tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 4

A.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 4


Sunday morning was slightly cloudy but promised a perfect day later on. We loaded up Monica's Mustang and eagerly headed for the beach.

There had been long and vigorous debate, this morning, about what we all intended to wear once we arrived. Monica took her regular bikini along with a loose fitting towelling robe to wear on the way. I asked her to try my thong for a change. She thought seriously about it but then swiftly chickened out after she had tried it on in our bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Perhaps one day." She whispered, as she looked in the mirror wistfully. "It just isn't me at the moment."

"That's a shame. It looks so good on you, darling." I mused idly. "Think about it though?" I urged.

"It really did look great." Olivia stated simply.

It was a foregone conclusion that I would either be wearing only a smile or my shortest, most revealing dress. There was really no mediocre choice as far as I was concerned. If by some chance there was good reason for me to remain clothed, I would keep my dress on until I went for a swim. Being naked at the beach was most of the fun from my own point of view. Monica took my thong with her anyway, just in case I had a change of heart, she said. I still preferred to believe that it might be her that would change her mind.

Olivia decided to wear the same brief bikini that she had worn during the contest that she won. Given time, I confidently predicted that she would soon realise the same tingling exhilaration that I did by exhibiting her sexuality with neither clothing nor shame. She had asked my advice but I refused to bully her, as Michelle had done, by choosing her garments for her. I sensed that deep down she quite enjoyed accepting the challenge on her own terms. The fact that the fabric became transparent when wet was the main reason for her choice ultimately. She reasoned that if she wasn't feeling confident enough to go nude right away, it covered enough of her body to maintain her own sense of decency. She had come a long way, from that nervously apprehensive young lady that was loath to display herself when we went horse riding. She had now placed herself in a position with no choice but to overcome her lessening inhibitions.

There were a lot less people at the beach than Monica had expected but I noted that most of the cars were ones that I had seen at Peninsula beach on the previous two other occasions. Monica pointed toward our favourite spot. Discretely separated from the largest portion of the more populated part of the beach, chosen by Monica originally as the most secluded spot, it seemed that our friends had made it their own base of operations these days.

"It looks like our friends' have made it here anyway." She observed as she surveyed the scene before us. Their multicoloured sun shelter was billowing in the onshore breeze, welcoming our arrival like a familiar friend. Surfboards littered the surrounding area and I could see most of the younger beachgoers were heavily concentrated in the nearest area of surfing activity. Knowing that Monica normally preferred me not to undress at the car, before making my way to the surf, I was pleasantly surprised when she told Olivia and I to go ahead while she locked up the car.

"I've just got something to get out of the trunk before I join you. Be with you shortly." She said uncertainly. "I guess you will be wanting to leave your dress in the car?" She added nonchalantly.

I could hardly believe the radical change from her normal protective conservatism. She letting Olivia out from the back seat.

"You don't mind?" I gasped as I looked around the parking area.

"No darling, you just go ahead if you like."

Monica looked away and addressed Olivia.

"You go on ahead too sweetheart." She urged.

I needed no further prompting. With a flourish, I slipped out of my dress and placed it on the seat. The sun was out and I felt the warm rays give nourishment to my entire body much earlier than I had expected as I got out of the car and waited in the sun for Olivia. There weren't many other people in the near area but those that were, looked at me in total amazement before going back about their own preparations. It was the same as in any other public area. People would always have a good look and then return to what they were doing beforehand. I had always preferred total nudity to discrete flashing. It was far more honest and self satisfying from my own point of view.

"Well I'm ready, how about you, Olivia my love?"

Olivia looked at me and lowered her eyes.

"Do you mind if I just leave my bikini on for now, Katrina?" She asked in a timid manner. I was amazed. I sensed that she would have stripped off too if I had insisted, even though she was still a bit embarrassed by the thought.

"Whatever makes you guys comfortable. Just be yourselves for God's sake. What's going on here?" I laughed and spread out my arms.

"It's supposed to be a day off work. You don't have to be naked if you don't really want to. Come on Olivia, lets go down and meet the others."

