A Matter of Color


Di had climaxed but she looked like she was holding back for some reason. She made it perfectly clear, there wouldn't be any oral for me, and even baulked at me eating her pussy at first, but relented when I started licking her clit. She was nothing like the firecracker she'd previously been.

I let it slide and then school started again. Keith asked about my wife and how I'd made out the night of the party.

"She's just been off, almost distant since that night, I think I'll pass on the next party," I told Keith. He looked like he wanted to say something when the bell rang.

We were getting close to the end and between work and school I had my hands full. Di and I were still not back to normal, but I always made mention that I was almost done with school and how great it was going to be when I finished. Our sex life still sucked but with everything going on with work and school, it was the least of my problems.

We had six weeks left when my world imploded. Our instructed left word that he was sick so there would be no class that evening. Everyone wanted to do a little extra studying but I told them I was going home to be with my wife. Since I normally wasn't home until about 9:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, this was going to be a real treat. I picked up some flowers and a bottle of wine and figured we'd spend the night in bed catching up.

When I pulled up her car was in the street so I pulled into the garage. I came into the kitchen and called out "Di" but heard nothing. Looking around I noticed she wasn't home. So much for my surprise. I checked with the neighbors, but no one knew where she went. I put the wine in the refrig, flowers in a vase and went to change clothes, that's when I saw the bed.

It was a shamble. Blanket on the floor, sheets in a bundle but what caught my eye were two large wet spots in the center of the bed. "Shit" I said under my breath. I touched one to make sure what I was looking at and then ran for the bathroom where I lost it all. Someone had been fucking in my bed and it wasn't me and where the fuck was Di anyway.

I went downstairs, opened a beer and sat on the couch to wait. Two more beers and an hour and forty-five minutes later a car pulled into my driveway. Looking through the blinds I quickly recognized Di and the driver; Rick. She leaned over gave him a long kiss and rushed out of the car. I sat back down on the couch, in the dark as Di raced into the house and ran upstairs; she never even noticed the flowers on the counter.

I followed behind her and as I reached our bedroom I watched her strip the bed.

"Don't do that on my account, I don't plan on sleeping on there anyway," I said her as she jumped back about three feet.

"You scared the shit out of me, did you just get home?" she asked.

"I've been home for hours, where the fuck have you been?" I asked looking at the slutty way she was dressed. "And most of all, who have you been fucking in our bed Di?"

She tried to deny it but when I grabbed the sheet and shoved a wet spot into face she started to cry.

"I saw Rick drive you home and it doesn't take much to put two and two together," I said loudly. "How long have you been fucking him Di, how long you fucking whore" I screamed. She just crumbled and fell to the floor crying.

I wanted to beat the shit out of her and grab a gun and kill Rick but I just sat on the bed with my face in my hands and started to cry. Di tried to hug me but I pushed her back on the floor.

"Get your fucking hands off me bitch," I screamed. "Get your shit and get the fuck out of my house," I yelled getting to my feet. "I want you out of here now." Afraid that I was going to lose it and hurt her, Di cowered in the corner. "I'm leaving but will be back in an hour and you better be gone or I'll physically throw your cheating ass out," I screamed spitting the words out of my mouth.

She tried to explain that it was a huge mistake and that she loved me but it didn't register. "I've got nowhere to go," she cried holding her arms out to me.

"I don't give a fuck where you go," I told her. "I'm sure Rick would love to take you in, then you can get all the big black cock you want from him and his buddies, you'll make a great white whore don't you think?" I said as I stormed down the hall with Di in hot pursuit.

I was in the garage and halfway down the driveway before I noticed Di running after my car. "Fucking bitch," I said to myself as I drove to the nearest bar and started slamming down drinks. Two hours later, a cab dumped me off at my house.

The lights were still on and our bedroom was in shambles. Di's clothes, or at least most of them, were gone. The dresser drawers were still open along with the medicine cabinet where she kept her makeup. I turned around and walked down stairs. I sat on the couch and the next thing I remember the sun was shinning in the windows.

I was hoping it had all been a bad dream but it wasn't, when my cell phone rang. "You coming in today or what?" Carol asked. I told her I wasn't feeling too good and was taking a day of vacation.

"You alright, you sound funny" she replied. I assured her I was ok and would see her tomorrow and hung up.

I spent the rest of the morning stripping off the bedding and burning it all in the fireplace. I then packed up what was left of Di's stuff into a garbage bag and put it on the curb. I finally settled in to a night of hard drinking. My car was still at the bar so I made a mental note to get it the following day; if I was still breathing.

A loud pounding brought me back to life. It took me a minute for my brain to clear and realize it was someone pounding on the front door. I dragged myself up, walked over to the door and flung it open. Carol pushed by me in a huff and asked "what the fucks going on?" as she stood there with her arms crossed in front of her. I tried to wave her off and say I was just filling a little ill when she said "bullshit" looking at all the beer bottles lying around the kitchen. "Jim you look like shit, the place looks like a tornado hit it and where the hell is Diane?"

