tagLetters & TranscriptsA New Home Ch. 03

A New Home Ch. 03


To my beloved brother Robert,

I wish I knew when I could see you again. It's been so long that I think I may be losing my mind. Every day seems like a month and every second is painful knowing you don't even know how I feel towards you.

When it's late at night and I can't keep my fingers from strolling around my body all I can do is close my eyes and pretend that it is your fingers that are tracing around my areolas. Or that it is your hand that is gently brushing over the pubic hairs on my mound.

I remember overhearing you and one of your ex-girlfriends before you left. That's how I learned that you like it when girls keep their pubic hair trimmed. Since that day every time I shave my legs I make sure to guide the razor ever so gently around my temple, leaving just the tiniest, softest hairs to stand guard at the temple doors. I probably wouldn't have to work on it so often but I'd hate to not be perfectly made for you on that day when you finally realize how good I can be to you.

I know if I work hard enough at it I can be so perfect for you that you'll have to realize it. Everyone says that guys love it when their girlfriends give them head so I've been practicing. Oh no Robert, it's not what it sounds like! I haven't been going around turning tricks for the practice. I don't want you to view me as dirty and, to be honest, I only want to wrap my lips around your member! Some of my friends and I went to an adult book store a while back and while I was there I purchased one of those ultra-realistic dildos, you know the kind that look and feel just like a real man's member. I use the suction cup on the end of it to attach it to the end of my bed frame and I spend thirty minutes working on it every night. I think I've gotten really good at it now! I can touch every inch of it now with my tongue (not all at once of course) and I can even take the whole length without gagging at all! The dildo even has the function to shot out a liquid via a hand pump so I've been practicing swallowing at the end of my nightly practice because everyone says guys don't like it when their girlfriend spits. I don't really know what a man's semen tastes like so I just had to use a recipe I found online. They say it doesn't taste the same but at least it has the same texture.

I wish I knew what your cum tasted like. I wish I could have a nice, big load of it in my mouth right now! I'd swish it around my mouth until it had coated every centimeter of surface in my mouth and then I'd let it dribble down my throat. Once I had swallowed it all I would smile at you and ask – no beg- you for more.

Do you like to fuck girls in their asses? Sometimes I like to fantasize that you do. My friend Jenny told me that some guys prefer to do girls in the bum because they don't have to worry about them getting pregnant. I'm sure you're not ready for kids yet and since I'm not on the pill... well I guess I just figured that if you ran out of condoms one day and you forgot to go pick up more you could just bend me over and thrust your manly cock deep into my tight little bum. I trust you with all my heart so when you tell me that you're clean I'll believe you so you could even bust your nut inside of me.

Is that phrase right, bust your nut? I thought I overheard some guys use it the other day. I hope I don't sound stupid if I'm using it wrong... or if it means something completely different from what I think it means.

What kind of underwear do you like? I mean what kind of underwear do you like girls to wear because I already know that you wear boxers! I've never been able to figure out if you'd rather see me as plain and simple or extremely girly and feminine. Image it is late at night and you've snuck into my room. Which would you rather see me in: simple soft white panties with no bra and perhaps one of your own old t-shirts hang down so you can see just a little bit of my panties? Or maybe you'd rather I'd wear bright pink silk panties and a mainly transparent pink nightgown? I have them both just in case.

I keep waiting for you to come home. I hope you do soon because my desires just keep getting stronger and dirtier and only you can satisfy them.

Saving myself for you,


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