If anything, Olivia looked more embarrassed than I was when we first made our way down the beach. She kept up with my faster pace as we walked past several onlookers along the way. Of course, some whistled their appreciation as we went by but as luck would have it there wasn't any obscene or unwelcome comment. By the time we reached sight of the small group at the shelter a lot of her earlier nervousness had subsided and Olivia was smiling broadly again.

She nudged my arm.

"Look! Some of them are even dressed like you." She whispered as we approached.

At our end of the beach, most of the women were topless and some were sunning themselves, wearing the bare minimum in bikini bottoms only.

Annie was sitting with her board by her side, and waved out to us as we approached. She, Wayne and Karen were already completely naked as well, this time, and I introduced Olivia to them first and then the three others that already knew from before.

"Where's Jim today, Annie?" I looked out toward the water.

"You must have had quite an effect on him the other night, my love. It's the second time today that he's been out surfing without his togs. I think he's starting to enjoy it too." Annie was smiling. "I think that he wants to impress you." She confided with a knowing nudge. "Look! There he is now." Pointing toward Jim.

Riding a perfect wave, Jim was making skilled use of the manoeuvring room that was available to him, synchronising his ride with two other people that had caught the same wave. He was showing off his skills but I was more interested in the fact that he appeared to have lost his earlier inhibitions about being seen without his board shorts. In the ten days since we were here last it appeared that most of Jim's group had reconciled to the unique thrill of naked surfing. Although Peninsula beach wasn't one of the few dedicated nudist beaches in the area, it seemed that the remoteness from the more populated beaches had recently lent itself to a more relaxed approach to public nudity.

I hadn't been exactly surprised by the fact that Wayne, Karen and Annie had taken the initiative to strip before we arrived but I hardly expected that Jim would have joined in as well. Most of the other groups in the immediate area seemed similarly relaxed in their dress code and there was far less attention to our group than on the last, most recent occasion.

Encouraged by the fact that most of the girls in the immediate area were at least topless, Olivia removed her skimpy togs at this point and sat next to Annie. She looked a lot more relaxed by the fact that she was in company with such an uninhibited and friendly group.

"Jim brought extra boards if you guys want to join him."

I was pleased to note that the board that Annie was offering me was the same one that I had used before.

"I'll wait for Monica if you like, Katrina?"

Olivia was pointing toward a lone figure making her way from the parking area, dressed in a beach robe, still some distance away.

"Tell her I won't be long then." I confirmed.

Thanking Annie, I grabbed the board and raced toward Jim before he went back out again. Jim saw me approaching and waited for me to join up with him.

Bobbing around beyond the breakers, I had my first opportunity to talk to Jim alone. We paddled away from the other surfers and Jim told me that he had discussed my proposition with Annie and decided that he would be prepared help if we still wanted him to.

"I haven't told anyone else though so,--"

"Your secret's safe with us, darling." I interrupted quickly. "I'm so glad." I leaned over and kissed him. "I was really hoping you would join us in our first real movie."

Jim looked relieved and yet quizzical at the same time.

"You'll have to tell me more about this though." He smiled. "When do you want to make a start?"

"I was thinking about Monday or Tuesday night if that suits you? Arnold should be ready by then."

"You film at night, do you?" Jim enquired, mildly interested by the fact that he didn't need to leave his job right away, I guess.

I ran though a few of the practicalities of Adult filmmaking and discussed the finer details of how important it was there were no outside noises to interfere with the sound quality of the film. I soothed his fears about making a fool of himself and convinced him that Olivia was keen to appear with him too. He seemed more excited as I went on and was a lot more at ease with his decision to embark on a career change.

"Did you bring Olivia along today?"

He sounded dubious that a girl would be so willing to appear in that sort of movie with him, sight unseen as it were.

"She's on the beach with Monica now, Jim. Let's go in and I'll introduce you if you like?" I hesitated. "Look! She's as new to this as you are, darling. As we all are for that matter. She trusts my judgement and she'll be happy to meet you, I'm sure."