"Do you mind if I sit down, I don't think I'm totally awake just yet," I said as I slumped into a kitchen chair. "If you must know, I caught Di cheating on me and kicked her ass out Tuesday night," I said laying my pounding head on the table.

"Get your ass upstairs and take a shower, you stink and look like hell," Carol yelled as she threw me towards the stairs. "After that we're going to get something in your stomach because by the looks of this place you haven't had anything to eat."

I knew it was useless to argue with her so I went upstairs, showered, shaved and changed. Forty-five minutes later we were pulling into a Denny's restaurant. After the first cup of coffee, I could see that she was waiting for me to say something.

"No I didn't have a clue, yes we were having a few problems, yes I know who the guy is and no I don't have a fucking clue where Di's at right now nor do I care. I think that about covers it, don't you?" I told her.

"Di's been calling you at work nonstop since yesterday," Carol told me. " She wouldn't leave a message other than to have you call her cell phone. So I knew something was up and when you didn't call this morning I figured I'd take charge, you sure weren't going to," she told him. "You want to take vacation the rest of the week? I can arrange that, no problem."

"No, I need to get the hell out of the house before I burn it down. And besides, I can't afford to lose my job especially now. Just take me over to where I left my car so I can get on with my fucked up life," I said sadly.

"You going to talk to her?" Carol asked me as she stabbed at a piece of bacon. "If it'd been Phil who cheated on me, he'd still be looking for his balls."

"Not sure how this is going to play out, but I know I sure don't want to talk to her right now."

We finished up breakfast, picked up my car and headed out to the plant. The next time Di called, Carol told her that I didn't want to talk to her and that she could burn in hell as far as she was concerned, she didn't call after that.

I walked in a daze for the next week. I went through the motions at work, luckily Carol covered for me, but my attitude went to hell. The following weekend wasn't any better. I never answered either one of my phones and basically sat in the house trying to drink my problems away.

It was Tuesday night at about 10:30 when I heard a pounding on the door.

"Fuck, what does Carl want this time?" I said to myself. I opened the door ready to tell Carol to, leave me alone, when I spied Keith.

I was going to slam the door on him when he put his foot against the door and forced his way in.

"Where have you been man? You've missed two classes and didn't show up for our Sunday group session," he said in a jive black tone.

"Don't lay that crap on me man, you know exactly why I haven't been around," almost taunting Keith. "How long have you known that my wife's been fucking around on me with Rick, and don't give me any shit that you didn't," I said almost shouting. "White fucking brother, yeah right. Deaf, dumb and blind white boy whose wife was probably easy pickings for a dude like Rick, thanks for watching my back brother. So now why don't you remove your black ass from my house before I get madder than I already am," I told Keith.

"I guess I deserved that," he told me. "I heard a bunch of shit of what happened at the party but didn't believe it; you know, brothers bragging about their conquests. I didn't know for sure until two weeks ago when someone saw your wife with Rick on Thursday at a cub on the West side of town. I was going to say something, but I didn't know if you would have believed me man," he said hanging his head. "I talked to my wife and she told me I owed it to you to let you know what was going on. Before I could, I guess you found out, I'm really sorry man."

"Sorry, you think that means shit to me right now? Hell, I went to bat for you guys. I made sure that you understood all the schoolwork and even took my own time every Sunday to help when I probably should have been home with my wife trying to save my marriage. And when I asked you if I should be concerned about Rick, you told me not to worry, remember that man? So now you're here crying the fucking blues telling me how sorry you are that a fucking nigger brother of yours is banging my wife and fucked up my marriage, a little late isn't it?"

Keith had nothing to say because he knew I was right. I'd put myself out there for the class and they didn't care enough to watch my back.

"At least come back to school, there are only two classes left, it would be a shame if you didn't finish," he told me.

"I don't know if I could face all of you. By now everyone knows what Rick did, the way he took my wife away from me. I'd feel like such an idiot. Just leave me alone Keith," I said as Keith walked reluctantly out the door.

Friday afternoon I had an unexpected visitor, the school Dean of programs. She just walked into my office and sat down.

"What's this shit about you not finishing?" she demanded to know. "I heard your walking away with your tail between your legs, is that right?"

I was more than a little pissed and I didn't need her to rub my nose in it.

"What's the point, I've been jacked around since night one, called every name in the book and when I finally thought that I was one of the group, they fucked me over. Save your breath for the next white boy who stupidly decides to sign up for your fucking program," I said looking her straight in the eyes.

"Without you there is no program," she started. "Do you think the outside community is going to sponsor this program for blacks only? You were the only one that decided to stay, shit, the others never made it even to the first night of class before dropping out. If you don't finish all the skeptics win and the program dies but, if you finish, it expands and helps everyone; blacks and whites," she exclaimed. "People like yourself, who need this program to get ahead and can't go to school the traditional route. So think about it real hard, not just for the others, but for yourself; you've worked too hard not to finish."

