical example would strengthen the company."

Andy grinned. "Well you won't do it without researching the situation and then pay to gather the data and then get a professional to assess the situation."

"That would be a great way to handover a suitcase of money."

Andy pressed on. "Your advertisers pay you money to get results from consumers. For exactly the same reason you would pay that professional appraiser for information you don't have and probably can't get without outside professional assistance."

"Well I see your ideas as functional as a leaky sieve."

"Okay Evan, let me put it this way. Why isn't the 'Western States Monthly Journal' circulating in, say, the Dakotas, Nebraska and even Kansas?"

"Well for starters, they are not Western States, stretching that far out would be more difficult and more expensive to... oh crap I see where this is going. And more expensive to service, and Andy I'll add, for a questionable advantageous return."

"He's not bad is he darling?" Frances said to Evan. "Young smarty steered you to dig your own hole."

Evan grinned. "Come on you lot, let's find a place for a decent lunch. We can go by cab to allow us all to have a few drinks. I'm against extending our circulation area but not against retraction if the figures stack up and perceived fallout from advertisers is not great. Perhaps I should look first as Washington and Oregon. Analyze how they perform and then see how some of our other states compare with Washington and Oregon. My feeling is we'd never chop Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado."

Andy nodded and said, "Actually you could look at chopping all outlying states and concentrate on developing CA alone. Alternatively you could change totally to an online weekly newspaper and allow anyone anywhere to access the newspaper beyond the cover page for a fee."

"Please muzzle him Frances. One step at a time with this appraisal thanks and I'm mindful we don't attempt to fix what's not broken. Come on. Let's go."

They ate at a Mexican restaurant and when Evan went off to water his pony, Andy said to Frances, "Well what do you think?"

"I think he's now on the right track. I'm aware we don't make much money out of Washington and Oregon at the end of the day. But we must talk to a sample of advertisers before we decide whether to chop any. I'll suggest to Evan that he includes Idaho in his appraisal. I'll help him identify the weakest link and then use that as our model. In the end it might be only Washington that goes. That's what I think."

That night Andy thought he was like a fish out of water in this company. Although the company was sited it a big city, it would be more at home in a small town. At the same time it had offered him sanctuary and he was grateful for that. He'd wait for his three-year contract term to expire and then move on which now became plan B. Plan A had been to wait until Evan opted to retire and then Andy thought he'd take out a big loan and buy Evan's share of the company. Frances wouldn't be too bad as a business partner because she concentrated on finance and HR and largely kept her nose out of planning and kept right out of day to day management.

Yeah well Plan B was to move on and pick up as much management experience as he could and develop management systems in companies and then make sure that management fully understood its business beyond what was apparent. That made him think Evan needed to have market information at its fingertips to monitor trends instead of moving to catch up after potholes appeared and to realize business growth opportunities had been lost or parts of the business had become unsound.

Andy sighed, thinking he wasn't getting much sex. It had been ten or eleven nights since Nat had stayed with him. Obviously her interest was with her flatmates but she still liked to be fucked, occasionally. He should look for another pussy, a female who'd remain in the background because it would be best if he didn't dump Nat. Her stepmom enjoyed seeing him and Nat together.

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