Considerably relaxed by my demeanour, Jim and I paddled ourselves into position to take advantage of the next wave. I could now see that Monica had joined the group and removed her beach robe. She seemed to be talking to the others and watching out for our return. I couldn't wait to tell her that my carefully laid plans to win Jim around had finally borne fruit. I would have to wait for the right moment to explain that Jim was reluctant to let it be too widely known among his other friends. Obviously, Annie was in on it but I would respect Jim's wishes for secrecy.


There seemed to be an instant attraction between Olivia and Jim. Placing a towel discretely around him he immediately sat down upon meeting her and began to ask her whether she enjoyed surfing and she was definitely proving responsive to his attention. She was sitting out in the sun and making no attempt to hide any part of her lovely nude body from his view. I noticed that she had left her bikini just beside Monica, away from any temptation to cover up again.

I had hardly noticed, on the way up the beach, but Monica was wearing the thong that she had earlier rejected in favour of her far more conservative bikini bottoms. Apart from an approving look I didn't make any comment. I realised that she must have been wrestling with her inhibitions and decided to change once she noticed that the beach was relatively less populated. She had been talking to Annie and watching Jim and I as we waited to ride in to join them.

"How was the water, darling?" She asked, ambiguously.

I was well aware of what she really meant.

"Surprisingly warm today, Monica love." I replied with a smile.

"We were going to stay out a bit longer but Jim was anxious to meet Olivia." I nodded my head toward the two of them as they sat apart from the others. "I think they're going to get on just fine, don't you?"

Monica nodded. She had been sitting on her robe and her athletic figure looked terrific as she moved over to make room for me beside her. She seemed far more relaxed than she had the other day and even appeared to be enjoying her newly found courage to show off her well formed bottom as she rolled over to lay on her stomach. She suddenly giggled and removed her top.

"I see what you mean about the sensitivity of the skin now. I should have tried this years ago, darling." That same wicked smile that I loved so much came to the fore. "The sand feels strange on my nipples, look!" She raised her elbow and briefly revealed the erect state of her nipples before reburying them back into the warm sand.

"It feels even nicer down below." Annie joined the candid conversation. "Once you get used to it, Monica.--- Some of us get our togs off as fast as we can now." She looked at Karen. "Her and Wayne love surfing in the altogether now. It's much more fun, eh babe!"

Karen shifted toward us.

"Why don't you try it, Monica. You've got a lovely figure for it." She cooed admiringly.

Monica looked enviously at the others. There were just the seven of us left talking together now, all of us totally naked, except Monica. She looked at Karen and Wayne, as if trying to decide what to say. She was clearly uncertain about what to do next.

"Maybe later Karen. I'm still trying to get used to the idea of going topless right now. You guys seem be enjoying it though." She reflected. "We'll see!" She promised.

I could hardly believe my ears. Could she be seriously considering removing the last tiny piece of cloth from her body? I decided to come to her rescue. I knew that she was becoming a bit uncomfortable about the way the conversation was going.

"Why don't we leave these two lovebirds here and go and catch a wave." I stood up and grabbed my board.

"Why not!" Annie stood up. "C'mon Karen, race you down there."

I hated to leave Monica alone at the moment but I gave Olivia a wave.

"You two look after Monica while we're gone, won't you?"

Jim looked up and waved back.

"Right you are Katrina. Olivia and I are just getting to know one and other. Hope you don't mind?" He half apologised. "We'll shift over there again." He added with a wide smile when he saw Monica being left on her own. "Enjoy yourselves!"

Annie and I followed Wayne and Karen down to the surf, boards in hand, ready to join the others in the group that had already left us talking earlier on. I was pleased about Monica's unexpected change in attitude and felt that it was best to leave her to get used to her newly found freedom with Jim and Olivia for company. I just hoped that Olivia would remember that Jim still didn't know about the other night and not let anything slip. Things were going so well at the moment that it would be a shame to spoil it now with an unfortunate slip of the tongue. We played around together with the others and although I was dying to ask Annie about Jim's thoughts regarding Adult movies, I never quite got the right opportunity to mention it. I excused myself after just three rides and went back to the shelter. Monica was sitting up now, talking to Jim and Olivia. She was far more relaxed and waved out as I approached.