She told me she'd said her piece and it was up to me, but she hoped that she'd see me Thursday night. Carol came in after she left.

"You going back?" she asked, "You know, everyone here is really proud of you, putting in all this extra time including your normal schedule. I'm not suppose to tell you this, but the companies going to pick up the tab for your school and give you an extra bump in December," she told me. "You see, the powers to be want to keep you, and know with your four year degree you can go anywhere, so are going to make sure you don't leave. Also, it took me forever to train you, and I don't want to have to break in another manager," Carol said with a smile as she came around and hugged me. "Show that bitch she's not going to fuck with your life anymore."

She was right and I did make it to class Thursday night. Everyone was happy to have me back, especially since our finals were Tuesday. After class, everyone told me how sorry they were and that they'd see me Sunday for our final study group.

Everyone was there Sunday. We spent five hours reviewing and made sure we were ready before we left. We had a group hug and everyone left upbeat. I just had to make it to Tuesday night and I could close that chapter of my life.

Thank God the weekend was dull and boring. I stayed away from the booze just to be on the safe side. Di called twice each day but I never picked up, you'd think she could take the hint.

Tuesday night's test was a breeze. We all finished early and waited around for the teacher to grade our papers. All the members of my group aced it and Keith told everyone to meet at his house for a final get together. I wasn't going to go but he gave me no choice.

I didn't even see Rick come through the door; all I heard was his obnoxious laugh. The fucker outweighed me by ninety pounds and was a foot taller than me, but I was through being a cuckold. Rick saw me just before I walked up to him.

"How's the whore doing?" I asked which shocked the shit out of him and everyone else. "She sucks a mean cock doesn't she?" I followed up with. "Tell the bitch to stop calling me would you? Tell her I don't take back used goods," and I walked away.

I didn't know what to expect as the rest of the brothers chirped in that, I guess he told you and I guess he wasn't taking it too hard and was now the man. He screamed back something at me, but a group from the class told him he wasn't welcomed here now or ever again. Sometime later that night, someone beat the shit out of Rick with a baseball bat. He broke both of Rick's knees and ankles. The doctor said he would be walking on crutches for the rest of his life, I guess he won't be drafted by any pro team next month. The cops questioned me but everyone said I was at the party all night, even though there was this period of about an hour I was sleeping in one of the rooms upstairs.

Diane came over the following Saturday and sat on my step until I let her in. I was long over her by that time. I still hated her guts, but she no longer controlled my emotions. I offered her a wine cooler but she said she'd given up drinking; smart move.

She said she was sorry and that Rick had taken her in one of the bedrooms the night of the party and that she didn't realize it until the next morning when she was in the shower and saw all the hickies and bite marks.

"The following week he showed up on Tuesday night and told me if I didn't sleep with him again he was going to tell you, so I did. I never thought he would ever get his whole cock in me but eventually he did and we fucked for almost three hours. Rick had me almost every Tuesday and Thursday after that night including the night you caught us, I haven't seen him since. He still calls me but I heard he had an accident and is in the hospital, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy," she told me.

"I kept pushing you away every night, because he'd stretched me out so bad and you'd realize it as soon a you entered my pussy. I thought it would all go away, but it didn't and now here I sit asking you to take me back."

I looked at her and almost laughed. "I could probably shove my whole fist up your snatch right now, it makes me really want to fuck you," I told her. "You lied to me and you kept fucking him after that night. If you would have come to me that next morning, we probably could have gotten through it but you cuckold me with him and I've got too much pride and self respect to take a slut like you back. So find yourself some guy with a long black cock and leave me the hell alone."

Di got up, gave me a hug and left. I got divorce papers about a month later and dumped them in the trash, I was going to stretch this out as long as I could since I had no plans to ever get married again.

I started dating a girl that was in my class soon after, and yes she's black. When she asked me out I told her I didn't need any pity dates and she slapped me hard across the face.

"Look, I can date whomever I want and if you don't think your good enough for me then so be it," she told me.

I chased her down and ate a big piece of humble pie, plate and all. We've been dating for about five months and receive a lot of stares, but after what I went through who the fuck cares.

She wants to know when my divorce will be final and I keep telling her soon, very soon. However, I've just trashed the latest set of papers so I'm probably looking at three months at the soonest. I wonder when the next batch of papers will be delivered?

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timriv shut your fucking mouth

we all know you have no spine you pathetic idiot ,

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dumb bastard divorice and move on or take her back

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Stupid damn story

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Lol this story brought out the worst in everyone

Everyone just lost their shit in the comments. Some of them even talking about stuff that wasn't even in the story. No one said those black people were lazy, they just didn't get the material and neededmore...

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Still lives his wife otherwise he would have signed them right away.

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