tagErotic PoetryA Moment in Time

A Moment in Time


The Grand Mistress Heather
dressed up in black leather
watching Ken at her feet.

   The will that was broken.
   Her will, the inserted token
   which lead to his defeat.

      His back glowing dark red,
      from the blood that he bled
      for her glory, for her heat.

         Sharing him her musky scent
         while watching his boxer-tent
         without touching his longing meat.

Pulling him between her thighs,
exhaling a few short sighs
as Ken's tongue reaches her clit.
   Her fingers tangled in his hair
   guiding him to her secret lair
   forcing him to caress her slit.
      Commanding his every actions
      and within a few short fractions
      feeling his tongue hit, hit and hit.
         Experiencing his taught skills
         feeling her earthshaking thrills
         her sex, his face in perfect fit.

"You can do much better
make me even wetter
or you'll get to taste the whips."
   "Lick me harder, stronger
   Make each longer, longer
   slide your tongue between my lips."
      Seeing his dark eyes glow
      feeling her body move slow
      the pulsating rhythm of her hips.
         Leaning back into the chair
         Pulling him closer by the hair
         Forcing him to lick all her drips.

Coming heavily in his face
Lost in an orgasmic maze
Feeling her pussy squeeze tight
   Relaxing in a pleasant cloud
   Hearing Ken mumble loud
   Trying to breath in all her might
      Moving to the grandiose bed
      Nothing needed to be said
      as she turns out the bedroom light
         Sending Ken to her feet
         Seeing the strength in his meat
         But orgasm was not within his right.

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