"We're all right here darling. Thanks for worrying about me. Sit down for a minute if you like?" Monica patted the towel next to her. "Jim was just asking if we wanted to go back to his place and have an early lunch. I suggested that we go over to the studio and have lunch with Arnold and make arrangements for his screen test."

Monica had cleverly reassured my main concern.

"Brilliant idea, Jim can ride with us." I agreed, breathlessly.

"What about Annie and the others? Would they mind, Jim?" I smiled at him. "It would be a good idea though." I urged.

"I'll tell them. It'll be fine." Jim assured me. "I don't always stay here with them all day, you know. Patrick will be along later so Annie will want to be here when he arrives." He grinned. "Might just have time for a bit of practice after lunch, eh!" He grinned and nudged Olivia's shoulder.

Olivia blushed and nodded eagerly while Monica remained aloof but not totally against the idea. She smiled knowingly.

"If you really think you can handle it." I smiled. "Think that two willing ladies won't be to much for you do you?" I frowned at him in disbelief.

"As long as you're both gentle with me, Katrina." He laughed lightly. "Perhaps Arnold might lend a hand if I can't."

Luckily, we saw the others approaching from the surf. They had all ridden the same wave and decided to find out whether I was coming back or not. With all this talk of sexual promiscuity I thought it was time to leave the conversation where it ended, until later on.

With all of us back together at the shelter we chatted about common interests, disregarding further talk about nudity or attempting to convert Monica to the group's new way of thinking.

We excused ourselves, telling Annie that we would be back in the afternoon and promising to show her and Patrick around our nearby business premises later in the week.

Although Monica put her top back on, she carried her beach robe over her arm and walked back to the car parking area alongside of us. Olivia stayed as she was but took her swimsuit with her and Jim wore only a towel, much to my surprise. Olivia and Jim slid into the back seat and I stayed in front with Monica.

The moment we were all in the car, Monica sped off to our studio. Olivia and Jim were still slightly unsure of one and other at first. Jim helped her back into her bikini amidst squeals and giggling which seemed to break the ice. I slipped into my dress in case there were any cars about near the studio and we were seen on the way into the building, for the company's sake mainly.

By the time we pulled in alongside Arnold's car they were carrying on as if they knew that they were about to have sex very shortly. I urged Monica to stay as she was and surprise Arnold with her latest swimsuit.

"No darling, you three go in and I'll be back soon. I want to go to the store and get something nice for lunch." She reasoned. "Maybe you can tell Arnold that I'll be with you soon."

Her mind was made up and there was little point in arguing. After letting Jim and Olivia out, she put on her towelling robe and took off again. I ran up the stairs to see Arnold while Olivia kept Jim busy looking through the lower premises during daylight hours. Not that much had changed but we had moved a few things around since his last visit. Arnold was surprised but delighted to hear that all of us come to see him. He hadn't been expecting us back for quite some time. I quickly brought Arnold up to date with the latest news and informed him that Monica was bringing lunch for all of us.

"Arnold has set up his equipment already." I called from the top of the stairs. "Come up here and see what he's done with the camera room when you're ready."

Arnold shook his head and grinned.

"You still haven't told him about Friday night, baby?"

"Just call it a company bonus. We'll get some more footage later on if you like?" I suggested. "Olivia wants to try out with him. Why not?"

"I'll cover for you then." He sighed.

Arnold could see that there was no use in spoiling the moment for me. The film that he had already taken was too good to risk upsetting Jim at this stage. He was pleased enough with my progress so far although I sensed that he would have preferred me to have told him.

"Katrina tells me that you want some more work?" Arnold asked politely as he shook Jim's hand. "Glad to have you aboard."

Jim looked nervous and unsure of himself.

"I'm willing to give it a go." He managed weakly. "Katrina's told me how you film so that I can't see the camera when--you know-- I'm performing--if that's the right way to put it.

"Look! We're all a bit new to this. There's nothing wrong with making Adult movies, but you've got a great body and you obviously look after it." Arnold stepped back and looked at him with his towel wrapped around his waist. "You look as though you work out a fair bit. You'll be great! Actually, I had another idea that I would like to talk to you about as well. We can discuss it over lunch if you like?" Arnold invited his reply.

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